12 Best Hair Creams in India for Gorgeous Tresses

If your haircare routine comprises only shampoos, conditioners, and hair oils, then you are missing out on all the unbelievable benefits of hair creams. Hair creams are great for the healthy growth of hair and proper maintenance. Here’s why you are losing out on some serious hair care if you don’t have some of these best hair creams in your vanity.

Hair creams not only protect your hair from damage and dryness but also evidently add a shine to your hair, thereby giving you an overall polished and mess-free look. Besides, with the increase in pollution and humidity, hair creams are a must to keep our hair nourished and moisturised.

Hair creams can provide extra care to your hair, reduce dandruff, and lend your hair a silky, smooth appearance. Made from a variety of different ingredients, hair creams can be of a lot of types. Given the range of hair creams on the market, it can become difficult to pick just one for your hair. To help you make the right choice, here is our handpicked list of the best hair creams in India to buy this year.

Our Top Picks :

How Do We Choose the Best Hair Creams For You?

While oiling is a thing of the past, hair creams are the modern-day solution to hair woes that are designed to relieve you of the monotony of various hair problems. In India, a good quality hair cream costs anywhere between Rs 75  to Rs 500. Before you jump into our recommendations of the best hair creams available in India, we suggest you go through the factors that helped us decide on the best products for you.

Texture of Hair

The first thing you should determine while buying a hair cream is your hair texture. Typically, there are three types of hair. They are fine, medium, and thick. The ability of your hair to maintain styles and respond to certain products may be affected by this.

Fine hair often does not retain hairstyles effectively. Therefore, you must backcomb and use a lot of extra hair cream. Thick hair holds quite well, but since it’s usually less elastic, it may be challenging to style. The ideal hair is medium-length since it retains styles well and is simple to style.

Type of Scalp

We understand that a healthy scalp means healthy strands. Therefore, it is important that you take care of your scalp. Assess whether you have a dry, oily, or combination scalp and buy a hair cream according to it.


The capacity of hair to absorb moisture or any hair care product is referred to as porosity. You can decide what kinds of treatments and products you can use on your hair by finding out how porous your hair is. However, we recommend that you stay away from harmful ingredients like parabens and SLS since they may damage your hair.


Hair creams generally come in tubes or small tubs. Choose a packaging option that is suitable for you to use. Generally, we recommend buying hair creams that come in tubs since they have a broad mouth, and it is easier to scoop out as much product as you want when you apply it.

List of The Top 12 Hair Creams in India

Ustraa Hair Cream

Ustraa Hair Cream
Ustraa Hair Cream

Tired of using your regular sticky hair oil? Switch to a healthier, mess-free alternative with the Ustraa Hair Cream. Enriched with olive oil and almond oil, it moisturises and nourishes your hair without feeling sticky. Just dab a little on wet hair after a shower, and this lemon-scented cream will give you healthier, stronger hair after regular use.

Prominent Features of the Ustraa Hair Cream:

  • The vitamin-loaded wheat germ oil reduces dryness to make your hair soft and shiny
  • The presence of omega 3 and 6 in the wild flax seed extract lends extra care and hydration they need
  • Olive oil present in the Ustraa Hair Cream moisturises and strengthens hair


  • Free from parabens and sulphates
  • Prevents hair loss
  • Moisturises hair and reduces dryness

Why We Picked the Ustraa Hair Cream?

The Ustraa Hair Cream is a hair nourishment cream for daily use. It is free from parabens and sulphates, it is one of the best hair creams for regular use. The cream softens and shines hair while moisturising and reducing dryness.

Schwarzkopf Professional Treatment

Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Cream
Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Cream

Give your hair proper nourishment from root to tip, with this Schwarzkopf Professional Treatment hair cream. This is a hair mask that contains hair rejuvenating oil and other essential ingredients to deeply nourish your hair from the root. Just apply 1-2 times a week for 5-20 mins, and enjoy beautiful hair that also feels healthy. also, here you can check the best hair colours for men in India.

Prominent Features of the Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Cream:

  • One of the best keratin treatment creams, it controls frizz and makes your hair more manageable
  • The Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Cream gives a highly polished look to your hair for long hours
  • The hair cream also reduces static formation and helps keep your hair tangle-free


  • Nourishing treatment for rough hair
  • Controls frizz and make hair manageable
  • Makes hair shiny and smooth

Why We Picked the Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Cream?

