10 Best Road Bikes Brands – Complete Guide With Price Range

Road bikes are great for exercising and also for practical purposes because they help in covering long distances in a short span of time without burning fuel. Road bikes are the way to go if one wants to mitigate traffic problems as well and many are opting for it just for the fun it offers. The road bikes offer great value for money and in turn help in saving costs in the long run. Here are some of the best road bikes one can have, and the prices will help you buy the best one according to your budget.

Here are the best brands for road bikes

1. Best Hercules Nascar road bikes

As the name suggests, the road bikes comes with a power control and they help in attaining great speed, but without causing any kind of pollution. The bikes are equipped with special tires and brakes that make them the mini version of race care bikes for beginners. The bikes can be availed around a price of Rs 4830.

2. Best Montra Celtic road bikes

The road bikes are meant for those who want to take on the road fearlessly and they have one of the strongest makes. The body is made from high quality steel and the power brakes gives the rider unprecedented control over the bike while traversing a difficult path. The bikes are available for a price of around Rs 35,000.

3. Best Hero Hawk road bikes

Hero is the prime bike brand in India and the road bikes are meant for traveling long distances with ease. The bikes are sleek and unique and they can compete with the best international bikes on the tracks. The bike comes equipped with a comfortable seating and the perfect handlebars adds to the grip. The bike can be had for a price of about Rs 4775.

4. Best Rodeo Hardliner road bikes

As the name suggests, these are really hardy bikes which are made for the tough roads and they are the bikes to compete in a competition. The bikes have a good traction and the mechanism makes for a great biking experience in any kind of road surface. One can avail these top end bikes for a price of Rs 12,889.

5. Best Hero Kyto road bikes

Hero Bikes are known for their stability and strength and these bikes are great even in rough weather conditions. The bikes have power brakes and the paddles have the required traction to give the bikes steady balance while biking in higher speed. The bikes are available for a price point of about Rs 6950.

6. Best Viva Ryde road bikes

Viva Bikes are known for their one of a kind design and they are truly unique not only in terms of a sleek and stylish body but because of the comfort in lends in biking. The bikes springs provide added comfort while biking over uneven surfaces and helps tackling long distances easier. They can be had around a price point of Rs 8400.

7. Best Mach City road bikes

Mach is a very well known brand in bikes and they also come recommended by professionals. They are ideal for bikers who are trying to take their biking experience to the next level and the bikes provide the required balance and strength to see the biker through. Priced around Rs 9999 the bikes are quite affordable.

8. Best Wind Speed road bikes

Wind road bikes indeed like the wind and the smooth and gliding experience it provides is indeed a rare experience, all thanks to the advanced technology used in the construction of the bikes. They are priced around Rs 21,400 to Rs 22, 999 and are slightly higher priced. However, they are also worth every penny.

9. Best Mad Maxx road bikes

Inspired by the Mad Maxx series, these bikes are as strong as sturdy as expected and they can be used to compete over any kind of surface. These road bikes are the perfect companions for an adventurous person and yet they are quite affordably priced around Rs 3150 to Rs 4200.

10. Best Polygon Strattos road bikes

These road bikes are the ones that are mostly used by professionals and not without a reason. From great control to high speed, from sleek looks to a trendy body, this bike incorporates everything. The bikes are priced around Rs 49,999 which makes it one of the most expensive but they are sure to add a lot to the experience of the biker.

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