From trying to pull a subtle diva look or looking elegant in traditional attire, your manicured and painted nails can amp up your looks to infinity and beyond. While some might prefer to get trendy nail art, others could love to pamper their nails on their own. Complementing your OOTD with a matching shade of nail colour is just the perfect recipe to serve looks. From glossy to glitter and matte, nail colours are available in every texture. Based on their shine, coverage, stay, and formula, finding the one that suits your taste and budget is a real struggle. To that end, we have enlisted the best brands of glossy nail polish to help you make a wise choice.

20 Best Brands of Glossy Nail Polish on Amazon

1. Colorbar

best brands of glossy nail polish

Colorbar features a vast range of colour shades and consists of many different finishes. You can find every colour from soft and warm hues to pink nudes and neon and cool shades. From gloss to glitter, Colorbar’s nail polish range is a crazy collection.

Prepared with fast drying and chip resistant material, this nail polish lasts a lot longer. The 7-free formula: without formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DBP, toluene, camphor, paraben and xylene, makes it our top choice in the list of best brands of glossy nail polish. Dermatologically tested, these nail polishes are available in a wide array of colours in the price range of Rs 200. Here you can also check types of Nail Cutters

2. Lakme

best glossy nail paints

You have probably heard about Lakme with all of the advertisements on TV, and it is also considered one of the oldest nail paint brands in the market. Lakme has a beautiful range of shades to offer, from creams to metallics and their latest primer plus gloss.

The Lakme 9 to 5 Primer + Gloss nail colour is a unique offering. It has a fast-drying formula with an intense glossy payoff that stays for long. Available in 29 bright colour shades priced at Rs 180, these vibrant, glossy nail polishes by Lakme have a chip-proof texture.

3. Revlon

best glossy nail paints

Revlon is an American multinational skincare and cosmetics company and one of the most trusted brands for beauty products. The nail paints they offer dry extremely fast and are pretty affordable. They make use of their signature Chip Defiant and Anti-Fade technology to keep the nail colour intact without any fading. Their nail paints do not cause any yellowing of nails.

You can choose from 64 gorgeous shades in textures of chrome, sheer, opaque, glossy, and metallic. Revlon nail enamel is free from formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, and formaldehyde resin. It has a chip-resistant texture and gives a fantastic finish starting at just Rs 225.

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4. Faces

best glossy nail paints

Faces is a perfect brand for nail art lovers because it offers various nail art products like artificial nails, nail art stickers, and more. A leading beauty brand with a heritage of about 40 years, Faces Canada entered the Indian market in 2009. Their products are designed to cater to every skin type, texture, tone, and ethnicity.

Splashes by Faces nail enamel are high performing nail colours made with a chip-resistant formula. These glossy nail polishes do not contain any harmful plasticisers and are free from camphor, formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP. They have an array of 41 shades to choose from, which glide effortlessly on your nail and give your nails a dazzling look. You can get these for just Rs 109 on online shopping websites.

5. Elle 18

glossy nail polish
Elle 18

Elle 18 has been around the Indian market for quite a few years, and it has made quite an excellent reputation for its products. Elle 18 has a massive range of colours, including pretty pinks, mauves, browns, and reds, to cool funky colours like blues, greens, and yellows when it comes to nail polishes.

Elle 18 Nail Pops give your nails a vibrant look with their glossy finish in just one stroke. These nail colours can be availed in as little as Rs 50.

6. OPI

best glossy nail polishes

OPI is the world leader in the professional nail care industry – thanks to its exceptional formula, fashionable colours, and iconic names. Their nail lacquers are heavily pigmented with a super-rich, long-lasting, and chip-resistant texture that offers nothing short of a luxurious nail polishing experience.

Available in 100 countries, OPI brings nail treatments, finishing products, lotions, manicure/pedicure products, files, tools and acrylics for its customers.

Their massive range of more than 70 colours of nail polishes lets you pick for every occasion and style. Lasting for up to seven days, you can get their nail lacquers from their official website and shopping partners like Amazon starting at Rs 850.

7. China Glaze

best nail colours
China Glaze

The nail paints of this brand provide incredible durability, easy application in many exclusive colours. China Glaze’s non-thickening, flexible formula gives perfect coverage in the most fashionable shades.

Made with the highest quality ingredients and used by professionals, China Glaze has many nail products for all your nail care needs. Their nail paints host a long-lasting and quick-drying formula. You can get them for anywhere between Rs 549 to 2,600.

8. Inglot

best Inglot nail colour

Inglot is a premium brand of nail polish with a lot of finishes and shades. Its availability poses some issues, but it is a premium brand, so if you want a quality product, you can go with this one.

Their O2M nail enamel has a breathable formula that keeps your nails in good condition even when wearing the paint. These glossy nail paints have a lasting shine and give your nails a beautiful look. Available in more than 36 shades, these are priced at around Rs 1,200.

9. Chambor

best Chambor glossy nail paints

Chambor is a brand based in Switzerland. It was launched in the Indian cosmetic market in 1993, and since then, it has developed a strong foothold with its beautiful products.

Their nail polishes have a rich pigmented look with a mirror-like shine. These paints are made for long wear and are chip resistant. You can get a Chambor nail paint for Rs 325.

10. Maybelline New York

best glossy nail polishes

Maybelline New York is a show stopper when it comes to affordable yet best makeup products. Spread across 120 countries, they have made makeup products that align with every style, skin tone, and colour.

