With all that condoms offer, these preventive measures have become essential when it comes to sexual health. Aside from preventing unwanted pregnancies and STDs, condoms are a great way to enhance your sexual experience with your partner. Usually made of latex, these contraceptive measures come in different shapes, sizes, and even flavours for those who love to experiment. Keep reading to know more about the best condom brands in India.

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How to Choose the Best Condoms for You?

Condoms are very helpful to prevent STDs and prevent uninvited pregnancies but buying them can be a bit challenging. In India, you can easily find good quality condoms ranging from Rs 150 to Rs 599, which deliver quality, safety, and pleasure.

When buying a condom, the better it fits, the more safe and enhanced your experience will be. You can also check the material of your condoms; some of the most common materials are latex, polyurethane, and polyisoprene. Female condoms have also become widely popular these days. Many brands have started making spermicidal condoms that kill sperm and prevent pregnancies. Other varieties such as lubricated, dotted, thin and ribbed condoms are also quite prevalent these days.

List of 14 Best Condom Brands in India

1. Durex

best condom brands in India

With over 90 years of experience in the condom industry, Durex claims to produce India’s thinnest condoms. One of the best condom brands in India, these condoms are lubricated, transparent, easier to put on and have a comfortable fit.  Made using fine quality raw materials, Durex ensures stringent electronical testing for holes and imperfections in the contraceptive.

Prominent Features of the Durex Extra Time Condom:

  • Made with latex that keeps you comfortable
  • Comes in a pack of 10 condoms
  • Ideal for men
  • Contains climax-control lubricant for extended pleasure

2. Skore

flavoured condoms

This sexual wellness brand brings a range of condoms in different flavours. The brand is owned by TTK Enterprises that runs multiple businesses in the pharma, homeware, and kitchenware sector in India.

Prominent Features of the Skore Fruit Basket Condoms:

  • Comes as a pack of 4, which contains 10 condoms each
  • Has orange, banana, chocolate, and strawberry flavours
  • Has 1500 textured dots
  • Transparent and lubricated condoms for ultimate pleasure

3. Manforce

dotted condoms

Manforce condoms are lubricated condoms and are electronically tested for quality. With different variations in shape, and texture, these condoms are from one of the best condom brands in India. Featuring a contoured shape, these condoms are transparent and have a comfortable fit.

Prominent Features of the Manforce Premium Condom:

  • Made with latex rubber
  • Offers a comfortable fit
  • Has 1500 dots for enhanced pleasure
  • Comes in a pack of 10
  • Ideal for men
  • Has a nice litchi flavour

4. Kama Sutra

Long lasting condoms
Kama Sutra

One of the leading contenders for the best condom brands in India, Kama Sutra condoms are electronically tested to ensure premium quality products. These ultra-thin condoms are closest to wearing nothing. They are lubricated to provide extra pleasure when practising safe intercourse.

Prominent Features of the Kama Sutra Ultra Slim Condoms:

  • Made with ultra-thin and reliable latex
  • Super thin texture
  • Comes with extreme lubrication
  • Also comes with a disposal pouch
  • Has 20 condoms in a pack
  • Has a nice and pleasant fragrance

5. Trojan

large size condoms

Another addition to our list of the best condom brands in India is Trojan Condoms. Made from premium quality latex and triple tested, these contraceptives are larger than regular condoms to provide a better fit. They come in a bunch of variations. However, they are slightly expensive when it comes to the best condom brands in India.

Prominent Features of the Trojan Magnum Condoms:

  • Large size condoms
  • Comes in a pack of 12
  • Very well lubricated condoms
  • Made with latex
  • Tested electronically to ensure reliability

6. LifeStyles Skyn

latex free condoms
Lifestyles Skyn

LifeStyles Skyn is made of polyisoprene that makes the condom softer and stretchier yet as robust as latex. The ultra-smooth lubricant is free from parabens and gives you a natural feel like that of a second skin. An easy addition to our list of the best condom brands in India, this pick is ideal for people with latex allergies.

Prominent Features of the LifeStyles Skyn Polyisoprene Condoms:

  • Made with safe polyisoprene
  • Latex-free
  • Comes in a pack of 12
  • Condoms are well-lubricated
  • Ultra-thin for skin-to-skin kind of feel

7. Okamoto

ultra thin condoms

Spice up your intimate moments with the Okamoto condoms. These condoms are crafted with a silky feel. Super thin and super soft, they are great for those with sensitive skin. To top it all, Okamoto uses water-based lubricants to reduce the chances of infections induced by oil-based lubricants.

