12 Best Computer Glass Brands in India

We live in a digital age where it is nearly difficult for anyone, particularly children, young adults, and working professionals, to be away from the displays of their computers, laptops, or mobile phones. However, with this digitisation come some issues. Eye strain, fuzzy vision, and regular headaches are caused by the continuous usage of these digital gadgets. As a result, it is necessary to wear computer glasses that can filter your screen’s damaging blue light, allowing your eyes to remain safe and healthy even after prolonged use of digital screens. You’re probably wondering what the best computer glasses available on the internet are. And since this is a common question, we compiled a list of the finest computer glasses.

Our Top Picks:

How Do We Choose the Best Computer Glass Brands for You?

In this list, we have only mentioned brands whose computer glasses are well-known among Indian consumers, and almost all of them sell reasonably priced glasses. The two other indicators of good computer eyewear are listed below.

Filters Blue Light 

You should be aware that purchasing computer glasses is primarily done to shield your eyes from harmful blue light. Therefore, when purchasing computer glasses, always search for a brand that keeps to its claim of blocking as much blue light as possible.

UV Protection

UV radiation protection is an additional benefit of wearing computer glasses. Most top brands now provide UV-protected computer glasses, and we have included those brands in our list.

List of the Top 12 Computer Glass Brands in India


Intellilens Computer Glasses
Intellilens Computer Glasses

Having been established in 2018, Intellilens is a well-known manufacturer of computer glasses with zero power that filters the hazardous blue light emitted by electronic gadgets.

For both the young and elderly, it offers a wide range of styles in various colours and forms. 

Notable Features of Intellilens:

  • This brand offers a wide range of computer glasses for men, women and kids.
  • The blue light-blocking glasses offered by it is a number one bestseller on Amazon India. 
  • This brand’s computer glasses are built with multi-layered blue-cut lenses which filter damaging blue light to reduce eye strain caused by computers.
  • The glasses are made of polycarbonate and other resilient, ultralight substances.
  • The glasses are extremely durable and comfortable for daily wear


  • Acts like SPF for the eyes
  • Filters out 98% blue light
  • Value for money 
  • Wide variety 

Why We Picked Intellilens?

There is no doubt that this brand provides some of the best computer glasses in India at reasonable prices. You may find it easier to adjust to your digital lifestyle if you wear these glasses. The brand equips its eyewear with cutting-edge blue-cut technology and an anti-reflection coating.


AFERELLE Computer Glasses
AFERELLE Computer Glasses

One of the most popular eyewear companies in India, AFERELLE is widely recognised for providing a wide selection of computer or anti-glare glasses for both sexes. Its team is dedicated to providing you with cutting-edge and fashionable spectacles.  

Notable Features of AFERELLE:

  • This brand’s eyeglasses contain unique lenses and a mild tint that demonstrate their capacity to block toxic blue radiation.
  • The lenses are highly robust and have the ideal amount of thickness and anti-reflective coating.
  • This brand’s eyewear is designed to be almost transparent while providing unmatched coverage and optical comfort.
  • The glasses come with an anti-scratch surface and also offer UV protection


  • Available in matte and glossy finish
  • Easily Affordable
  • Wide variety 
  • For all digital screens 

Why We Picked AFERELLE?

This brand offers some of the best computer glasses available in India at very affordable costs. The brand’s glasses limit the damaging blue light that can cause eye problems and prevent lack of sleep brought on by using digital equipment, whether it be computers, desktops, tablets, or smartphones. They work well against bright fluorescent light sensitivity as well.

Lenskart Blu

Lenskart Blu Computer Glasses
Lenskart Blu Computer Glasses

Lenskart was established in India in 2010. The company has now become one of India’s fastest-growing eyewear industries. Every year, it modifies its designs to stay current with global fashion trends, drawing ideas from the world’s top designers and fashion experts. 

Notable Features of Lenskart Blu:

  • Everyone, from full-time gamers and working professionals to voracious readers and binge-watchers, can get computer eyewear from this brand.
  • It sells computer glasses that are anti-glare, crack-resistant, UV-protected, and dust-resistant.
  • Additionally, the glasses include a hydrophobic coating that keeps them from fogging up when you come inside from the chilly outdoors or when you sweat a lot.
  • The brand claims to block almost 98% of blue light through its computer glasses. 


