16 Best Exercise Bike Brands In India

Physical exercise has become a vital part of modern man’s life as it offers a plethora of health benefits. Physical exercise boosts the immune system, manages weight, improves joint mobility, strengthens heart function, and improves respiration. While working at home can be a task for some, it becomes easier if you have adequate exercise equipment at home. Exercise bikes have proven to be a fun form of workout for people of all ages. If you’re considering getting one for your home, check out our list of the brands that offer the best exercise bikes for you.

Our Top Picks

How Do We Choose the Best Exercise Bike Brands for You?

Your fitness objectives, like getting in shape, weight loss, and performance development, will determine which exercise bike you should choose. In India, a good quality bike brand costs anywhere between Rs 4,300 and Rs 30,000. Before you jump into our recommendations of the best electric tandoors available in India, we suggest you go through the factors that helped us decide on the best products for you.

Frequency of Usage

The first thing you should determine while buying an exercise bike is how much you will use it.

Regular Usage: We advise picking a model that offers a variety of programs to keep you motivated, whether you want to slim down or tone up. In order to achieve your objectives, these models are excellent for more consistent training. Additionally, they are simpler to ride, feature a more comfortable seat, and can be adjusted to fit various heights.

Occasional Usage: Consider a bike with manual adjustments and basic informational programs if you want to get back into sports or maintain your fitness. These types of exercise bikes are convenient and ideal for sporadic usage.

Intensive Usage: We recommend that you opt for a model with additional features if you wish to boost your athletic performance. These versions provide a wider variety of programs, heart rate monitors, and coaching options since they were designed for heavy usage.


A smooth, jerk-free action while pedalling is considered comfortable. For enhanced joint comfort, we advise selecting a model with a flywheel that weighs at least 3 kg. If you want to bike often, keep in mind that a flywheel with a larger weight will make pedalling more pleasant. To determine the amount of pedal comfort that works best for you, test out different models.


Along with the saddle, the handlebars on certain exercise bikes may be adjusted in height. Having a better posture when working out is greatly facilitated by this comfort requirement. On certain exercise bikes, the handlebars may be adjusted in addition to the saddles. For an improved posture during exercises, this comfort standard is crucial. By doing so, you may customise the bike to fit your physique.

List Of 16 Best Exercise Bikes in India



Fitkit was established in 2010 in Maryland and manufactures wellness tools for making a change in the daily lifestyle of people. FitKit exercise bikes have a unique fan wheel design with a 3 kg flywheel that acts as an air resistor, ensuring an optimum and productive workout.

Prominent Features of the FitKit Exercise Bike:

  • These bikes have a five-function display that measures time, speed, distance covered, calories burned, and scan.
  • They have an adjustable seat with a comfortable saddle and comfy pedals
  • The gear occupies minimum space in your house and supports a weight of 100 kg.


  • Comfortable saddle
  • Height-adjustable seat
  • Easy to install
  • Non-slip pedals

Why We Picked the FitKit Exercise Bike?

Depending on the intensity, using an exercise bike will burn more calories in less time. To provide the most comfortable fit, FitKit provides a completely cushioned seat that may be adjusted to your height. You may put this bike in any room of your house with ease. The digital metre shows your time, pace, distance, and calories to help you keep track of how well your training is going.


Lifeline Exercise Bike

Lifeline is a trusted brand when it comes to exercise bikes. Currently, the company has sixteen models of exercise bikes in the market with different features and specifications. Some popular exercise bikes by the company are magnetic recumbent bikes, air bikes, generator recumbent bikes, spin bikes, and more.

Prominent Features of the Lifeline Exercise Bike:

  • The Lifeline Exercise Cycle is a transportable, non-motorised exercise bike that may be used at home
  • Features padded grips with adjustable-reach arms that are comfortable
  • Time, distance, calories burned, speed, and scan are shown on an electronic metre attached to the bike


  • Comes with an installation manual
  • Sturdy build
  • Adjustable reach arms

Why We Picked the Lifeline Exercise Bike?

The non-motorised exercise bikes from Lifeline are sure to make you healthy and fit as well as improve your overall health. The exercise bikes have ergonomically adjustable reach arms as well as electronic meters that track distance, time, speed, calories burnt, and scan.


