While it is more common to hear about male condoms, female condoms are also an effective way of preventing unplanned pregnancies. They are effective in preventing quite a few STDs as well. With female condoms, women are in charge of their sexual wellness. These can be worn up to eight hours before having sex. A number of brands have made it possible with their range of female condoms. Read on to know more about the best condom brands on the market.

Note: Female condoms are recommended only if you are comfortable with them since they require to be inserted inside the vagina. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using one, or check with your gynaecologist for an expert opinion.

How to Choose the Best Female Condoms?

Femdoms are an easy way to enjoy your sexual experience without having to worry about STDs and pregnancies. In India, you can find good quality condoms ranging from Rs 150 to Rs 7,500. When buying a female condom, ensure that it is made with safe materials such as latex to prevent any skin irritation. You should also check if the condom has been lubricated, as that helps in easy insertion. Nowadays, many brands have been making condoms with different flavours to make your intimate moments more special. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best female condoms available in India based on customer reviews and great Amazon ratings.

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List Of 11 Best Female Condoms Brands In India

1. Cupid Angel

best brands of female condoms
Cupid Angel

Cupid Angel is one of the most popular female condom brands in India. It is now a best seller on Amazon, and millions of people trust the brand to take care of their sexual wellness.

Prominent Features of the Cupid Angel Female Condoms:

  • The condom uses natural latex to form a thin, loose sheath that holds the sperms during the intercourse
  • Electronically tested for safety
  • Comes in a pack of 4
  • Has a lavender scent
  • Polyurethane foam at the closed end

2. PeeSafe Domina

best brands of female condoms

Peesafe was founded in 2017 by Srijana Bagaria and Vikas Bagaria after understanding the unhygienic conditions in Indian public toilets. The brand became a huge hit after launching its Toilet Seat Sanitiser Spray and has spread across many hygiene and personal wellness sections of the market today.

Prominent Features of the Peesafe Domina Condom:

  • Made with natural latex material
  • It is a condom that is designed for females
  • Has a lavender fragrance
  • Well-lubricated condoms
  • Have a width of 75+/-2 mm
  • They are electronically tested and come with a free disposal bag

3. Velvet

best female condoms

Velvet is a product by MOODS which is another top-notch female condom brand in India. You can easily find its products on Amazon and other e-commerce websites. Its condoms are affordable and highly effective.

Prominent Features of the Velvet Female Condom:

  • Known for its velvety nature that promises to provide great satisfaction and is also easy to wear
  • It is one of the best products in terms of elasticity
  • Prepared with consultations of doctors and with feedback from the female consumers
  • It can be inserted up to eight hours before the act
  • Comes in a pack of 6
  • Well-lubricated for easy insertion

4. FC2


FC2 is one of the most reliable female condom brands in the world. The company makes user-friendly and premium quality condoms that are 95% effective.

Prominent Features of the FC2 Female Condom:

  • A nitrile pouch which is about 17 cm in length
  • Comes with a flexible ring on each end
  • Made with nitrate polymer
  • Thin and lubricated condoms
  • Comes in a pack of 3

5. Origami


Origami female condoms are quite revolutionary in this segment since they are in their second phase of development. The condom can also be washed and reused multiple times.

Prominent Features of the Origami Female Condom:

  • The condom is folded and inserted inside the body, but it stretches like an accordion when you get intimate or as and when required, making it much more comfortable to use
  • The product is still not widely available but can be acquired through drugstores on request

6. Rufus


Rufus female condoms are priced at around Rs 200 for a pack of two. It is one of the best of its kind in the market today, and you can rely on it to make your sexual experience a lot better and safer. The brand is synonymous with other women’s hygiene products as well, and hence a lot of its buyers are women.

Prominent Features of the Rufus Female Condoms:

  • Made with high-quality latex reduces the chances of rupture or tears during the act
  • Comes in a pack of two
  • Ideal for women

Moreover, for those who are looking for non-latex condoms, we have created this amazing list of top non-latex condom brands in India. Do have a look and let us know if you find it helpful to you.

7. VA Wow

VA Wow
VA Wow

VA Wow is another leading female condom brand that’s owned by HLL Lifecare. The company is popular for making natural rubber latex condoms that are safe and effective.

Prominent Features of the VA Wow Female Condom:

  • Made with natural rubber latex
  • This female condom features a sponge that keeps the condom in place inside the vagina
  • The outer ring of the condom, which prevents it from being pushed inside, is dotted with mini vibrators, which promise hundred per cent satisfaction and also good protection
  • The price of the product varies from site to site and depending on where it is being sourced from

8. Silk Parasol

Silk Parasol
Silk Parasol

Silk Parasol is an innovative way to take care of your sexual wellbeing without missing out on the fun. The US-based company is quite popular in many regions around the globe and you can easily get its products online.

Prominent Features of the Silk Parasol:

  • This is a female panty condom, which means it is fashioned out of underwear
  • It is made of biodegradable latex
  • The material is very soft and extremely appealing, and those who are too conscious about using a female condom will find this to be an acceptable alternative
  • The price of the product depends on where it is being sourced from
  • Offers protection from HIV and STDs

9. Phoenurse


This is a medically available female condom, and it is made of polyurethane. Female condoms are highly effective in preventing STDs and HIV. The product can only be availed through medical channels, and the price depends accordingly.

10. WHO

WHO has its own female condoms, which are distributed through select outlets in countries that require birth control to curb population and prevent teenage pregnancy. The price of the condoms depends on where it is being sold and under supervision.


1. How to use female condoms?

Female condoms are barrier contraceptive methods. Made of natural latex, female condoms resemble a pouch with flexible rings at each end. The smaller ring is placed deep inside the vagina, and the bigger ring is placed on the open end that hangs just outside the vagina.

2. How do female condoms feel?

Female condoms give a natural feel and are not tight for both partners.

3. Are female condoms effective?

Female condoms are less effective as compared to male condoms. This is likely because they might get torn easily, slip out of the vagina, and other such reasons.

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