10 Best Road Bikes in India

Road bikes are great for exercising and also for commuting purposes because they help in covering long distances in a short period without burning fuel. Road bikes are the way to go if one wants to mitigate traffic problems, and many opt for them just for the fun they offer. Road bikes offer great value for money and, in turn, help in saving costs in the long run. Here are some of the best road bikes in India one can get, and the prices will help you buy the best one according to your budget.

Our Top Picks :

How Do We Choose the Best Road Bikes For You?

A great way to increase your fitness, meet new people, and take in your surroundings at a slower pace is to go riding your road bike. In India, a good quality road bike costs anywhere between Rs 6,000 to Rs 11,000. Before you jump into our recommendations of the best road bikes available in India, we suggest you go through the factors that helped us decide on the best products for you.

Frame Geometry

Road bike types may seem to be identical to one another, yet the frame designs vary in small but significant ways. The majority of road bikes will likely have a sport (recreational) geometry. If you want to ride up to three times per week and rack up 32 to 240 kilometres per week, these bikes are perfect for you. Compared to a performance bike, the riding posture is more upright, and the steering is more relaxing to use.

On the other hand, competitive riders choose road bikes with a performance (race) geometry. These bikes are more sensitive to steering input and require the rider to be more flexible to optimise aerodynamics. Performance bicycles include higher-quality parts, lighter wheels, and a stronger frame.

Frame Materials

The next thing you should consider while buying a road bike is the frame material. The majority of aluminium frames provide a very smooth ride. Additionally, they are often less costly than carbon fibre frames. A carbon-fibre bike frame often offers a smoother, more pleasant ride compared to an aluminium frame. 


You aren’t given an option of wheels when you purchase a bike unless you choose a custom-built model. However, after purchasing the bike, you have the option to upgrade to higher-quality wheels. A bike’s wheels grow lighter and quicker as it moves up the model range.

List of The Top 10 Road Bikes in India

Hercules Dynor Road Bike

Hercules Dynor Road Bike
Hercules Dynor Road Bike

As the name suggests, The Hercules Road Bikes come with power control, and they help in attaining great speed. The cycle is shipped in a partially constructed state and needs to be assembled.

Prominent Features of the Hercules Dynor Road Bike:

  • The Hercules Dynor Road Bike comes in an attractive ivory-white colour, which looks elegant
  • The road bike comes with an ergonomic seat with a special design for a pleasant ride
  • To install, an “allen” key and spanner are included with the cycle


  • Ergonomically Designed Saddle
  • Alloy Brake Levers
  • Firm fork to guarantee the rider a pleasant experience

Why We Picked the Hercules Dynor Road Bike?

Hercules is a popular brand in India that produces a wide range of cycles. It perfectly complements the bold and spirited attitude of teenagers nowadays. With its premium-quality cycles, Hercules is a popular choice among Indians.

Hero Hawk Road Bike

Hero Hawk Road Bike
Hero Hawk Road Bike

Hero is the prime bike brand in India, and the road bikes are meant for traveling long distances with ease. The Hero Hawk bikes are sleek and unique, and they can compete with the best international bikes on the tracks. The bike comes equipped with comfortable seating and the perfect handlebars add to the grip.

Prominent Features of the Hero Hawk Road Bike:

  • During wet conditions, the mudguard prevents mud from contaminating your socks and shoe
  • The frame of this bicycle is made of robust, solid steel and is, thus, durable
  • Additionally, a rigid fork promotes comfort when riding on uneven terrain


  • Ergonomic saddle
  • Rear reflectors for safety
  • Handlebar comfortable for arms and wrists

Why We Picked the Hero Hawk Road Bike?

The Hero Hawk Road Bike features a 23-inch sturdy steel frame and is suitable for cyclists who are between 5 and 6 feet tall. This sleek bicycle is perfect for everyday use and comes fully equipped with a mudguard, carrier, stand, front and rear reflectors, and a chain cover.

Mach City iBike Road Bike

Mach City iBike Road Bike
Mach City iBike Road Bike

Mach is a very well-known brand in bikes, and they also come recommended by professionals. They are ideal for bikers who are trying to take their biking experience to the next level. The brand’s road bikes provide the required balance and strength for amateur riders.

