Best Facial Kit For Men


Men also need pampering. Today, the male grooming industry is booming as more and more men are now experimenting with their look and buying skin care and other beauty products. Best among these are the facial kits that are available in the market. Men can use these facial kits at home if they are not comfortable going to a parlour or cannot afford one.

11.VLCC Facial Kit

VLCC Facial Kit

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VLCC facial kit for men contains 5 products that contain fruit. The kit is inclusive of a face scrub along with papaya, a massage cream with peach, green apple lotion, cucumber gel and an orange anti tan pack.


  • remove dirt
  • Removes sebum
  • Removes blackheads
  • Makes your skin firm
  • prevent wrinkles.
  • remove blemishes
  • lighten age spots
  • softens and hydrates skin.


  • Contains Parabens
  • Does not protect from sun tan



Best Price

Rs. 153

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