10 Best Brands of Face Wash For Fairness

While there are many who believe that that craving for fair skin is not always a desirable thing, it is also true that fair skin tends to look clearer and there are a number of other advantages like reduction of spots and pigmentation that can be achieved if one has fairer skin. While cosmetic creams for fairness is not everyone’s cup of tree, one can always opt for the fairness face washes which are idea for achieving clear complexion and one does not have to spend a fortune of getting clear and sparking skin. Here are some fairness face washes which are ideal for all skin types.

The Best Brands of Face Wash for Fairness

1. Best Fair and Lovely face wash

One of the best fairness cream brands in India, and also one of the highest selling ones, it was only a matter of time before a fairness face wash was launched by the brand. The face wash claims to reduce dark skin gradually with every wash and give a clear and shining complexion over time which looks glowing and natural. They are priced at about Rs 150.

2. Best Fair One face wash

Fair One facewash from the house of Shahna Hussain has been steady favorite for those who have been associated with the brand. The face wash is made with a very light formula that cleans out the dirt from the pores and leaves behind a healthy glow in its wake, wash after wash. The facewash is priced around Rs 180 for a tube.

3. Best Vicco face wash

Vicco Turmeric has been a trusted cream for those who have wanted to stick to herbal remedies for their skin care and the face wash from the brand is also very well received. The facewash is infused with the essence of turmeric that not only has medicinal properties but also helps in skin lightening. The face wash is priced around Rs 190.

4. Best Pond’s face wash

Pond’s Skin Lightening face wash is made with a wonderful pearl pigments and it helps in drawing out impurities and also leaves the skin soft and shiny with every use. The facewash also reduces the appearance of dark spots and pigments and results in glowing and youthful skin. The facewsh is priced around Rs 345.

5. Best Lotus Herbals face wash

Those who have a penchant for using herbal products are going to be in love with this brand. The facewash uses premium ingredients like saffron and yoghurt in the face washes that visibly clears the complexion from the first wash itself. The facewashes also have a very luxuriant formula and are priced around Rs 290.

6. Best VLCC face wash

VLCC face washes are meant for those who want to achieve the best in skincare and the fairness facewashes are made with some of the choicest ingridients. The formula is very light and does not dry out the skin like many commercial face washes would do. The facewashes also reduce spots of tanning and are priced around Rs 230.

7. Best Himalaya face wash

Himalaya face washes are extremely effective when it comes to granting clear and sparkling skin. The facewashes are herbal and are hence an excellent remedy against all kinds of skin irritation. It also helps in markedly reducing spots left behind by pimples. The products are priced around Rs 175.

8. Best Khadi Mauri face wash

Khaadi Mauri face wash for fairness includes exotic ingredients like clay and sandalwood paste in the facewashes that makes them highly effective against dirt and pollution and also visibly lightens the skin. In just about a few weeks, the transformation is clearly seen in the users. The facewashes are priced around Rs 450.

9. Best Garnier face wash

Garnier Skin lightening facewash has the goodness of lime and lemon and helps the skin to achieve the perfect pH value. Lemon is known to reduce dark spots and pimples and the skin also becomes visibly lighter and fairer is a matter of weeks. The facewashes are also quite affordably priced around Rs 220.

10. Best Oriflame Essentials face wash

Oriflame Essentials has never disappointed with its products and the facewashes are just what the skin needs to attain a clear and glowing look. The facewash works its magic from within, and the inner layers of the skin are also lightened, not just superficially. The products are priced around a range of Rs 550 to 700 and are one of the best from the brand.

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