15 Best Helmet Brands That Offer Style and Security

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When out on the roads, riding our favourite bikes, helmets act as our saviours. They can save us from major head injuries. So, before you go out on the road with a two-wheeler, whether on the rider’s seat or the passenger’s, you must wear a helmet. Coming to buying a helmet, you will have many options since many brands in India manufacture helmets and other safety gear to keep you safe on the road. Here we have a list of the helmet brands that are the best on the market.

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How Do We Choose the Best Helmet Brand for You?

Several underlying factors decide the durability and safety a headgear provides. One should carefully inspect a few elements for a wise decision. The following three are the most significant factors no one should miss out on when purchasing a helmet. 

Type of helmet

Many variations of helmets are found in the market manufactured by top helmet brands. The commonly available types are full-face coverage, half-face coverage, off-road and modular helmets. Firstly, understand your needs and assess what you are comfortable with. If you are a biker, a full-face helmet provides the best security. Whereas, for scooter riders, half-face helmets also work. 

Material of the helmet

Fibre and glass composites are usually used by leading helmet manufacturing brands in India for providing protection on a budget. In comparison, high-end helmets are made of kevlar and carbon composites. Besides, the interiors of the helmet are made with air mesh along with cushioning. Some brands produce plastic helmets that do not proffer high levels of security. So, opting for the former options is feasible and safe. 


Without comfort, one cannot ride a vehicle at ease. So, picking an option you can be comfortable in for a long time is essential. Weight is a vital factor that determines comfort level. Always choose a helmet that is lightweight and does not inhibit head movement. 

List of the Top 15 Helmet Brands in India 

1. Steelbird

Steelbird Helmet
Steelbird Helmet

One of Asia’s largest manufacturers of helmets, Steelbird has over 45 years of experience and remains among the best helmet brands. The company keeps changing its approach with the changing global dynamics and caters to modern needs. 

Notable Features of Steelbird:

  • The company provides a wide variety of headgear for ease and security.
  • All the helmets have breathable padding for a comfortable ride.
  • All interior materials are detachable and washable. 


  • Helmets with quick-release buckles
  • Designs accommodate handsfree kits easily
  • ISI Certified


  • Little expensive

Why We Picked Steelbird?

Steelbird has been a trusted brand for over 4 decades. The teams working with the company bring innovation with distinct changes supporting users’ needs. Among all helmet-producing companies, Steelbrid still remains the first choice of numerous riders. 

2. Studds

Studds Helmet
Studds Helmet

Studds started operating in 1973. The company manufactures over 14 million helmets annually and continues to innovate safety gear of the best quality. It is among the most famous helmet brands that commit to delivering excellence on a budget. 

Notable Features of Studds:

  • Studds is one of the few companies that inject the outer shells of each helmet with engineering thermoplastic. It makes the helmets resist high impacts.
  • For each helmet, good quality is maintained by adding a polycarbonate visor, mostly silicone, that resists scratches and dents. 
  • Studds also offers EPS concussion paddings that have anti-allergic velveteen lined around. 


  • Affordable
  • ISI Certified
  • Numerous options 
  • Many colours available

Why We Picked Studds?

Studds is one of the best helmet brands for motorcycles that unduly attends to all the necessities of bikers for superior protection. The key reason for keeping this brand on our list is that it utilises advanced technology to upgrade the headgears to bring effective changes. 

3. Vega

Vega Helmet
Vega Helmet

Vega believes in the philosophy of quality over quantity to justify the customers choosing their products. It is always working to bring out innovation while keeping the style intact. 

Notable Features of Vega:

  • Vega uses carbon fibre technology
  • The outer shells are scratch-resistant with an ABS material shell.
  • It also uses optical polycarbonate visors to resist UV rays.


  • ISI Certified
  • Different designs in varied price ranges

Why We Picked Vega?

Vega manufactures technology-assisted headgear. The designs and comfort of each model are unmatched. Most of the Vega headgears are made with acrylonitrile butadiene styrene shells to assure long-term safety against high impacts. 

4. Axor

Axor Helmet
Axor Helmet

By collaborating with international designers, Axor manages to conceptualise high-end products that are durable and stylish. It is one of the top helmet brands in India as it caters to the consumer only after actual road tests. 

Notable Features of Axor:

  • ABS material is used to make each product for high protection. 
  • Most of the helmets have dual EPS lining that absorbs impact energy.
  • Models include chin straps for avoiding rolling. 


  • Multiple patterns and designs available
  • Optically correct visors used 


  • Expensive

Why We Picked Axor?