  • Wide variety 
  • Beautiful designs 


  • A bit expensive 

Why We Picked Lenskart Blu?

It is simply amongst the best computer glasses brands in India, especially in terms of designs and variety. Its computer glasses provide protection from all kinds of digital screens and are long-lasting and easy to clean.

Peter Jones

Peter Jones Computer Glasses
Peter Jones Computer Glasses

Peter Jones is a well-recognised eyewear brand that offers stylish glasses for men and women. Its collection includes beautiful and trendy glasses at very low prices and it also offers prescription reading glasses with eye power from +1.00 to +3.00. 

Notable Features of Peter Jones:

  • It has UV400 and Anti-Glare lenses to filter UV rays and stop dangerous light from harming your eyes.
  • In order to shield you against headaches, weariness, and ultimately brain embolism, the glasses also provide anti-fatigue radiation eye protection.
  • It is renowned for its fashionable, round-framed computer glasses that are incredibly light and comfy. 
  • Even after prolonged usage, the glasses feel gentle against the skin.


  • Light on pockets 
  • Available in many designs
  • Stops 90% of harmful light
  • Transparent lenses

Why We Picked Peter Jones?

Peter Jones offers the ideal pair of glasses for you whether you’re a flamboyant fashionista who likes to wear trendy glasses or likes traditional styles. All face types can carry the frames easily, and the temples of the eyeglasses are also soft enough to allow for extended usage.


ANEMONE Computer Glasses
ANEMONE Computer Glasses

A fast-growing eyewear brand with a 2018 launch, ANEMONE is managed effectively by a group of diligent experts with 30 years of combined optical sector expertise. Because it employs premium CR39 lenses with seven layers of coating, this brand is unique and successful in its field.

Notable Features of ANEMONE:

  • The company sells traditional computer glasses in the shape of a rectangle that is composed of exceptionally flexible and durable materials.
  • This brand’s eyeglasses are lightweight, which makes them quite pleasant to wear and the ideal pair for daily usage.
  • The lenses have anti-glare and break resistance features and also offer UV rays protection


  • Easily Affordable
  • Anti-reflective coating 
  • Complete eye protection 


  • Limited range 

Why We Picked ANEMONE?

Anemone is rapidly becoming one of the best computer glasses brands in our country. With its rectangular design frames, which are one of the most popular options among eyeglass users, it gives comprehensive eye protection. Additionally, they give your regular outfit a little more punch.


CHEERS DEVICES Computer Glasses
CHEERS DEVICES Computer Glasses

Fashionable sunglasses, glasses for outdoor activities, and glasses for visual protection are all developed and designed by CHEERS DEVICES. It is a well-known American brand that plenty of individuals trust throughout the world. Some of the most fashionable and cutting-edge eyewear for both men and women can be found in its range.

Notable Features of CHEERS DEVICES:

  • It provides anti-blue light eyeglasses with zero-power lenses that may be converted to powered lenses.
  • It provides computer glasses made of lightweight, high-quality materials that are flexible, strong, and simple. These are made in a way to fit different facial shapes.
  • Its glasses include sleek resin frames and clear polycarbonate lenses.


  • Inexpensive
  • Trendy frames 
  • Reduces headaches and eyestrain 


  • Limited variety of computer glasses


EFERMONE Computer Glasses
EFERMONE Computer Glasses

Thousands of Indian consumers trust EFERMONE, a top-rated vendor on Amazon. Since 2018, the company has been selling computer glasses, polarised sunglasses, and night driving glasses for both men and women. 

Notable Features of EFERMONE:

  • The brand offers anti-glare computer glasses that offer UV protection along with general protection from digital screens such as computers, TV and mobile phones. 
  • In addition to providing UV protection, the glasses safeguard against digital screens, including computers, televisions, and mobile phones.
  • Some of the computer glasses by this brand come with a 6 months warranty


  • Not heavy on pockets 
  • Unisex models 


  • Not a large variety 


Creek Computer Glasses
Creek Computer Glasses

Creek is dedicated to offering stylish sunglasses of the highest calibre. All Creek glasses are created using premium components. It provides unisex glasses that are great for going outside in the sun, driving, or working on the computer. 

