14 Best Condom Brands in India for a Safe Intimate Experience

With all that condoms offer, these preventive measures have become essential when it comes to sexual health. Aside from preventing unwanted pregnancies and STDs, condoms are a great way to enhance your sexual experience with your partner. Usually made of latex, these contraceptive measures come in different shapes, sizes, and even flavours for those who love to experiment. Keep reading to know more about the best condom brands in India.

Benefits of Using a Condom

  • Prevents STIs
  • Prevents unwanted pregnancies
  • Easy access
  • Easy to use
  • Enhances pleasure
  • Can be used for various sexual activities
  • Can help penetrative sex last longer
  • Little to no side effects
  • Protects fertility and does not affect the menstrual cycle
  • Also, help in preventing other infections
  • Make cleaning up easier

How to Use a Condom?

Condoms are protective barriers used during sexual activity to reduce the risk of STIs (sexually transmitted infections) and pregnancy. Before using the condom, check for its expiration date and any visible damage, then tear the wrapper. Then take the condom and place it on top of the reproductive organ and roll it down, leaving no air bubbles. Make sure to roll the condom all the way to the base. After intercourse, remove the condom carefully and wrap it in a tissue to dispose of it. Always use a new condom before every act, and don’t forget to check its expiration date before use.

Our Top Picks:

How Do We Choose the Best Condom Brands for You?

Condoms are the best bet for safe and healthy sex. They are a highly efficient contraceptive strategy and a great way of preventing STDs and uninvited pregnancies. While they are important for every sexual encounter, buying them can be a bit challenging with so many brands and flavours of condoms available in the market. You can easily find good-quality condoms in India ranging from Rs 150 to Rs 700, which deliver quality, safety, and pleasure.

To provide you with the most reliable options, we have tested all the brands on multiple factors. Some of the prominent factors that we took into consideration are mentioned below. Make sure you also keep them in mind while making an informed decision.

Type of Material

There are different types of condom materials available in the market, most commonly latex and synthetic materials, which include polyurethane, polyisoprene, lamb intestine, etc. You can pick the one that you are not allergic to and that suits you the best.


Condoms are available in different sizes, flavours, as well as types. They are available in ribbed, ultra-thin, dotted, and more. The mentioned brands offer a wide selection to help you make an informed decision. You can pick any of the brands as per your preference.


In the Indian market, condoms are available across different budgets. While some are as low as Rs 150, others go up to Rs 600 or more. To offer something for everyone, we have listed brands for all budgets.

List of The Top 14 Condom Brands in India



With over 90 years of experience in the condom industry, Durex claims to produce India’s thinnest condoms. One of the best brands of condoms in India, these condoms are lubricated, transparent, easier to put on and have a comfortable fit. Made using fine-quality raw materials, Durex ensures stringent electronic testing for holes and imperfections in the contraceptive.

Price RangeRs 116 to Rs 500
FlavoursBubblegum, Chocolate, Strawberry
BenefitsEasy to put on

Types of Condoms:

  • Super ultra-thin lubricated
  • Ultra and extra-thin
  • Ribbed, flavoured, dotted, and climax delay condoms

Prominent Features of Durex Condoms:

  • Condoms from Durex are tested multiple times to make them clinically safe to use
  • Made with the latest technologies to enhance the process and ensure a reliable quality product
  • Durex condoms provide different varieties of flavours like strawberry, bubblegum chocolate and many more


  • Skillfully designed condoms
  • Range of products
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Comfortable to use

Why We Picked Durex?

Durex offers a range of condoms in different flavours and types to enhance the sexual experience. It consistently innovates and comes up with new variants to let you experiment. In the pursuit of pleasure, Durex never compromises with the quality and extensively tests its strength for safer sex.


Skore Condoms

Skore is a sexual wellness brand that brings a range of condoms in different flavours. It is a new entrant in the condom market and is owned by TTK Enterprises, which runs multiple businesses in the pharma, homeware, and kitchenware sector in India. The brand is known for offering a refreshing and stylish range of products that highly appeals to the young generation in the country.

