10 Best Dotted Condoms in India (Spice up Your Love Life)

If you have been buying condoms for a while, you would be familiar with the various types that are available on the market. One of the most popular choices among couples in India is dotted condoms. These condoms have raised dots on the surface that increase stimulation during sexual intercourse and enhance pleasure for both partners. They also provide a unique texture and increase friction for maximising sensations. In this article, we’ll discuss the 10 best-dotted condoms that you must try for a safe and enjoyable sexual encounter. 

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How Do We Choose the Best Dotted Condoms for You?

The use of dotted condoms has been on the rise in India because of their ability to stimulate the erogenous zones and heighten the sexual experience. There are several brands that design dotted condoms that have unique patterns and are tested for effectiveness and protection. High-quality dotted condoms cost anywhere between Rs 150 to Rs 500. 

Here are some factors that we took into consideration while picking the best available options for you. Go through these factors to get a better understanding of our selection.


Condoms are available in various sizes, and choosing the right size is of great importance for comfortable wearing and adequate protection. A smaller-sized condom might cause discomfort or breakage, while a larger one will slip off during intercourse. This is why we have listed the options of different sizes so that you can pick the one that you find the best.


In this list, we have picked reputable and trustworthy brands that ensure maximum protection and quality. All of these brands are approved by health organisations, such as the FDA or WHO.

List of the 10 Best Dotted Condoms in India

Durex Extra-Dotted Condoms

Durex Extra-Dotted Condoms
Durex Extra-Dotted Condoms

When it comes to buying condoms, Durex is the first name that comes to mind. It is the world’s leading brand that started operating in the Indian market in 2010. Over the years, it has established a reputation for offering high-quality condoms that can be trusted for a lifetime’s worth of pleasure. 

Prominent Features of the Durex Extra-Dotted Condoms: 

  • These are textured condoms with dots all over for extra stimulation
  • It has raised dots in a straight-walled design from tip to end
  • The condoms are made in a way to prevent unpleasant smell 
  • They have a regular girth of 53 mm for a comfortable and secure fit


  • High-quality 
  • Electronically tested 
  • Fair pricing

Why We Picked the Durex Extra-Dotted Condoms?

Enjoy intense romance with Durex Extra-Dotted Condoms. These are transparent condoms with extra dots and lubrication for a smooth and frictionless experience. Also, these condoms have a teat end that makes them easy to put on and ensures a comfortable fit. 

Manforce Extra Dotted Litchi Condoms

Manforce Extra Dotted Litchi Condoms
Manforce Extra Dotted Litchi Condoms

Manforce is a sexual wellness products brand owned by Mankind Pharma, India’s fourth largest pharmaceutical company. It designs an exclusive range of condoms that elevates pleasure in lovemaking while ensuring protection. The brand has 12 arousing variants of condoms for all enthusiastic lovers.

Prominent Features of the Manforce Extra Dotted Litchi Condoms: 

  • It is a pack of litchi-flavoured condoms that have 1740 dots for extreme pleasure
  • These condoms are made of transparent natural latex rubber that provides a better fit 
  • The condoms are 100% electronically tested and are delivered in discreet packaging 


  • Amazing smell
  • Premium quality
  • Comfortable fit

Why We Picked the Manforce Extra Dotted Litchi Condoms?

Extra dotted condoms by Manforce come in a variety of flavours to help you tease the senses with an explosion of flavours. Litchi is one of the highly preferred flavours among passionate couples. Also, these condoms are highly lubricated for smooth and pain-free gliding. 

Skore Zig Zag Condoms

Skore Zig Zag Condoms
Skore Zig Zag Condoms

Launched in November 2012, Skore is a prominent leader in the Indian market that believes in protected sex. It offers exciting variants of condoms as well as lubes that make the sexual experience more exciting. Whether you are looking for a regular condom or a flavoured one, this brand has it all to spice things up. 

