10 Best Lubricated Condoms Brands - Complete Guide With Price Range

It hardly needs to be mentioned that for consenting adults who want to enjoy physical intimacy, condoms are indispensable. These days, lubricated condoms have turned out to be increasingly popular, and are being offered by different brands. You can try it for yourself and feel the difference when it comes to intercourse with your partner, without any discomfort or dryness. Take a look at the following major brands and take your pick from the wide array of choices according to your needs and preferences.

Here is the list of top brands for lubricated condoms in India

1. Best Durex lubricated condoms

One of the world’s most popular condom brands, Durex is all about fun and safe sex. This brand is driven by the concept that healthy and rewarding sex life is everyone’s right. The condoms are designed to enhance experience and protect adults in their pursuit of pleasure. The extra lubrication heightens sensitivity, sensation and excitement. The price range is between INR 169-2140 depending on the count of condoms within a given package.

2. Best Kama Sutra lubricated condoms

The makers of an exotic range of condoms, Kama Sutra was launched in 1991, following which it emerged to be a leading condom brand in India. Its lubricated condoms will take lovemaking to new heights of ecstasy. You can get these at apprxmately INR 95-486, choosing from varieties such as Kama Sutra Skyn Condom Original Natural Feeling, Kama Sutra Orgasmax, Kama Sutra Long Last Condom, and so on.

3. Best Manforce lubricated condoms

The largest selling condom brand in the country, Manforce offers 14 arousing variants that help elevate pleasure with protection. Its lubricated condoms are tried and tested, which will ensure that you have a scintillating sexual experience. The company also provides a host of other products, ranging from prescriptions medicines to OTC and FMCG products. Between INR 70-485 on an average, you can get Manforce condoms easily.

4. Best Moods lubricated condoms

Moods lubricated condoms promises memorable moments that are exciting and satisfying, besides showing your respect and care for your partner. Crafted at HLL Lifecare’s state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, Moods condoms come in a wide range to satisfy the unique needs and preferences of its users. Moods condoms are available in over 20 variants all over the globe, including Canada, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, South America, and the Caribbean Islands. This brand offers condoms at a price range of INR 79-419 on an average.

5. Best Skore lubricated condoms

TTK PDL, the pioneers of the condom manufacturing and marketing in India is in condom business since 1950s. Skore is TTK’s trophy product that boasts of a contemporary range of condoms for new-age couples, including coloured, flavoured, dotted, and climax delay condoms. You can now indulge in safe and enjoyable sex at a price range of INR 178-433, depending on the number of condoms a given pack contains, and their special features.

6. Best Playgard lubricated condoms

This brand is known for offering affordably priced lubricated condoms with features such super-dotted, chocolate flavoured, effectively lubricated, coated with benzocaine, and so on. You can enjoy heightened sensations and more pleasurable lovemaking with these condoms, besides keeping STDs at bay. Condoms from this rand are usually priced between INR 101-294.

7. Best Playboy lubricated condom

Bring romance back into your bedroom with Playboy lubricated condoms. Made from premium quality latex, these ensure maximum comfort and sensitivity. You can also go for the varieties with numerous raised ribs for extreme pleasure. These are compatible with water or silicone lubricants. These are available at INR 140.

8. Best Cobra lubricated condoms

You can now experience the ultimate pleasure of lovemaking with Cobra lubricated condoms. These are electronically tested, so you can rely on them completely. You can choose from different flavours for more arousal.

9. Best Kohinoor lubricated condoms

Teat ended condoms made from the finest natural rubber latex, Kohinoor lubricated condoms prolong the climax for extra pleasure. These are 100% electronically tested. The specially formulated lubricant will make intercourse a painless and more stimulated experience.

10. Best Trojan lubricated condoms

Keep the flames of passion burning for a long time at night, with lubricated condoms from Trojan. This brand promotes a safe, healthy, and fun sex life. It is dedicated to delivering innovative, high-quality products offering pleasure and protection. Trusted from over 100 years, Trojan lubricated condoms come in more than 30 varieties. These are electronically tested and made from premium quality latex.

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