Price RangeRs 280 to Rs 580
FlavourOrange, Banana, Cherry, and Strawberry
BenefitsPremium-quality latex 

Types of Condoms:

  • Ribbed, flavoured, dotted, and climax delay condoms

Prominent Features of Skore Condoms:

  • Comes in different packaging with different counts of condoms for a preferred purchase decision
  • They are available in many exciting flavours like orange, banana, chocolate, strawberry, and more
  • There are different colours or shades of condoms to enhance the excitement and make it more pleasurable
  • Skore condoms have a unique dotted pyramidal texture for offering the best stimulation experience


  • Easy availability
  • Perfect lubrication level
  • Different variants available
  • Fairly priced

Why We Picked Skore?

Perfectly designed condoms by Skore are one of the best choices for ultimate pleasure. Whether you are looking to avoid unwanted pregnancy, improve stamina, delay the orgasm, or more, Skore condoms are an answer for all. They are a true companion with special lubrication for a joyful experience.


Manforce condoms

Manforce is a New Delhi-based condom brand that is a category leader for premium quality condoms in the country. It offers a myriad of flavours with different variations in shape, texture, and flavours for highly sensual sex. To ensure uncompromising protection, all the condoms it designs are electronically tested for strength and quality.

Price RangeRs 100 to Rs 170
FlavourChocolate & Hazelnut, Strawberry & Vanilla, Black Grapes, Mint & Melon

Types of Condoms:

  • Ribbed, flavoured, dotted, and overtime condoms

Prominent Features of Manforce Condoms:

  • It offers 12 different variants of condoms to make the sexual experience more exciting
  • Manforce condoms are vegan, chemical-free, and cruelty-free
  • Available in exciting flavours like coffee, chocolate, banana, jasmine, pineapple, etc.
  • Manforce condoms come in discreet packaging to prevent the identification of items inside the package


  • Made with latex rubber
  • Offers a comfortable fit
  • Has 1500 dots for enhanced pleasure
  • Well lubricated
  • Affordable


  • Lesser number of flavours are available

Why We Picked Manforce?

For long-lasting protection and tremendous enjoyment, Manforce condoms are a great pick. It offers premium-quality condoms with extra lubrication and raised dots to enhance pleasure and help you have a safe experience. Also, the Manforce condoms are endorsed by Sunny Leone, which grabs the attention of young men and women.


KamaSutra condoms
Kama Sutra

One of the leading contenders for the best condom companies in India, KamaSutra condoms are highly preferred for creating a joyful experience of intimacy. This brand works dedicatedly for the well-being of the body, and hence, it uses a luxurious formula with human health in mind for designing condoms. Without a doubt, they provide extra pleasure when practising safe intercourse.

Price RangeRs 110 to Rs Rs 335
FlavourStrawberry, Mango
BenefitsElectronically tested

Types of Condoms:

Prominent Features of KamaSutra Condoms:

  • KamaSutra condoms are made up of natural rubber latex with high lubrication for enhanced pleasure
  • Each condom comes with a disposable bag that ensures easy, mess-free disposal in an appropriate manner
  • They are 100% electronically tested condoms to ensure good strength, high flexibility and utmost reliability
  • These condoms are designed using a unique manufacturing method that offers them a pleasant smell


  • Made with reliable latex
  • Different textures available
  • High durability
  • Discrete, private delivery

Why We Picked KamaSutra?

With elegant textures and irresistible scents, KamaSutra condoms are perfect for achieving a new level of ecstasy during physical intimacy. These condoms are designed for greater stimulation and to intensify the pleasure of both partners. They are highly durable and comfortable condoms that are also available with sophisticated accessories like blindfolds to make sex more enjoyable.


Trojan condoms

Another addition to our list of the best condom brands in India is Trojan Condoms. Made from premium quality latex and triple-tested, these contraceptives are larger than regular condoms and provide a better fit. They come in a bunch of variations and flavours for experimenting. If you want to make your experience unforgettable, Trojan condoms are a great choice.

