11 Best Hair Pins in India for a Beautiful Hair Makeover

Looking for some adorable and fashionable hair pins to secure your hairdo? Check out these pretty hairpins, which will guarantee that every day will be a good hair day.

Pretty hair accessories like hair pins make your attire complete and tidy. They assist in keeping your hair in place for longer periods of time in addition to improving the way you appear. Hair pins are crucial aspects of a woman’s vanity and are integral to creating strong fashion statements. Starting from staple bobby pins to aesthetic comb pins, hair pins for ladies come in a variety of designs. The market is flooded with a huge variety of hair pins, making it difficult to pick just one. To help you out, our in-house fashion experts have put together a list of their top picks for the best hair pins in India.

Our Top Recommendations

How Do We Choose the Best Hair Pins for You?

Hair clips come in a variety of styles and may be adorned with non-precious stones or artificial pearls. The best thing is that hair pins work with all hair lengths as an accessory. In India, good quality hairpin costs anywhere between Rs 80 and Rs 300. Before you go through our suggestions of the best hair pins that are available in India, we would love it if you first go through the factors that we took into consideration while deciding on the best products for you.

Type of Closure

The first consideration while looking for hair clips is choosing the closure that fits one’s hair the best. Bobby pins and other thin pin-style hair accessories hold very little hair firmly in place. However, thick hair will probably need more bobby pins to secure them successfully.

Hair pins and clips that totally shut and securely grip every hair in the clip are best for thin hair. In these circumstances, simple snap clips or barrette-style closures work well. The metal hook at one end of the bow is slid under by a lengthy metal piece on these closures. This kind of clasp will keep all the hair within it as securely as possible, thanks to its lengthy metal component.


Bows and other hair ornaments that are broader than the head grab all the attention, making it a statement hairpin. On the other hand, you can go for a subtle and minimalistic hair pin that makes your hair look gorgeous without taking away all the attention from you.


Another factor you should consider while buying a hairpin is how skin-friendly it is. Hair clips keep your hair tied all throughout the day. Therefore, it should be skin-friendly and not cause any irritation to the scalp or skin. We recommend that you choose hairpins that are free from lead and nickel.


While buying a hair clip, you should also take into consideration the way you will use your hair pin. Some pins are tiny, or black, which blend very well with dark hair. They are perfect for situations when the user does not necessarily care for others to see the clips. Additionally, you can get some hair pins with minimalistic designs so that you can wear them every day.

List of Top 11 Hair Pins for Women in India

Hair Flare Artificial Flowers Hair Pins

Hair Flare Artificial Flowers Hair Pins
Hair Flare Artificial Flowers Hair Pins

Make your hairstyles look even more stunning with this pearl and flower pin from Hair Flare. The excellent quality keeps the colour from fading over time, and the flat base offers an improved grip. Long and short hair can both be complemented by these juda pins and can be worn several times.

Prominent Features of the Hair Flare Artificial Flowers Hair Pins:

  • The hairpin will provide a tight fit on a variety of hairstyles and is simple to insert into the hair
  • Every contemporary bride with curtain bangs needs this hairpiece, particularly if she wants to keep every hair off her face on her wedding day
  • As there are so many different ways to style them, you can use these hairpins to create your own look


  • Simple to use
  • Ideal for ladies of all ages and all hairstyles
  • Suitable for use at weddings, parties, or other formal events
  • It can be used to create a variety of looks

Why We Picked the Hair Flare Artificial Flowers Hair Pins?

The Hair Flare Artificial Flowers Hair Pins’ lovely, portable shape makes it simple to use them. We’re certain that this hair clip will help you nail whatever style you’re going for.

YouBella Fashion Floral Stone Hair Chain

YouBella Fashion Floral Stone Hair Chain
YouBella Fashion Floral Stone Hair Chain

This spectacular piece of jewellery from YouBella is a clip chain. It features a gorgeous silver and white flower pattern. The product is skin-friendly and ideal for all skin and hair types since it is devoid of nickel and lead. If used with care, the high-grade polish on this hair ornament will allow it to last a lifetime.

Prominent Features of the YouBella Fashion Floral Stone Hair Chain:

  • This hairpin has high-quality, allergen-free construction that ensures that it won’t irritate your skin
  • The hairpin provides you with a fashionable and contemporary appearance that complements both your modern and traditional attire
  • To make the hairpin stand out from others, you can even use the hairpin in the form of a hairband


  • Skin-friendly
  • Suited for all skin types
  • Versatile and can be worn as a headband
  • Can be worn with both traditional and western outfits

Why We Picked the YouBella Fashion Floral Stone Hair Chain?

You can braid your hair and accessorise it with with the YouBella Fashion Floral Stone Hair Chain. To finish off your appearance, you can also knot it around a bun. Additionally, this hair chain has hoops on both ends that can be fastened to the hair using the hair clips that come with the bundle.

FOK Non-Precious Metal Hair Clip

FOK Non-Precious Metal Hair Clip
FOK Non-Precious Metal Hair Clip

On your hair, this four-piece combo from FOK will do wonders. These beautifully crafted hair clips are simple to apply and enhance the charm of your attire. They are strong enough for daily use and long-lasting, thanks to the high-grade metal they are made of. These clips’ medium size enables you to quickly perfect a range of hairstyles.

