10 Best Face Wash for Men Oily Skin in India 2024

Oily skin is a common problem for many, be it men or women. Excess oil in the skin makes a face look sticky and dull. It can also lead to acne and pimples. A face wash designed for oily skin can be the solution to such skin issues. Multiple face washes for oily skin are available for men. If you are among those fighting oily skin, you can select the best face wash for oily skin for men from our list and add it to your daily skincare regime for positive results.

Our Top Picks:

What Causes Oily Skin in Men?

Many men face issues with their skin being too oily or shiny. While it is a common problem, not everyone knows how to take good care of their skin. It is also important to understand the cause of your skin concern before starting a treatment. Some of the most common reasons behind oily skin in men are mentioned below.

1. Hormones

Healthy sebum production is essential to maintain the suppleness of your skin, but hormones can sometimes cause disruption, leaving you with overly dry or oily skin. Genetics also play a huge role in defining your skin type.

2. Environment

If you live in hot and humid places, it is likely that you will have more sweat and oil production. One should keep washing their face regularly and keep tissues handy to take care of their oily skin while on the go.

Why Do Men Need Different Face Wash For Oily Skin?

Skincare has become an essential part of self-care for men, and it’s not just about using any random soap or cleanser anymore. With growing awareness about the importance of maintaining healthy skin, men have realised the need for specialised skincare products. But why do men need different face washes for oily skin?

Firstly, it’s important to understand that men’s skin is different from women’s skin. Men tend to have thicker skin with larger sebaceous glands that produce more oil, making their skin prone to excess oiliness. This excess oil can lead to clogged pores, acne breakouts, and an overall greasy appearance. Therefore, using a regular face wash may not effectively address these concerns for men with oily skin.

A face wash specifically formulated for oily skin typically contains ingredients that can help control excess oil production and provide a deep cleanse to unclog pores. These face washes are effective in removing excess oil and reducing inflammation, two common issues associated with oily skin. Such face washes also help to regulate sebum production and prevent the formation of acne-causing bacteria, helping men with oily skin to keep breakouts at bay.

Secondly, men’s face washes for oily skin are often designed to provide a refreshing and energising effect, which can be particularly beneficial for men who lead active lifestyles. Many of these face washes have cooling agents that provide a refreshing sensation. This leaves the skin feeling invigorated and revitalised. This can be especially helpful for men who sweat a lot or spend long hours outdoors, as it helps to cleanse the skin and remove dirt and sweat effectively.

How do we Choose the Right Face Wash for Men’s Oily Skin?

Investing in a facewash can never be a bad idea. For oily skin, the task of choosing a face wash gets a little trickier as the skin is sensitive to many ingredients. So, the skincare industry is continuously evolving to provide you with a better solution. You can choose from plenty of facewash options ranging from Rs 190 to Rs 1,000 as per your budget and purpose. 

Below are the 3 key factors that you should consider while picking a men’s face wash for oily skin for youthful and blemish-free skin.


Every skin type has a different requirement, and so does oily skin. You should always stick to ingredients that work best for you. We suggest you go for face washes that have tea tree oil and non-comedogenic materials like turmeric and sandal. Avoid face washes that have alcohol in their base besides heavy oils. Choose a cleanser that has salicylic acid as a base. It will help your skin get rid of excess sebum and unclog the pores


Consistency is the second important factor in choosing the best face wash for oily skin for men. Every person with oily skin tends to have a thick layer of oil on their face by the end of the day. This already makes the skin feel heavy. When we use face washes that leave a residue, it adds up to the sebum that is secreted naturally by the dermis. So, choose a men’s face wash for oily skin, which leaves zero residues and removes all the dirt stuck to the skin. It will help your skin breathe and retain the moisture required for healthy and plump skin. 

