Best GRE Prep Books

Thinking of joining a post-graduate or PhD program overseas? Enrol for the GRE to get admission into one. For preparation, you can use these books.

GRE or Graduate Record Examination is conducted by the Educational Testing Service in more than 160 countries worldwide. The exam can be taken five times a year and has no eligibility criteria. It is accepted in most graduate schools in the US and Canada. GRE assesses the candidate based on three sections – verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing. Post receiving the results, you can use your scores for admission into business schools, economics programs, MS and MBA courses, and many more.

Check out our top recommendations of GRE preparation books here.

Best GRE Prep Books

1. 5 Lb. Book of GRE Practice Problems

5 Lb. Book by Manhattan is one of the most trusted books for GRE preparation. This updated edition offers access to online interactive lessons and practice questions to assess your performance. It provides flexible strategies for answering and brings insights from world-class instructors, all in one place. The book has a bank of more than 1800 practice problems and drills to take your preparation up a notch.

Targeted Practice

This book helps build fundamental skills in math and verbal segments using targeted practice and simple explanations.

Best Overall

2. GRE Prep Plus 2021

This book by Kaplan has five full-length online tests to practise for GRE. It has an exhaustive bank of more than 1700 questions with detailed answers and a collection of 500 problems on its online study material. You can filter out the questions according to your preference and practice a particular type of questions together.

Planning Tips

This book also lists planning tips and stress-reduction tactics for the students.

Most Popular

3. The Official Guide to the GRE General Test

This guide by ETS doubles up as training material for students. It is the updated version of the original published book and has verified solutions for every question. You get to practice numerous problems that could show up in the GRE paper.

Best for Preparation

This book has authentic answers that offer all-around preparation for the exam.

Most Loved

4. GRE Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions

This book focuses on the verbal reasoning section of the exam. You get to practise numerous questions related to this section and 150 real test problems with detailed explanation. It also helps improve your analytical writing skills, enabling you to ace the writing section as well.

Best for Verbal

This book by ETS is trusted for its instructional material and explanatory answers.

Next Best

5. GRE Quantitative Reasoning Practice Questions

Brought to you by Educational Testing Service, this book on Quantitative aptitude focuses on the mathematical section. It is a revised edition that ensures ample quant questions for you to practise. You can even compare your answers with detailed explanations to understand the logic behind every solution.

Best for Quant

This book is perfect for quantitative aptitude and improving quick math skills.


6. Barron`s Essential Words for the GRE

This book by Barron’s is a bank of essential words that every GRE candidate needs to know. It has 800 college and graduate-level words along with diagnostic tests and sentence completion exercises with answers. Pick this book if you want to enhance your vocabulary for the writing segment.


This book has a perfectly organised structure and provides an actionable study plan that helps students complete the course in due time.

Also Consider

7. GRE Analytical Writing

This book is all about the analytical writing section of the GRE exam. It has 65 solved topics that relate to arguments and issues. Each article lists ample simplified methods and strategies to offer a to-the-point answer for the topic chosen. Besides, you get to learn about the literary references that bring the best out of every article.


This book has six segments for essays that help identify the strengths and weaknesses of the students.

Runner Up
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