Strauss Exercise Bike

Strauss is a popular brand in India when it comes to fitness and healthcare. The exercise bikes have a sleek and unique fan wheel design that allows the air to act as resistance for maximum workout. They have an adjustable height and a comfortable saddle. The ergonomic adjustable reach arm handles are padded for better grip and comfort.

Prominent Features of the Strauss Exercise Bike:

  • The Strauss Exercise Bikes feature a sizable seat cushion with a height adjustment option
  • You can get a good workout as the unique design uses air as resistance, thanks to a novel fan wheel design
  • The cycles also have padded grips with adjustable-reach arms that are comfortable


  • Adjustable height
  • Proper grip and comfort
  • Cushioned saddle

Why We Picked the Strauss Exercise Bike?

The Strauss Exercise Bike have electronic displays to depict distance, speed, and time among other things. This machine is a one-time stop for all health benefits like effective joint mobility, boosting immunity, cardio, burning calories, improving respiratory functions, and more.


Kobo Exercise Bike

Kobo is a leading fitness and exercise equipment manufacturer in India and has been in this field for the last several decades. Kobo exercise bikes come with many features that make your workout easier and more effective.  The flywheels of the bikes are made of stainless steel, which makes them rust-free and low maintenance.

Prominent Features of the Kobo Exercise Bike:

  • The seat height of the exercise bikes can be adjusted for optimum comfort
  • The handles of the Kobor exercise bike are fitted with high-quality foam for better grip and comfort
  • The electronic displays show the speed, distance, time, and scan, and the maximum user weight supported by Kobo exercise bikes varies.


  • Adjustable seat position
  • Adjustable handlebar position
  • Premium quality construction


  • Durability issues

Why We Picked the Kobo Exercise Bike?

The Kobo Exercise Bike is easy to install and can be used for everyday workout practice. The adjustable seat can be positioned with horizontal and vertical adjustments. This exercise bike also features a silent belt drive mechanism with adjustable resistance.

Body Gym

Body Gym Exercise Bike
Body Gym

Body Gym was founded in New Delhi in 1996 and is one of the largest companies that produce indoor-outdoor fitness equipment in India.  The exercise bikes are non-motorised cycles with ergonomically adjustable-reach arms with padded grips. They have a steel frame construction with an adjustable handle and seat height.

Prominent Features of the Body Gym Exercise Bike:

  • The Body Gym Exercise Bikes have adjustable and ergonomic handles for comfort
  • Features an electronic metre that indicates time, distance, calories burned, speed and scan
  • Additionally, the seats are comfortable and easily adjustable


  • Adjustable seat and handle
  • Sturdy construction
  • Electronic display


  • Build quality and finishing can be improved
  • Installation can be tricky

Why We Picked the Body Gym Exercise Bike?

The electronic display of the Body Gym Exercise Bike shows the time, speed, distance, scan, and calories burnt. Additionally, with the manual tension knob, you can easily adjust the tension as per strength.

Hercules Fitness

Hercules Fitness Exercise Bike
Hercules Fitness

Hercules started a fitness revolution in India. Hercules exercise bikes have one of the trendiest products in the market today. The exercise bikes have flywheels of 3-4 kg, and most of them serve the dual function of both cycling and elliptical machines. The bikes have a single window display to denote time, speed, distance, and calories and can support a maximum weight of 100 kg.

Prominent Features of the Hercules Fitness Bike:

  • The Hercules Fitness Exercise Bikes have an extremely sturdy construction with a high-strength steel frame for quiet operation
  • The bikes offer the ideal, vertically adjustable, cushioned seat for comfort
  • Additionally, the bikes have non-skid pedals that make your experience even better


  • Adjustable hand
  • Cushioned seat for comfort
  • Increased joint mobility


Klapp Exercise Bike

Klapp exercise bikes are very versatile when it comes to usage. Both the upper and lower body workout can be targeted in just one machine. The monitor displays the distance covered, time, speed, scan, and calories burnt. The maximum weight that can be supported by the exercise bikes varies.

Prominent Features of the Klapp Exercise Bike:

  • The pedals of the Klapp Exercise Bikes are comfortable and durable
  • Most of the exercise bikes by Klapp have a fan for instant cooling in case you start to work up the sweat
  • The saddles of the seats are comfortable and can be adjusted as per the trainee’s height


  • Adjustable tension knob for personalised exercises
  • Adjustable foot straps
  • Non-skid pedals


Cosco Exercise Bike

Cosco was established in 1980 with a Golden Status Export House certificate listed in the SE of India. It is one of the largest manufacturers of fitness equipment in India. Different Cosco exercise bikes have different features and specifications. Cosco exercise bikes have flywheels of varying capacities, and the bikes themselves come semi-installed.

