10 Best Electric Guitars in India to Unleash Your Inner Rockstar

While there are ample musical instruments, the guitar is one of the most ambitious, best-sounding, and loved instruments across the globe. It is a highly versatile instrument with a powerful sound and an iconic style, making it immensely popular among musicians. In this article, we will talk about the 10 best electric guitars that deliver exceptional tones and are perfect for enhancing your musical journey.

What is an Electric Guitar?

Electric guitars are a type of guitar that converts vibrations of the strings into electrical signals via electronic pickups. These signals are then sent to an amplifier, which produces the sound that is heard through a speaker or headphones. Such guitars have a solid body construction that allows you to play at a higher volume without unwanted noise. There are several control knobs and switches on the instrument that allows the player to adjust the volume, tone, and pickup selection. 

Since such guitars are synonymous with raw energy and power, they are the perfect choice for aggressive playing styles, driving rhythms, and blistering solos. They are also well-suited for smooth jazz melodies, pop compositions, jazz-rock fusion, etc.

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How Do We Choose the Best Electric Guitars for You?

From soulful melodies to pulsating beats, the electric guitar is an important part of the music industry. It is an outstanding musical instrument, and choosing the right one can make all the difference. There are several incredible electric guitar options available in the Indian market that cost somewhere between Rs 9,000 to Rs 35,000 and more

Here are some factors that will help you pick the right product.

Playing Style 

There are different electric guitars for different playing styles. For instance, guitars with humbucker pickups are perfect for aggressive playing. While semi-hollow body guitars with single-coil pickups are ideal for a warmer, more mellow sound. Hence, in this article, we have tried to add different types of guitars to suit your style.


This is another crucial factor that impacts the tone and sound characteristics of the instrument. There are different pickup types, like humbuckers, single-coil pickups, or both. The choice of pickup influences the suitability of the guitar for specific musical styles. Hence, you must carefully make the selection. Learn about the pickup type, versatility, personal preference, etc. and find the one that suits your musical style. 

Playability and Comfort

Playability and comfort are important to consider as they impact the playing experience and technique. When choosing an electric guitar, you must pick the one that is comfortable to play and matches your style. Also, you must consider the playability of the guitar, i.e. how easy it is to play. Look at the neck profile, shape, size, weight, design, etc. 

Brand Reputation and Quality

Product quality is another factor that you can’t compromise with. You must pick an instrument that features quality construction and can withstand daily wear and tear. Also, it must be from a reputable brand that has a track of producing quality guitars with great features. While we have listed the electric guitars that are loved by Indian customers, make sure to go through reviews before making a purchase decision. 

List of the 10 Best Electric Guitars in India 

Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar Player Pack

Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar Player Pack
Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar Player Pack

The electric guitar player pack by Epiphone has everything that is needed to start playing the instrument. This value pack is a great way to save time and jump-start a music career. Along with the required accessories, it comes with free downloadable guitar lessons from eMedia that make it perfect for all new players.  

Prominent Features of the Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar Player Pack: 

  • This pack contains a 10 W amplifier that features 2-band EQ for tone shaping and allows players to connect it with headphones, MP3, etc.
  • The learning guide that comes with the guitar includes rock, blues, folk, country, hard rock, and metal music lessons
  • Includes a good-quality gig bag that provides great protection to the guitar from little bumps and dings


  • Good quality & finish
  • Highly-versatile guitar
  • Value for money 

Why We Picked the Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar Player Pack?

This Les Paul Electric Guitar Player Pack is an all-in-one solution that contains a Les Paul Special II guitar, Electar-10 amplifier, gig bag, strap, cable, guitar picks, and pinch-on tuner. Including everything, it is one of the best beginner packs on the market. 

Kadence Acoustica Series Electric Guitar

Kadence Acoustica Series Electric Guitar
Kadence Acoustica Series Electric Guitar

Next, we have a semi-acoustic electric guitar that is an incredible choice for both beginners and professional guitarists. It is highly regarded for its incredible sound quality, high durability, and ease of use. If you are looking for easy to maintain and portable instrument, this one is great to consider. 

