10 Best Brands of Glossy Nail Polish- Complete Guide with Price Range

There are a lot of cool nail polish brands in the Indian market, each one of these brands is good in quality and are pretty affordable too. With all these options available to choose from sometimes it becomes quite difficult for one to select a brand that suits all of the requirements. If you are someone who is having trouble picking a brand for your nail polish, then keep on reading because here we are going to provide you with a list of all the top nail polish brands along with their price range to help you choose the one which suits your taste and budget the most.

List of 10 Best Brands of Glossy Nail Polish

1. Colorbar:

Colorlbar is a very affordable U.S.A based nail polish brand. Colorbar features a vast range of color shades and consists of many different finishes. From soft and warm shades to neon and cool shades you can find everything in color bar. All of the nail polish of the color bar is prepared with fast drying and chip resistant which makes it last a lot longer than other brands nail polishes. This brand is recommended by us because of its vast color range easy availability, and the quantity and quality it provides for such a low price. The price range of color bar nail polishes is between 200-400 INR.

2. Lakme:

You have probably heard about Lakme with all of the advertisements on Television, and it is also considered as one of the oldest nail paint brands in the market. Lakme has a lot of beautiful range of shades to offer creams to metallics, and you can get almost any color in Lakme. Currently, it is one of the hottest selling nail paints in India. The price range of Lakme nail polishes is between Rs100- 500. We recommend it because of its easy availability in both online and offline stores and the quality.

3. Revlon:

Revlon is an American multinational skincare and cosmetics company and one of the most trusted brand when it comes to nail polishes. The nail paints they offer dry extremely fast, and they are quite affordable. The price range of this brand’s nail polishes according to a significant e-commerce site is between 150-300 INR.  It is recommended in this list because of its quick dry time and fantastic finishes.

4. Faces:

Faces is a perfect brand for nail art lovers because it offers a vast variety of nail art products like artificial nails, nail art stickers, etc. The price for this one is 250-300 INR. They have unique shades to chose from which look dazzlingly beautiful after applying.

5. Elle 18:

Elle 18 has been around the Indian market for quite a few years, and it has made quite an excellent reputation for its products. When it comes to the nail polishes Elle 18 has a massive range of colors such as simple colors like pinks, mauves, browns, and reds to cool funky colors like blues, greens and yellow. Elle 18 is a brand which offers some of the cheapest nail polishes in this list. The price range of Elle 18 nail polishes is between 50-100 INR only.

6. OPI:

This brand is quite expensive if you compare it with any other brand of this list. The price of all of its nail polishes is 850 INR according to the Amazon. If you are going for a formal look, then there is no better nail polish brand then this one. OPI offers many cool, but its availability is a problem. If you can find then definitely make your purchase because this one is worth your every penny.

7. China Glaze:

The nail paints of this brand provide incredible durability, easy application, fast drying, and many exclusive colors. China Glazes non-thickening, the Flexible formula gives perfect coverage in the best fashion shade. The price range of China Glaze is from 500 to 5000 INR which is quite expensive but the quality this brand offers definitely worth the price.

8. Inglot:

Inglot is a premium brand of nail polish in the Indian market. It comes in a lot of finishes and shades. Its availability poses some issues, but it is a premium brand, so if you want a quality product then you can go with this one. The price range for this one is 700-4500 INR.

9. Chambor:

This brand was established in the year 1993, and since then it has developed a strong foothold in the Indian cosmetics market. Each one of its cosmetic products including nail paints is outstanding in quality and affordable in price. The price range is 180-900.

10. NYX:

Named after the Greek goddess of night Nyx, this brand was established in the year 1999 in Los angelus by a guy called Tony ko. The nail paint of this brand is very famous internationally but not that much in India because of the issue of availability. Despite that, we are recommending it here because of the quality NYX offers in their nail paints. Its price range is 3000-5000 INR.


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