While growing up, whenever our parents would cook us dinner, we would always hear coughing sounds thanks to the fumes, gas, and smoke being emitted. With the advent of technology, that is not the case any more thanks to kitchen chimneys. Indian cooking involves a lot of frying; to reduce the dirt and emission from the same, you need a kitchen chimney to make your life easier! Research suggests that kitchens with chimneys are cleaner and more hygienic than kitchens without chimneys. If you’re thinking of investing in one of the best chimneys in India and don’t know much about them, don’t worry. Here are some of the best kitchen chimneys in India and a few helpful factors to consider before purchasing a kitchen chimney:

4 Important Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Kitchen Chimney in India:

  • Size: This is simple. If your cooktop (stove) has 3 or less hobs (burners), then look for 60 cm versions. For any stove that uses more than 3 hobs at a time, 90 cm versions are more suitable.
  • Suction: 1200 m3/hour is the suction power recommended for both 60 cm and 90 cm versions. 
  • Noise: These days most chimneys come with a standard noise level of 58 db. Anything around this number is reasonable.
  • Easy to Clean: Some kitchen chimneys come with auto-clean options while others don’t. The auto-clean option increases the price factor as well. If you have a budget constraint, then at least make sure the chimney you choose is easy to clean manually.

Best Kitchen Chimneys in India: Top Brands & Reviews

1. Faber Chimney

Faber Chimney
Faber Chimney

Faber Hood Orient TC BK 60 cm model comes with advanced filterless technology, which means the chimney cleans itself automatically. Its high capacity blower gives a powerful suction of 1250 m3/hr and makes it one of the best chimneys in India. Its sleek glossy finish gives your kitchen a great modern aesthetic; to add to that, it has a touch panel which makes operating it so much easier. The auto-clean feature helps in getting rid of oil particles itself with just one touch. This Faber Kitchen Chimney comes with 2 LED lamps, which consumes very little power.

What’s Good

  • Has an auto-clean feature
  • Oil collector cup collects oils and other residue

What’s Bad

  • The LED lights are not that bright

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2. Hindware Chimney

Hindware Chinmey
Hindware Chinmey

Loaded with supreme features and solid performance, the premium steel grey finish of Hindware Nevio 60 adds the sparkle that your kitchen needs. It is constructed using thermal Auto-Clean technology that ensures hassle-free cooking. One-touch controls on the front panel of the chimney enable ease of operation. One of the best Kitchen Chimneys in India, it also has a long-lasting sturdy metal oil collector that is easy to clean and can store more residue than plastic oil collectors.

What’s Good

  • It has a powerful suction of 1200m3/hr.
  • Coated with stainless steel.

What’s Bad

  • The plastic pipe on top is not very durable and needs to be replaced every few months

3. Kaff Chimney

Kaff Chimney
Kaff Chimney
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Give your kitchen the smoke-free makeover it deserves with the Kaff chimney models! Coated with a stylish matt decorative finish, this Kaff Chimney can add to your modern home aesthetic seamlessly. It has a heavy-duty baffle filter which is very easy to clean. You can go as crazy as you want with the spices and deep frying as this chimney has a powerful suction capacity.

What’s Good

  • Ensures no odour and smoke while cooking.
  • Produces less noise with only 54 decibels.

What’s Bad

  • It requires annual servicing for its maintenance which might be costly

4. Glen Chimney

Glen Chimney

The Glen 6050 Junior Black 60cm Kitchen Chimney is a classic pyramid design hood with a black finish body. It comes with 2 Stainless Steel baffle filters which are easy to clean and last a lifetime. The 155w Powerful 100% copper winding motor with thermal overload protector ensures that in case of overheating the motor doesn’t burn out. The design ensures that it does not reduce the airflow and accumulates the oily deposits without choking the filter.

What’s Good

  • 40 watt powerful lamps effectively illuminate the hob area.
  • With the high suction rate of 1000m3/h, this kitchen hood helps in emitting the oil particles

What’s Bad

  • The installation cost for this chimney is very high

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5. Sunflame Chimney

Sunflame Chimney
Sunflame Chimney

The Sunflame BELLA 60 SS model is a perfect cooker hood with a combination of performance, looks, and technology. It comes fitted with easy to clean, heavy-duty stainless-steel baffle filters, which work efficiently forcing oil and other residue to settle inside the baffle, letting only the air move freely in between the filters. Its high-efficiency 190w motor is the heart of the chimney, which gives a powerful suction of 1100 m3/hr. One of the best Kitchen Chimneys in India, this unique design holds the motor and twin turbine in place whilst absorbing any vibrations they create.

What’s Good

  • The chimneys come with two energy-efficient LED appointments to keep your kitchen bright and heat-free, unlike the halogen alternatives
  • It has a 3 speed control setting

What’s Bad

  • It produces more noise than the standard chimneys available

6. Prestige Chimney

Prestige Chimney
Prestige Chimney

Prestige Royale Hoods Chimney is engineered to suit your needs offering a modern solution to your kitchen. Unleash your inner chef and try as many dishes as you desire with this Prestige Chimney. It catches the impurities faster leaving a refreshing and easy to breathe atmosphere behind. A heat resistant tempered glass panel saves itself from the direct heat coming from the stove. This high on performance kitchen chimney by Prestige holds a powerful turbo suction capacity of 1100 m3/hr.