For more than 120 years, the hair cosmetics brand Schwarzkopf has been trusted for quality and innovation. The keratin in the Schwarzkopf Hair Cream formula defends your hair against humidity and exposure to fluctuating environmental conditions. The cream ensures long-lasting smooth hair even when you are outside your home.

Indus Valley Deep Nourishing Hair Spa Cream

Indus Valley Deep Nourishing Hair Spa Cream
Indus Valley Deep Nourishing Hair Spa Cream

Looking to move towards more natural haircare treatments? The Indus Valley Hair Cream might be the one you’re looking for. Formulated with 12 essential oils and natural herbs, this cream includes the goodness of ingredients like wheat germ, lavender oil, rosemary, coconut, coconut oil, henna, neem, and many others. Meant to prevent UV damage it also helps combat common hair issues like dryness, itching, flakiness, split ends, frizz, and unruly hair.

Prominent Features of the Indus Valley Deep Nourishing Hair Spa Cream:

  • Ideal for use by both men and women, the Indus Valley Deep Nourishing Hair Spa Cream is extremely lightweight
  • Free from harsh chemicals, it locks in moisture, stimulates hair growth, and revitalises hair and scalp health
  • With the benefits of natural ingredients, Indus Valley’s Hair Eaze Spa for dry hair restores dry hair to make it smooth, bouncy, and lustrous
  • The Indus Valley Hair Cream is a non-greasy, non-sticky hair mask that applies simply and is quickly absorbed by the skin


  • Aids in hair restoration
  • Suitable for frizzy, dry, and damaged hair and scalp
  • Nourishes the scalp and hair strands from the roots


  • Has a strong smell

Why We Picked the Indus Valley Deep Nourishing Hair Spa Cream?

The Indus Valley Deep Nourishing Hair Spa Cream is suitable for all skin and hair types since it doesn’t include any harsh chemicals like ammonia, bleach, or heavy metals. One of the best hair spa creams, it gives your hair a complete salon-like treatment.

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L’Oreal Paris Dream Lengths Hair Cream

L'Oreal Paris Dream Lengths Hair Cream
L’Oreal Paris Dream Lengths Hair Cream

Do away with constantly trimming the rough ends of your hair, and switch to an all-around hair care regimen with the L’Oreal Paris Hair Creams. Infused with vegetal keratin, castor oil, and vitamins B3 and B5, it promotes healthier hair growth. This lightweight hair cream works like a leave-in conditioner to make your hair smoother and softer.

Prominent Features of the Ustraa Hair Cream:

  • Binds damaged tips while also preventing hair breakage and promoting healthy growth for longer, stronger hair
  • This sulphate and paraben-free formula gives your hair 180-degree heat protection and can be used before styling to minimise damage
  • Contains keratin to control flyaway and difficult-to-manage hair, Vitamins B3 and B5 for intense hydration and nutrition, and castor oil to encourage hair development


  • Combats dry and damaged hair
  • Reduces the occurrence of split ends and breakage
  • Provides heat protection while styling

Why We Picked the Ustraa Hair Cream?

With the new L’Oréal Paris Dream Lengths Hair Cream, you may achieve the long hair of your dreams. The cream binds split ends, fortifies hair lengths, and preserves your last 3 cm. It deeply nourishes, strengthens, and shields hair from heat damage, pollution, and humidity.

Curl Up Curl Defining Cream

Curl Up Hair Cream
Curl Up Hair Cream

If you are constantly trying to look for the best hair care products for your unruly curly hair, your search for the best hair cream for curly hair ends at this Curl Up cream. Loaded with argan oil and flaxseed extracts, it helps reduce frizz, add shine, and define curly hair. Just dab a little into wet hair, scrunch up your curls, and you are ready to rock your stylish curls.

Prominent Features of the Curl Up Hair Cream:

  • The presence of shea butter in this cream moisturises and conditions your hair deeply, thereby promoting healthier hair growth
  • Perfect for use in both curly as well as wavy hair, it improves hair texture and gives your mane a newfound shine
  • The Curl Up Hair Cream adds lustre, defines curls with a strong grip, and reduces frizz


  • Makes your curls pop
  • Free from sulphates, parabens, and silicones
  • Refreshing, oriental scent


  • May lead to hairfall

Why We Picked the Curl Up Hair Cream?