Prominent Features of the Mach City iBike Road Bike:

  • The Mach City Road Bike features a movable seat with a PU saddle for comfort while riding
  • Ideal for cyclists who have a height of 5 feet or more
  • The road bike comes in an 85% assembled state and can be easily assembled fully for a fun riding experience


  • Adjustable seat
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Strong brakes for safety

Why We Picked the Mach City iBike Road Bike?

Ride the brand-new Mach City iBike to rediscover your city. Your ability to confidently and easily weave in and out of traffic is aided by its lightweight steel frame and strong nylon tyres. The classic city bike is completed with a ground-breaking fast-release front wheel and minimal maintenance parts.

Firefox Bikes Voya Hybrid Road Bike

Firefox Bikes Voya Hybrid Road Bike
Firefox Bikes Voya Hybrid Road Bike

The Firefox road bikes are meant for those who want to take on the road fearlessly as they have one of the strongest makes. The body is made from high-quality steel and the power brakes give the rider unprecedented control over the bike while traversing a difficult path.If you like to read about this topic, may we also suggest our list of electric cycle.

Prominent Features of the Firefox Bikes Voya Hybrid Road Bike:

  • The bicycle has an aluminium frame which makes it durable and strong
  • Depending on availability, the bicycle may be ordered with a 14-speed transmission that is either Microshift or Shimano equipped
  • The Firefox Bikes Voya Hybrid provides the capabilities needed for brisk city riding


  • Durable and strong
  • Easy installation
  • Lightweight
  • Wide handlebar for a strong grip


  • Mudguard is not available

Why We Picked the Firefox Bikes Voya Hybrid Road Bike?

The chic bike from Firefox is a fantastic option for regular commuting. The bike is delivered in a semi-assembled state and can be easily assembled fully to provide amateurs with a joyful riding experience.

Eastman Uniek Road Bike

Eastman Uniek Road Bike
Eastman Uniek Road Bike

The Eastman Uniek Road Bike is perfect for riders who are between the ages of 9 and 13 and have a height of between that range. The stiff suspension mountain bike has a strong build and a dependable single-gear motor system. This simple and enjoyable bicycle from Eastman lets the user discover various terrains.

Prominent Features of the Eastman Uniek Road Bike:

  • Your kids will be able to use this bike for many years because of the sturdy 24-inch steel frame and premium parts
  • The bike features a superior glow-finished paint that is attractive and elegant
  • This fast, steel-framed bike has Power V brakes, anti-slip tyres, and a chain cover for convenience and safety


  • Elegant look
  • Suitable for everyday commuting
  • Anti-skid tyres for safety


  • Does not come with assembly instructions

Why We Picked the Eastman Uniek Road Bike?

The Eastman Uniek Road Bike is made for tough roads. The bikes have good traction and mechanism, which makes for a great biking experience on any kind of road surface.

Leader Scout Road Bike

Leader Scout Road Bike
Leader Scout Road Bike

The Leader Scout Road Bike is mostly used by professionals and not without reason. From great control to high speed, from sleek looks to a trendy body, this bike incorporates everything. The bicycle has a strong frame and high-grip tyres that will provide you with excellent traction and maximum movement when you ride it.Wondering where to get the best gear cycle? Read our list to find out.

Prominent Features of the Leader Scout Road Bike:

  • With soft rubber grips, the handlebar is particularly designed to provide a comfortable riding position for lengthy rides
  • For people of various heights, the saddle may be modified to provide a comfortable seating posture
  • Long-lasting rubber tyres of the highest quality for better traction in dry or wet conditions


  • Smooth and comfortable saddle
  • Strong steel frame provides durability
  • Protective chain guard


  • Quality of the brake can be improved

Caya Warrior Road Bike

Caya Warrior Road Bike
Caya Warrior Road Bike

The Caya Warrior Road Bike is known for its stability and strength. The bikes are great even in rough weather conditions. The bikes have power brakes, and the paddles have the required traction to give the bikes steady balance while biking at a higher speed.