Hydration and Moisturisation Capacity

We always get confused between the terms hydration and moisturization. Even though both have different meanings, we cannot deny the importance of both factors in maintaining healthy skin. Our skin needs to be hydrated regardless of the skin type. Hydration makes our skin cells healthy by absorbing moisture, while moisturization locks in moisture to protect your skin’s barrier. Choose a face wash that cleans your face while keeping it hydrated.

List of Top 10 Face Wash for Men’s Oily Skin in India

Nivea Men Face Wash, Oil Control for 12hr Oil Control

Nivea Men Face Wash, Oil Control for 12hr Oil Control
Nivea Men Face Wash

Nivea Men face wash will be your saviour as it clears acne and pimple within a short span. Daily use can even prevent pimples from recurring. The cool and refreshing feel helps you stay confident all day long. The effect of this face wash lasts for 12 hours which keeps it on the search for the best face wash for oily skin for men.

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 245
Quantity150 ml
FeatureAnimal Fat-Free, Dermatologist Tested

Notable Ingredients of the Nivea Men Oil Control Face Wash:

  • Nivea Men Face Wash is counted among the best face wash for oily skin for men. It has the power of Vitamin C, which controls oil 10 times better than other products.
  • It has the magical ingredient Fucus Vesiculosus which improves small imperfections of the skin and battles premature ageing. 


  • Required in small quantities
  • Does not leave a residue on the skin
  • Value for money

Why We Picked This Face Wash?

Nivea Men Oil Control definitely is a brilliant oily skin face wash for men. It is dermatologically tested and is proven to be compatible with the skin. Made with multiple impactful ingredients, it is a power-packed product with multiple skin benefits. 

Garnier Men Oil Clear Clay D-Tox Deep Cleansing Icy Face Wash

Garnier Men Oil Clear Clay Face Wash
Garnier Men Oil Clear Clay Face Wash

Garnier Men Oil Clear Face Wash will be your go-to product if your skin remains greasy throughout the day. It has ingredients that are potent enough to intensely clean your skin with its anti-grease action. This oily skin face wash for men cleanses your face without dehydrating it. 

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 225
Quantity100 g
FeatureNatural, Oil-Free

Notable Ingredients of the Garnier Men Oil Clear Face Wash:

  • It has mineral clay that absorbs excess oil from the skin and keeps it fresh for a longer duration. 
  • Menthol is another active ingredient of this product. It is a coolant that has anti-microbial properties. Thus, it helps in decreasing oil secretion and keeping the acne germs away. 


  • Absorbs oil from the skin by retaining moisture
  • Helps fight acne germs
  • Lowers sebum secretion

Why We Picked this Face Wash?

This oily skin face wash for men is a versatile product for acne-prone skin. The product is made with the goodness of nature, ’s best for battling oily skin. Moreover, it uses environment-friendly packaging by sourcing with solidarity. Using the source of nature without harming it surely makes it one of, if not the best, face wash for oily skin in India for males.

Moreover, if you are looking for an effective facial kit, then this list of the best facial kits for men in India can be the end of your restless search. Do have a look and let us know if you find it helpful.

Beardo Ultraglow Face Wash For Men

Beardo Ultraglow Face Wash
Beardo Ultraglow Face Wash

The Beardo Ultraglow Face Wash is packed with tons of benefits. From removing excess oil to brightening the skin, this face wash is multi-functional.  It is also safe for all types of skin and is one of the most effective face wash for dark spots. This has multiple reasons for being in the run for the best face wash for oily skin in India for males. 

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 350
Quantity100 ml
FeatureCruelty-Free, No Parabens or Silicones

Notable Ingredients of the Beardo Ultraglow Face Wash:

  • It has aloe vera as a key component that prevents sun damage to a large extent. 
  • White lily is another active ingredient that detoxifies the skin keeping it fresh and supple. 
  • Red algae is another vital ingredient that keeps the skin blemish-free and fights acne-causing germs. 
  • Menthol is also a potent component of this product, making it super refreshing.