Axor utilises the best of technology to provide road assistance to individuals riding bikes. Among the top helmet companies’ names, it attains a good position for its unique patterns and styles. 

5. Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield Helmet
Royal Enfield Helmet
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Royal Enfield is among the helmet brand names that curates an amalgamation of style and safety to be the first choice of the mass. It is an iconic Indian brand with a prominent global presence for the voguish bike models it creates. 

Notable Features of Royal Enfield:

  • The company makes top-notch models of bikes and headgears to cater to a large population. 
  • The Royal Enfield helmets have micrometric locks that ease operation. 
  • High-grade polycarbonate material is used.


  • Washable internal material 
  • ISI Certified


  • Little Expensive

Why We Picked Royal Enfield?

Royal Enfield is a name that doesn’t need an introduction, especially to bike enthusiasts. The brand has gained the trust of millions over the last 11 decades of its existence. We have picked this company because it continues to make quality products. 

6. GoMechanic

GoMechanic Helmet
GoMechanic Helmet

GoMechanic is a renowned car service provider with a digital presence all over the country. It aims to make smart devices for automobiles. 

Notable Features of GoMechanic:

  • All GoMechanic helmets have scratch-resistant visors.
  • The fabric utilised for making the interior absorbs moisture rapidly
  • Micrometric buckles in the chin straps make the helmet handy. 


  • ISI Approved
  • Several options for both men and women
  • Affordable

Why We Picked GoMechanic?

The compact designs of GoMechanic helmets help with easy movement. These helmets are lightweight and easy to wear. Its helmets have all the best qualities you look for in a helmet.

7. O2

O2 Helmet
O2 Helmet

O2 has been a top name in the world of helmets since 2007. It has a wide range of lightweight helmets. It places safety and quality first on its priority list. Furthermore, the company aims to empower all bikers with gears that ensure complete security

Notable Features of O2:

  • The company makes both full-face and half-face helmets. 
  • Every variant has an adjustable chin strap that eases headgear removal. 
  • The full-face varieties have two ventilated holes for optimum ventilation. 


  • Affordable
  • Wide range of variety for both men and women
  • Made with polycarbonate material for increased strength and protection

Why We Picked O2?

O2 cares about the users’ safety over everything else. It comes up with innovative helmet designs to suit everyone’s pocket. Besides, it gives many options with the lightweight range benign available in multiple colours. 

8. SMK Helmets

SMK Helmets
SMK Helmets

SMK is well-known, especially for producing varied sports headgear. The state-of-the-art manufacturing units of this company incorporate the latest machinery and technological assistance. The brand has stepped into the global market and is adding to the style quotient in the helmet industry. 

Notable Features of SMK:

  • SMK uses pin lock visors for making helmets. It ensures fog-free riding and clear vision. 
  • The helmets have breath deflectors that keep warm breath deflected from the visors. 
  • The air ventilators used in the headgears are dynamic. They have channel exhaust for proper air ventilation. 


  • ISI Approved
  • ECE Certified


  • Expensive
  • Most helmets are made of plastic 

9. Yamaha

Yamaha Helmet
Yamaha Helmet

Yamaha has been a notable name in the Indian automobile industry since 1985. All its operations are customer driven and every product is manufactured adhering to strict safety norms.

Notable Features of Yamaha:

  • Yamaha is among the good helmet brands that use polystyrene.
  • The headgears have detachable and replaceable liners that increase their durability.
  • The helmets include quick-release chin straps for ease of usage. 


  • Visors made with an anti-scratch polycarbonate
  • Many options in different colours available


  • Expensive

10. Aura Helmets

Aura Helmets
Aura Helmets

Aura Helmets ventured into the automobile industry to proffer high-quality riding gear and biking accessories.

Notable Features of Aura Helmets:

  • Manufactures full-face and half-face helmets in varied designs. 
  • The interior lining is soft and can be washed by partially removing it. 
  • The helmets are made of thermoplastic shells to make them UV and scratch-resistant. 


  • ISI Certified
  • Affordable
  • Available in multiple colours

11. Habsolite 

Habsolite Helmets
Habsolite Helmets

Habsolite is a new-age brand producing vintage-looking headgears with affordable price tags. Its focus lies on building products that perfectly blend safety and ergonomics. 

Notable Features of Habsolite:

  • If you are checking helmet brands with reasonable prices, Habsolite will provide you with the most pocket-friendly options. 
  • The helmets are appropriate for biking, skating and cycling.
  • The company is popular for its half-face helmet range, which comes in numerous styles and colours. 


