Best Cordless Trimmer Brands In India

Trimmers are the perfect thing for keeping your beard and mustache in shape. With the perfect trimmer in hand, self-grooming becomes a matter of minutes. Here is a list of the best cordless trimmer brands in India that you need to check out now. You can choose your trimmer after reading the features and specifications listed here. Here you can also check best hair trimmers for men & eyebrow trimmers for painless hair removal.

List Of Best 13 Cordless Trimmers Brands Available Right Now

1. Philips Cordless Trimmers

Best Cordless Trimmer Brands
Philips Cordless Trimmers

Philips is a distinguished brand in India that is famous for its high-tech electronic equipment and gadgets. Philips trimmers are undoubtedly the most loved products in the market currently.

The trimmers are high performance gadgets made with Dura power technology. They have various length settings to give you the perfect trim or shape anytime and anywhere. They have self-sharpening blades made of stainless steel and/ or coated with titanium. Philips trimmers are low maintenance and cost-effective tools.

2. Panasonic Cordless Trimmers

Panasonic Cordless Trimmers
Panasonic Cordless Trimmers

Panasonic started its full-fledged operations in India in the year 1972 and today, it is one of the largest manufacturers of electronics goods across the globe. The stainless-steel blades of Panasonic trimmers are made using Japanese blade technology.

You can easily glide the trimmer across the contours of your face without having to worry about cuts. The length settings of the trimmers can be selected according to your convenience and are a perfect thing for a dry or a wet shave. The trimmers can be easily washed to maintain hygiene.

3. HTC Cordless Trimmers

HTC Cordless Trimmers
HTC Cordless Trimmers

HTC finds its place in the best cordless trimmer list because of the quality of the goods that it manufactures. The company manufactures some of the best electronic gadgets including cordless trimmers in India, using high end technologies.

HTC trimmers are skin friendly with a sleek design that smoothly glides over your face. They have self-sharpening stainless-steel blades and varied length settings. For optimum power usage, they use Dura Power technology.

4. Lifelong Cordless Trimmers

Lifelong Cordless Trimmers
Lifelong Cordless Trimmers

Lifelong trimmers have a high performance in comparison to the other trimmers in the market of the same price range. The blades of the trimmers are made of stainless steel.

The tips of the trimmers are rounded to prevent skin irritations. The trimmers come with various changeable attachments for your convenience and ease of use. They also have multiple length setting options for a better trimming, shaving or styling experience.

5. Hoffen Cordless Trimmers

Hoffen Cordless Trimmers
Hoffen Cordless Trimmers

Hoffen is an electronics company that has made a mark for itself because of the quality of goods that it delivers. Hoffen cordless trimmers are one of the company’s bestselling products that are affordably priced at Rs. 699.

Hoffen trimmers charge quickly and have a good power backup. The head of the trimmers are ultra-thin so that you can guide the trimmer effectively to get good stubble or a clean shave. They also have a wide adjustable trimming range.

6. Nova Cordless Trimmers

Nova Cordless Trimmers
Nova Cordless Trimmers

Nova is one of the largest electrical companies in India and was founded in the year 1966. The high-grade trimmer blades are coated with titanium and they glide over your skin with a professional precision.

The trimming range can be adjusted according to your choice and the function you need the trimmer for. These sleek and handy trimmers are available in a wide range of colours, so go have a colourful time shaving!

7. Braun Cordless Trimmers

Braun Cordless Trimmers
Braun Cordless Trimmers

Braun is a company whose profile goes back to the 1950s and today the company has become a brand name in the Indian market. Braun trimmers give you a precise and detailed styling as they have a wide range of trimmer length settings with detachable combs.

The trimmers are powered by powerful batteries for a strong power backup. They are very efficient in styling the beard lines too. The trimmers can be easily washed and maintained cost effectively.

8. Syska Cordless Trimmers

Syska Cordless Trimmers
Syska Cordless Trimmers

Syska was established in 1989 and is one of the topmost electrical gadget manufacturing companies in India. Syska products are one of the most trusted and in demand products in the Indian market.

Syska trimmers are one of the bestselling products in the personal care segment. The products have stainless steel/ titanium coated washable blades for easy maintenance.

The trimmers also have varied length settings for different functions that can be adjusted accordingly. They give you a precise trim, perfect shave and trendiest beard styles in a matter of minutes.

9. Kemei Cordless Trimmer

Kemei Cordless Trimmer
Kemei Cordless Trimmer

In terms of personal care and hygiene, Kemei cordless trimmers are one of the trendiest products in the market. The trimmers give professional quality shaving and styling at an affordable price.

The blades are made of stainless steel that brush against each other lightly for self-sharpening. The devices have a sleek design and they can be used at any voltage anywhere in the world. The trimmer blades have a rounded tip so that you get a perfect trim or shave without any skin irritation.

10. Havells Cordless Trimmers

Havells Cordless Trimmers
Havells Cordless Trimmers

Havells was established in the year 1983 and is one of the largest manufacturers of kitchen appliances and electrical gadgets in the Indian market.

Havells trimmers have high grade sharp blades that are crafted to trim to perfection. The trimmer length setting can be easily adjusted according to your need. With minimal charging, the trimmers can work for a long time. They also have a LED charging indication for your convenience.

11. Ustraa Chrome Beard Trimmer

Ustraa Chrome Beard Trimmer
Ustraa Chrome Beard Trimmer

Ustraa believes that an awesome beard needs an awesome trimmer. This Ustraa trimmer is designed to make your beard look neat and perfect.

It runs on a Lithium-ion battery and you get 90-120 minutes of cordless usage time with a quick charge time of just 60 minutes. It features an LCD screen to tell you the exact amount of charging that is left. Also, the oil-indicator will tell you if the blades need oiling.

12. Mi Cordless Trimmers

Mi Cordless Trimmer
Mi Cordless Trimmer

This Mi trimmer for men is here to fulfil all your grooming needs with ease and efficiency. With its self-sharpening stainless steel blades, you can trim your beard without hurting yourself.

Its IPX7 rating makes it water-resistant, so you can wash it when you’re done trimming your beard. What’s good is in case of your requirement, you can also attach its cord and turn in into a corded trimmer!

13. Kubra KB Trimmer

Kubra KB Trimmer
Kubra KB Trimmer

Features a dozen perks, the Kubra KB- 1001 USB trimmer is an easy solution to all your facial hair grooming problems. Whether you want to trim your beard or want to style it, you can easily do so with its 40-position adjustable combs.

Promising salon-like shaving at the comfort of your home, the trimmer boasts a security cutting head and special cleaning to shave and shape the beard without causing cuts or redness to the skin.


Which trimmer is best corded or cordless?

Cordless trimmers are great for travelling since you don’t have to look for a plug socket while you’re on the move. However, if what you’re looking for is a long-lasting trimmer in terms of power, corded trimmers will generally have more power than cordless ones. For everyday quick shaving using a cordless trimmer is absolutely fine. You will only notice a difference in the power when you have a longer trimming session.

How good are cordless hair clippers?

Earlier corded clippers served up substantially more power than cordless variants. With that, the need to constantly recharge cordless clippers. Thanks to improvements in battery tech, times have changed! Today, cordless clippers are the best choice for most.

Can you overcharge a trimmer?

Typically one must never charge any electrical appliance or gadget. The ideal time for fully charging most cordless trimmers lies between 6-8 hours depending on your model and brand.

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