Prominent Features of the Okamoto Condoms for Men:

  • Made with high-quality material that doesn’t smell like rubber
  • Comes in a pack of 10
  • Ultra-thin condom with dotted texture for enhanced pleasure
  • Goes through electrostatic test for checking reliability
  • Has water-based lubrication

8. Moods

best condom brands in India

Moods condoms are made of natural rubber latex. These are available in various other textures and exciting variants. Additionally, these condoms are tested for safety. The brand is quite popular in India and is used by millions.

Prominent Features of the Moods Ultrathin Condoms:

  • Made with natural rubber latex
  • Has a pink colour with reservoir tips
  • Ultra-thin condoms
  • Electrostatically-tested
  • Comes in a pack of 20

9. Cupid Angel

best condom brands in India
Cupid Angel

With female condoms, taking charge of sexual wellness is no longer a man’s decision. Cupid Angel brings its range of lavender-scented female condoms made of natural latex.

Prominent Features of the Cupid Angel Female Condoms:

  • Made with polyurethane and rubber
  • Comes in a pack of 4
  • Has lavender-scent
  • Ideal for women

10. Bleu

best condom brands
Bleu Condoms

Bleu is a fast-emerging condom brand that hails from India. It was founded in the year 2019 by Komal Baldwa and has its headquarters in Hyderabad. Bleu condoms are super sensitive ultra-thin condoms. These are free from toxic lubricants and extra dotted and ribbed for enhanced pleasure. These are also free from parabens, have a low smell, and are irritation-free as compared to regular counterparts.

Prominent Features of the Bleu All Natural Condoms:

  • Made with natural rubber latex
  • Contains no parabens or benzocaine
  • Vegan and lubricant-free
  • Contours all shapes and forms
  • Ultra thin with dotted texture
  • Comes in a pack of three

11. Carex

best condom brands

Carex brings premium Malaysian condoms that are extra dotted. These condoms are layered with a specially formulated lubricant to make you last longer.

Prominent Features of the Carex Powershot Condoms:

  • Made with latex
  • Dotted and parallel-sided condoms
  • Comes in a pack of 10
  • Has no scent

12. Playgard


Playgard has come up with a range of super-thin latex condoms that give a comfortable fit. These flavoured condoms are super dotted and extend your intimate moments without any worries.

Prominent Features of the Playgard More Time Condoms:

  • Strawberry-flavoured condoms
  • Come in a pack of 3 boxes that have 10 condoms each
  • Super-dotted
  • Ideal for men

13. PeeSafe

best condom brands

Peesafe’s Domina is a condom that is designed for females and is worn internally. Made of natural latex, these lubricated condoms can stretch 800%. Best of all, these condoms can be worn regardless of arousal and can be worn for up to 8 hours.

Prominent Features of the PeeSafe Domina Condoms:

  • Made with natural rubber latex
  • Comes with a disposable bag
  • Has a lavender fragrance
  • Comes in a pack of two
  • Has no artificial colour

14. Notty Boy

Notty Boy

Notty Boy condoms are made in India from premium quality latex. Quality tested for flexibility and strength, these condoms stretch easily and fit comfortably. Designed for both men and women, they feature a special lubricant to prolong performance. Notty Boy has a range of flavoured condoms, 3 in 1 ribbed, dotted, contoured condoms, delay, and ultra thin variants.

Prominent Features of the Notty Boy Delicious Assorted Condoms:

  • Made with natural rubber latex
  • Pack of 3 that contains 10 condoms each
  • Contains no nitrosamine, no latex odour, no risky chemicals, no synthetic colour
  • Have length of 180mm and a width of 53 +- 2mm
  • Comes with disposable bags
  • Comes in strawberry, chocolate, and green apple flavours


1. Which condom is safest in India?

The safest condoms are made of natural latex and are electronically tested for safety and comfort. Durex is the top choice when it comes to the safest condoms in India. With its extensive range of products, there is one for everyone when it comes to Durex condoms. People with latex allergies can opt for the Lifestyle Skyn selection.

2. Which condom is the most long lasting in India?

Long-lasting condoms are specially designed to last long and prevent early arrival. As opposed to OTC creams and lotions, long-lasting condoms do their job better. These are lubricated to help you last much longer. Some of them include The Durex Extra Time, Kama Sutra Long Last, and Durex Mutual Climax.

3. Which is the best selling condom brand in India?

Durex is the best selling condom brand in India and rightly so. Besides being a safe and tested product, this brand has a range of variants in different sizes, shapes, flavours, and textures to boost your sexual wellness while keeping the excitement going.

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