Best brands of herbal cream for dark circles
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Under eye dark circles is a major problem faced by almost every individual owing to our stressful and busy lifestyles. But choosing from a varied range of products for a sensitive area like eyes can be daunting task. Going herbal is the way to combat dark circles under eye. Teeming with the goodness of herbs, and plant extracts, such under eye creams and gels effectively diminish puffiness, under eye wrinkles, and eye bags without any side effects. To that end, we have compiled a list of the best brands of herbal cream for dark circles to keep your eyes youthful and relaxed. 

List of the 15 Best Brands of Herbal Cream for Dark Circles in India

 1. Biotique Bio Almond Nourishing Eye Cream

best under eye creams

The under eye cream by Biotique helps reduce the puffiness around the eyes. It pairs ancient Ayurveda with modern science to produce an innovative herbal product. This cream packs the power of almonds, sunflower gel and nutmeg that work in sync to combat fine lines and wrinkles, dryness and swelling around the eye area. It is moisturising, and gentle and is a real find for those with sensitive skin. Priced at Rs 129 for 15 g, this product has become the holy grail of under eye creams.

2. Himalaya Herbals Under Eye Cream

best Himalaya Herbals under eye cream
Himalaya Herbals

The under eye cream by Himalaya Herbals is formulated with essential facial oils for delicate under eye skin. The product claims to cure the dark puffy eyes with a regular use. An honest ingredient list is attached to the tube. On applying the product the darkness under eyes magically withers away. This non comedogenic cream is dermatologically tested and can be used for all skin types. This eye cream by Himalaya Herbals comes in a 15ml travel friendly tube costing Rs 156.

3. Forest Essential Intensive Eye Cream

best Forest Essentials under eye cream
Forest Essentials

The eye cream by Forest Essential is a premium quality product that works great for those with extreme stress level. With all natural extracts of star anise, this cream keeps your under eye skin toned and smooth . The cream is also packed with potato starch, cold pressed almond oil, cucumber, and papaya extracts that nourish the skin inside out and keep it moisturised. As per the brand instructions, the cream should be applied around the eyes and put to rest. This effective herbal cream is priced at Rs 2,625 for a 15g tube.

4. Khadi Herbal Under Eye Gel

best herbal under eye creams
Khadi Herbals

Khadi Under Eye Gel is gel base under eye applicant 100% herbal in nature. It comes in tub packaging and is infused with all natural oils and vitamins E great for delicate eye region. The product leaves a soothing effect after application. Almond oil, Jaiphal oil, Wheat Germ oil are some major natural oils in the product. The tub packaging makes it travel-friendly and the all herbal recipe proves to be very soothing on the skin. It is priced at Rs 265 for 50g.

5. Lotus Herbal Nutraeye Rejuvenating and Correcting Eye Gel

Lotus Herbals

The cream by Lotus Herbals is an under eye gel base cream that helps reduce the dark around the eye area. The product is a clear gel that shows visible results with regular usage. The packaging is quite attractive. The nozzle comes sealed making it leak proof and is directly applicable under the eyes. The product is priced at Rs 258 for 10g. The consistency is light and thus absorbs in the skin easily.

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6. VLCC Almond Under Eye Cream

best herbal cream for dark circles

The Under Eye formulae offered by VLCC is an all herbal formula that works great for mild dark circles. Natural oil bases include Chamomile oil, Wheat germ oil, Almond oil, and vitamins E extracts. The natural oils make the skin super nourishing. The product sips into the skin easily and reduces fine lines within a week or 2 of usage. The product is priced at Rs 175 for 15g.

7. Tvam Ayurvedic Under Eye Cream


The brand Tvam found include the year 2007 that aims towards an all herbal skincare. The under eye cream by Tvam comes in a tub packaging. The formula is packed with olive and can be bought from the Amazon storefront for Rs 650.

8. Juicy Chemistry Under Eye Cream

best herbal cream for dark circles
Juicy Chemistry

Get rid of puffy eyes, eye bags, and under eye wrinkles with this eye cream by Juicy chemistry. It is infused with Cocoa, Coffee, Damask Rose, Fig Seed, and Hemp that hydrates the skin and locks in the moisture. 100% Certified organic, it is preservative free and is priced at 300 INR for 5g.

9. Innisfree Green Tea Seed Eye Cream


The eye cream by Innisfree is a premium quality 100% herbal. Pure Jeju green tea extracts are infused to achieve better results. The non-oily formulae sip in easily and soothe skin. The product is a must try and prices at Rs 1,750 for 30ml.

