7 Best Hair Sprays in India for All Your Styling Needs

Don’t we all wish that our good hair days last forever? Who wouldn’t want to look gorgeous every day? But this can look like a dream when you spend hours getting the right look, but your hair refuses to cooperate. Fret not! Prolong the life of your favourite hairstyles and let them shine round the clock with the best hair sprays we have curated for you.

Hair sprays allow your hair to look less frizzy and smoothen them to make them more manageable and presentable. Unlike popular belief, hair sprays do not cause stiffening or damage. Instead, they add a natural lustre to your mane to make it appear healthier. While some hair sprays are enriched with natural ingredients like essential oils, others might boast of advanced chemical technology. With the wide variety available on the market, choosing the best hair spray for yourself can become quite the task. Read on as we decode the ultimate guide to buying the choicest styling hair spray for your hair.

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Top 7 Hair Sprays to Ace Your Hair Game

1. Gatsby Extreme Hold Hair Spray

Gatsby Hair Spray
Gatsby Extreme Hold Hair Spray

If you’re looking for a setting spray that holds your hair in place as you hustle round the clock, the Gatsby Set and Keep Spray for Extreme Hold is perfect for you. Ideal for use on all hair types, this spray will keep your favourite hairstyle intact even through the most humid of weather. Created from premium quality ingredients, this spray does not cause damage to your hair upon regular use as well.

One of the best hair sprays available, it does not make your hair coarse; instead it lends a natural and healthy shine to your mane. Use it right after shampooing your hair, or spritz it in the middle of the week, and slay the day with your gorgeous hair.

What’s Good

  • No Hair Damage
  • All-Weather Spray
  • Adds Shine

What’s Bad

  • Can make your hair hard if used from too close

2. UrbanGabru Frozt Hair Spray

UrbanGabru Hair Spray
UrbanGabru Frozt Hair Spray

Tired of frizzy hair and fly-aways that keep spoiling your trendy hairstyles? Get hold of the UrbanGabru Frozt Hair Spray and get the perfect hair, always. Ideal for all weathers, this gas-free hair spray dries quickly and gives your hair a super-strong hold. Enriched with the goodness of aloe vera, it does not stiffen or damage your hair and keeps them soft and smooth for as long as 24 hours.

Perfect for use by both men and women, it is an unscented formula that is sulphate and paraben free. So, get the best frizz-free experience the next time you step out without your hair looking sticky or stiff.

What’s Good

  • Sulphate and Paraben Free
  • Vitamins E and C
  • No Gas Formula

What’s Bad

  • Might not last as long without the wax

3. Tigi Bed Head, Hard Head Spray

Tigi Hair Spray
Tigi Bed Head, Hard Head Spray

Fed up of spending hours creating hairstyles that won’t hold up? The TIGI Bed Head, Hard Head Hair Spray might be the solution to all your styling woes. Infused with the fresh fragrance of lemongrass, it gives lends hair relentless hold and control that even the best hair sprays cannot give.

Whether you have silky-soft hair or dry-wavy ones, this hair spray will help you style any type of hair. The more you spray, the stiffer and firmer your hair will get. So, spray on once for a short day out, or layer it over for those crazy weekend getaways, and enjoy flawless hair everywhere you go.

What’s Good

  • No Messy Residue
  • Dries Quickly

What’s Bad

  • Slightly Pricey

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4. Man Arden Hair Spray

Man Arden Hair Spray
Man Arden Hair Spray

Make your hair feel as healthy as they look with the natural care of vitamin E enriched Moroccan argan oil and bhringraj. While the former conditions your hair to make them healthier, the latter prevents hair fall and supports hair growth. The Man Arden Hair Spray lets you get the best of style and care through its potent, non-sticky formula.

Meant to give your hair a strong hold and uncompromised finish through long hours, it also lends them a frizz-free shine. One of the best hair sprays for men, it is free from harmful chemicals like parabens and sulphates, and artificial scents, and lets you enjoy healthy, nourished hair even upon regular use.

What’s Good

  • No Harmful Chemicals
  • Nourishing Formula
  • All-Weather Use

What’s Bad

  • Not Very Long Lasting

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5. Gatsby Ultra Hard Hair Spray

Gatsby Hair Spray
Gatsby Ultra Hard Hair Spray

If you constantly worry about maintaining your stubborn tresses, the Gatsby Set and Keep Ultra Hard Hair Spray might just make your life easier. Created to manage even the most frizzy, untamed hair, it has the maximum setting power and keeps your hair in place the longest. The fine mist of the spray coats your hair evenly to give optimum UV protection without stiffening your hair.

This citrus-scented spray also adds a subtle shine to your hair, without leaving any residue or feeling sticky and heavy.

What’s Good

  • UV Protection
  • Ultimate Setting Power
  • No Residue

What’s Bad

  • Not meant for everyday use

6. Set Wet Extreme Hold Hair Spray

Set Wet Hair Spray
Set Wet Extreme Hold Hair Spray

Only if hair styling were a five-minute job every morning, life would be so much easier for all of us. Well, with the Set Wet Extreme Hold Hair Spray, it is exactly as simple as it sounds. Free from parabens, sulphates, mineral oil, and formaldehyde, this extreme hold hair spray has been a personal favourite of men through generations.

Ideal for straight, wavy, as well as curly hair, it dries quickly, does not cause flaking, and gives you a lasting hairstyle. Easy to brush and wash off, this spray allows you to control your hairstyle as per your choice without stiffening your hair.

What’s Good

  • Ideal for All Hair Types
  • Easy to Wash
  • Super Light

What’s Bad

  • Not Very Long Lasting

7. Moroccanoil Luminous Hair Spray

Moroccanoil Hair Spray
Moroccanoil Luminious Hair Spray

Forget that hair styling sprays could cause any hair damage and revel in an all-new experience with the Moroccanoil Luminous Hair Spray from gorgeous, frizz-free hair. Infused with vitamin E enriched Moroccan argan oil, it nourishes, tames, and volumizes your hair. Ideal for blowouts, ponytails, as well as party-buns, it is one of the best hair sprays for women and imparts a beautiful shine to your mane.

The lightweight formula is non-sticky and does not leave any unwanted flaky residue behind. Easily brushable, this spray allows you to get the best of your hairstyle all day long.

What’s Good

  • Nourishing Formula
  • Non-Sticky
  • Adds Shine

What’s Bad

  • Slightly Expensive

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