The Curl Up Hair Cream enhances natural curl definition. It moisturises and gives medium hold to dry, frizzy, wavy, and curly hair. This hair cream is a must-have for all curl-loving women.

Khadi Suddha Nourishing Hair Cream 

Khadi Suddha Nourishing Hair Cream 
Khadi Suddha Nourishing Hair Cream 

Just like your body, your hair also needs protein to exhibit proper health. Therefore, this hair cream from Khadi Suddha becomes a must-have to sport smooth and voluminous hair. It nourishes the hair from the root to the shaft and promotes hair growth.

Prominent Features of the Khadi Suddha Nourishing Hair Cream:

  • Made from 100% herbal ingredients such as almond oil, amla, shikakai, bhringraj, the hair cream rejuvenates your hair and leaves them feeling stronger.
  • One of the best hair creams, it keeps your hair soft and enhances its natural shine
  • Suitable for all hair types, it can be easily applied before or after shampoo


  • Organic and herbal ingredients
  • Free from parabens, sulphates, and SLES
  • Helps manage frizzy hair

L’Oréal Professionnel Absolut Repair Hair Mask

L’Oréal Professionnel Absolut Repair Hair Mask
L’Oréal Professionnel Absolut Repair Hair Mask

Try out the best hair mask this season, and give your hair unparalleled nourishment and care. Enriched with Gold Quinoa and Wheat Protein, this L’Oreal hair Spa cream gives your hair the softness and lustre that only a special salon treatment could give. Its creamy base aids in straightening the hair for a frizz-free sorted finish while also conditioning them from within.

Prominent Features of the L’Oréal Professionnel Absolut Repair Hair Mask:

  • Available in a broad-mouthed bottle, the hair cream is easy to apply on towel-dried hair and instantly gets a shiny, smooth appearance
  • Ideal for moisturising dry hair, this hair cream gives you a smooth and silky finish with the convenience of staying at home
  • The L’Oreal Hair Cream nurtures, conditions, and repairs damaged hair deeply to hydrate and mend it


  • Makes hair strong and smooth
  • Hydrates and moisturises the hair
  • Easy to apply


  • Quantity is less compared to the price
  • Packaging quality can be improved

Himalaya Protein Hair Cream

Himalaya Protein Hair Cream
Himalaya Protein Hair Cream

Himalaya Protein Hair Cream brings to life the benefits of Amla and Chickpeas. This non-sticky oil replacement lotion is specially created to be used daily. The hair cream combats a number of hair issues, including dryness, frizz, hair damage, breaking, and more.

Prominent Features of the Himalaya Protein Hair Cream:

  • The hair Himalaya Hair Cream seals in moisture while strengthening hair roots
  • The hair cream may also be used on the hair after a shower to prolong the effects of the conditioner
  • Regular use of this product, which uses natural components, prevents damage and nourishes the hair


  • Can be used in place of hair oil to give proper nutrition
  • Enhanced with organic proteins
  • Reduces hair damage


  • May not be suitable for dry hair

Parachute Advansed Hair Cream

Parachute Advansed Hair Cream
Parachute Advansed Hair Cream

The Parachute Advansed Hair Cream for men is intended for daily use. With parachute advanced after-shower hair styling cream, maintain healthy, strong hair every day. It has proteins from coconut milk to offer you lustrous, healthy hair. With its exclusive, all-natural cocolipid recipe that delivers hair-concentrated coconut nutrition from the roots, it offers the ideal mix of nourishment and style.

Prominent Features of the Parachute Advansed Hair Cream:

  • For a confident appearance, the Parachute Advansed Hair Cream offers the goodness and non-sticky nutrition of coconut
  • The Parachute Hair Cream is a hair-fall-reduction treatment that may cut hair fall by up to 95%
  • The non-sticky qualities give your hair that polished, professional appearance


  • Non-sticky formula
  • Ideal mix of nourishment and style
  • Makes hair strong and healthy

Arata Natural Styling & Hold Hair Cream

Arata Natural Styling & Hold Hair Cream
Arata Natural Styling & Hold Hair Cream

The Arata Hair cream is excellent for daily styling and shaping. It is packed with the natural benefits of organic flaxseed and olive extracts. The formulation is readily rinsed off and dissolves in water to give you beautiful hair. Additionally, the non-sticky, non-greasy texture won’t weigh your hair down.