Notable Features of CREEK:

  • It offers glasses with an extremely lightweight, flexible nylon frame that is designed to be durable and comfy to wear for extended periods of time.
  • While working, reading, or playing video games, the casual frames of these computer glasses help you appear put-together and fashionable.


  • Affordable
  • Impressive variety of glasses 
  • 85% protection from harmful light
  • Seven-layer of coating 
  • No yellow tint 


Gainx Computer Glasses
Gainx Computer Glasses

GAINX is a brand that has been in the eyewear industry for a few years. Many Amazon consumers trust the brand as it sells moderately priced men’s eyewear, belts, and wallets.

Notable Features of GAINX:

  • It offers computer glasses which claim to offer 100% protection from harmful blue light generated by digital screens.
  • It sells glasses that have transparent, lightweight and durable lenses and frames made out of good quality stainless steel. 
  • Although it focuses mostly on men, It has a watch-worthy collection of computer eyewear for women and kids. 


  • UV 400 eye protection
  • High definition vision
  • Clear lenses


Optify Computer Glasses
Optify Computer Glasses

Optify is an Indian eyewear brand that provides a full eyecare solution through a wide selection of high-quality eye care goods. Along with glasses and frames, the brand sells contact lenses and cleaning solutions.

Notable Features of Optify:

  • It offers zero-power computer eyewear with anti-glare coating and UV protection.
  • The brand has a collection of computer glasses made especially for kids.
  •  It sells authentic blue ray cut glass with a dual anti-reflection finish for an outstanding optical experience.


  • Wide variety 
  • Reasonable pricing


Oculy Computer Glasses
Oculy Computer Glasses

Oculy provides finely constructed glasses for men, women, and children. Since its inception, the brand has garnered largely positive feedback and has grown to be a favourite among many Indian customers.

Notable Features of Oculy:

  • It sells computer eyewear that is entirely built in India.
  • It provides glasses composed of light yet robust TR90 components.
  • For optimal convenience, the glasses include sturdy frames, adjustable sides, and a one-piece soft nose pad.
  • The eyewear by this brand can filter 100% of damaging blue and UV light, avoiding eye tiredness and discomfort from phone and computer use.


  • Not expensive
  • Transparent glasses
  • Trendy designs 


  • Limited variety 


ROZIOR Kids Computer Glasses
ROZIOR Kids Computer Glasses

A well-known brand called ROZIOR sells a variety of stylish sunglasses for people of all ages. The brand specialises in producing safe computer glasses specifically for kids, in addition to selling belts and wallets.

Notable Features of ROZIOR:

  • The brand sells blue ray-blocking glasses with triple UV400 and an anti-reflective covering.
  • By filtering out up to 90% of dangerous blue radiation, it safeguards the eyes.
  • It provides high-end eyewear that is constructed with materials like polycarbonate and trivex. 
  • The glasses are especially suited for children’s sensitive eyes.
  • The kids’ glasses are sturdy and comfortable enough for them to wear and use all day without experiencing any discomfort.


  • Designed for kids 
  • Value for money 


  • Not for adults 

Final Word

If you can’t pick between these 12 brands, go with Intellilens, which is well-liked by many and provides the best computer glasses. Indian brands like Lenskart Blu and AFERELLE are also popular among Indian consumers, and you can even purchase from the famous American brand CHEERS DEVICES. If you’re searching for computer glasses for a child, ROZIOR is the way to go. Whatever brand you choose, you can be certain about its product’s good quality.


What types of glasses are the best for computer use?

Single-vision, blue-light-blocking glasses are the best for computer use.

Is it OK to wear computer glasses all the time?

You can wear your computer glasses all time, given that they don’t cause any discomfort to your eyes after prolonged usage.

How do you know if computer glasses are good?

Computer glasses should block a good amount of blue light, and to know if they’re good, just hold them towards the sky on a clear day. You should see a yellowish tint when looking through those glasses.

Do I need blue light glasses?

Wearing blue light glasses completely depends on your personal choice. Many computer glasses claim to reduce strain on the eyes, so there’s no harm if you want to try wearing one.

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