10 Best Brands Of Sports Watches For Running

Watches have served various purposes apart from simply telling the owner what time of the day it is. Sports has been a huge part marketing, sales, and branding of the watch-making industry. Companies like Titan, Rolex and many other luxury brands have used various sportspersons as the face of their products to make sure that their influence and prestige are maintained. However, it is important to understand the weightage, importance, and usefulness of these watches to sportspersons, beyond the luxury, and prestige factor of the brand and its ambassadors. Taking running as an example here are some brands which have superior sports watches for this category

List Of 10 Best Brands Of Sports Watches For Running

1. Best Polar Watch

M430 is a simple, easy-to-use product that is cost efficient too. With its simplicity in mechanism and design, and the biggest upgrade from previous versions is that the M430 now comes with built-in heart rate (HR) monitoring for zone training and continuous HR tracking off the wrist, making it possible to monitor your resting heart rate and your fitness progress. It is also equipped with a sleep tracking and smart notifications mechanism and the benefit of the ever-improving Polar Flow app, which allows you to add smart coaching to your wrist for training that’s tailored to your abilities. It is priced at roughly ₹9,800.

 2. Best Garmin Watch

Forerunner 235 offers everything Garmin watches are known for, in simple words, that means GPS tracking for 11 hours and activity tracking 24/7 for up to nine days on a single charge. Users can get their HR monitored continuously. You can enjoy smartphone notifications, audio prompts, live tracking and of course the Garmin Connect which can be used to analyze all your regular activities in depth. if you ever get lost you can use the Back to Start feature to be guided right back to where you came from. It is priced at ₹21,500.

3. Best Garmin Watch

This is the Garmin watch that’s got GPS and heart rate tracking, multi-sport support and even Garmin Pay, which allows you to make contactless payments even without your phone. Along with that the battery life lasts a solid seven days of normal use or 13 hours of GPS training. Considering the design aspect, this features a stainless steel bezel and comfy rubberized strap that can be swapped out to suit the occasion. Vivoactive 3 is priced at ₹24,990.

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4. Best Fitbit Watch

Being a fitness-focused smartwatch, Fitbit Ionic is a solid choice for runners. It has multi-day battery life, continuous HR tracking, GPS, personalized voice coaching, sleep stage tracking and the ability to store music for offline listening via Bluetooth headphones. You also get an auto pause option to automatically spot when you’ve come to a stop at traffic lights. The bright, hi-resolution, gorilla glass coated touchscreen is also water resistant to 50m, making it strong enough for harsh training and swim-proof for when you decide to rest those legs. It is priced at ₹18,500.

5. Best Samsung Watch

Galaxy Watch is Samsung’s most refined smartwatch yet due to its good fitness tracking features and four-day battery life. It also has a rotating bezel for convenient menu navigation. The Galaxy watch has automatic exercise tracking for some workouts, most mainly running and walking, which it identifies after a few minutes in our testing. It handles runs well, providing a wealth of data and easy-to-control functionality as you’re pounding the pavement. It is priced at ₹27,650.

6. Best Suunto Watch

Another great watch for athletes who are particular about their heights and distances. The Suunto Ambit3 Vertical includes an altimeter, barometer, compass, GPS and a thermometer to track all of your outdoor adventures in extensive detail. It is also suitable for the crowded city areas but there are probably better options out there. The watch is also equipped with limited smartphone notifications (including caller ID and email support) thanks to Bluetooth pairing. It is priced at ₹21,200.

7. Best Apple Watch

It is for casual runners who like to jog in style. Watch 4 may not look extremely distinct from the other versions of Apple’s popular wearable, but it has had a pretty decent upgrade. Design-wise, the screen offers far more visibility, which is perfect for fitness. There’s also additional health features, as well as better battery life. It has automatic exercise detection, which is great for keeping up with your schedules when you forget to start something. It is priced at ₹43,900.

8. Best Garmin Watch

In addition to the reliable GPS, there’s a huge range of advanced running metrics including cadence, ground contact time, vertical oscillation, VO2 max, recovery time guidance and more in the Forerunner 935. You also get up to 50 hours of UltraTrac GPS training on a full charge, smart notifications from a connected phone. It is priced at ₹42,990.

9. Best Garmin Watch

Fenix 5 Plus is a high functioning multi-sports and adventure watch, this latest, improved version of the Fenix series reached the peak of performance. It’s equipped with multiple new features, including built-in music, contactless payments and fully routable color topo maps. With that in mind, you need to be really serious about performance and really into your swims, bikes, runs and hikes to even consider such a premium option – it is probably a bit too much for casual or occasional joggers as they might not be able to utilize it for all its worth. It is priced at ₹42,900.

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10. Best Garmin Watch

Vivosmart HR Plus is the best budget running watch with all the essentials. It has a strong and lasting waterproof design with a five-day battery life along with excellent fitness tracking and a GPS and heart-rate monitor. It is priced at ₹15,800.


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