  • Devoid of harsh chemicals
  • Ideal for use before exposing the skin to the sun, dust, and pollution


  • A little expensive

Why We Picked this Face Wash?

You can call it the best men’s face wash for oily skin in India, as it can be used to solve plenty of purposes. Besides, it is a cruelty-free product with zero per cent paraben and silicone. It is curated exclusively for the tough texture of men’s skin and helps retain the morning glow all through the day. 

The Man Company Activated Charcoal Face Wash for Men

The Man Company Activated Charcoal Face Wash
The Man Company Activated Charcoal Face Wash

For rejuvenating your lifeless, oily skin, The Man Company Face Wash for Men can be the best men’s daily face wash for oily skin. It helps you fight the harsh pollutants in the air. With that, it cleanses your pores to depths. Apply this face wash regularly to decrease your pimple breakouts. The formula is suitable for all skin types but is a really good option for oily skin as it can reduce oil production. 

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 349
BrandThe Man Company
ScentRosemary, Ylang Ylang
Quantity100 ml
FeatureNatural, Paraben Free

Notable Ingredients of The Man Company Activated Charcoal Face Wash:

  • This product is rich in essential oils like argan oil, Vitamin E and Ylang Ylang. These oils are light weighted and immensely beneficial to the skin. 
  • It improves the texture and reduces blemishes making the skin look brighter and toned. 
  • The active ingredient of this face wash is activated charcoal which is extracted from coconut trees and bamboo grasses. It binds with the dirt on your skin and helps the skin to breathe easily. 


  • Required in low quantity
  • Has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties


  • Less lather formation
  • A little pricey

Why We Picked this Face Wash?

Being a booster of overall skin health, this face wash makes it our best face wash for men’s oily skin in India list. Besides having impactful ingredients, the product is made by keeping in mind environmental safety norms. 

Himalaya Men Pimple Clear Neem Face Wash

Himalaya Men Pimple Clear Neem Face Wash
Himalaya Men Pimple Clear Neem Face Wash

For toned and youthful skin, the Himalayan Men Pimple Clear Neem Face Wash is definitely a must-mention when looking for the best oil control face wash for men. It has herbal actives that prevent acne from coming back and helps battle the aftermath of a breakout. 

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 189
Quantity100 ml

Notable Ingredients of the Himalaya Men Pimple Clear Neem Face Wash:

  • Neem is the active ingredient of this product. The neem leaves offer numerous benefits to our skin. It is an anti-microbial agent and prevents acne.
  • It is enriched with lemon, which is rich in Vitamin C, which helps in reducing dark spots. 


  • Can be used daily
  • Helps retain the required moisture
  • Affordable

Why We Picked this Face Wash?

This men’s face wash for oily skin has set the standard by using herbal ingredients. It is made in India and uses a blend of modern methods along with ancient Ayurvedic formulations. Even though it is produced for oily skin types, it can be effective on others as well. In addition to this, here are some of the top face washes for pores that you can check out.

Muuchstac Ocean Face Wash for Men

Muuchstac Ocean Face Wash
Muuchstac Ocean Face Wash

The Muuchstac Ocean Face Wash for Men is a great choice because it is rich in natural skin revitalizing agents. It keeps the pores from clogging without drying the skin out. It has an anti-ageing composition that makes you look fresh and ageless. 

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 299
ScentAll Spice
Quantity100 ml
FeatureBiodegradable, Free from Sulphate and Mineral Oil

Notable Ingredients of the Muuchstac Ocean Face Wash for Men:

  • Chamomile extracts are potent anti-oxidants that unclog the pores and reduce itchiness. 
  • It also has liquorice extract that brightens the skin without harming it.


  • Tones the skin alongside cleansing
  • Makes the skin bright and refreshed


  • Less lather formation

Pond’s Men’s Pimple Clear Face Wash

POND’s Men's Pimple Clear Face Wash
Pond’s Men’s Pimple Clear Face Wash

For a calming feel, use the Pond’s Men’s Pimple Clear Face Wash. It not only controls oil but also brightens your face and clears acne. This facewash has a lock and clear technology that helps eliminate acne-causing bacteria.

