Latex condoms are the most in use condoms today and the latex has made the products cheap and easily available. With a lot of awareness growing about HIV and STDs, the selling of condoms has grown over the years and there are a number of brands out there that sell premium condoms that maximize fun and yet do their job perfectly. Here are the highest selling ones with their expected prices.

Here are the best brands for latex condoms

1. Best Durex latex condoms

Durex condoms are made from premium latex and there are condoms in various flavors like chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, along with a number of other fruity flavors. The latex is made especially and provides full protection. The product is priced around Rs 120.

2. Best Kohinoor latex condoms

Kohinoor is a widely selling condom brand and the dotted condom promises maximum pleasure. The condoms are made from natural latex and a pack is priced around Rs 110. The condom comes in a variety of flavors as well.

3. Best Kama Sutra latex condoms

Kama Sutra condoms are made from natural rubber latex and are known to be highly effective. The condoms are soft and pliable and are known for their extra thin variant that provides maximum pleasure. They are priced around Rs 200.

4. Best Manforce latex condoms

Manforce condoms are among the highest selling brands in India and the condoms are known for their long lasting effectiveness. The latex are acquired from natural fibers and a pack costs around Rs 100.

5. Best Skore latex condoms

Skore is a well known brand that makes for a great condom brand and their latex condoms are used by almost everyone and they have also garnered positive reviews in terms of effectiveness. There are quite a few unconventional flavors as well like pineapple. They are priced at Rs 100 for a pack.

6. Best Moods latex condoms

Moods condoms are considered quite good, especially for their dotted and ultra thin variants. The condoms are made from high quality rubber latex and they are availed by a number of users. They are priced around Rs 90 a pack.

7. Best Wicked latex condoms

Wicked is brand known predominantly for its lubricants but they have condoms as well and they quite effective and are used by the loyal customers. The latex is derived from high quality rubber and is hence extremely soft. They are priced around Rs 125 a pack. Some of the flavors of the condoms are quite unique and they have been made especially to heighten the pleasure of the experience.

8. Best Johnson and Johnson latex condoms

Sold in limited quantities, these condoms are not very readily available but those who use them do so because of their reliability. The latex is soft and smooth and greatly enhances the pleasures of the experience. They are priced about Rs 250 a pack. They are mostly without fragrance or taste and are perfect for those who do not like them much.

9. Best Yes latex condoms

Yes Condoms are made from high grade latex and are used by a large number of users. The condoms are made in keeping with the reviews of the public and the brand has reinvented itself. They are priced around Rs 170 a pack.

10. Best Honeypot latex condoms

Honeypot is mainly known for its lubricants but the condoms also have a steady stream of followers. They are made from high quality latex and they are made according to medical recommendations. They are also available in quite a few flavors and are priced around Rs 150 a pack.

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