Prominent Features of the Kadence Acoustica Series Electric Guitar: 

  • This guitar is made with Ash wood on the top and zebra wood on the sides and back
  • Painted using the deep pore enamelling method to provide it with a texture and feel of the real wood
  • It features rosewood fretboards that help the guitarist to move their fingers smoothly and easily


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Accurate tuner 
  • Easy-to-handle design


  • It does not come with any accessory 

Why We Picked the Kadence Acoustica Series Electric Guitar?

Suitable for guitarists over 14 years, this electric guitar from Kadence is an outstanding addition to the list. It has a cutaway corner design and helps to focus more on coordination and practicality. This makes it perfect for high-position playing.

Fender Affinity Electric Guitar

Fender Affinity Electric Guitar
Fender Affinity Electric Guitar

This is one of the best value-for-money electric guitars that delivers solid sound with sleek style. It is packed with player-friendly features and has a slim “C”-shaped neck profile that ensures a comfortable playing experience. Also, the remarkable shape of the guitar makes it ideal for all playing styles. 

Prominent Features of the Fender Affinity Electric Guitar: 

  • The Stratocaster of this guitar has a two-point tremolo bridge that ensures a smooth, superior play
  • Embossed with an elegant gold and black two-colour headstock logo that adds a classy touch to this instrument
  • It has Squier single-coil pickups that help to produce crisp, articulate tones for different musical styles


  • Great built quality
  • Works smoothly
  • Easy to press down strings


  • Frets should be levelled properly 

Why We Picked the Fender Affinity Electric Guitar?

Fender Affinity Electric Guitar is a vintage style, butterscotch blonde finish instrument that has a thin and lightweight body. It features sealed die-cast tuning machines with split shafts for accurate tuning and easy restringing. Also, it allows 5-way switching for playing different genres. 

Vault RG1 Soloist Premium Electric Guitar

Vault RG1 Soloist Premium Electric Guitar
Vault RG1 Soloist Premium Electric Guitar

Providing great bang for your buck, Vault presents the RG1 Soloist Premium Electric Guitar that is highly convenient and comfortable for smooth playing. This guitar features shark-tooth inlays that add an exquisite appeal and enhances the look. Also, it has chrome plating all over to protect it from corrosion and tarnishing and ensuring high durability. 

Prominent Features of the Vault RG1 Soloist Premium Electric Guitar: 

  • This guitar features jumbo frets that are made with a thicker gauge wire and are attached further away from the fretboard
  • It is designed with low-noise high-output pickups that are attached with saddle adjustment screws
  • Designed with a double action truss rod that allows adjustment of the guitar for humid as well as dry climates


  • 3-year warranty
  • Premium material 
  • Comfortable to hold

Why We Picked the Vault RG1 Soloist Premium Electric Guitar?

Vault RG1 Soloist Premium Electric Guitar is a basswood body guitar that helps dampen the highs and delivers well-rounded tones. It is equipped with an HSH pickup that allows versatile playability and wide bass response. Also, it has chrome-plated nickel die-cast tuners that are commonly found in high-end instruments. 

Yamaha FX310A Electro-Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha FX310A Electro-Acoustic Guitar
Yamaha FX310A Electro-Acoustic Guitar

If you are new to the world of guitars, this Yamaha FX310A Full-Size Electro-Acoustic Guitar is your best bet. This semi-electric guitar features a traditional Western body with hand-finished construction for a premium look and ease of playing. Also, it is made of tonewood and has a Nato neck that feels comfortable and absorbs string vibrations for smooth tones. 