Prominent Features of the FOK Non-Precious Metal Hair Clip:

  • The FOK Non-Precious Metal Hair Clip is made of a strong, high-quality, well-polished alloy that has a luxurious feel
  • Easy to use and capable of gracefully blending with any hairstyle, making it a fashionable accessory
  • The simple design of the hair clip is practical and can be worn with a variety of outfits


  • Easy to wear
  • Minimalistic pieces
  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Looks good with any kind of hairstyle


  • It can hold only a few strands of hair

Why We Picked the FOK Non-Precious Metal Hair Clip?

The FOK Non-Precious Metal Hair Clip set has a combination of two versatile colours. They are gold and silver. This allows you to use clips according to your outfits. Additionally, the quality construction of the clips makes it a popular choice.

Vogue Hair Accessories Pearl Hair Clip

Vogue Hair Accessories Pearl Hair Clip
Vogue Hair Accessories Pearl Hair Clip

These pearl clips from Vogue Hair Accessories should be on your wish list if you don’t mind creating a unique look every day. These pricey-looking clips will let you stand out in the crowd in terms of your style. They have an elegant and delicate appearance because of the pearl pattern, but their solid construction ensures that they won’t shatter easily.

Prominent Features of the Vogue Hair Accessories Pearl Hair Clip:

  • These metal clips are carefully plated with golden colour to prevent discolouration 
  • The trendy designer style of the hair clip is handpicked for all fashionable ladies and girls who want their own collection of dazzling hair accessories
  • The pearl design makes the clip stand out and helps you make a statement


  • Unique design with a sophisticated look
  • Good quality construction
  • Golden colour plating to prevent discolouration


  • May be loose

Why We Picked the Vogue Hair Accessories Pearl Hair Clip?

The Vogue Hair Accessories Pearl Hair Clip will help you make a bold statement during parties and weddings. These hair clips are aesthetic and are made from quality material, making them a good choice.

Home Republic Mini Crystal Flower Hair Claw

Home Republic Mini Crystal Flower Hair Claw
Home Republic Mini Crystal Flower Hair Claw

Looking for cute accessories to make your everyday hairstyles fun? Pick these crystal claw hairpins. They are available in a set of 12 flower-shaped claw clips and add bling to your braids. These handmade accessories are made of alloy and decorated with glittered rhinestones to make them glow in the light.

Prominent Features of the Home Republic Mini Crystal Flower Hair Claw:

  • The clips have a unique and cute design that is suitable for both ladies and young women
  • Style your hair any way you want since these clips feature glitter rhinestones that make you look pretty
  • These clips come in a variety of colours, so you can choose your favourites for the day


  • It can be worn with both traditional and western outfits
  • Suitable for any hairstyle
  • Variety of colours

Why We Picked the Home Republic Mini Crystal Flower Hair Claw?

These mini crystal clamps from Home Republic are a fantastic option for young girls and women to style their hair. The hair pins are extremely comfortable to wear and do not pull the hair when removed.

Moreover, we have also created a blog where we have mentioned some of the top hair creams in India. Do have a look and let us know if you find it helpful.

Drishti Hair Bun Fancy Juda Pins

Drishti Hair Bun Fancy Juda Pins
Drishti Hair Bun Fancy Juda Pins

Throw out your ordinary juda pins and get these silver hair pins to add that extraordinary sparkle. Available in a set of 10, these hair pins are best for creating party-ready looks without having to spend chunks of money at the salon. The flowers are topped with faux pearl rhinestones and crystals, making this accessory perfect for women of all ages.

Prominent Features of the Drishti Hair Bun Fancy Juda Pins:

  • Compared to regular hairpins, these are made from high-grade alloy that is durable and makes them last longer
  • These lovely Juda pins offer you a chic appearance which goes well with traditional sarees
  • Features faux pearl crystal rhinestones, which make your hair look more gorgeous


  • Durable and sturdy build
  • Long pins grip hair comfortably
  • It can be used to create a variety of looks

Accessher Comb Hair Clip

Accessher Comb Hair Clip
Accessher Comb Hair Clip

If you love keeping your look sober and minimal on every occasion, these hair clips might be the right choice for you. The clips have a floral design attached to a plastic comb-like clamp that fits into the hair easily. This pack of three hair clips are light in weight and looks just like natural flowers.

Prominent Features of the Hair Flare Artificial Flowers Hair Pins:

  • These clips have lovely elements like beads and charms that add to their appearance
  • The elegant hair comb pins are ideal for weddings, gatherings, and the holiday season
  • The embroidered hair accessory is lightweight and looks like a natural rose


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Comes in a variety of colours
  • Sturdy material

Amazon Brand – Solimo Women’s Hair Pins

Amazon Brand - Solimo Women's Hair Pins
Amazon Brand – Solimo Women’s Hair Pins

Welcome to the world of Solimo, where excellent value and top quality coexist. The Solimo hair pins are meticulously constructed to provide great quality. With these women’s hair pins, you can create distinctive hairstyles for every situation or occasion.