10. L’oreal Paris Revitalift Eye Cream

best Loreal under eye cream

The L’oreal Revitalift Eye Cream is a firm base product that not only helps reduce the puffiness around eyes but also vanishes fine lines and other signs of ageing. It hosts Centella Asiatica and Protinol A that enhances skin density and reduces wrinkles, keeping the skin fresh and tight. With regular use, the product shows great results. Starting from a range of Rs 395, the product is available at varying packages.

11. Mamaearth Bye Bye Dark Circles

best natural under eye creams

Keep your under eye region nourished and tight with this natural composition by Mamaearth. It contains cucumber, peptides, hawkweed, and daisy extracts to reduce dark circles, and keep your eyes nourished and well rested. This cream is dermatologically tested and is free from sulphates, parabens, preservatives and colours. Suitable for all skin types, 20ml of this cream is priced at Rs 338.

12. Soulflower Herbal Vitamin C Under Eye Cream

best Vitamin C under eye cream

Soulflower under eye cream boasts a moisturising formula teeming with natural extracts of rosehip oil and liquorice extracts. It is suitable for every skin tone and skin type. This vegan and preservative free formula keeps your skin plump, and reduces dark circles and signs of ageing. This 15g tube comes for Rs 299.

13. MCaffeine Naked and Raw Coffee Under Eye Cream

best herbal cream for dark circles

The MCaffeine coffee infused under cream is brimming with pure Arabica coffee, sweet almond oil, water lily and vitamin E that work together to fight fine lines, wrinkles, UV damage, and puffiness. This cream is dermatologically tested and works best for combination skin. It can be used by everyone regardless of gender. It is free from mineral oils, SLS, chemicals, parabens, and is a cruelty free product. 30ml of this under eye cream is available at Rs 515.

14. The Moms Co. Natural Vita Rich Under Eye Cream

best natural under eye creams
The Moms Co

Enriched with natural botanical extracts of Chia Seed Oil, Coffee Oil, Chamomile oil, and Vitamins B3 and E, the Moms Co under eye cream helps reduce fine lines, dark circles and puffiness. It is free from synthetic ingredients and harmful chemicals and keeps the under eye region moisturised. It is a Made Safe and Allergen Free certified product. It comes in a pump bottle with a roller that can be used as an under eye massager. You can get this 15g bottle for Rs 379.

15. Dot & Key Illuminating Depuffing Under Eye Cream Concentrate

best brands of herbal cream for dark circles under eye
Dot & Key

This under eye cream by Dot & Key works best to combat eye puffiness, eye wrinkles, and dark circles. It pairs rosehip oil, coffee cherry, and hyaluronic acid to revive the firmness under eye skin. It works well on all skin types. It is free from chemicals and is a cruelty free product. You can get this at the Amazon storefront for Rs 995 for a 35ml bottle.

FAQs Answered about The – Best Herbal Cream for Dark Circles

1. Which cream is best for removing dark circles?

The Biotique Bio Almond Soothing and Nourishing Cream is the best for removing dark circles, under eye bags, and puffy eyes. It combines the wealth of ancient Ayurveda with modern science to produce an innovative herbal product. This cream packs the power of almonds, sunflower gel and nutmeg that work in sync to combat fine lines and wrinkles, dryness, and swelling around the eye area. You can find it easily on the Amazon storefront.

2. What natural products are good for dark circles?

Dark circles can be taken care of with some natural products available in your house. You can use cucumber slices, cold compress, cool used or fresh teabags, almond oil massage, and some over the counter moisturisers and creams.

3. What causes dark circles?

Dark circles are most commonly caused by a fatigued and sleep deprived lifestyle. Other reasons include natural aging, dehydration, poor diet, sun exposure, allergies, pigmentation, heredity, dermatitis, and others.

4. How can i get rid of dark circles permanently?

One of the easiest and sureshot ways to get rid of dark circles is by improving your sleep quality. Other ways include getting a laser treatment, filler injections, chemical peels, and surgery. While there are several home remedies for reducing under eye bags and darkness, it is advised you seek a medical review if you wish to get them treated properly.

5. Do tea bags & cucumbers remove dark circles?

Cucumber and tea bags are full of antioxidants and help reduce free radical damage in the under eye skin region. These home remedies when applied regularly can yield results overtime and have been tried and tested with a lot of anecdotal relevance. That said, everyone has a different skin type and lifestyle, that is crucial when looking at the effectiveness of home remedies. Results might vary for different individuals.

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