Prominent Features of the Yamaha FX310A Electro-Acoustic Guitar: 

  • This guitar has a rosewood fretboard that eliminates harshness and helps you recreate natural tones
  • It has a spruce top with meranti back and sides that delivers a well-balanced tone
  • The guitar has an ultra-thin polyurethane finish that increases durability and provides long-lasting protection


  • Battery indicator 
  • Easy to control
  • Great quality

Epiphone SG Special VE Electric Guitar

Epiphone SG Special VE Electric Guitar
Epiphone SG Special VE Electric Guitar

SG Special VE Electric Guitar is another popular guitar by Epiphone that is known for its distinctive double-cutaway design and rock-oriented sound. It is a brilliant, classic rock guitar that features a bolt-on mahogany neck with a slim taper profile for a comfortable experience. Also, this guitar has pointed horns that add to its aesthetics and makes it stand out in the crowd. 

Prominent Features of the Epiphone SG Special VE Electric Guitar: 

  • It has a solid mahogany body with a gloss finish and headstock design, which contributes to the rich tone and sustains
  • The guitar has two volume knobs, two tone knobs, and a three-way pickup selector switch for easy tone and volume adjustment 
  • Features two Epiphone open-coil humbucking pickups for warm and powerful tones


  • Standard-sized tuners
  • Available in various finishes
  • Excellent playability


  • Not a good choice for a professional player

Jackson Dinky JS 22-7 Electric Guitar

Jackson Dinky JS 22-7 Electric Guitar
Jackson Dinky JS 22-7 Electric Guitar

If you are looking for a seven-string guitar, this Jackson Dinky JS 22-7 Electric Guitar is the perfect pick for you. It is a sleek, stylish guitar with an arched top and a bolt-on maple neck that offers rock-solid stability. It also features graphite reinforcement, scarf joint, and 26.5″ scale length for better low-end articulation and ease of playing. 

Prominent Features of the Jackson Dinky JS 22-7 Electric Guitar: 

  • It has an amaranth fingerboard that hosts 24 jumbo frets for easy bending and precise playing
  • The guitar is equipped with two high-output Jackson humbucking pickups that make it suitable for heavy rock and metal genres
  • Available in different finishes like gloss black, snow white, satin black, and metallic blue


  • Easy access to multiple tones
  • Comfortable design
  • Extremely lightweight


  • It lacks some premium features

Cort CR250VB Classic Rock Series Electric Guitar

Cort CR250VB Classic Rock Series Electric Guitar
Cort CR250VB Classic Rock Series Electric Guitar

Cort CR250VB Classic Rock Series Electric Guitar is another best electric guitar recommendation for you. This guitar features a single-cutaway body and carved flame maple top that adds to its visual appeal and enhances the look. It also has a mahogany neck with a set-neck construction, ensuring excellent stability and sustainability.  

Prominent Features of the Cort CR250VB Classic Rock Series Electric Guitar: 

  • The guitar has a rosewood fingerboard that has warm tonal characteristics and offers a smooth playing surface
  • It features a comfortable and playable neck profile that makes it suitable for various playing styles
  • This guitar is designed with chrome-plated tuners, knobs, and pickup covers that look classic and ensure reliable performance


  • Vintage-inspired tones
  • Aesthetically appealing 
  • Smooth string bending


  • Packaging could be better

Ibanez RG Gio Series GRGR221PA Electric Guitar

Ibanez RG Gio Series GRGR221PA Electric Guitar
Ibanez RG Gio Series GRGR221PA Electric Guitar

Ibanez RG Gio Series GRGR221PA Electric Guitar is a budget-friendly option that is highly known for its sleek construction, comfortable playability, and versatile tone. It has a double-cutaway body design and features a lightweight tonewood for a balanced and resonant sound. Also, this guitar has a 25.5-inch scale length that contributes to comfortable string tension. 

Prominent Features of the Ibanez RG Gio Series GRGR221PA Electric Guitar: 

  • The comfortable neck profile with smooth fingerboard and jumbo frets allows easy string bending
  • Designed with two Ibanez Infinity R humbucking pickups that help you play a versatile range of tones
  • It features a fixed bridge that enhances sustain and tuning stability and provides excellent stability


  • Smooth fingerboard
  • Trouble-free playing
  • Different finish options

Vault TL1 Tele Style Electric Guitar

Vault TL1 Tele Style Electric Guitar
Vault TL1 Tele Style Electric Guitar

Vault is a renowned brand that is known for producing affordable and quality instruments, and TL1 Tele Style Electric Guitar is no exception. It is a classical Telecaster-style electric guitar that is made of basswood or alder and has chrome plating all over to ensure corrosion resistance and immense durability.

