10 Best Earbuds in India for (June 2023)

Music lover or not, Bluetooth earbuds are a must-have accessory to make your life 10x easier. It offers you a hassle-free way to stay connected with the world without having to deal with the tangled cords of traditional earphones. They are lightweight, easy to carry, and versatile, which makes them an even more useful choice. So, if you’re looking for the best earbuds in India, read on to find a product that fits you best. 

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How Do We Choose the Best Bluetooth Earbuds for You?
Buying Bluetooth earbuds online can be a little confusing, but we’re here to help you out with that. In India, you can get these earbuds ranging from Rs 499 to Rs 26,999 and more. Here are some factors that we considered before curating this list for you.
Sound Quality
Here, we have added earbuds that deliver exceptional sound for an immersive listening experience. Most of them have a balanced sound, and some even come with their own equalizers that you can easily control via your phone. These earbuds have superb drivers, making them an ideal choice for you.
These earbuds feature the latest Bluetooth versions, which allow for seamless connectivity with any device you want. They have a great range as well, which is important for wireless earbuds.
Battery Life
Battery life is one of the most important factors when choosing Bluetooth earbuds. Here, you will find products that charge up quickly, and their battery will last for days on one charge.

List of 10 Best Earbuds in India

Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation)

Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation)
Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation)

When it comes to quality electronics and smartphones, Apple is one of the first names that come to mind. This American tech giant has made a market globally with its state-of-the-art product range and massive customer base. It was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne and has its headquarters in Los Altos, California, US.

Prominent Features of the Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation):

  • Premium earbuds with spatial audio for an immersive listening experience
  • Features active noise cancellation, which blocks out external noises and distractions
  • Comes with an adaptive transparency mode which lets you choose to let in outside sound
  • The wireless charging case allows you to charge your AirPods on the go
  • The battery will last for up to 6 hours after one full charge


  • Pairs seamlessly with your smartphones
  • Sweat and water resistant
  • Soft silicone tips for extended comfort


  • A bit pricey but worth the investment

Why We Picked the Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation)?

One of the best earbuds on the market, these AirPods by Apple come loaded with features to make you fall in love. Its active noise cancellation, transparency mode, and adaptive EQ delivers a thoroughly immersive experience. Moreover, the excellent sound quality lets you and the comfortable design let you enjoy your favourite music wherever you are.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live
Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Founded in 1938 by Lee Byung-Chul, Samsung is one of the finest electronics and appliances companies in the world. Its smartphones are widely sold across India, and it is considered one of the biggest players in the appliances business as well. 

Prominent Features of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live:

  • These wireless earbuds by Samsung feature 12 mm speakers for incredible sound quality
  • The glossy finish adds a touch of class and style to these earbuds
  • Its Active Noise Cancellation diminishes any unnecessary or distracting sounds for a better listening experience
  • Comes with three built-in mics and a voice pickup unit for crisp and clear conversations
  • The buds will last for about 6 hours post full charge, while the case will last for up to 21 hours


  • Comes with different bud tips for your comfort
  • Bass ducts enhance the sound even more
  • Long battery life


  • Noise cancellation might not be very effective

Why We Picked the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live?

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live is a popular choice amongst music listeners for its style and audio quality. It features a powerful sound driver and a sleek finish that will make you stand out in the crowd. Its enhanced bass ducts make the sound even more powerful, giving you an amazing experience.

JBL Tune 230NC TWS Earbuds

JBL Tune 230NC TWS Earbuds
JBL Tune 230NC TWS Earbuds

Founded in 1977 by James Bullough Lansing, JBL is one of the largest manufacturers of audio equipment around the globe today. The brand has managed to make a mark on the global industry with its state-of-the-art products and sound quality that never disappoints.