Prominent Features of the Skore Zig Zag Condoms: 

  • It is a uniquely ribbed and dotted texture condom in a zig-zag pattern
  • These dotted condoms are made with eco-friendly latex material 
  • The condoms have an anatomical shape that ensures perfect fit and comfort
  • Comes with a unique and easy-to-use pouch for mess-free disposal


  • Discreet delivery 
  • Unique dotted pattern
  • Well lubricated 


  • No flavour available

Why We Picked the Skore Zig Zag Condoms?

Increase passion and stimulation with Skore Zig Zag condoms. These are India’s first FSC-certified condoms that are made and packed responsibly to ensure no harm to the environment. Also, these condoms come in different colours and are tested electronically for safer sex. 

KamaSutra Ultra-Dotted Condoms

KamaSutra Ultra-Dotted Condoms
KamaSutra Ultra-Dotted Condoms

KamaSutra is a prominent name in the sexual wellness products market that was founded in India in 1991. It offers a range of condoms to enjoy joyful experiences of intimacy without worrying about pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. If you are looking for one of the best dotted condoms, the one from KamaSurta will surely make your intercourse more delightful than ever before.

Prominent Features of the KamaSutra Ultra-Dotted Condoms: 

  • It is a pack of condoms with unique pyramidal dots all over
  • They are made with natural latex rubber that fits perfectly
  • These condoms have high lubrication for maximising pleasure
  • To ensure complete safety, these condoms go through 5 stringent quality checks


  • Well lubricated
  • Elegant texture
  • Convenient disposal

Why We Picked the KamaSutra Ultra-Dotted Condoms?

This pack of condoms by KamaSutra is a pack of extra lubricated condoms with the power of dots. These condoms ensure extra stimulation and are sure to skyrocket your pleasure. They are made with natural materials and are electronically tested for strength, flexibility, and reliability. 

Skore Strawberry Dotted Condom

Skore Strawberry Dotted Condom
Skore Strawberry Dotted Condom

To make your intimacy experience more exotic, Skore presents these strawberry-flavoured dotted condoms. These condoms are made with natural latex rubber that fits perfectly and prevents the chances of unwanted pregnancies. Also, they are delivered in discreet packaging that ensures easy and stress-free delivery.

Prominent Features of the Skore Strawberry Dotted with Extra Lubrication Condom: 

  • These are coloured condoms with 1500+ raised dots that will your experience ecstasy and wildness
  • Have a sweet strawberry flavour that adds a new flavour to your lovemaking
  • Unlike other latex condoms, they have a pleasant and soothing smell to heighten the sexual act


  • Fits perfectly
  • Amazingly soft
  • Comes in different variants


  • Available in just one size

Manforce Epic Passion Extra Dotted Condoms

Manforce Epic Passion Extra Dotted Condoms
Manforce Epic Passion Extra Dotted Condoms

For a thrilling lovemaking experience, Manforce presents this Epic Passion Extra Dotted Condoms. It is a pack of flavoured condoms with dots-like bumps across the surface to speed up the stimulation. These condoms are electronically tested and come with a disposable pouch for mess-free discarding. This makes Manforce one of the best extra-dotted condom brands in India.

Prominent Features of the Manforce Epic Passion Extra Dotted Condoms: 

  • Designed with 1800 square dots to give her the greatest stimulation
  • These condoms are lubricated well enough to make penetration smooth and prevent irritation 
  • These are vegan condoms with a fruity punch to make things in bed fun and exciting


  • Non-toxic material 
  • Cruelty-free
  • Pleasant smell

KamaSutra Orgasmax+ Condoms

KamaSutra Orgasmax+ Condoms
KamaSutra Orgasmax+ Condoms

Another KamaSutra dotted condom recommendation we have for you is KamaSutra Orgasmax+ Condom. It is a pack of 4-in-1 condoms that are ribbed, dotted, and contoured to intensify pleasure and delay climax. Also, these condoms help with stronger stimulation and ensure maximum orgasm. 