Their nail colour collection comes in 18 shades of fast-drying gel polishes. From Rebel Red to Pink Charge, there is nail paint to match every mood. However, these bold colours are a tad bit expensive and priced at Rs 2,699 and above.

11. My Glamm

best glossy nail polishes
My Glamm

My Glamm is a cruelty-free brand and has nearly 25 beautiful and bold shades in its kitty.

The My Glamm LIT nail paints are made with a gloss sealer patented technology that gives a flawless glossy finish to your nails. Moreover, its colour reflection enhances brightness and makes it shine in the light. It has a deep colour and comes with a contoured applicator that makes for easy application. You can get it for Rs 190.

12. Miniso

best nail polishes

MINISO nail polishes are chip resistant and long-lasting nail enamel available in a wide range of colours. They bring chemical-free nail paints with vibrant colours. The applicator is a flat brush that makes for an intense one sweep glossy finish on your nails. Grab them for just Rs 90 on the Amazon store.

13. Plum

best vegan nail polishes

Plum is a beauty brand that has brought a vast range of bath, body, and cosmetic products. They have it all from hair masks to face cleanser sand facial oils, nail colours, and moisturisers. This brand makes 100% vegan, cruelty-free products that the FDA approves. They are an eco-conscious brand, and their products come in recyclable packaging.

The Plum Color Affair nail polish is formulated with a 7-free formula that eliminates irritants and unsafe chemicals from the paint. Also, it is enriched with vitamin E and avocado oil to keep your nails nourished. This glossy nail polish is highly pigmented and dries out fast with a plump finish. You can get it on Amazon and other shopping partners at around Rs 195.

14. Insight Cosmetics

best toxin free nail polishes
Insight Cosmetics

Insight Cosmetics is a global brand with more than three decades of standing in the cosmetic industry. Their products are high-quality, FDA approved, and ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Available in more than 26 shades, the Insight glossy nail polishes feature a 5-free formula. This nail paint carries a unique UV filter to prevent chipping and discolouration from UV induced damage. It stays for long and delivers a super-rich colour payoff in all its pigmented shades. If that’s not all, this cruelty-free glossy nail paint will cost you just about Rs 65.

15. Sally Hansen

best shiny nail paints
Sally Hansen

Get a salon-like finish with the Sally Hansen nail colours. These glossy colours stay put on your nails without chipping for as long as 10 days as claimed by the brand. The Patented vita-care technology used offers a gel-like shine and keeps your nails nourished and strong. This fabulous paint is difficult to find and is priced between Rs 599 and Rs 9,384.

16. Juice

best shiny nail polishes

Juice nail lacquers allow an extraordinary coverage on nails – thanks to their heavily pigmented texture that offers an intense finish. These glossy nail polishes dry out in a minute or two and provide a chip-free experience.

With no chemicals in their composition to harm your nails, these nail polishes are priced at Rs 269 for a pack of 5 uber-cool colours.

17. Swiss Beauty

best gel nail polishes
Swiss Beauty

Pamper your nails on a budget with the Swiss Beauty Gel Shine nail polish. It comes in 22 eye-catching shades and is designed using colour lock technology with long staying power. The patented Flexi brush allows easy application. You can avail these stunning nail lacquers online at about Rs 99.

18. Bad Company

best cruelty free nail polishes
Bad Company

Bad Company nail polishes are designed by experts using a unique French formula that stays for 6 days. This is a vegan and cruelty-free brand. The nail colours are toxin-free and make for a stunning, glossy appearance. The 2 fold resin complex adds to its longevity.

This nail paint dries in no time and offers an exceptionally pigmented pay-off. Moreover, these nail colours have UV filters that prevent yellowing and discolouration. With 34 bold shades to choose from, these glossy nail paints are priced at Rs 199.

19. De Belle

best gel nail polish
De Belle

DeBelle Gel Nail Polish is a highly pigmented nail paint in a gel base. Made using the French formula, these glossy nail colours are enriched with seaweed to promote nail growth. They are available in several subtle and glossy textures and are free from toxic chemicals. Not tested on animals, these gel-based nail paints will cost you Rs 295.

20. NYX

best glossy nail paints

Named after the Greek goddess of night, Nyx, this brand was established in 1999 in Los Angeles. Their nail paints are available in multiple colours and have a glossy texture.

The nail paint of this brand is famous globally but faces availability issues in India. Despite that, we are recommending it here because of the quality NYX offers in their nail paints. Its price range is 3000-5000 INR.


1. How do I make my nail polish shiny?

Simply use a glossy or shimmery nail colour. Alternatively, you can also add some shine to your regular nail colour by applying another coat of paint. Make sure to choose colours that stay for long.

2. Which is better matte or glossy nail polish?

While matte nail paints have a subtle look, glossy paints are more versatile and paired with any dress and style. Gloss nail paints last longer and do not require high maintenance like matte nail polish. While it all comes down to personal preferences, glossy nail paints are our personal favourites.

3. Which top coat nail polish is the best?

The Lakme 9 to 5 Primer + Gloss nail colour is the best top coat polish in the market. It has a fast-drying formula with an intense glossy payoff that stays for long. Available in 29 bright colour shades, these vibrant, glossy nail polishes by Lakme have a chip-proof texture.

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