Prominent Features of the JBL Tune 230NC TWS Earbuds:

  • These earbuds feature 6 mm drivers that are powerful and deliver top-notch sound
  • The active noise cancellation feature discards any unnecessary exterior sound 
  • Comes with four mics with clear audio for you to take calls with ease
  • The case, when fully charged, gives you up to 40 hours of uninterrupted battery life
  • Also has a built-in voice assistant to give more hands-free control


  • Precise noise cancellation
  • Long battery life
  • Comes with ambient and talk thru options


  • It might not have a good in-ear fit 

Why We Picked the JBL Tune 230NC TWS?

The JBL Tune 230NC TWS are one of the best earbuds in the affordable price range in India. They feature massive drivers that deliver incredible sound quality for listening to almost every genre of music. Its smart ANC cuts out any unwanted noise to give you an immersive experience.

boAt Airdopes 141 Truly Wireless in Ear Earbuds

boAt Airdopes 141 Truly Wireless in Ear Earbuds
boAt Airdopes 141 Truly Wireless in Ear Earbuds

When it comes to affordable yet high-quality audio products, boAt leads the game in India today. The brand was founded in 2015 by Sameer Ashok Mehta and Aman Gupta and has garnered massive popularity in a short period. If you’re looking for earphones, bluetooth headphones, speakers, or wearables, this brand has a lot to offer.

Prominent Features of the boAt Airdopes 141 Truly Wireless in Ear Earbuds:

  • Premium earbuds that deliver exceptional sound at a lower latency
  • It gives you 42 hours of usage in one full charge
  • Features a built-in mic which lets you take calls while on the go
  • Comes with environmental noise cancellation to give you an in-depth listening experience
  • Bluetooth 5.1 enables you to connect your devices seamlessly


  • IPX4 waterproof rating
  • Long battery life
  • Value for money


  • Some might not like the mic quality

Why We Picked the boAt Airdopes 141 Truly Wireless in Ear Earbuds?

One of the most cost-effective earbuds out there, the boAt Airdopes 141 are a must-have for music lovers. Its huge sound drivers deliver exceptional quality while the noise cancellation feature ensures to cut out any unnecessary sound. Moreover, its seamless connectivity and the long-lasting battery will make you fall for them even more!

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OnePlus Nord Buds

OnePlus Nord Buds
OnePlus Nord Buds

OnePlus is one of the biggest names in the Indian Android smartphone industry and has a massive customer base here. The Chinese brand was founded in 2013 by Pete Lau and Carl Pei and is a subsidiary of Oppo. You can find top-grade earphones and wearables as well under this brand.

Prominent Features of the OnePlus Nord Buds:

  • Features huge 12.4 mm titanium drivers with enhanced bass for a dynamic sound
  • Comes with smart ANC to dimmish any unwanted noises from your surroundings
  • Its long battery life delivers up to 30 hours of playtime on one charge
  • It comes with four mics that allow you to make crystal-clear conversations


  • IP55 dust and water resistance
  • Seamless pairing
  • Very comfortable on the ears


  • Some might not like the audio quality

Why We Picked the OnePlus Nord Buds?

The OnePlus Nord Buds are a great pick for anyone who wants premium sound without spending a fortune on earphones. They feature huge drivers with enhanced bass and a battery life that lasts for more than a day. All in all, a true value-for-money option for all music lovers out there.

Sony WF-C500 Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Sony WF-C500 Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds
Sony WF-C500 Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Sony has been a leader in the audio and video equipment industry across the globe. The Japanese conglomerate was founded in 1946 by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita and has its headquarters in Sony City, Tokyo, Japan. Its wired headphones, speakers, and earphones are a must-buy.

Prominent Features of the Sony WF-C500 Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds:

  • Dynamic sound drivers with DSEE give you just the sound that you need
  • It can be used for up to 20 hours after charging the case completely
  • Comes with an IPX4 rating which protects the earbuds from dust and water
  • One-button operation allows you to control them without any hassle


  • Lightweight and comfortable earbuds
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy connectivity


  • Might have some latency

Boult Ammo True Wireless In-Ear Earbuds

Boult Ammo True Wireless In-Ear Earbuds
Boult Ammo True Wireless In-Ear Earbuds

Founded in 2017 by Varun and Tarun Gupta, Boult Audio has become a big name in the Indian consumer electronics industry. The brand is widely popular for its audio equipment and has grown exponentially in a short span of time.

