10 Best Female Condoms Brands - Complete Guide With Price Range

While it is more common to hear about male condoms, female condoms are also an effective way of preventing unplanned pregnancy. A man simply might not be carrying a condom or might be reluctant to wearing it and a female condom is as much effective in preventing quite a few STDs as well. There are a number of female condoms in the market today and they have their individual advantages. Here is a list to choose from the best ones and there is something to suit every purse.

Here is the list of best brands for female condoms in India

1. Best Moods female condoms

Moods female condoms use natural latex and are considered one of the safest variants of this kind of condom. It is about 180 mm is length and 53 mm in width and is stretchable. A pack of three units costs around Rs 150. It is a good protection against unwanted pregnancy and STDs.

2. Best Cupid Angel female condoms

This is one of the more affordable variants available in the market but it is equally effective. A pack of two is priced at Rs 175. The condom uses latex and it is to be inserted inside, but does not contain any kind of spermicide. There is also a 4’S condom variant which is priced around Rs 190.

3. Best FC2 female condoms

The FC2 female condom is a nitrile pouch which is about 17 cm in length and with a flexible ring on each end, and it is inserted inside to hold it in place. The brand originally used polyurethane but since it was more expensive, they have converted to more affordable options. The price of the 3 condoms is around Rs 7400.

4. Best Rufus female condoms

Rufus female condoms are priced at around Rs 200 for a pack of two. It is one of the best of its kind in the market today and the high quality latex prevents any kind of rupture or tears during the act. The brand is synonymous with other women hygiene products as well and hence a lot of its buyers are women.

5. Best WHO female condoms

WHO has its own female condoms which are distributed through select outlets in countries that require birth control to curb population and to prevent teenage pregnancy. The price of the condoms depends on where it is being sold and under supervision.

6. Best Velvet female condoms

This condom is known for its velvety nature that promises to provide great satisfaction and is also easy to wear. It is one of the best products in terms of elasticity and has been prepared with consultations of doctors and with feedback of the female consumers. It can be inserted up to eight hours before the act.

7. Best VA Wow female condoms

This is the only female condom in the world that has a vibrator. The outer ring of the condom, that prevents it from being pushed inside, is dotted with mini vibrators and the condom promises hundred percent satisfaction and also good protection. The price of the product varies from site to site and depending on where it is being sourced from.

8. Best Silk Parasol female condoms

This is a panty female condom, which means it is fashioned out of an underwear which is appealing to the eyes and also culturally appealing. The material is very soft and extremely appealing and those who are too conscious about using a female condom will find this to be an acceptable alternative. Price of the product depends on where it is being sourced from.

9. Best Phoenurse female condoms

This is a medically available female condom and it is made of polyurethane. The female condoms are highly effective in preventing STDs and HIV and are a viable protection against STD. The product can only be availed through medical channels and the price depends accordingly.

10. Best Origami female condoms

Origami female condoms are quite revolutionary in this segment since they are in their second phase of development. The condom can also be washed and reused multiple number of times. The condom is folded and inserted inside the body but it stretches like an accordion during the act as and when required, making it much more comfortable to use. The product is still not widely available but can be acquired through drugstores on request.

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