Prominent Features of the KamaSutra Orgasmax+ Condoms: 

  • Made with a unique manufacturing method, these condoms have a soft, nice smell
  • These condoms have a contoured shape that offers a comfortable fit
  • They are well-lubricated with a special climax delay lubricant for long-lasting intercourse
  • They go through 5 stringent quality checks for complete safety and are made with natural latex rubber


  • High durability 
  • Easy to put on
  • Extra lubrication


  • Quality could be better

Skyn Super Soft Intense Feel Dotted Condoms

Skyn Super Soft Intense Feel Dotted Condoms
Skyn Super Soft Intense Feel Dotted Condoms

Skyn is another brand you can trust to spice up your sex life and surprise your partner with a thrilling new experience. Super Soft Intense Feel Dotted Condoms by this brand are one of the 10 top dotted condoms that have a textured wave design with raised dots. These condoms are vegan and free from animal derivatives.

Prominent Features of the Skyn Super Soft Intense Feel Dotted Condoms: 

  • These condoms are made from a revolutionary polyisoprene material that is skin-friendly and prevents allergy
  • It is a pack of naturally coloured condoms that are latex-free and well-lubricated
  • The condoms have a straight fit with a reservoir end for a comfortable fit
  • These are technologically advanced condoms that are tested electronically for high safety standards


  • No latex smell
  • Extra-sensitive condoms
  • High-strength


  • It is a bit expensive

Plush LoveGlove Super Dotted Condoms

Plush LoveGlove Super Dotted Condoms
Plush LoveGlove Super Dotted Condoms

Plush presents this pack of super dotted condoms that are made keeping in mind women’s needs. These condoms have an extra-large dotted texture that excites the partner and maximises stimulation. They also have a ribbed texture and a contoured design for super intense sensations.

Prominent Features of the Plush LoveGlove Super Dotted Condoms: 

  • These are super-dotted condoms with strategically placed 576 dots 
  • Constructed with naturally derived latex, they are skin-friendly and safe to use
  • These are vegan condoms that are free from benzocaine to prevent skin irritation and infections


  • 100% electronically tested
  • ISO certified condoms
  • Toxin free material


  • Expensive

Moods Supreme Dotted Condoms

Moods Supreme Dotted Condoms
Moods Supreme Dotted Condoms

Supreme Dotted Condoms from Moods is one of the top-quality condoms that will add a fun element to your sexual experience. These are natural latex condoms that are safe for the skin and do not cause irritation or infection. Designed to surprise your senses with extended pleasure, you must try this pack of condoms for an unforgettable night. 

Prominent Features of the Moods Supreme Dotted Condoms: 

  • There are specially moulded dots on the outer surface for intense pleasure
  • Every piece of condom is 100% electronically tested to ensure safe usage
  • They come in two sizes of packaging with 12 and 20 pieces of condoms


  • Well lubricated
  • Coloured condoms 
  • Reservoir tip


  • Expensive

Final Word

Dotted condoms are a great choice to add an extra element of pleasure to your sexual experience while ensuring safety. After reviewing various brands available in the Indian market, Durex and Manforce dotted condoms are our top picks. They are made with high-quality material and have a unique pattern of dots for more stimulation. Also, they are well-tested for preventing STIs and unwanted pregnancies. We would love to know which ones you like the best. 


Which dotted condoms are the best?

Durex is one of the best dotted condom brands in India that is highly preferred by couples for its high-quality and comfortable fit.  

Do dotted condoms feel nice?

Yes, dotted condoms do feel nice. They are designed with dots on the surface to enhance stimulation and pleasure. However, the results also depend upon individual preferences and experiences.

Which condoms break more?

Condoms are intended to prevent both unintended pregnancies and the transmission of sexually transmitted infections. Nonetheless, they can fail due to a range of factors, such as incorrect usage, expired or damaged condoms, and manufacturing flaws.

Why do dotted condoms have flavour?

Dotted condoms come in different flavours to enhance the oral sex experience. They provide a pleasant taste and aroma of fruits, chocolate, mint, and other flavours. 

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

CashKaro reviews are meticulously curated by taking into account the positions of the brands along with the utility and features of their products. Every review goes through several steps of assessment to make sure that you get the best product recommendations. Like other reviews, this list of the 10 best dotted condoms in India is curated by analysing several factors. We follow stringent review policies to ensure that you won’t find any shady products on the list. We hope you find our recommendations helpful in making an informed purchase decision. 

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