What’s Good

  • It has an easy push button that makes its controls super convenient
  • The conical stainless steel filter helps absorb all particles effectively

What’s Bad

  • This kitchen chimney is heavier than the standard weight

7. Gilma Chimney

The Gilma Chimney is known for its classic Italian design. Add a modern flair to your kitchen with this sleek silver aesthetic. Its silent yet efficient performance certainly adds to the overall experience of convenience you get while using this chimney. It’s made from the highest quality stainless steel materials to ensure no scratches or wear and tear. It has a baffle filter too which is very easy to clean.

Gilma Chimney
Gilma Chimney

What’s Good

  • It has 2 in built lamps that effectively illuminate the stove.

What’s Bad

  • The suction capacity is only 800 M3/H

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8. Bosch Chimney

Leave all your maintenance woes aside with the Bosch Chimney as it comes with a strong maintenance-free three-layered baffle filter. The brushed steel finish and fitted LED lights only add to its sleek look and design. The Bosch chimneys are passed through 96 hours (4 days) of salt spray test to ensure corrosion resistance. One of the best Kitchen Chimneys in India, this specially designed motor is capable of delivering higher suction power at a noise level of as little as 55 DB.

Bosch Chimney
Bosch Chimney

What’s Good

  • The filters ensure complete coverage of the burners from the top which results in the total elimination of grease, heat, smell, and smoke.
  • It is engineered in Germany with the finest quality of materials.

What’s Bad

  • The weight is heavier than the standard chimneys.

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9. Kutchina Kitchen Chimney

The Kutchina Curvy DLX is powered with AI and is designed to meet the needs of the new-age customer. The I-Auto clean chimney sets self-cleaning schedules as per cooking frequency and duration and cleans itself without the touch of the button. You almost have to do nothing at all! Just turn it on, and let the chimney do the rest. What’s unique about this chimney is that it uses filterless technology and has a high suction rate.

What’s Good

  • The Power Saving LED lamp is designed to grant ease while cooking.
  • It has a 100% copper winding motor.

What’s Bad

  • Manual cleaning of the chimney is difficult.

10. Hafele Chimney

The Hafele FM Series chimneys are powered with robust suction capabilities that free your kitchen from unwanted and unhealthy cooking smoke and residue; all that’s left to sniff is the welcoming fragrance of appetising delicacies. Filter-free operation of the chimney adds up to the convenience greatly when it comes to cleaning. Hafele offers such an elegant design that will surely enhance your kitchen décor.

What’s Good

  • With 800 CBM (cubic meter) capacity, Hafele Leo chimneys provide enough suction power to free your kitchen of smoke.
  • The LED strips make it easier to view your kitchen countertop and consume less power.

What’s Bad

  • Manual cleaning is difficult.

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Top Recommendations for Best Kitchen Chimneys in India:

Best Kitchen ChimneysPower CapacityRatings
Faber Chimney1200 m3/hr4.0/5
Hindware Chimney1200 m3/hr4.0/5
Kaff Chimney1150 m3/hr3.9/5
Glen Chimney1000 m³/h3.9/5
Sunflame Chimney1100 m3/hr3.8/5
Prestige Chimney1100 m3/hr3.8/5
Gilma Chimney800 m3/hr3.7/5
Bosch Chimney800 m3/hr3.7/5
Kutchina Chimney288w3.6/5
Hafele Chimney800 m3/hr4.5/5

Now that you know all about the good chimneys available in India, head on over to Amazon or Flipkart and start shopping! Remember to go via CashKaro so that you always get exxxtra Cashback!

Best Kitchen Chimneys In India – Price List

Kitchen Chimney BrandsPrice*
FaberStarting at Rs 27,999
HindwareStarting at Rs 24,999
KaffStarting at Rs 21,990
GlenStarting at Rs Rs 19,390
SunflameStarting at Rs 18,999
PrestigeStarting at Rs 31,995
GilmaStarting at Rs 14,990
BoschStarting at Rs 9,990
Kutchina Starting at Rs 29,990
HafeleStarting at Rs 33,490
*Prices are subject to change

Best Kitchen Chimney in India – FAQs

Q. Which type of chimney is best?

A. The chimneys with the auto-clean feature having a power suction capacity of 1200 m3/hr are the best type of kitchen chimneys. They give you the ease of use as they quickly absorb all the particles and rid you of the hassle of cooking.

Q. Which chimney is best auto clean or manual?

A. While manual chimneys are easier to clean, they come with the added issue of wear and tear. While the auto clean chimneys require external maintenance to be cleaned on an annual basis.

Q. What is the difference between 60cm and 90cm chimney?

A. A 60cm chimney is best for a small stove, like a 2-3 burner stove, while a 90cm chimney works best for large stoves with 4-6 burners. For domestic use, it is recommended to use 60cm chimneys as they consume less power.

Q. What is the best way to buy a kitchen chimney?

A. You may purchase a kitchen chimney online or offline. You will find great deals and discounts during sales on online stores like Amazon. Along with that, if you shop via CashKaro, you will get bonus Cashback and Rewards!

Q. Which chimney is best duct or ductless?

A. It depends on your personal choice. Ultimately, if you look at the specifications, duct chimneys prove to be more efficient.

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