10 Best Brands of Primer for Normal Skin- Complete Guide with Price Range

10 Best Brands of Primer for Normal Skin- Complete Guide with Price Range

No woman’s cosmetic kit is complete without a suitable primer. A primer doesn’t just help your makeup last longer, but it also evens out your skin tone and your skin texture, giving your makeup a smoother look. Priming is a makeup-prep step that shouldn’t be skipped if you want to enjoy the advantages of a more seamless application and professional looking long-lasting makeup.

However, when it comes to choosing the right primer for your face, you may become overwhelmed by the multiple brands in the cosmetic market.

List of 10 Best Brands of Primer for Normal Skin

1. Best Lakme Primers

Lakme is one of the biggest brands of beauty products and skincare cosmetics and has been ruling the cosmetic industry in India for over 50 years now. Lakme makeup primers are specially formulated for Indian skin and are lightweight, waterproof and have a velvety smooth texture. Lakme Makeup primers are available in the price range of Rs.450 to Rs. 550 on an average. The primers are available in both powder and liquid forms. Lakme has a wide range of other skincare and makeup products divided into three ranges- Absolute, 9 to 5, and their Classics range.

2. Best Colorbar Primers

Colorbar was founded in 2004 with the aim of giving competition to the international cosmetic market leaders like Loreal and Revlon. Colorbar is now one of the top cosmetic brands in the country with a wide range of beauty products for all skin types and tones.
Colorbar primers are among the top quality in the market and available in the range of Rs.600 to Rs. 850 to give an estimate. Their primers are paraben free, hence safe for all skin types and their smooth texture makes skin appear even and flawless.
Other Colorbar products include nail lacquers, lip glosses, concealers, and many other skincare and makeup products.

3. Best Maybelline New York Primers

Maybelline started as a small private family business and has now become an international brand name with more than a billion customers swearing by its products. Maybelline primers are water-based and non-oily so that the skin doesn’t feel weighed down and sticky. These primers effectively mask skin unevenness and smooth fine lines. Maybelline primers are available in the market in the price range of Rs. 600 to Rs. 2000 on an average.
Maybelline has a delightfully diverse range of beauty products and makeup tools as well for women of all ages and all skin types.

4. Best Lotus Herbals Primers

Lotus Herbals was founded in 1993 with the aim of introducing an indigenous cosmetic brand in the Indian market that manufactures chemical-free personal care products made with the finest natural ingredients. Lotus Herbal Primers are available in the price range of Rs. 400 to Rs. 700 (approximately). These primers are made with a unique oil-free formula that moisturizes the skin along with masking fine lines and uneven pores. The primers are gel-based and vitamin-E enriched and fight signs of aging.
Lotus Herbals products are 100% vegetarian and free from harmful chemicals and provide a wide range of choices for all skin types and skin tones.

5. Best Loreal Paris Primers

Loreal has been in the cosmetic industry for more than a 100 years and has become a world leader in the market. Loreal products are highly recommended by professionals as well due to their top-notch quality and effectiveness. Loreal Paris Primers are available in the price range of Rs. 650 to Rs. 1200, both in liquid and powder form. These primers instantly smooth out skin pores and give your makeup a professionally flawless look. They also have moisturizing characteristics to hydrate and protect the skin while giving it the smooth and even skin appearance.
Loreal has a wide range of beauty products including cosmetics, skincare and haircare products as well.

6. Best Swiss Beauty Primers

Swiss beauty is one of the world’s fastest growing beauty brands well-known for their superior quality beauty products and innovative technologies for high-end skincare solutions. Swiss Beauty primers are one of the best in the market, available in the price range of Rs. 300 to Rs. 550 on an average.
These primers effectively mask fine lines, dark spots, wrinkles and even out the skin for a smooth makeup application. Other products by Swiss Beauty include lipsticks, face powders, makeup tools, and eye makeup.

7. Best Blue Heaven Primers

Blue Heaven is one of the trustworthy and reliable brands in the country established in 1974. Blue Heaven creates world-class beauty and personal care products for the quintessential confident Indian women. Blue Heaven primers are available in the price range of Rs. 200 to Rs. 350 in the market. These primers are unbelievably easy to use, gel-based and oil free with skin moisturizing properties. They create the perfect illusion of flawless skin and provide an even base for perfect makeup application.
Other prominent Blue heaven products include body lotions, skin creams, color cosmetics, and hair care products.

8. Best Insight by VOV Primers

Insight is a highly commendable and popular makeup brand from VOV International founded in 1986. It is well-known for its high-end and professional quality makeup products made available to Indian women at reasonable prices. Insight primers are available in the market at a price range of Rs.150 to Rs. 300 on an average. These primers create a perfect illusion of flawless, glowing skin and are long-lasting, waterproof and oil-free so that they don’t weigh the skin down.
Insight has a wide range of products ranging from lip colors to concealers to professional quality eye makeup for all skin types and skin colors.

9. Best Oriflame Primers

Oriflame has been a big brand name in the cosmetic industry and has been delivering high-end personal care products from the past 40 years for both men and women. Oriflame primers are available in the price range of Rs. 400 to Rs. 600 on an average. These primers use a unique Halo Light technology to give the skin a healthy glow and effectively masks all skin imperfections to provide a flawless makeup result.
Oriflame has an enormous range of products including fragrances, hygiene products, makeup products, and high-quality skincare solutions.

10. Best Miss Claire Primers

Miss Claire is a popular brand specializing in top-notch professional quality skin and makeup products. Miss Claire primers are a top pick for women as it is a perfect studio control that helps in oil control and is suitable for all skin types. These primers are available in the market in the price range of Rs. 350 to Rs. 600 on an average. Miss Claire primers effectively camouflage skin imperfections, neutralize redness and give your skin an unbelievably smooth complexion.
Miss Claire has an impressive collection of beauty and makeup products for women of all ages and skin tones.



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