Using lubes can make your intimate moments more comfortable and better. A lube is a great way to enhance your experience given you know what you want. Lubes cut back on dryness that tends to interfere during the act and is often a cause of injuries. These slick textured oils and gels are also used to encourage penetration and are often used as massage aids. Here is a look at the best lube brands in the market.

These products are available in silicone gel, water based, and oil formulas. However, not all lubes are created equal and if you are a beginner it might be overwhelming to start your search. So, to help you find the one for your needs, we have curated a list of the best lube brands to spice up your intimate moments.

List Of 15 Best Lube Brands – Gels, Oils, and Water Based Lubes

1. Durex

best massage lubes

Durex Play lube oils are meant for fun and they are sure to heighten the pleasure that one aims for. The lube oils are absolutely safe and can be used for body massages as well. It brings a range of scented, flavoured lubes and those enriched with aloe vera, ylang ylang, for a long lasting effect when you are in the mood for it. They are mostly priced around a range of Rs 428 – 594.

2. Penchant

best lube oil

Made with high quality ingredients, Penchant lubes are free from glycerine, parabens, and best for sensitive skin. It is odourless and makes for easy cleanup without any stains. Best of all – these lubes are silicone based and provide a long lasting lubrication for all your intimate moments. It is priced at Rs 2812.

3. Astroglide

best lube brands

The Astroglide lubes are designed to mimic natural body fluids, making it a perfect lubricant. What makes it one of the best lube brands – it produces several variants of lubes from water based to oil and silicone in gel and liquid forms. Its lubes are compatible with condoms and sex toys and make for easy clean up. You can get their lubes at Rs 1590 to Rs 2399 at the Amazon storefront.

4. Skore

best flavoured lubes

Lubricate your intimate parts with the flavoured lubes by Skore. These lubes are water-based, free from oils and colours and come in different flavours of strawberry, cherry, ylang ylang and more. They are skin friendly and a great option for those who love to experiment. Easy to wash off, Skore’s lubes are compatible with condoms and sex toys.

5. Carex

best lubricating gels

If you have been experiencing vaginal dryness, Carex intimate lube gel is just the right fix. It adheres to the international harmonised standards and is safe to be used with condoms. Moreover, it is greaseless, water soluble and does not cause any irritation, making it one of the best lube brands out there. It can be availed at Rs 328 from online shopping stores.

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6. Vigini


Formulated with 100% natural actives such as oak gall, aloe vera extract, vitamin E, this is a lubricating water based jelly by Vigini. Free from any added colours, this lube is is a hypoallergenic product. It is washable, non-sticky and free from mineral oils, and parabens. Additionally, it is also compatible with condoms and sex toys and is available at Rs 319 only.

7. KY

best lubricating gels

Those who are particular about hygiene and do not want to spend worrying about the safety of the lube oils can use this without a doubt. Made from special formula, the oil is good for both men and women. One can have them around a price of Rs 572.

8. Kama Sutra

best lubricant oils and gels
Kama Sutra

Kama Sutra is mainly known for the condoms but the lube oils are also a fast selling product. They are mostly to be had around a price of Rs 200. One can avail them in couple of flavors and enriched with natural ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin E.

9. Yes WB

best water based lubes
Yes WB

A light and non- greasy oil, the product is made suitable for use with a new age technology that makes this water based lube glide smoothly over the skin but does not feel heavy. It is organic and free from harsh chemicals and can also be used to combat the dryness induced by menopause. Ideal for women with sensitive skin, these lubes are priced around Rs 1895.

10. ID

best lubes

ID Lube oils are sure to extend your pleasure and this one of the best ways of ensuring that you have a great experience with your partner. The lube oils are priced around a range of Rs 2574. They are available in a couple of standard flavors and fragrances. Best of all – these lubes undergo rigorous testing to ensure condom compatibility, making it one of the best lube brands.

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11. Johnson and Johnson

Johnson and Johnson lube oils are very mild and they can be used for a number of purposes. The oil is medicated and is free from a lot of artificial odours and fragrances. The oils are available through medical sites. They are mostly priced around Rs 428 -594.

12. Hot Glide

The warmth of the oil on touching the skin is something that makes this product a hit among the users and it provides a very soothing and tantalizing experience. The product is priced around Rs 500 and is completely worth the price.

13. Moods

Moods is much used lube oil that is used for a number of purposes and like their condoms, the oil also comes in a couple of flavors which makes the experience fun and playful. They can be had around a price of Rs 350. The chocolate and strawberry flavors have always been a hit with the users.

14. Honeypot

Honeypot lube oils are suitable for use for any part in the body and they are also used for body massages. The oils are one a kind and are meant for a heavenly experience. They are priced around a range of Rs 370.

15. Veeon

Veeon is known primarily for the lube oils and there a couple of varieties based on viscosity. They can be had around a price point of Rs 250.

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