Best Chandeliers to Reinvent Your Home Décor

If you’re looking for something to brighten up your home, chandeliers are a perfect addition to your home space. They are available in a variety of designs and materials suitable for different rooms of the house. You can hang it on the living room ceiling, right above the dining table, in the gallery or even in the bedroom. Here’s a quick reckoner of the best chandeliers out there to revamp your lighting and room décor.

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7 Best Chandeliers for Your Living Room

1. Homesake Cluster Chandelier

best Chandeliers
Homesake Cluster Chandeliers

This cluster chandelier by Homesake comes in a simple and sophisticated design. The cluster pendant features three conical frames that hold the lights and an antique metallic plate that keeps the cluster together using suspended wires. The chandelier requires E27 Edison vintage bulbs and adjustable cords for customizing the size as per the height and setting of your room.

Install this chandelier in your drawing room and dining room. This decorative element on our list of best chandeliers is great for illuminating foyers, bars, restaurants, clubs and coffee shops.

2. Prop It Up Royal Chandelier

Prop It Up Chandelier Lamp

Featuring five pretty floral shades for dreamy lighting, this chandelier has a royal and antique touch to it. Made with sturdy metal, this chandelier is perfect for those who wish to add a surreal charm to their home interior. The gorgeous lampshades reflect the light beautifully to create a lovely ambience; it is also perfect for a romantic setting.

One of the best chandeliers, this metal and glass chandelier has a pretty golden brown colour that gives it an antique appearance.

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3. ArihantSuperStore Imported Crystal Chandelier

Best Chandelier
ArihantSuperstore Chandelier

If crystal chandeliers are your calling, this chandelier by ArihantSuperStore on our list of best chandeliers will have you covered. Crafted with the finest glass, steel, metal and crystals, this attractive piece is a great way to upgrade your living room décor. Despite its intricate design, this chandelier is a lightweight and durable purchase.

This beautiful yet affordable chandelier can be installed in your living room, office or drawing room for aesthetics coupled with superior lighting.

4. Discount4Product Crystal Chandelier

best chandeliers
Discount4Product Crystal Chandelier

Superior lighting, stylish looks and an amazing flush mount 100% k9 glass crystal make this ceiling light fixture one of the best chandeliers out there. This crystal chandelier by Disocunt4Product is made with multiple glass embellishments, including crystal balls, octagonal beads, pencil-shaped hangings and a metallic plate that holds them together.

A gorgeous piece to add to your home interior, this crystal chandelier uses one LED light of 2 watts to illuminate the room. Bring home this beautiful chandelier and give your home space a striking sheen. This compact crystal adornment that can add instant charm to a small space gives you so much bang for your buck.

5. Swanart Chandelier

Swanart Chandelier Light

This chandelier light deserves an entry in our crated list of best chandeliers for all the right reasons. It doubles down as a modern ceiling lamp as it is equipped with an LED source. The pretty glass and metal design make for a luxurious look that can brighten up your household and commercial spaces.

The light cover is made of high-quality glass with antiglare to provide the best light transmission. This flush mount chandelier light comes with a promise of energy savings and extended usage.

6. Discount4Product Small Modern Chandelier

Discount4Product Small Modern Chandelier

Adorned with crystal beads and glass drops, this modern chandelier is perfect for placing on flush mounts in hallways and lobby area. The chandelier features three yellow coloured LED that adds to its incandescent charm. Pair this chandelier with your modern interiors for sparkly home space.

One of the best chandeliers, this modern chandelier comes in small size and is perfect for compact galleries, dining table lighting, or a cluster in the living room.

7. VRCT Hanging Lamp Vintage Chandelier

VRCT Hanging Lamp Vintage Chandelier

This vintage chandelier is a perfect add-on to the contemporary setting of the living room, bedroom, dining room or guest room. It uses an energy-saving LED lamp as the light source and is a piece of excellent workmanship. The iron frame is rust-free and beautifully adorned with hemp rope for a retro feel.

These decoratives are perfect as décor elements for corridors, halls, and dining areas. These vintage designs also work wonderfully well as aesthetic elements in cafes, clubs, country houses, pubs, and shopping stores.

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