Best Condom Brands in India

Are you struggling to find out the best condoms brands in India? Worry not, here we have a list prepared for you about the top 7 condoms brands. Check them out.

List of The Best Condom Brands in India 2021

1. Durex Extra Sensitive

Durex Extra Sensitive is super thin and sleek. It is said to feel less like a condom. With its high rate for comfort, it becomes one of the best condom brands in India.

2. LifeStyles Skyn

LifeStyles Skyn is made of polyisoprene which makes the condom softer and stretchier than latex. It is slick without being lubricated and is known for being comfortable which gives you a natural feel. An easy addition to our list of the best condom brands in India.

3. Durex Performax

The tip of Performax rubber is coated with a heat activated lubricant. It works by reducing skin sensitivity and enhances the experience by making you last longer.

4. Moods Dotted Condoms

Moods Dotted Condoms are made of natural rubber latex. It is a lubricated condom with a reservoir tip. Moods condoms are available in various other flavours too which is said to give you a more enjoyable experience.

5. Manforce Extra Dotted Condoms

Manforce Extra Dotted Condoms have over 550 dots for enhanced pleasure. These are lubricated condoms and are electronically tested for quality.

6. Carex Powershot Condoms

Carex Powershot Condoms are dotted and parallel sided. They conform to ISO and European Standards with each condom being individually lubricated. They also undergo electronic testing for quality and durability which ensures better safety.

7. Trojan Condoms

Another addition to our list of the best condom brands in India, Trojan ENZ Condoms are lubricated and are made from premium quality latex. Their reliability is ensured through electronic testing with better safety.


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