Prominent Features of the Eastman Uniek Road Bike:

  • The Caya Warrior Road Bike provides lightweight performance and tough durability
  • The cycle comes in a 90% assembled state, along with a toolkit to complete the installation
  • Dual disc brakes at the front and rear provide a strong and steady braking mechanism


  • Front shock absorber for safety
  • Light and sturdy build
  • Handlebar with grips for convenience

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Addo Road Bike

Addo Road Bike
Addo Road Bike

The Addo Road Bike is popular for its sophisticated design. They are truly unique not only in terms of a sleek and stylish body but because of the comfort in lend to biking. The bike springs provide added comfort while biking over uneven surfaces and help tackle long distances easier.

Prominent Features of the Addo Road Bike:

  • The very comfortable and stylish saddle of the Addo Road Bike lets you ride with flair
  • The frame is made of steel and has excellent MIG welding for durability
  • The high strength and lightweight magnesium alloy wheels will help you stand out from the crowd
  • A beautiful and lightweight bottle cage and a cycling bottle are included with the Addo Road Bike


  • Adjustable saddle
  • Colour coordinated mudguards
  • Handlebar with soft rubber grips

Stryder Road Bike

Stryder Road Bike
Stryder Road Bike

The all-new Stryder Road Ride is a sophisticated bike that can handle any terrain. It is built using cutting-edge techniques like TIG welding. This sturdy and powerful beast is equipped with a double-wall alloy wheel-set rim, 26 x 1.90 nylon tyres, and other special characteristics to make it ready for any road.

Prominent Features of the Stryder Road Bike:

  • The Stryder Rod Bike includes a wheel with a plastic guard, an iron body, a reflectorized pedal, and more
  • With a frame made of trapezium tubing and MIG welding, a V brake, and a chain, the Stryder Road Bike is functional and stylish
  • Features a high tensile steel frame with an ergonomic design for the rider’s comfort


  • Steel frame with heat-resistant graphics
  • Reflectorised pedals
  • Comfortable and durable

Cyclo Road Bike

Cyclo Road Bike
Cyclo Road Bike

The Cyclo Road Bike is as strong and sturdy as expected and can be used to compete over multiple kinds of surfaces. These road bikes are the perfect companions for an adventurous person, and yet they are quite affordably priced.

Prominent Features of the Cyclo Road Bike:

  • The bicycles are made in accordance with the tightest quality guidelines and requirements
  • High levels of comfort are guaranteed by features such as a cushioned seat, an ergonomically built high handlebar, and soft rubber grips
  • The Cyclo Road Bike is specifically designed for the Indian terrain


  • Efficient braking system
  • Durable steel frame
  • High grip handlebar

Final Word

Cycling is good exercise and keeps you energetic throughout the day and is healthy in the long run. Based on our research, the Hercules Dynor Road Bike, Hero Hawk Road Bike, and Mach City iBike Road Bike are our top picks for the best road bikes in India. While making our recommendations, we also took into consideration factors like frame geometry, frame material, and wheels. Let us know which one worked out best for you.


Which type of road bike is best for the road?

Endurance road bikes are the best for the road. They have a stable and comfortable design that keeps you smooth and confident, making them perfect for both beginner and seasoned road riders. An endurance road bike is an excellent option if you want to go somewhere quickly and comfortably.

Is a road bike good for daily use?

Road bikes aren’t made for city riding. However, if your commute is generally straight and over level terrain, they may be excellent for daily use. A hybrid bike or a gravel bike may be better choices for riding to work on bumpier or windier roads.

What is the benefit of a road bike?

A road bike is the quickest among all other types of bikes due to its frame and components. The bikes feature wide wheels and skinny tyres, which makes riding easier.

Is a road bike good for long distances?

Yes, a road bike is suitable for travelling long distances. The top endurance road bikes will enable you to travel long distances and comfortably navigate through various terrains. An excellent option for riders who want a somewhat more relaxed riding posture than a pure racing bike is an endurance road bike.

What are road bikes good for?

Road bikes are suitable for racing, commuting, participating in events, and fitness riding. The handlebars on most bikes feature a drop-bar design. This curls down and toward the back of the bike and puts the rider in an aerodynamic posture.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

Highly experienced and competent researchers at CashKaro work hard to provide you with the finest market suggestions available online. To create a list of products you can trust, we evaluate various products and compare them based on a variety of factors. We considered frame geometry, frame material, wheels, and other aspects while making our recommendations for the best road bikes in India. We really hope that this list will assist you in reaching an educated conclusion.

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