Physical exercise has become a vital part of the modern man’s life as it offers a plethora of health benefits. Physical exercise boosts the immune system, manages weight, improves joints mobility, strengthens heart function, and improves respiration. While working at home can be a task for some, it becomes easier if you have adequate exercise equipment at home. Exercise bikes have proven to be a fun form of workout for people of all ages. If you’re considering getting one for your home, check out our list of the brands that offer the best exercise bikes for you.

List Of 16 Best Exercise Bikes for a Fun Workout Session

1. FitKit

Best Exercise Bikes

Fitkit was established in 2010 in Maryland and manufactures wellness tools for making a change in the daily lifestyle of people. Fitkit exercise bikes have an unique fan wheel design with a 3 kg flywheel that acts as an air resistor ensuring an optimum and productive workout.

These bikes have a five function display that measures time, speed, distance covered, calories burned, and scan. They have an adjustable seat with a comfortable saddle and comfy pedals. The gear occupies minimum space in your house and supports a weight of 100 kg.

2. Lifeline

Lifeline Exercise Bike

Lifeline is a trusted brand when it comes to exercise bikes. Currently, the company has sixteen models of exercise bikes in the market with different features and specifications. Some popular exercise bikes by the company are magnetic recumbent bikes, air bikes, generator recumbent bikes, spin bikes, and more.

The non-motorised exercise bikes are sure to make you healthy and fit as well as improve your overall health. The exercise bikes have an ergonomically adjustable reach arms as well as electronic meter that track distance, time, speed, calories burnt, and scan.

3. Strauss

Strauss Exercise Bike

Strauss is a popular brand in India when it comes to fitness and healthcare. The exercise bikes have a sleek and unique fan wheel design that allows the air to act as resistance for maximum workout. They have an adjustable height and a comfortable saddle. The ergonomic adjustable reach arms handles are padded for better grip and comfort.

The non-motorised machines have electronic displays to depict distance, speed, and time among other things. This machine is a one-time stop for all health benefits like effective joint mobility, boosting immunity, cardio, burning calories, toning your body, improving respiratory functions.

4. KS Healthcare

KS Healthcare Exercise Bike
KS Healthcare

KS Healthcare is one of the top-notch companies in the fitness and healthcare segment in India. The company was founded in 2010 in New Delhi and has since been engaged in the manufacturing of domestic fitness equipment. The exercise bikes are portable and sleek non-motorised exercise bikes.

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You can adjust the height of the exercise cycle as per your need. The bike also has an ergonomically adjustable reach arms, electronic display to show distance, speed, time, calories burnt and scan. Most of the bikes also have a manual tension knob for strength adjustment.

5. Body Gym

Body Gym Exercise Bike
Body Gym

Body Gym was founded in New Delhi in 1996 and is one of the largest companies that produces indoor-outdoor fitness equipment in India.  The exercise bikes are non-motorised cycle mechanisms with ergonomically adjustable reach arms with padded grips. They have a steel frame construction with an adjustable handle and seat height.

The electronic display shows the time, speed, distance, scan and calories burnt and with the manual tension knob, you can easily adjust the tension as per strength.

6. Hercules Fitness

Hercules Fitness Exercise Bike
Hercules Fitness

Hercules started a fitness revolution in India. Hercules exercise bikes have one of the trendiest products in the market today. The exercise bikes have flywheels of 3-4 kgs and most of them serve the dual function of both cycling and elliptical machines.

They have a single window display to denote time, speed, distance and calories and can support a maximum weight of 100 kgs.

7. Klapp

Klapp Exercise Bike

Klapp exercise bikes are very versatile when it comes to usage. Both the upper and lower body workout can be targeted in just one machine. The monitor displays the distance covered, time, speed, scan and calories burnt.  The saddle of the seat is comfortable and can be adjusted as per the trainee’s height.

The pedals are comfortable and durable and most of the exercise bikes by Klapp have a fan for instant cooling in case you start to work up the sweat. The maximum weight that can be supported by the exercise bikes vary.

8. Cosco

Cosco Exercise Bike

Cosco was established in 1980 with a Golden Status Export House certificate listed in the SE of India.  It is one of the largest manufacturers of fitness equipment in India. Different Cosco exercise bikes have different features and specifications.  Cosco exercise bikes have flywheels of varying capacities and the bikes themselves come semi-installed.

They have an LCD display to show the time, distance, speed, pulse and calories burnt. The seats have an adjustable height and they can support a maximum user weight of 100 kgs.