Price RangeRs 950 to Rs 2,549
BenefitsCompatible with lubricants

Types of Condoms:

  • Extended pleasure
  • Large size
  • Ultra thin

Prominent Features of Trojan Condoms:

  • These condoms are made of premium raw material and are tested electronically to ensure reliability
  • Trojan designs its condoms with a special reservoir end that provides extra protection against pregnancy
  • They have a classic straight-walled shape that offers a secure, snug fit for a comfortable experience
  • There are different sizes of packaging available in 3, 10, 12, and 26-count condoms


  • Large size condoms
  • Very well lubricated
  • Made with quality latex
  • Tested electronically


  • They are slightly expensive

Why We Picked Trojan?

Now enhance your intimacy and make your intimate moments more pleasurable and secure with Trojan condoms. It designs innovative, high-quality condoms that ensure safe, healthy and fun sex. The brand offers more than 30 variants of condoms in different flavours to take the stimulation up a notch.


Lifestyles Skyn
Lifestyles Skyn

Skyn is made of polyisoprene, which makes the condom softer and stretchier yet as robust as latex. They are ultra-smooth and free from parabens, giving you a natural feel like that of a second skin. An incredible addition to our list of the best condoms in India, this pick is ideal for people with latex allergies.

Price RangeRs 270 to Rs 820

Types of Condoms:

  • Non-latex
  • Extra lubricated
  • Ultra-thin
  • Dotted

Prominent Features of Skyn Condoms:

  • These condoms are rigorously tested to meet the highest safety standards and ensure greater protection
  • LifeStyles Skyn condoms are highly flexible and stretch easily to take shape for maximum comfort
  • They have a straight-walled shape with a reservoir tip and 56 mm width for ultimate sensitivity
  • Being made with non-latex material, Skyn condoms have no harsh smell for an enhanced experience


  • Made with safe polyisoprene
  • Well-lubricated
  • Comfortable
  • Comes in a pack of 12


  • There are not many variants available



Spice up your intimate moments with the Okamoto condoms. These condoms are crafted with a silky feel for excellent comfort and convenience. Super thin and super soft, these great condoms are great for those with sensitive skin. To top it all off, Okamoto uses water-based lubricants to reduce the chances of infections induced by oil-based lubricants.

Price RangeRs 140 to Rs 419
FlavourOrange, Strawberry, Blueberry
BenefitsParaben Free

Types of Condoms:

  • Dotted and contoured
  • Ultra-thin
  • Aloe Vera enriched
  • Super soft
  • Flavoured

Prominent Features of Okamoto Condoms for Men:

  • Made with high-quality latex material that is half the thickness and doesn’t smell like rubber
  • Every batch of the condom is meticulously tested to let you enjoy the pleasure without worrying
  • The brand guarantees discreet packaging to make you order easily at home or office
  • These ultra-thin condoms have water-based lubrication that feels non-sticky and is not messy


  • Ultra-thin condom
  • Odour free
  • Safe and Hygenic
  • Enhanced performance



Moods is a popular condom brand that has made a massive footing in India. It is a trusted brand with an extensive range of condoms in various textures and exciting variants to enhance the sexual experience. Additionally, these condoms are electronically tested for safety to reduce the possibility of conception and STDs.

Price RangeRs 170 to Rs 660
Benefits100% electronically tested

Types of Condoms:

  • Dotted
  • Ultra-thin
  • Climax delay
  • Flavoured

Prominent Features of Moods Ultrathin Condoms:

  • They are made of natural rubber latex using the finest technology to delight everyone’s unique needs
  • There are 20 exciting variants available to let you experiment and help you better enjoy the intimate moment
  • Moods condoms are manufactured in compliance with international standards to ensure safe sex


  • Made with natural rubber latex
  • Has reservoir tips
  • Ultra-thin condoms
  • Electrostatically-tested


  • Does not offer discreet packaging

Cupid Angel

Cupid Angel
Cupid Angel

Next, we have a brand that also offers female condoms and lets women take charge of sexual wellness. It has lavender-scented female condoms that are thin, soft, loose-fitting sheaths made of natural latex. Such condoms are easy to insert and offer great protection against unintended pregnancy.