Prominent Features of the Cosco Exercise Bike:

  • They have an LCD display to show the time, distance, speed, pulse, and calories burnt
  • The seats have an adjustable height and can support a maximum user weight of 100 kg
  • When seated, the Elliptical Trainer may be used to cycle and function like an elliptical bike


  • Features a display screen
  • Movable handlebar
  • Non-skid pedal

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Cockatoo Exercise Bike

Cockatoo is a famous brand in the fitness equipment business and offers some of the best exercise bikes in India. Cockatoo bikes are available with a flywheel of 4 kg. The technical details of the Cockatoo exercise bikes vary depending on the product chosen. The electronic display tracks the time, speed, distance, pulse, and calories burnt, among other things.

Prominent Features of the Cockatoo Exercise Bike:

  • The seat can be adjusted as per the user’s choice, along with ergonomically adjustable reach arms, which are padded for a proper grip
  • The user can manually control the tension of the exercise bike as per their strength
  • The LCD display on this workout bike features easy-to-read data such as speed, time, distance, and calories burned
  • The flywheel operates smoothly and quietly and requires little maintenance


  • Anti-skid floor grips
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Easy operation


  • The noise can be slightly annoying

10. beatXP

beatXP bike

beatXP is one of the top-notch companies in the fitness and healthcare segment in India. Their exercise bikes are portable and sleek. You can adjust the height of the exercise cycle as per your requirements. The bike also has ergonomically adjustable reach arms and an electronic display to show distance, speed, time, calories burnt, and scan. Most of the bikes also have a manual tension knob for strength adjustment.

Prominent Features of the beatXP Exercise Bike:

  • Engage in a full-body exercise with this bike, or you can also isolate your upper body by keeping the handles motionless
  • The cushioned seat provides you with comfort through the exercise
  • Strong straps on the foot pegs keep your feet in place while doing high-intensity exercises


  • Comfortable
  • Movable handles
  • Electronic display to track progress


  • Build quality can be improved


Healthex Exercise Bike

Healthex bikes are made from stainless steel frames, so your bike can withstand the roughest of workout sessions with you. Available in a range of models, the bikes are very sleek and lightweight and occupy almost no space in your house.

Prominent Features of the Healthex Exercise Bike:

  • Made for quick home workouts, the non-motorised cycles improve hip joint mobility, strengthen knees and legs, enhance bodily endurance, and help improve respiratory and cardiovascular health.
  • An installation manual is included in the packaging, which can be used to build the device
  • These bikes have a sleek design and are very lightweight, making them an amazing addition to your workout routine


  • Lightweight
  • Durable material
  • Adjustable seat


  • Some parts may come damaged and might need to be replaced
  • Pedals might make noise


Reach Exercise Bike

From the most basic exercise bikes to the most advanced ones, Reach has something for everyone’s needs. While the simpler models feature the usual adjustable seat and tension knobs, the best ones come with cage-shaped pedals with adjustable straps. The exercise bike has a wide stable base, 4-way adjustable heat, handle height adjustment, ergonomic seat, and digital LED monitor.

Additionally, it has wheels for easy movement, anti-shake resistance, and heart rate monitoring. If you’re looking for a complete health solution for your family, Reach is the brand for you.

Prominent Features of the Reach Exercise Bike:

  • This bike has an LCD and a user-friendly tracker that you can use to scan modes and keep track of your time, speed, distance, and calories burnt while you ride
  • Features a big, adjustable seat cushion and is ergonomically engineered for comfortable seating
  • High-density foam is crammed into its handlebars to protect you from back stiffness, strains, and muscular pains while you exercise


  • Adjustable padded seat positioning
  • Pedal with strap
  • Easy installation


  • The saddle may become uncomfortable after some time


PowerMax Exercise Bike

PowerMax fitness brings you world-class equipment for your at-home training sessions. Not only are their exercise bikes built for intense workouts, but they are also highly economical and long-running. With a weight capacity of up to 135 kg, these bikes come with heavy base wheels. Therefore, you do not have the risk of tumbling over, even during the most intense exercises.

