Best Cream Face Wash Brands

Cream face washes are very nourishing and hydrating and they are perfect for those with dry skin. Those with dry skin can have a number of problems and the skin can dry out every time you wash the face. However, cream face washes have a creamy texture, and they prevent the dryness and flakiness of the skin. Here are some of the best brands in this segment with their prices, so that you can choose the perfect companion for your skin care routine.

Here are the best cream face wash brands:

1. Best Dove cream face wash

Dove is the most recognized name in this category because it has always produced a wonderful range of cream face wash products that are extremely hydrating and nourishing. Those who have perpetual problems with dry skin benefit from them immensely and they are one of the most used products in the subcontinent, also available at an affordable price of Rs 150 to Rs 190.

2. Best Pond’s cream face wash

Pond’s cream face washes give the skin the much needed moisturization, especially during the winter months that can be very drying. The products also helps improves complexion and reduces fine lines. The products are priced around a range of Rs 180 to Rs 220 and are one of the longest running brands in India.

3. Best Vicco Turmeric cream face wash

Vicco Turmeric face was has a cream formula which incorporates the benefits of turmeric. It helps fight skin dryness and flakiness and helps in removing dark spots and fights pigmentation. It is an herbal brand and also has anti bacterial properties. The products are priced around Rs 125 and Rs 250.

4. Best Lotus Herbal cream face wash

The face wash from this brand has a rich and creamy consistency and the yoghurt face washes are especially wonderful. They are loaded with anti oxidants that helps fight a number of skin problems and is suitable for dry to normal skin, making the skin softer with every wash. They are priced around Rs 250 and Rs 320.

5. Best L’Oreal cream face wash

One of the most reputed brands, L’Oreal face washes have a cleansing formula and the creamy texture also helps reduce a number of skin problems like fine lines. It cleanses the skin without depleting natural minerals and smoothens it as well. The products are priced around Rs 520 and Rs 790.

6. Best Himalaya cream face wash

Himalaya cream face washes are super luxuriant and the aloe vera face washes have a number of admirers. The brand only used herbal ingredients and so there are no chemicals in the products that can adversely affect the skin and this great for those who have sensitive skin or are allergic to cosmetic products. The products are priced around Rs 150 to Rs 225.

7. Best VLCC cream face wash

VLCC cream face washes are infused with the natural goodness of honey and also have skin lightening formula that clears the complexion. The face washes are light on the skin and yet thoroughly cleans the pores, moisturizing the skin at the same time. The face washes can be availed around a price range of Rs 275 to Rs 300.

8. Best Biotique cream face wash

Biotique cream face washes have a number of benefits and they have therapeutic properties that can help resolve a number of skin ailments. The face washes have a light formula and they are enriched with the goodness of honey, aloe vera, rose water, and various kind of fruit extracts that makes them hydrating. The products may be availed at a price point of around Rs 150 to Rs 175.

9. Best Lakme Peach Crème face wash

Lakme Peach face wash in crème formula is a fruity face cleanser that clears away all dirt and grime and leaves soft and smooth skin after each wash. The facewash is super luxuriant and they are known to have microbeads that also have a refreshing effect on the skin. At around Rs 240, they are also quite affordably priced.

10. Best Neutrogena cream face wash

Neutrogena cream face wash can be used daily and it leaves behind glowing and problem free skin in its wake. The product is one of the most widely used ones because the brand is known for its cleansing formula and the cream product deep moisturizes the skin with each wash. One can avail them for a price of Rs 280 to Rs 350.

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