Prominent Features of the Arata Natural Styling & Hold Hair Cream:

  • Organic flax seed extracts provide your hair with critical nutrition since they are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, protein, and other key elements
  • The hair cream formula nourishes your hair with plant components that promote hair development and organically fortify your strands
  • Ideal for everyday usage and suitable for both men and women with various hair types, including curly, straight, and frizzy hair


  • Natural ingredients
  • Increases hair volume
  • Free from SLES, parabens, and heavy metals
  • Easy to wash and rinse

Men Deserve Hair Styling Cream

Men Deserve Hair Styling Cream
Men Deserve Hair Styling Cream

Men Deserve Hair Styling Cream was meticulously created to give your hair an organised, spiked-up appearance in a matter of seconds. In contrast to typical men’s hair gel, this cream for hair offers a firm grip, a natural finish, and a non-greasy appearance. Additionally, the hair cream is a safe complement to any hair care regimen for men since it is comprised of only healthy ingredients.

Prominent Features of the Men Deserve Hair Styling Cream:

  • For hassle-free treatment of dry, dull, and frizzy hair, this hair cream is made with a combination of nourishing nutrients, including coconut hair oil, olive oil, and vitamin E
  • The Men Deserve Hair Styling Cream encourages healthy hair and aids in preventing protein loss from hair
  • The protein cream is provided in compact, portable tubs for style at any time and anyplace


  • Prevents protein loss from hair
  • Non-greasy formula
  • Free from sulphates and parabens


  • Has a strong smell which may not suit some

Mamaearth Onion Hair Styling Cream

Mamaearth Onion Hair Styling Cream
Mamaearth Onion Hair Styling Cream

Are you sick of your hair being tangled and unmanageable all the time? Introducing the Men’s Mamaearth Onion Hair Styling Cream, which nourishes and helps to tame and shape your hair. The hair styling cream provides your hair firmness and lustre when styled since it is made with the benefits of onion and the strength of redensyl.

Prominent Features of the Mamaearth Onion Hair Styling Cream:

  • This hair styling cream from Mamaearth not only maintains the desired style but also adds an alluring shine to the hair
  • The Mamaearth hair cream, which is high in vitamin E and glycerin, seals in moisture to make your hair softer
  • Promotes hair development while reducing hair loss, thanks to its Redensyl and onion enrichment


  • Dermatologically tested
  • Gives shine to your hair
  • Pleasant smell


  • Does not hold hair very well

Final Word

Hair creams are emollient-based products, which smooth out dry, coarse hair by removing frizz and also boost hair shine. Based on our research, the Ustraa Hair Cream, Schwarzkopf Professional Treatment, and Indus Valley Deep Nourishing Hair Spa Cream are our top picks for the best hair creams in India. While making our recommendations, we also took into consideration factors like the texture of hair, type of scalp, porosity, and packaging. Let us know which one worked out the best for you!


Can I use hair cream every day?

Yes, you can use hair cream every day. You may apply hair creams both before and after shampooing. The cream fortifies the roots, conditions the hair, and stops hair fall. It also encourages hair development if used like any other oil before shampooing.

Does hair cream cause hair damage?

Hair loss is a result of all chemical-containing hair products. The roots of the hair become weak while using hair colours, hair creams, and hair sprays that include chemicals. We recommend using hair creams like Indus Valley Deep Nourishing Hair Spa Cream and Khadi Suddha Nourishing Hair Cream since they are made from natural ingredients.

When should I use hair cream?

Hair creams should be used on wet hair after shampooing and conditioning it, just like any other leave-in product. They may also be used on coarse hair as an additional treatment between washes to provide definition and smoothness.

What improves hair quality?

The road to strong, healthy hair is paved with effort on all fronts. While avoiding overwashing and heat damage is crucial, what you put into your body also matters. Your hair and scalp may benefit from eating a balanced diet that contains a range of vitamins, minerals, and protein sources.

Do you use hair cream on wet or dry hair?

When you apply your hair cream to damp hair, you will lose a lot of them throughout the drying process. As a result, it is better to towel dry or let your hair air dry before adding the cream. Let your hair dry around 80% of the way, and then add your hair cream to get the finest effects.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

Highly experienced and competent researchers at CashKaro work hard to provide you with the finest market suggestions available online. To create a list of products you can trust, we evaluate various products and compare them based on a variety of factors. However, we recommend that you talk to your hair care specialist before using a new hair cream. We really hope that this list will assist you in reaching an educated conclusion.

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