  • Crisp clip mechanism for easy removal
  • Made with ABS plastic of good quality

12. Xinor

Xinor Helmet
Xinor Helmet

Xinor has been in the automobile accessory industry for over 30 years. It encourages safe and comfortable rides by providing a broad category of helmets. 

Notable Features of Xinor:

  • Xinor has helmets of a wide variety. Open-face, closed-face and sports helmets are its most selling helmets. 
  • The interiors have premium stitching quality for comfort and security.


  • Lightweight
  • Proper fit
  • ISI Approved
  • Affordable

13. Viber

Viber Helmet
Viber Helmet

Viber manufactures men’s helmets of superior quality. The lightweight helmets, with their affordability, have gained the attention of learning riders the most. 

Notable Features of Viber:

  • The helmets have soft foam padding for the ultimate riding experience.
  • The visors are made with tinted polycarbonate for optical clarity. 


  • Employs quick release chin strap mechanism 
  • Visor latch locks present in each helmet
  • Affordable 

14. Sage Square

Sage Square Helmet
Sage Square Helmet

Sage Square is an Indian helmet brand that aces in manufacturing open-face helmets. It utilises different materials like acrylonitrile butadiene styrene to make unique helmets. 

Notable Features of Sage Square:

  • The helmets are lightweight and fit easily in scooter compartments.
  • The brand manufactures helmets in different sizes to be inclusive. 
  • The helmets are hard-shelled for absorbing heavy impacts. 
  • They have flexible straps for easy attachment and removal. 


  • Affordable
  • ISI Approved

15. Guardian Helmets

Guardian deals with roadway and medical-grade helmets for protection. The company caters to the needs of commoners in addition to hospitals. It addresses several health complications to ease patients’ lives. 

Notable Features of the Guardian Brand:

  • The brand makes promising aviator-style helmets in addition to other variants.
  • The straps and comfort pads are made of nylon for better comfort.
  • The visors of these helmets are optically correct. 


  • ISI Certified
  • Affordable


  • Not many options available

Final Words

All the 15 included helmet brands are trustworthy and provide the utmost security. Although Steelbird is the most popular helmet brand, the others have their own USPs. Some have the best full-face helemts, while some produce effective half-face gears. Choose a helmet that fits all your needs. 


How to choose a perfectly sized helmet?

Most helmet brands mention the size of the helmet in the description. You can choose a size that fits you by measuring the circumference of your head. The helmet should be snug without any extra room and should rest on your head comfortably without tilting.

Which is the best helmet brand in India?

Steelbird is one of the best helmet brands available in India. You can also check out other listed options on our blog.

Is it worth buying a costly international helmet?

You can pick a good helmet depending upon your budget, and spending a huge sum on an international brand may not always be worth it. The main factors you should consider are the safety and comfort offered by the helmet.

Is it ok to buy an uncertified helmet?

You should not buy an uncertified helmet as it will not provide any protection in case of accidents. ISI approved helmets are tested to offer higher impact resistance and will protect you in times of need.

What are the various types of helmets available?

There are 6 types of motorcycle helmets – full-face helmets, half-face helmets, modular helmets, half-shell helmets, off-road helmets, and dual-sport helmets.

  • Full-face helmets not only protect your entire head and face but also have a chin bar that protects your chin and jaw. They can be a little bulky but are a top choice as they offer maximum protection against accidents, wind, sun, rain, as well as noise levels.
  • Half-face helmets, also known as three-quarter helmets, only cover your head with a visor for your face. They offer more airflow but might not be ideal in case of any mishaps.
  • Modular helmets offer as much protection as full-face helmets. You can open this type of helmets by flipping up the visor and chin bar.
  • Half-shell helmets are also known as skull helmets. They cover your head to the ears and leave all other areas, reducing their safety feature. While you might get a better view of the road, it offers no protection against dust, wind, rain, noise, or accidents.
  • Off-road helmets are sharper, angular, and have a wider visor. They are robust and lightweight, best suited for off-road adventures.
  • Dual sport helmets are a combination of full-face and off-road helmets. They do not lift with the wind and have good interior padding, making them suitable for both off-road and on-road drives.

How can I buy helmets online in India?

You can go to top shopping sites like Amazon and search for helmet brands online. You can then choose from the best brands and pick a helmet that offers comfort, safety, and is stylish.

Which is the best helmet for Indian roads?

A full-face, certified helmet is best for Indian roads.

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