10 Best Brands of Herbal Cream for Dark Circles- Complete Guide with Price Range

Mother Nature has long-term solutions to all our nasty problems. The upgraded lifestyle though has raised our stress level. Our profession holds no right to cast dark shadows over our physical or mental health. Under eye dark circles is a major problem faced by almost every individual. But choosing from a varied range of products for a sensitive area like eyes can be stressful again. Going herbal is indeed recommendable. Here is a guide for those who are looking for a herbal solution to the problem.

List of 10 Best Herbal Cream for Dark Circles in India

 1. Best Biotique: Bio Revitalizing Anti Fatigue Eye Gel

The under eye cream by the brand is a non-pigmented gel that helps reduce the puffiness around the eyes. As the under eye area happens to be very sensitive. Left odorless and colorless to keep the product free from chemicals. The product comes with leak-proof tub packaging of 25gm. The price is set at 199 INR for 25 gms. For visible results, the product should be used twice daily.

2. Best Himalaya: Herbals Under Eye Cream

The under eye cream by Himalaya Herbals is formulated with essential facial oils for delicate under eye skin. The product claims to cure the dark puffy eyes with a regular use. An honest ingredient list is attached to the tube. On applying the product the darkness under eyes magically withers away. The tube-like packaging makes it travel-friendly. Directly applicable to the problem areas with the nozzle attached to the tube. The eye cream by Himalaya Herbals come in a 15ml tube costing 167 INR.

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3. Best Forest Essential: Intensive Eye Cream with Anise

The eye cream by Forest Essential is a premium quality product that works great for those with extreme stress level. With all 100% natural herbal extracts of potato, star anise. The cream is also packed with cold pressed oils and papaya extracts that nourish the skin inside out. As per the brand instructions, the cream should be applied around the eyes and put to rest. The effective herbal cream is priced at 1050 INR.

4. Best Khadi Herbal: Under Eye Gel

Khadi Under Eye Gel is gel base under eye applicant. It comes in tub packaging and is infused with all natural oils and vitamins E great for delicate eye region. The product leaves a soothing effect after application. Almond oil, Jaiphal oil, Wheat Germ oil are some major natural oils in the product. The tub packaging makes it travel-friendly and the all herbal recipe proves to be very soothing on the skin. Priced at 156 INR.

5. Best Lotus Herbal: Nutraeye Rejuvenating and Correcting Eye Gel

The cream by Lotus Herbals is an under eye gel base cream that helps reduce the dark around the eye area. The product is a clear gel that shows visible results with regular usage. The packaging is quite attractive. The nozzle comes sealed making it leak proof and is directly applicable under the eyes. The product is priced at 275 INR for 10 gms. The consistency is light and thus absorbs in the skin easily.

6. Best VLCC: Almond Under Eye Cream

The Under Eye formulae offered by VLCC is an all herbal formula that works great for mild dark circles. Natural oil bases include Chamomile oil, Wheat germ oil, Almond oil, and vitamins E extracts. The natural oils make the skin super nourishing. The product sips into the skin easily and reduces fine lines within a week or 2 of usage. The product is priced at 175 INR.

7. Best Tvam: Olive and Soya Under Eye Cream

The brand Tvam found include the year 2007 that aims towards an all herbal skincare. The under eye cream by Tvam comes in a tub packaging. The formulae packed with aloe vera extracts and essential oils. Priced at 620 INR for 50 gms is a must try.

8. Best Juicy Chemistry: Organic Coffee and Green Tea Under Eye Cream

The eye cream by Juicy chemistry is infused with green tea and coffee extracts. The clove oil present in the product works against puffiness and reduce the under eye darkness. Beeswax is used as the base and thus the consistency is hard. Priced at 350 INR for 10 gms give great results.

9. Best Innisfree: The Green Tea Seed Eye Cream

The eye cream by Innisfree is a premium quality 100%herbal. Pure Jeju green tea extracts are infused to achieve better results. The non-oily formulae sip in easily and soothe skin. The product is a must try and prices at 1750 INR for 50ml.

10. Best L’oreal Paris: Revitalift Anti-Wrinkle + Firming Eye Cream

The L’oreal Revitalift Eye Cream is a firm base product that not only helps reduce the puffiness around eyes but also vanishes fine lines. The rich creamy texture maintains hydration and is also oily. With regular use,e, the product shows great results. Starting from a range of 599 INR, the product is available at varying packages.

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