Prominent Features of the PowerMax Exercise Bike:

  • The bike includes the ideal comfort cushion seat and vertical adjustment for tension management
  • Features sensors for heart rate on the handle grip
  • Fully adjustable seat with a sweat-resistant coating
  • Each bike comes with a vertical adjustment, strapped pedals, and a rotatable tension knob, and some might feature a pulse sensor on the handles too.


  • Beautiful design
  • Takes up a small amount of space
  • Comfortable grip


  • Build quality can be improved

Sparnod Fitness

Sparnod Fitness Exercise Bike
Sparnod Fitness

From treadmills and elliptical trainers, Sparnod Fitness gives you the ultimate fitness experience. The brand delivers easy-to-use bikes that can be self-installed. Available in a range of models, their bestseller comes with moving handles, a digital display monitor, and an adjustable seat.

Prominent Features of the Sparnod Fitness Exercise Bike:

  • The foot pedals are strapped for better support, and the bike has an anti-slip wide base for better stability
  • You can monitor your speed and enhance the level of your workout all in one place
  • Additionally, a good aerobic workout is provided by the stationary airbike cycle
  • The resistance level may be adjusted via the tension controller knob, providing a range of workout intensities


  • Variable workout intensity can be set
  • Wide base to prevent slipping
  • Wide variety of models



A well-known name in the fitness sector is Wearslim. For more than 4 years, they have offered the newest and most cutting-edge training equipment. Their user-friendly exercise bikes help build upper body strength, improve cardiovascular health, strengthen the lower body, and improve overall endurance.

While the cushioned seats ensure that you do not tire easily, the interactive LCD tracks speed, distance covered, calories burnt, etc.

Prominent Features of the Wearslim Exercise Bike:

  • Due to its quiet operation, the Wearslim Lets Play Exercise Bike won’t cause any disruption for your family members
  • Users may ride comfortably inside thanks to the two-way adjustable non-slip handlebar, four-ways padded seat, and a wide range of resistance
  • The exercise bike’s adjustable metal cage pedals keep you safe from a fast ride


  • Does not make much noise
  • Non-slip handlebar
  • Comfortable saddle

Arrow Fitness

Arrow Fitness
Arrow Fitness

When it comes to exercise bikes, Arrow Fitness takes the game a step ahead. The exercise bike can imitate riding on mountains, level roads, and steep slopes to fulfil the demands of athletes at various stages of development. The equipment works the whole body, including the upper body, waist, and lower limbs.

Prominent Features of the Arrow Fitness Bike:

  • The innovative handrail design of the Arrow Fitness Bike helps to strengthen arms and increases safety
  • The gym cycle features an internal, magnetically regulated flywheel, which is stronger and quieter, with a sound level of just 20 decibels
  • Simple to use, with a big LCD screen that is simple to check and a dial mechanism that makes it simple to adjust each thing
  • The solid, long-lasting tubular structure provides stability and safety to your workout


  • Strengthens body
  • Sturdy build
  • Does not make noise

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Final Word

Exercise bikes are a necessity if you plan on starting to work out. Based on our research, FitKit, Lifeline, and Strauss are our top picks for the best exercise bike brands in India. While making our recommendations, we also took into consideration factors like frequency of usage, pedalling, and comfort. Let us know which one worked out the best for you!


Are exercise cycles worth buying?

Yes, exercise cycles are worth buying. You can bring an exercise bike home, so you never have to skip a workout. You will get the advantage of riding in the convenience of your own home. Along with reducing belly fat, it will also provide you with a great aerobic workout, which will strengthen your muscles, heart, and immune system in addition to reducing belly fat.

Do I need an expensive stationary bike?

It is not necessary that you buy an expensive stationary bike. Your personal preferences, financial situation, and anticipated use all factor into your decision between an inexpensive and an expensive exercise bike. You may obtain various features that will help you reach your health and fitness objectives if you can extend your money to get an expensive exercise bike.

Which is better: walking or exercise bike?

Exercise bikes are much better than walking. Cycling may help you burn more calories and improve the strength of your lower body. However, walking tends to be less expensive than cycling and may benefit bone density.

How long do exercise bikes last?

Exercise bikes may endure up to 20 years if properly taken care of.

What happens if you ride a stationary bike every day?

Along with aiding in weight loss and calorie burning, regular aerobic exercise on a stationary bike has many other advantages. Exercise may elevate your mood and promote relaxation, which has an impact on both your mental and physical health.

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