8 Best Kitchen Cleaner Brands in India for Utmost Hygiene

Cleanliness and hygiene are first priority when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. Kitchen Cleaner is a good product that is designed to deal with the difficult-to-clean mess in the kitchen, allowing you to clean it easily and effectively. A good kitchen cleaner will clean thick oil layers and dirt and disinfect by destroying 99.9% of viruses and germs on hard, non-porous surfaces. The kitchen cleaner leaves a pleasant citrus aroma while also cleaning surfaces very effectively. Kitchen cleaners may be used to clean kitchen surfaces and items quickly and easily. It is suitable for use on tiles, countertops, work surfaces, and sinks. There are a lot of great options in the market that can give you effective cleaning. To help you with that, we have listed the best kitchen cleaner brands in India.

List of 8 Best Kitchen Cleaner Brands in India

1. Lizol

Best Kitchen Cleaner Brands

Lizol is a cleaning and disinfection product brand from the United States. The company provides liquid treatments for soft and hard surfaces, as well as for hand cleaning and air treatment. Lizol has been used as a domestic and industrial cleaning solution and a clinical disinfectant, since its development in the late nineteenth century.

Lizol Kitchen Power Cleaner can help protect your family from hazardous foodborne diseases. This powerful kitchen cleaner helps to clean up even the hardest kitchen stains while eradicating 99.9 percent of germs and deodorising with a fresh aroma. Lizol Kitchen Power Cleaner may be used on a variety of kitchen surfaces, including worktops, stovetops, sinks, appliance exteriors, cabinets, and so on.

2. Cif

Best Kitchen Cleaner Brands

Cif is a French home cleaning solution brand owned by Unilever and is marketed as Jif in New Zealand, Japan, Australia, the Middle East, and more countries. Cif is a surface cleaning multi-purpose brand that offers a wide range of solutions for cleaning a variety of kitchen and household surfaces such as burnt-on food, encrusted grease, bathroom limescale stains, and so on.

This Kitchen cleaner spray by Cif offers a thorough clean and an unequalled streak-less shine. Even the hardest kitchen grime, such as oil, is rapidly lifted away by the strong deep cleaning ingredients. Enjoy your shining and gorgeous surfaces right away, with no streak at all. The completely effective grease removal kitchen cleaner by Jif has an unrivalled ability to clean kitchen dirt.

3. Proklean

Best Kitchen Cleaner Brands
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Proklean Technologies owns the Proklean brand. In India, It has developed and marketed a number of eco-friendly solutions and products that are used on a daily basis in both household and commercial settings. Proklean offers a range of 100% natural cleaning products such as soaping agents, de-greasers, and dispersion.

Proklean GreaseOut is the ideal kitchen cleaning buddy. A potent bio-based kitchen degreaser with no chemical contamination.

4. Clecide

Best Kitchen Cleaner Brands

Haley Consumer Products Pvt Ltd owns the Indian cleanser brand Clecide. The company was founded in 2012, and is one of the top makers of kitchen Cleaners, Bathroom Cleaners, and other cleaning products. The brand offers a range of products to customers at market-defining prices.

The Clecide kitchen cleanser fights germs while also removing thick grease and dirt and leaving surfaces beautifully clean. Clecide’s Oven cleaning removes the hardest filth off grills, ovens, burners, stoves, and chimneys. Here, you can also check the list of best Kitchen tongs.

5. BlueOxy

Best Kitchen Cleaner Brands

BlueOxy is an Indian brand owned by BR Build Care. For over 15 years, the company has been a competent provider of goods and solutions to the sanitation and sanitising business. BR Buildcare Solutions is a well-known civil rehabilitation company in India, with years of expertise in offering all-around solutions such as waterproofing, pest control, industrial and household painting, mechanical anchoring, chemical anchoring, and installation.

BlueOxy Kitchen Cleaner by BR Buildcare is a unique product designed to easily clean kitchen surfaces. This product is intended for use on hydrophilic surfaces such as glass, ceramics, and stainless steel. It is a cleanser as well as a degreaser that cleans any kitchen surfaces of filth, grease, grime, easy kitchen soil removal, and dirt repellency.

6. Stanfresh

Best Kitchen Cleaner Brands

Stanfresh is a brand owned by Gurgaon-based Indian company Stanvac Prime. The firm is dedicated to providing its clients with high-quality aerosol and non-aerosol products. The items were created in partnership with WhaleSpray, a Spanish company.  The brand provides 360-degree personalised solutions to their clients in the personal, home, or OTC category, as well as automotive and industrial solutions. 

Stanfresh Kitchen Master is a multifunctional cleaning spray that thoroughly cleans every nook and corner of the kitchen cabinet. Aside from that, Stanfresh Kitchen Cleaner easily cleans painted and metallic surfaces.

7. Luxor

Best Kitchen Cleaner Brands

Luxor is an Indian brand established in 1963, Mr. D.K. Jain. In addition to manufacturing and selling writing tools, the brand has expanded into the home hygiene and personal safety categories under the brand name Luxor Nano. The pandemic’s spread has created an unforeseen need and demand for disinfection and sanitization solutions.

Luxor nano+ Multipurpose Disinfectant Cleaner has active nanotechnology that forms a protective nano-layer on the surface. The active nano-layer activates quickly and prevents dust particles from settling on the surface, making it dust repellant for 24 hours. The Multipurpose Disinfectant Cleaner claims to destroy 99.9% of the dangerous microorganisms on the surface. It can be used to clean kitchen cabinets, furniture, automobile windows, glass and glossy surfaces including tabletops, glass windows, mirrors, ovens, refrigerators, and more.

8. Mr Muscle

Best Kitchen Cleaner Brands
Mr Muscle

Mr Muscle is a surface cleaning brand from the United Kingdom by  S. C. Johnson & Son. The brand was established in 1986. Since then, Mr Muscle’s product portfolio has subsequently grown. 

Mr Muscle advanced power kitchen cleanser is scientifically created with 5-in-1 technology, providing you with the ability to combat stubborn kitchen problems. On non-porous and hard surfaces, it disinfects by destroying 99.99 percent of bacteria or viruses. Removes thick grease and dirt while leaving surfaces sparkling clean and scented with fresh lemon. Use on tiles, sinks, worktops, and work areas.

Best Kitchen Cleaner Brands – Price List

Kitchen Cleaner BrandsPrice*
LizolStarting at Rs 238
CifStarting at Rs 309
ProkleanStarting at Rs 257
ClecideStarting at Rs 220
BlueOxyStarting at Rs 310
StanfreshStarting at Rs 240
LuxorStarting at Rs 270
Mr MuscleStarting at Rs 389
*Prices are according to packs and subject to change.


Which is the best kitchen cleaner?

There are various brands that offer best kitchen cleaners, including Lizol, Cif, Proclean, and BlueOxy.

What cleaner is best for everyday cleaning?

A multi-purpose cleaner is best for cleaning the kitchen and home every day.

What is the difference between sanitising and cleaning?

Cleaning eliminates germs, filth, and impurities from surfaces or items, whereas sanitising reduces germs on surfaces and equipment.

Which brand is the best seller in kitchen cleaners?

Lizol is the best-selling brand of kitchen cleaners on Amazon.

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