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 235

Notable Ingredients of the Pond’s Men’s Pimple Clear Face Wash:

  • Thymo – T essence is the core component of this face wash which helps in removing stubborn pimples from the face
  • Contains mineral clay, which helps to absorb excess oil from your skin without drying it out too much


  • Scrubs the face well
  • Required in small quantity
  • Reduces acne breakouts


  • Features a minty formula that can take some time to get adjusted to

Bombay Shaving Company Charcoal Face Wash for Men 

Bombay Shaving Company Charcoal Face Wash
Bombay Shaving Company Charcoal Face Wash

If you want a gentle yet effective face wash, the Bombay Shaving Company Charcoal Face Wash for Men will be your favourite. It is rich in several natural ingredients that can control oil effectively. With that, it also protects the face from UV damage and free radicals. 

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 249
BrandBombay Shaving Company
ScentCharcoal, Activated Charcoal
Quantity100 g
FeatureOrganic, Paraben-Free

Notable Ingredients of the Bombay Shaving Company Charcoal Face Wash for Men:

  • Pomegranate is an anti-ageing ingredient for this face wash. Regular usage of this face wash can decrease fine lines.
  • Turmeric is used as an anti-inflammatory ingredient that fights free radicals.


  • Paraben and SLS free
  • Eco-friendly packaging

Neutrogena Men Invigorating Face Wash

Neutrogena Men Invigorating Face Wash
Neutrogena Men Invigorating Face Wash

The Neutrogena Men Invigorating Face Wash will be your ideal solution if you want clean oil-free skin which repels dirt. It refreshes your skin and rejuvenates your senses. 

Product Specifications:

Quantity150 ml
FeatureOil Free

Notable Ingredients of the Neutrogena Men’s Skin Clearing Acne Wash:

  • Glycerin moisturizes the skin without being oily
  • Menthol keeps the skin cool
  • Citric acid brightens the skin


  • Leaves a long-lasting effect
  • Helps in making the skin bright and cool
  • This is one of the most ideal face washes for sensitive skin

Man Matters 1% Salicylic Acid Oil Control Face Wash for Men

Man Matters 1% Salicylic Acid Oil Control Face Wash
Man Matters 1% Salicylic Acid Oil Control Face Wash

This is a unique formulation that is appropriate for people seeking fast results. It is a foaming face cleanser that has anti-acne properties. The formulation is dermatologically tested and optimally suitable for the thick texture of men’s skin.

Product Specifications:

PriceRs 349
BrandMan Matters
Quantity120 ml
FeatureAntibacterial, Free from Paraben, SLS

Notable Ingredients of the Man Matters 1% Acid Oil Control Face Wash for Men:

  • 1% Salicylic acid (BHA) and 1% Glycolic acid (AHA) are strong formulations for removing dead cells and retaining the vitality of the skin.


  • Free of SLS
  • Fights acne and pimples


  • A little expensive

Final Word

Face washes are the first products we start our skincare regime with. An ideal face wash cleanses the skin besides retaining moisture. When it comes to the price point, the Himalayan Men Pimple Clear Face Wash will suit your wallet the best. But forget not; there are many things to consider while choosing a cleanser for your skin. So, check out the listed face washes and pick the best face wash for oily skin.


Which Facewash is best for oily skin for men?

Nivea Oil Control Face Wash and Garnier Oil Clear Face Wash are some of the best for oily skin in men.

Which is no. 1 face wash for men?

Neutrogena and Garnier have some of the best face wash for men.

How can men fix oily face?

Regularly washing your face and using a lightweight moisturiser can help control oily skin. You should also use toner and do regular clean-up to exfoliate your skin properly.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

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