Wall fans have gained popularity in recent years because of the convenience and ease of use they provide. They have been on the market for decades but have recently become more popular than pedestal fans. A wall fan can be positioned in a set location around the workplace or home. It has an adjustable neck, a movable head, and when placed on an inclined platform, it can provide cool air around the room. If you’re looking for the best brands to buy wall fans, look no further. This list covers some of the best brands of wall fans which are dependable and very popular.

How do we choose the best wall-mounted fan brands?

A high-quality wall fan can cost between Rs 1,500 and Rs 5,000. Here are some of the top wall fan brands in India that provide high-quality items at an affordable cost. When deciding on the finest wall fan brands in India, several aspects such as airflow, safety, dustproof, auto shut off, cord control, remote control, silent cooling, and other features are taken into account. On Amazon, all wall fan brands featured below have at least a 4/5 rating and good user feedback. Here you can also check best Table Fans & Exhaust Fans for Kitchen in India.

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List of 10 Top Wall Fan Brands in India

1. Usha


Usha International Limited was founded in 1934 and has since become a well-known company for its fans, sewing machines, appliances, water dispensers, and other products. If you’re searching for something visually pleasing, Usha wall fans might be a great option. They uniformly disperse air and provide a cool ambience. They are fairly simple to install, and some models have light settings as well as pull-chains for adjusting the pace. Usha is a renowned name when it comes to home and kitchen appliances.

Notable Features:

  • Aluminium blades keep the fan from rusting, enhancing performance and assuring a longer lifespan.
  • Metallic tones that will complement your decor.
  • For a longer life, the motor is made entirely of copper.
  • The thermal overload protector fuse protects the fan against a sudden power spike.
  • There are three-speed settings and a pull cord mechanism for convenient control.


  • 100% copper motor for long life
  • Jerk-free and uniform oscillation
  • Aerodynamic blades
  • String speed control
  • Remotes available for some designs


  • Usha fans are pricey

Why we picked Usha fans?

Usha is a trusted name when it comes to home and kitchen appliances. And its popularity does not end there; it also offers amazing products like mattresses, pressure cookers, furniture, water and air purifiers etc. Their wall fans are easy to install and the balanced blades keep the rotation vibration free, which makes it one of the best brands for wall fans.

2. Orpat


Orpat is one of the biggest electronic appliance firms in India. It is based in Gujarat and has a global reach. Because all of their products are made in India, you’ll discover a lot of innovation and perfection in their wall fans designed for long-term usage. Orpat wall fans are inexpensive and offer a great combination of style and quality. Their wall fans are long-lasting, wobble-free, and silent.

Notable Features:

  • 100% copper wire motor and double ball bearings.
  • Aerodynamically engineered, with a balanced blade for improved air delivery.
  • Innovative in design and brilliant in operation.


  • Orpat offers an overall package with a powder-coated guard set and polymer ring that provides added corrosion protection.
  • They are free of extraneous jerks and maintain a consistent oscillation.
  • The pull cord control is useful for 3-speed selection and broad oscillation control.


  • Fewer service centres across India

3. Orient


Orient Electric Limited comes from the house of the CK Birla Group. They started their journey in Orissa in 1939. It has production sites in Guwahati, Kolkata, Faridabad, and Noida. Their fans have been designated as a ‘Superbrand’ for 2017. Orient wall fans are attractive, energy-efficient, and available in various designs. Most of their fans have resin blades but some of their wall fans are also available in a metal body. They also offer remote control wall fans:

Notable Features:

  • Matchless breeze control function by remote as well as manual guarantees that the fan cycles between high, medium, and low speed, resulting in varied air velocity.
  • Remote control of the speed, timer, oscillation, wind, and on/off provides convenience even from a distance.
  • High-tech touch button for manual operation/no remote control.
  • The mechanism for adjusting the tilt up and down.