Prominent Features of the Boult Ammo True Wireless In-Ear Earbuds:

  • Features 13 mm drivers for a deep, rich, and dynamic sound
  • It comes with interactive LED lights that beam in sync with the audio
  • Its long battery life gives you up to 40 hours of playtime on one charge
  • The Zen ENC Mic mitigates any unnecessary noises from your surroundings


  • IPX5 water resistance
  • Stylish design
  • Charges quickly


  • Might not be very comfortable on the ears

pTron Bassbuds Eon TWS Earbuds

pTron Bassbuds Eon TWS Earbuds
pTron Bassbuds Eon TWS Earbuds

Founded in 2014 by Ameen Khwaja, pTron is a popular electronics brand based in Hyderabad, India. The company makes affordable yet high-quality audio equipment that you will love.

Prominent Features of the pTron Bassbuds Eon TWS Earbuds:

  • Smart TWS buds that feature touch sensors to give you more control
  • Its 13 mm drivers deliver top-notch sound with enhanced bass
  • Comes with environmental noise cancellation to cut out any unwanted noises
  • The Bluetooth 5.3 technology ensures a seamless connection with all devices
  • The in-ear vacuum design filters out noises as well


  • Pocket-friendly
  • Top-notch sound quality
  • Lightweight

Noise Buds VS104 in-Ear TWS

Noise Buds VS104 in-Ear TWS
Noise Buds VS104 in-Ear TWS

Noise was founded in 2015 by Gaurav Khatri and is known as one of the most loved smartwatch brands in India. The company retails smart audio equipment and wearables that are both affordable and compete with some of the bigger names on the market.

Prominent Features of the Noise Buds VS104 in-Ear TWS:

  • Features 13 mm drivers that make the music sound even more massive and clearer
  • Its long battery life lets you enjoy music for up to 30 hours on one charge
  • Comes with Bluetooth 5.2 to easily connect with any device you want
  • Its hyper-sync feature instantly sets up devices in one step
  • Has great touch sensors and a smart voice assistant for more control


  • Enhanced bass
  • IPX5 water resistance
  • Comfortable to wear for hours


  • Some might not like the build quality

Oppo Enco Air 2 Bluetooth Truly Wireless Earbuds

Oppo Enco Air 2 Bluetooth Truly Wireless Earbuds
Oppo Enco Air 2 Bluetooth Truly Wireless Earbuds

Oppo is a prominent name in the global smartphone, audio, and wearables market. The Chinese brand was established in 2004 by Tony Chen and has a massive clientele in India as well.

Prominent Features of the Oppo Enco Air 2 Bluetooth Truly Wireless Earbuds:

  • These earbuds boast 13.4 mm drivers that deliver a powerful sound with amped-up bass
  • The 80 ms low latency ensures you can enjoy your favourite videos without any lag
  • It has double-tap camera control, which clicks a photo when the camera is on


  • Very lightweight and comfortable
  • Dynamic sound
  • Seamless connectivity


  • Might not fit well

Final Word                           

Listening to music or taking calls while on the go is now easier with Bluetooth earbuds. In this article, we have listed some of the best Bluetooth earbuds in India based on their sound, build quality, battery life, and more. While we really like the products from Apple, Samsung, and JBL, let us know which ones you like the best.


What are the top 10 best earbuds in India?

Apple, boAt, JBL, Samsung, Noise, OnePlus, and Sony make some of the most high-quality earbuds in India.

Which earbuds are high quality?

Earbuds from Apple and JBL deliver incredible audio quality and comfort like never before.

What is better than earbuds?

While earbuds are compact and produce high-quality music, headphones are better in terms of noise cancellation and comfort to wear for long hours.

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