Prominent Features of the Amazon Brand – Solimo Women’s Hair Pins:

  • These hairpins from Solimo feature simple patterns that go with a variety of clothes
  • The hair pins are handy and long-lasting, which makes them perfect for everyday usage
  • Solimo hair pins are made with materials of the highest quality and provide an amazing shine


  • Does not irritate the skin or scalp
  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Minimalistic design

Sanas Hair Accessories Hair Fork Bun Maker

Sanas Hair Accessories Hair Fork Bun Maker
Sanas Hair Accessories Hair Fork Bun Maker

These metal antique hair clips from Sanas Hair Accessories have a timeless design. Use it to keep your long hair out of the way while working and taking care of domestic duties at home or at the workplace. You may also use it to create a fast, stunning hairdo during events like weddings, parties, and festivities.

Prominent Features of the Sanas Hair Accessories Hair Fork Bun Maker:

  • The rounded edges of these french U pins prevent them from cutting or scratching the scalp
  • The hair pins come in two hues, silver and golden, and have an anti-rust coating
  • These hair pins complement your varied hairstyles, giving you a lovely and refined appearance
  • Because it is made of high-quality metal, the hairpins are not easily damaged or deformed


  • Ideal for long hair or medium-length hair
  • Durable anti-rust coating
  • Strong grip
  • Can be easily pulled out without tugging the hair


  • May not work on thick and frizzy hair

Jewels Galaxy Heart Pearl Jewellery

Jewels Galaxy Heart Pearl Jewellery
Jewels Galaxy Heart Pearl Jewellery

This hair clip set is the newest fashion jewellery collection from Jewels Galaxy. It is time to feel and look fashionable with this amazing hairpin collection. The minimalistic and sophisticated design of the hairpins makes them suitable for everyday use. Without having to be concerned about skin irritation, flaunt these wonderful clips since they are skin-friendly.

Prominent Features of the Jewels Galaxy Heart Pearl Jewellery:

  • These hair pins are a lovely option for adding delicate adornment to your hairdo since they are minimalistic
  • The trendy hair clip set is perfect for a variety of events, including parties, weddings, proms, and birthday parties
  • The hair clips are skin-friendly since they contain no lead or nickel, making them suitable for everyday use


  • Free from nickel and lead
  • Minimalistic design
  • Suitable for everyday usage

Accessher Multi-Colour Wavy Design Rhinestones Hair Clip

Accessher Multi-Colour Wavy Design Rhinestones Hair Clip
Accessher Multi-Colour Wavy Design Rhinestones Hair Clip

This back hair clip from Accessher is an excellent choice if you’re seeking a single-piece hair clip to tie your hair up. The hair clip is embellished with various coloured non-precious stones and looks fantastic with a saree. It is simple to use for a classy hairstyle and is suitable for weddings and other occasions.

Prominent Features of the Accessher Multi-Colour Wavy Design Rhinestones Hair Clip:

  • The hair clip works well as an accessory, retaining your hairdo firmly without damaging it
  • The hair clip has a good finish and does not have any sharp edges
  • The Accessher hair clip is lightweight and simple to use, which helps you make a statement


  • Made from good-quality material
  • Plated with golden colour for durability
  • Lightweight and easy to use

Final Word

Hair barrettes and pins are more common than ever! Dainty and delicate hair pins are definitely worth buying, whether you’re channelling your inner diva or rocking the ’90s style. The Hair Flare Artificial Flowers Hair Pins, YouBella Fashion Floral Stone Hair Chain, and FOK Non-Precious Metal Hair Clip are our top picks for the best hairpins in India. We also considered factors like the type of closure, accessory, skin-friendly, and usage. We would like to know which one worked out best for you.


What culture are hair pins from?

Hair pins were worn in ancient Chinese and other civilisations. They were mostly used for fixing and adorning a hair bun by both men and women.

Do bobby pins damage hair?

When crisscrossed for more grip, bobby pins are infamous for damaging hair. Hair may be tugged when bobby pins are inserted or removed. Any bobby pins that have lost their end caps should be discarded since they might scratch your scalp.

What are Korean hair pins called?

A binyeo is a traditional hairpin used in Korea to secure women’s hair. Its primary function is to hold the chignon (or bun) in place, but it also acts as adornment. Depending on the material or form of the hair pin, it has many uses or names.

Who invented hairpins?

Hair pins are flexible metal clips with two prongs, usually one straight and one ridged. Luis Marcus, a cosmetics producer, created the hair pin. He made it after World War I when short, bobbed hair became fashionable and quite popular.

What are Japanese hair pins?

Hair pins called kanzashi are used in traditional Japanese hairdos. Numerous accessories are referred to as kanzashi, including as long, inflexible hairpins, barrettes, fabric flowers, and fabric hair ties.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

Highly seasoned and qualified researchers at CashKaro work hard to supply you with the greatest market advice accessible online. To build a list of products you can trust, we examine numerous products and compare them based on a range of characteristics. We hope our recommendations for the best hair pins have helped you out. We genuinely hope that this list will aid you in making an informed judgement.

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