  • Aerodynamically designed resin blades
  • pull cord mechanism
  • Adjustable upward and downward tilt mechanism
  • Upward-downward tilt, 90° oscillation


  • Build quality could be improved

Why we picked Orient fans?

Orient provides all the features you need in a wall fan. They come in different colours, speed settings, and are power saving as well. Their easy speed controls help you regulate the fan easily, while the aerodynamic design helps you get the maximum speed with minimum noise. You can check out Orient fans‘ prices online and save big on your purchase.

4. Luminous


Luminous is a brand that focuses on delighting customers by making their lives more pleasant and efficient. Their fans are ultra-stylish and modern and may be selected based on room type, commercial, style, and other factors. Luminous is the brand to choose if you want to buy a high-quality, energy-efficient wall fan. Luminous brings a wide variety of fans for homes and some with the extension of having a remote control. With some amazing features, their fans are very popular.

Notable Features:

  • Luminous features a one-of-a-kind contemporary fan design that exudes refinement and elegance with a high metallic finish for a glossy appearance.
  • Even at low voltages, the performance is optimal.
  • A more conical dispersion of airflow at all four corners of the space.


  • Lower temperature rise and increased air supply.
  • The Luminous fan is made from high-quality materials.
  • Thermal Overload Protection in case the temperature overpowers the design limit.


  • Luminous fans are expensive as compared to the peer category

5. Khaitan

Check Prices

Khaitan is a well-known brand in the field of air management technologies. Their product developments mirror their ideas, and they have pioneered concepts such as fresh air fans and small fans. Along with home fans, they also provide industrial fans and are expanding their product line. They have varied styles of wall fans that best suit your home. Some styles from Khaitan wall fans are – Zylo II, Merlin Premium, Dezire, Charmy Wall.

Notable Features:

  • Khaitan offers multi-purpose wall fans that are ideal for use in offices, cabins, restrooms, and kitchens.
  • It ventilates your area and maybe easily be put in any corner of your home.
  • The extension cable expands the fan’s versatility, use, and ease of use.


  • Special grade plastic materials are used to create blades that deliver fresh air.
  • The All-Purpose Fan has a unique pivot configuration for jerk-free operation and motor overheat prevention.
  • It boasts a one-of-a-kind oil reservoir lubrication system that provides dependability and extended life.


  • Motor wire quality can be improved

6. Bajaj

Bajaj 1

Bajaj appliances are very popular among people. Bajaj is an Indian conglomerate that was established in 1926. Since its inception, the name has become a symbol. It is also the world’s fourth-largest maker of two- and three-wheelers. The attractive design of Bajaj wall fans is flawlessly combined with practicality. Their wall and cabin fans are affordable with a sleek design. Some names from its wall fan range are: Bajaj Ultima, Bajaj Neo Spectrum, Bajaj Midea.

Notable Features:

  • This fan has a copper motor, which provides durability and helps to sustain performance over time.
  • This pedestal fan provides high air thrust at 1350 RPM and 70 CMM.
  • It uses less energy than conventional wall fans and contributes to environmental conservation.


  • Full copper motor
  • High air thrust and speed
  • Overload protection


  • Blade quality needs improvement

Why we picked Bajaj fans?

Silent operation, high air thrust, and low power consumption are all the features that make Bajaj wall fans one of the best choices for you. The neat design makes it easy to blend in with your interiors as well.

7. Havells


Havells is one of the major manufacturers of electrical equipment. Havells India was formed in 1983 and offers LED lights, fans, switches, wiring accessories, induction motors, and other goods. Their wall fans are elegant, quiet, and aerodynamic, making them ideal for modern houses.

Notable Features:

  • This fan has thermal overload protection, which is meant to safeguard the motor from harm in the case of a short circuit, overloading, and overheating.
  • The protection extends the shelf life of the fan, allowing it to be used for extended periods of time.
  • This wall fan is trendy and simple in design, making it great for your office or home décor.
  • Its modern style will complement the quality décor of the room in which it is installed.


