Lubricated Condom Brands
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Condoms are indispensable for physical intimacy. Consenting adults who want to enjoy a pleasurable arousal experience can pick them to ensure safe and hygienic sex. These days, lubricated condoms have become increasingly popular and are being offered by different brands. Pick one from the best-lubricated condoms brands and feel the difference yourself.

Lubricated condoms prevent discomfort or dryness while you’re enjoying an erotic experience. Moreover, they do not break or fall off easily, ensuring uninterrupted sensual intercourse. Have a look at the top brands trusted by masses around the globe and pick from the vast array of choices they bring to the plate for you.

List Of 13 Best Lubricated Condoms Brands

1. Durex

Best Lubricated Condom Brands
Durex Lubricated Condom

Durex is one of the world’s most popular condom brands and is all about fun and safe sex. This brand is driven by the concept that healthy and rewarding sex life is everyone’s right. The condoms are designed to enhance the intimate experience and protect adults in their pursuit of pleasure. The extra lubrication heightens sensitivity, sensation, and excitement.

2. KamaSutra

KamaSutra Lubricated Condom
KamaSutra Lubricated Condom

From the makers of an exotic range of condoms, KamaSutra was launched in 1991. The brand emerged to be a leading condom brand in India. Its lubricated condoms take lovemaking to new heights of ecstasy. You can choose from a range of condoms available like KamaSutra Longlast, KamaSutra Wet n Wild condoms, KamaSutra Extra Lubricated Smooth condoms, and so on.

3. Skore

Skore Lubricated Condom
Skore Lubricated Condom

Skore is TTK’s trophy product with a contemporary range of condoms for new-age couples, including colored, flavored, dotted, and climax delay condoms.

You can indulge in safe and enjoyable sex at inexpensive prices, depending on the number of condoms a given pack contains and their unique features. Pick from its exclusive range of dotted condoms and flavored condoms that include banana, watermelon, vanilla, and mint flavors.

4. Playgard

Playgard Lubricated Condom
Playgard Lubricated Condom

This brand is known for offering affordably priced lubricated condoms with features such as super-dotted, chocolate flavored, effectively lubricated, coated with benzocaine, and so on. You can enjoy heightened sensations and more pleasurable lovemaking with these condoms, besides keeping STDs at bay.

5. Cobra

Cobra Lubricated Condom
Cobra Lubricated Condom

Experience the ultimate pleasures of lovemaking with Cobra lubricated condoms. These condoms are electronically tested, so you can rely on them. Choose from different flavors available like bubblegum, mint, strawberry, butterscotch, coffee, and chocolate to get a perfect experience and better arousal.

6. Kohinoor

Kohinoor Lubricated Condom
Kohinoor Lubricated Condom

Kohinoor makes the best teat-ended condoms made from the finest natural rubber latex. Its lubricated condoms prolong the climax for extra pleasure and are 100% electronically tested. The specially formulated lubricant will make intercourse painless and provide a more stimulating experience. You can pick your favorite from its variants like pink, extra time, and jasmine.

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7. Trojan

Trojan Lubricated Condom
Trojan Lubricated Condom

Keep the flames of passion burning for a long time at night with lubricated condoms from Trojan. This brand promotes a safe, healthy, and fun sex life.

It is dedicated to delivering innovative, high-quality products offering pleasure and protection. Trusted for over 100 years, Trojan lubricated condoms come in more than 30 varieties, including Magnum, Extended Climax Control, Ecstasy, Bareskin, and more. These are electronically tested and made from premium quality latex.

8. Okamoto

Okamoto Lubricated Condom
Okamoto Lubricated Condom

Okamoto is a Japanese brand that has a range of regular and ingredient-rich condoms. The brand has four series with the best condom variants for indulging in sensual pleasure and safe sex. Pick its Crown variant from the OK series if you’re looking for soft and super thin condoms to try on.

These pink-tinted condoms provide a bareback and close to invisible feeling while being super safe. The brand also has a host of other variants in its series that are all tested with electrostatic technology. Besides, you won’t have to worry about the pungent latex smell.

9. BoldCare

BoldCare Lubricated Condom
BoldCare Lubricated Condom

BoldCare’s ultra-thin condoms are something you must try if you want to have a truly erotic experience. The brand has two varieties of packs that contain regular, ribbed, dotted, and contoured condoms to choose from.

The ultra-thin condoms have a truly natural and human feel. These high-quality condoms offer safe sexual play and even higher sensations. They are made with 100% natural latex and have non-sticky lubrication.

10. SKYN

SKYN Lubricated Condom
SKYN Lubricated Condom

SKYN by Lifestyles manufactures premium-grade condoms that are technologically advanced and free of latex. They are soft and comfortable to wear and feel almost invisible when used, providing a human-like touch.

The condoms have a straight fit, smooth texture, and long-lasting ultra-smooth lubricant to enjoy truly rewarding intercourse. It doesn’t irritate the skin and is perfect for people who are sensitive to intimate products.

11. Manforce

Manforce Lubricated Condom
Manforce Lubricated Condom

The largest-selling condom brand in the country, Manforce offers 14 arousing variants of condoms, including strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut, and more, which help elevate pleasure with protection.

Its lubricated condoms are electronically tested and ensure that you have a scintillating sexual experience. The company also provides a host of other products, ranging from prescriptions medicines to OTC and FMCG products.

12. Moods

Moods Lubricated Condom
Moods Lubricated Condom

Moods lubricated condoms promise memorable moments that are exciting and satisfying. Crafted at HUL Lifecare’s state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, Moods condoms come in dotted, ultra-thin, ribbed, and all-night variants to satisfy its users’ unique needs and preferences.

These condoms are available all over the globe, including Canada, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, South America, and the Caribbean Islands.

13. Playboy

Playboy Lubricated Condom
Playboy Lubricated Condom

Bring romance back into your bedroom with Playboy lubricated condoms. Made from premium quality latex, these ensure maximum comfort and sensitivity. You can also go for the varieties with numerous raised ribs for extreme pleasure.

These are compatible with water or silicone lubricants. It also comes in various flavors, including strawberry flavor that enhances the intimate experience.

13 Best Lubricated Condoms Brands – Price List

Best Lubricated Condoms BrandsPrice*
DurexRs 655
KamaSutraRs 120
SkoreRs 360
PlaygardRs 224
CobraRs 424
KohinoorRs 79
TrojanRs 1,883
OkamotoRs 119
BoldCareRs 240
SKYNRs 768
ManforceRs 225
MoodsRs 580
Best Lubricated Condom Brands

*Prices are subject to change.

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FAQs Answered about The Best Lubricated Condoms Brands

1. What do lubricated condoms do?

Lubricated condoms are the best condoms to try on. These condoms do not break or fall off easily, thus protecting you against STIs. They offer a relaxing effect during intercourse and make the experience much more pleasing. Moreover, they help reduce friction during sex.

2. What are the different types of condoms available?

Depending upon the type of material and usage, there are four types of condoms available – latex or plastic condoms, lubricated condoms, spermicide-coated condoms, and textured condoms.

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