Price RangeRs 200
BenefitsDiscreet Packaging

Types of Condoms:

  • Female condoms

Prominent Features of Cupid Angel Female Condoms:

  • They are available in pink and natural colours, which are safe to use and do not harm the organs
  • Polyurethane sponge is used at the closed end to help easy insertion and keep it in place, preventing pull-out
  • These are 100% Indian condoms which makes them considerably less expensive than imported condoms
  • They are 100% electronically tested for safety and reliability and act as a barrier to preventing STDs


  • Made with polyurethane and rubber
  • Has lavender-scent
  • Ideal for women
  • Different flavours


  • Complicated to use for first timers


Bleu Condoms
Bleu Condoms

Bleu is a fast-emerging condom brand that hails from India. It was founded in the year 2019 by Komal Baldwa and had its headquarters in Hyderabad. Bleu condoms are super sensitive, ultra-thin and free from toxic lubricants. Beyond this, these condoms don’t have a strong smell and are irritation-free as compared to their regular counterparts.

Price RangeRs 200 to Rs 600
BenefitsVegan, No chemicals

Types of Condoms:

  • Dotted and extra dotted
  • Ultra-thin
  • Spiral

Prominent Features of Bleu Condoms:

  • They are vegan-friendly condoms and are made with natural latex for great sensations and pleasure
  • These condoms are made with women’s health in mind and reduce the possibility of UTIs or other diseases
  • Every pack of condoms is tested against the highest international standards for safety and strength


  • Made with natural rubber latex
  • Contains no parabens or benzocaine
  • Vegan and lubricant-free
  • Contours all shapes and forms
  • Ultra thin with dotted texture


  • Expensive



Carex is a well-known condom brand in the world and is loved for its unique and interesting range of options. They offer different varieties of premium condoms like Powershot, assorted flavours, super thin, 3-in-1, etc. Also, these condoms are layered with a specially formulated lubricant to enhance the experience and make you last longer.

Price RangeRs 120 to Rs 550
BenefitsConforms to  ISO and European Standards

Types of Condoms:

  • Super thin
  • Rough and tough
  • Multi-textured
  • Extra time

Prominent Features of Carex Condoms:

  • They are available in different shapes, sizes, textures/surfaces, colours, flavours, and fragrances
  • You will find 5 assorted flavours for memorable foreplay and making sexual pleasure more exciting
  • These condoms have 160 mm length and 52 ± 2 mm width for a comfortable fit


  • Made with latex
  • Different variants
  • Comes in a pack of 10
  • Has no scent
  • Affordable


  • There is just one size available


Playgard Condoms

Manufactured by Alkem Healthcare, Playgard has come up with a range of super-thin latex condoms in exciting flavours. It is devoted to bringing the best healthcare solution to let you enjoy endless fun while keeping you safe and secure. They are made of the finest and the highest quality material and can be trusted for pleasurable, safe sex.

Price RangeRs 145 to Rs 395
FlavourChocolate, Strawberry, Orange, Butterscotch
BenefitsNatural latex rubber

Types of Condoms:

  • Super dotted
  • More time
  • Flavoured

Prominent Features of the Playgard More Time Condoms:

  • These flavoured condoms are super dotted and extend your intimate moments without any worries
  • They are available in interesting flavours like chocolate, strawberry, ice-cool, banana, and many more
  • The brand offers discreet packaging and takes the privacy of the customers extremely safely


  • Different flavour condoms
  • Best quality
  • Contains benzocaine
  • Ideal for men


PeeSafe condoms

Peesafe’s Domina is a condom that is designed for females and is worn internally. Made of natural latex, these lubricated condoms can stretch 800%, keeping you safe from pregnancy or STDs. Best of all, these condoms can be worn regardless of arousal and can be worn for up to 8 hours. For uninterrupted pleasure, these condoms are a great choice.