  • This fan’s iconic three-blade design offers optimal air distribution over the whole length of the room.
  • The blades’ aerodynamic shape ensures optimal circulation efficiency.
  • The Swing Platina wall fans, presented in a modern and small style, will be a classy addition to your home décor.
  • This fan has two pull cords for convenience. With a single pull, you may now change the settings and movements.


  • Havells fans are pricey

8. Crompton


Crompton is a prominent Indian consumer firm with a 75-year history. It is headquartered in Mumbai and is a subsidiary of the Murugappa Group. Crompton has been one of the best wall fan brands in the country in terms of sales for the past twenty years. The name has become synonymous with product quality, durability, and performance. Crompton was, in fact, one of the earliest large-scale producers of residential electrical products.

Notable Features:

  • The wall mounting is strong and intended to support the weight of the fan even when it is working at a high speed or oscillating.
  • The build is not only beautiful but also strong.
  • Tilting The fan may be pointed at any angle between 0 and 45 degrees.
  • Pull the pull cord to activate the fan’s oscillation. A wide range of oscillations provides all-around comfort.


  • The strong motor has a true peak speed of 2100 RPM. That is 35 blade rotations per second.
  • Thermal Overload Protection protects the fan from overheating and the motor from voltage fluctuations.
  • In the event of an overload, the circuit will be momentarily severed to protect the fan.
  • The aerodynamic blades provide an amazing 105 CMM of air, which is exceptional in its category.


  • Plastic quality can be improved

Why we picked Crompton fans?

Reliability, quality, and superior engineering are what define the brand. Their fans are contemporary and are built using consumer insights to deliver superior performance.

9. V-Guard

V Guard

V-Guard is an Indian electrical appliance brand founded in 1977 by Kochouseph Chittilappilly. It is a renowned electrical appliance manufacturer for a wide range of items, including voltage stabilisers, kitchen appliances, electrical cables, electric pumps, electric motors, electric fans, geysers, solar water heaters, and UPSs.

Notable Features:

  • Long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance thanks to a rust-proof PP body and blades.
  • A low-maintenance safety grill avoids accidents caused by blade rotation and protects the fan from harm.
  • The fan is shielded from damage caused by overheating of the motor or excessive usage, providing additional peace of mind.


  • Blades are specially designed to distribute air equally, efficiently and powerfully in all directions.
  • With 60-degree oscillation and a 30-degree tilt, you get excellent cooling all around.
  • Immerse yourself in its tremendous air throw from wherever you sit.


  • Complaints of remote failure after some time

10. iBELL


iBELL is an Indian tool manufacturing company established in Kochi, Kerala, that aims to meet the growing need for high-quality power tools. iBELL is a brand that sells items in a variety of categories, wall fans, ceiling fans, including home appliances, power tools, machinery, paint tools, agro tools, garden tools, and more.

Notable Features:

  • The iBELL Wall fan keeps you cool throughout the hot summer months.
  • This fan’s strong motor keeps your house aired and cool.
  • It also offers immediate cooling.
  • This Wall fan may be easily moved about your home and installed in any of your rooms.


  • The fan, which has three wide blades, improves ventilation in the space.
  • At all speeds, the iBELL Fan generates jerk-free, consistent oscillations.
  • The wall fan is designed for Indian weather conditions and can handle voltage variations.
  • It has a contemporary design that is highlighted in white colour.


  • Build quality can be improved


Which is the best wall fan brand in India?

USHA, Orient, Orpat, and Havells are some of the best wall fan brands in India.

How do I choose a good wall fan?

You can choose a good wall fan by considering its features such as safety, energy efficiency, remote control, cord control, and more.

Are wall-mounted fans good?

Yes, wall mounted fans are good as they occupy less space and consume less electricity.

What is the price of wall mounted fan?

The price of wall mounted fan ranges from Rs 1,500 to Rs 5,000.

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