Prominent Features of the Vault TL1 Tele Style Electric Guitar: 

  • It is designed with a double-action truss rod that allows adjustment in both directions
  • The humbucker-single coil pickup system of the guitar helps to bring a wide range of tone outputs
  • The guitar has a fixed bridge construction that provides tuning stability and facilitates easy and fast string change


  • 3-way pickup selector
  • Great sound quality
  • Highly affordable 


  • Does not come with a cover

Difference Between Acoustic Guitar and Electric Guitar

If you are planning to purchase a guitar, you’re probably wondering whether you should buy an acoustic guitar or electric guitar. To help you get clarity, here is a major difference between these types of guitar. Learn about each of them and pick the one that fits your playing style and preference. 

Key DifferenceAcoustic GuitarElectric Guitar
ConstructionThey are bulkier, hollower, and typically wood-made. Also, acoustic guitars are larger. Such guitars are thinner and smaller in size and have a solid or partial hollow body.  
Sound ProductionThese guitars work without an amplifier and produce sound acoustically. They use vibrations of the string and generate sound naturally.  They rely on electronic pickups and convert the vibrations of the strings into electronic signals to produce sound. Such guitars use an amplifier. 
PlayabilitySuch guitars have heavier gauge strings with higher string tension. This makes them slighter challenging to be played by beginners. These guitars have lighter gauge strings and lower string tension, making them relatively easier and faster to play. 
Playing Style & GenreThese guitars are ideal for genres like folk, singer-songwriter, and classical music. Also, they work well for fingerpicking and strumming techniques.These are highly versatile guitars and perfect for music genres like rock, blues, jazz, pop, metal, and more. Also, they are preferred for lead playing and soloing.
AmplificationsAcoustic Guitars are played in a natural state and do not require an amplifier. However, in larger performances, you can connect them to an additional amplifier to produce a loud sound. These guitars require amplification to be heard at a performance. An amplifier is needed to control the volume and tone or for the application of effects.
Budget They are relatively cheaper because they require fewer components and don’t rely on additional equipment. Also, their simpler construction requires less maintenance. Electric guitars require an amplifier to produce sound. Hence, the cost of such guitars is relatively higher. Also, it requires setup adjustments, pickup replacements, or electronics repairs that adds to the cost.

Final Word

Whether you’re a budding musician or an experienced player, electric guitars are perfect for exceptional tone, playability, and build quality. Their timeless design and versatile sounds make them great to have. The above-mentioned are the 10 best electric guitars that we highly recommend. They are the best options available on the market to fuel your musical skills. While you can consider any of these options, we like guitars from Epiphone and Jackson. Do let us know which one is your favourite from this list. 


Which is the most popular electric guitar?

All the above-mentioned are the best available guitars in the Indian market. You can pick any of these options that suit your playing style and requirements the best. 

How much is a good quality electric guitar cost?

A good quality guitar costs somewhere around Rs 30,000 and more. However, there are a few brands that design affordable yet good-quality guitars.

What is the #1 guitar brand?

Epiphone is considered to be the #1 guitar brand in the Indian market for its excellent quality and feature-packed guitars. 

Is it OK to buy a cheap electric guitar?

Yes, you can buy a cheap electric guitar if you are a beginner. There are several guitars on the marker that produces great sound but are available at a low cost. 

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

CashKaro reviews are meticulously curated by taking into account the positions of the brands along with the utility and features of their products. Every review goes through several steps of assessment to make sure that you get the best product recommendations. Like other reviews, this list of the best electric guitars in India is curated by analysing several factors. We follow stringent review policies to ensure that you won’t find any shady products on the list. We hope you find our recommendations helpful in making an informed purchase decision.

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