Price RangeRs 144 to Rs 479
BenefitsChemical-free, Female condom

Types of Condoms:

  • Female condoms

Prominent Features of the PeeSafe Domina Condoms:

  • These lubricated condoms have fewer or no side effects and reduce friction to prevent injuries
  • They have a unique design with 75+/-2mm width for easy usage and to keep it in place during intercourse
  • Every piece of condom comes in a disposable bag for easy disposal without creating a mess
  • There are different sizes of packaging available with 2, 4, and 12 units of condoms


  • Made with natural rubber latex
  • Comes with a disposable bag
  • Has a lavender fragrance
  • Has no artificial colour


  • Might not be the most comfortable option (according to user reviews)

Notty Boy

Notty Boy Condoms
Notty Boy

Notty Boy condoms are made in India from premium quality latex and go through extensive quality tests for flexibility and strength. Designed for both men and women, they feature a special lubricant for prolonged performance. Notty Boy has a range of flavoured condoms and is available in different variants like 3 in 1 ribbed, dotted, contoured condoms, delay, and ultra-thin.

Price RangeRs 240 to Rs 476
BrandNotty Boy
FlavourStrawberry, Chocolate, Green Apple, Banana, Bubblegum
BenefitsDisposable pouches

Types of Condoms:

  • Flavoured
  • Delay
  • Ultra-thin
  • Ribbed and dotted
  • Extra lubricated
  • Multi-textured

Prominent Features of Notty Boy Condoms:

  • These are safe-to-use condoms with no nitrosamine, latex odour, risky chemicals, synthetic colour, etc.
  • They have a length of 180mm, and a width of 53 +- 2mm and come with water-proof, easy-to-disposal bags
  • Notty Boy condoms are made of premium quality latex material that is flexible and fit comfortably
  • They are available in different flavours like strawberry, chocolate, and green apple


  • Easy to stretch
  • Extraordinary experience
  • Feels soft and natural
  • Well-lubricated
  • Discreet shipment

Final Word

Condoms are an essential product for a safer, more comfortable, and pleasurable intimate experience. With different shapes, sizes, variants, and flavours of condoms available, it becomes important to find one with a better fit. These above-mentioned are some of the trusted condom brands in the Indian market that are seen as sexual pleasure enhancers and outstanding contraceptive strategies. While Durex, Skore, and KamaSurtra are our top picks because of their extensive offerings, easy availability, and affordable pricing, do let us know which one you like the most.


Which condom is safest in India?

The safest condoms are made of natural latex and are electronically tested for safety and comfort. Durex is the top choice when it comes to the safest condoms in India. With its extensive range of products, there is one for everyone when it comes to Durex condoms. People with latex allergies can opt for the Lifestyle Skyn selection.

Which condom is the most long-lasting in India?

Long-lasting condoms are specially designed to last long and prevent early arrival. As opposed to OTC creams and lotions, long-lasting condoms do their job better. These are lubricated to help you last much longer. Some of them include The Durex Extra Time, Kama Sutra Long Last, and Durex Mutual Climax.

Which is the best-selling condom brand in India?

Durex is the best-selling condom brand in India, and rightly so. Besides being a safe and tested product, this brand has a range of variants in different sizes, shapes, flavours, and textures to boost your sexual wellness while keeping the excitement going.

What type of condoms feels best?

While the preference changes from user to user, ultra-thin and dotted condoms usually feel the best for both the men and women.

Why do condoms break?

Condoms can break for a variety of reasons:
If there is too much friction
If there is too less lubrication
If the condom is too tight or too loosely worn

Is it safe to wear 2 condoms at once?

No, it is extremely unsafe to wear 2 condoms at once. This is because both condoms will rub against each other, causing at least one of them to break and cause issues during intercourse.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

CashKaro has a team of skilled and qualified researchers who look for different options available in the market and study them on different factors to provide you with the best recommendations. For the best condom brands, we have analysed brands on factors such as available variants, flavours, price, packaging, etc. We hope this list has made it easier for you to make an informed decision.

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