9. Kobo

Kobo Exercise Bike

Kobo is a leading fitness and exercise equipment manufacturer in India and has been in this field for the last many decades. Kobo exercise bikes come with many features that make your workout easier and effective.  The flywheels of the bikes are made of stainless steel that makes them rust free and low maintenance.

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The seat height of the exercise bikes can be adjusted and the handles are fitted with high-quality foam for better grip and comfort. The electronic displays show the speed, distance, time and scan. The maximum user weight supported by Kobo exercise bikes vary.

10. Cockatoo

Cockatoo Exercise Bike

Cockatoo is a famous brand in the fitness equipment business and offers some of the best exercise bikes in India. Cockatoo bikes are available with a flywheel of 4 kgs. The technical details of the Cockatoo exercise bikes vary depending on the product chosen. The electronic display tracks the time, speed, distance, pulse and calories burnt among other things.

The seat can be adjusted as per the user’s choice along with ergonomically adjustable reach arms which are padded for a proper grip. The user can manually control the tension of the exercise bike as per their strength.

11. Healthex

Healthex Exercise Bike

Healthex bikes are made from stainless steel frame so your bike can withstand the roughest of workout sessions with you. Available in a range of models, the bikes are very sleek and lightweight, and occupy almost no space in your house.

Made for quick home workouts, the non-motorised cycles improve hip joint mobility, strengthen knees and legs, enhance bodily endurance, and help improve respiratory and cardiovascular health.

12. Reach

Reach Exercise Bike

From the most basic exercise bikes too the most advanced ones, Reach has something for everyone’s needs. While the simpler models feature the usual adjustable seat and tension knobs, the best ones come with cage shaped pedals with adjustable strap, wide stable base, 4-way adjustable heat, handle height adjustment, ergonomic seat, digital LED monitor, wheels for easy movement, anti-shake resistance, tablet holder, and heart rate monitoring. If you’re looking for a complete health solution for your family, Reach is the brand for you.

13. PowerMax

PowerMax Exercise Bike

PowerMax fitness brings to you world class equipment for your at-home training sessions. Not only are their exercise bikes built for intense workouts, they are also highly economical and long-running. With a weight capacity of up to 135 kg, these bikes come with heavy base wheels so you do not have the risk of tumbling over even during the most intense exercises.

Each bike comes with a vertical adjustment, strapped pedals, and rotatable tension knob, and some might feature a pulse sensor on the handles too.

14. Sparnod Fitness

Sparnod Fitness Exercise Bike
Sparnod Fitness

From treadmills and elliptical trainers, Sparnod Fitness gives you the ultimate fitness experience. The #1 brand for upright exercise bikes, the brand delivers easy-to-use bikes that can be self-installed. Available in a range of models, their bestseller comes with moving handles, a digital display monitor, and adjustable seat.

The foot pedals are strapped for better support, and the bike has an anti-slip wide base for better stability. You can monitor your speed and enhance the level of your workout, all in one place.

15. A1 Solution

A1 Solution Exercise Bike
A1 Solution

A1 Solution truly provides you with A1 solutions for all your healthcare woes. Their user-friendly exercise bikes help build upper body strength, improve cardiovascular health, strengthen lower body, and improve overall endurance. While the cushioned seats ensure that you do not tire easily, the interactive LCD tracks speed, distance covered, calories burnt, etc.

The adjustable seat and tension knob are added highlights of this all-in-one exercise bike.

16. Evoke

Evoke Exercise Bike

When it comes to exercise bikes, Evoke takes the game a step ahead. The bikes come with a back support, additional moving handles, and a twister so you get your complete body workout in one place. With a weight-bearing capacity of 100 kg, the bike comes with an LCD monitor that displays various parameters like time elapsed, speed, calories burnt, etc.

The adjustable tension knob helps you increase or decrease the level of resistance as per your strength, while the strapped pedal cranks lend extra support during high intensity workouts as well.

List of the Best Exercise Cycles Brands In India

Best Exercise CyclesPrice*
FitKitRs 6500
LifelineRs 3000
StraussRs 1150
KS Healthcare Rs 6000
Body GymRs 4800
Hercules FitnessRs 13000
KlappRs 4500
CoscoRs 11830
KoboRs 5500
CockatooRs 5200
HealthexRs 5699
ReachRs 6899
PowerMaxRs 5799
Sparnod FitnessRs 5689
A1 SolutionRs 6999
EvokeRs 7599
*Prices are subject to change. Prices indicate the starting range of each brand.

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