8 Best Laptops for Graphic Design in India: Get Creative!

Graphic design is a field that demands a blend of creativity, precision, and the right technology. For graphic designers, a laptop isn’t just a tool–it’s a canvas where ideas come to life. So, for you, we have rounded up the best laptops for graphic design in India.

Our Top Picks

Premium Choice
Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro 
Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro 
This convertible laptop from Samsung comes at a premium price point, but it is worth it!
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Best for Heavy Design Tasks
HP Victus Gaming Laptop
HP Victus Gaming Laptop
This laptop comes with high-end features that are perfect for running heavy design software.
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Best for Creative Professionals
Apple 2024 MacBook Air
Apple 2024 MacBook Air
This Apple laptop features a great display along with offering efficient performance, making it great for professionals!
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Comparison Table for Best Laptops for Graphic Design 2024

ProductSegmentPrice (INR)Rating (Out of 10)
Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro Most PremiumRs 1,79,4909
HP Victus Gaming LaptopBest for Heavy Design TasksRs 69,9908.5
Apple 2024 MacBook AirBest for Creative ProfessionalsRs 1,34,9008.5
Acer Swift 3Best All RounderRs 69,9908
HP Pavilion 15Best Mid-RangeRs 55,9998
ASUS Vivobook S 14 FlipMost VersatileRs 62,1678
Dell 15 LaptopBest for BeginnersRs 48,4907.5
HP Laptop 15sMost Budget-FriendlyRs 35,8887

List of the Best Laptops for Graphic Design in India

Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro 

Most Premium

1,79,490 ₹2,24,990
The Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro 360 redefines innovation with its exceptional features and 2-in-1 functionality. 


Powerful Intel Core i7 processor
1080p camera
Slim and lightweight design with an aluminium body
Larger touchpad
Great connectivity with Samsung devices


Premium price point 

The Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro 360 stands as an epitome of premium design and innovation tailored for graphic design professionals. Powered by the Intel Core i7-1360P processor, this laptop ensures seamless multitasking, which is essential for extensive graphic design projects. Also, the 16″ touchscreen display with 500 nits HDR delivers visually stunning and exceptionally detailed visuals.

Product Specifications:

Display16 inches
Resolution‎2880 x 1800 pixels
Product Dimensions‎25.2 x 35.5 x 1.3 cm; 1.66 kg
ProcessorIntel Core i7-1360P
RAM Size16GB
Graphics‎Intel Iris Xe Graphics
9Expert Score
CashKaro Review

The Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro 360 is acclaimed for its robust performance and versatile design, which makes it ideal for graphic design and multitasking. The seamless integration with Samsung’s ecosystem and its premium build make it a top choice for tech enthusiasts. We have given it a rating of 9. Although it comes at a premium price, its features justify the investment for professionals looking for a high-end, versatile laptop.

Key Features of the Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro:

  • Powerful Performance: Features a 13th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB memory, and 1TB SSD for seamless multitasking and storage.
  • Display: Comes with a 16″ Dynamic AMOLED 2X touchscreen with 3K WQXGA+ resolution. Also, it features a 120Hz refresh rate and 500 nits HDR for exceptional visuals.
  • Enhanced Security: Features like a Fingerprint Reader and Samsung Pass to secure access and data protection.
  • Ecosystem Integration: Offers a range of Samsung ecosystem features like Second Screen, Multi Control, Quick Share, and Galaxy Book Experience for seamless connectivity.
  • Portable: With its lightweight aluminium chassis weighing less than 1.7 kg, the Galaxy Book3 Pro 360 is small enough to carry almost anywhere.
  • Quick Share: Through a direct wireless connection, Quick Share enables you to easily exchange files with adjacent devices.

Amazon Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars from 27 reviews.

Why Did We Pick the Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro 360? 

We selected the Galaxy Book3 Pro 360 for its exceptional performance and premium design, making it a standout in the realm of professional laptops. Its ability to handle demanding applications while offering versatile 2-in-1 functionality and superb display features makes it a preferred choice for professionals who require a high-end mobile computing solution.

Buy It If:

✔️ You are looking for a laptop that is ideal for those seeking a high-performance laptop with exceptional display quality and versatile features.

✔️ You want a laptop that you can perfectly integrate into the Samsung ecosystem, offering seamless integration with other Samsung devices and features.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ You are looking for a laptop which comes with great durability.

User Testimonial:

Dr Mubashir wrote: “It delivers the performance that it promises. It’s my first Samsung Laptop, and I am happy I went for it.”

HP Victus Gaming Laptop

Best for Heavy Design Tasks

HP Victus Gaming Laptop
51,490 ₹63,629
This laptop features a 15.6-inch FHD anti-glare micro-edge display that enhances clarity and minimises image ghosting, which is vital for precision in design work.


Crisp visuals and reduced ghosting
Swift and seamless connectivity options 
Fast charging and decent battery life


8GB RAM might be limiting 

Considered to be the best HP laptop for graphic design, this model stands out as the go-to choice for heavy design tasks. It provides robust performance and a set of features tailored for high-intensity workflows. What sets this laptop apart is its dedicated 4GB AMD Radeon RX 6500M graphics card, ensuring lifelike visuals and seamless handling of heavy workflows. Also, its sturdy build with enhanced thermals enables prolonged usage without overheating, making it a reliable companion for extensive design tasks.

Product Specifications:

Display15.6 inches
Resolution‎1920 x 1080 pixels
Product Dimensions‎52.2 x 6.9 x 52.2 cm; 2.37 kg
ProcessorAMD Ryzen 5 5600H
GraphicsAMD Radeon RX
8.5Expert Score
CashKaro Review

The HP Victus is highly regarded for its impressive blend of performance and value, earning a rating of 8.5. It is the best laptop for graphic design under 1 lakh. With its dedicated AMD Radeon graphics and AMD Ryzen processor, it delivers excellent visuals and fast processing speeds. It’s particularly praised for its anti-glare display, which is essential for precision in visual tasks. However, some users might find the 8GB RAM limiting for multitasking heavy applications.

Key Features of the HP Victus Gaming Laptop:

  • Processor: Features an AMD Ryzen 5 5600H processor, which offers dominant performance.
  • Graphics: Includes a dedicated 4GB AMD Radeon RX 6500M graphics for lifelike gameplay and heavy workflows.
  • Memory and Storage: Comes with upgraded 8GB DDR4 RAM and a spacious 512GB SSD.
  • Display: Includes 15.6-inch FHD anti-glare micro-edge display for crisp visuals and reduced image ghosting.
  • Battery Life: Has fast charging capability and a 3-cell 52.5Wh battery for extended gaming sessions.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Comes with HP Wide Vision 720p HD camera, backlit keyboard, and B&O audio for clearer communication.
  • Design: Sturdy build with enhanced thermals for prolonged gaming without overheating.
  • Sustainable Build: Contains recycled plastics and environmentally conscious design.

Amazon Rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars from 245 reviews.

Why Did We Pick the HP Victus Gaming Laptop? 

We chose the HP Victus Gaming Laptop for its excellent capabilities in handling demanding graphical tasks and its competitive pricing. It offers a combination of powerful specs, superior display quality, and reliable performance, making it an ideal laptop for heavy design work and gaming.

Buy It If:

✔️ You need a laptop with powerful graphics and processing capabilities for design and gaming.

✔️ You value a high-quality display for detailed and precise visual tasks.

✔️ You are looking for a device that offers good thermal management to handle extended use.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ You are looking for a lighter, more portable option for basic tasks.

User Testimonial:

Ajay Agrawal wrote: “This is little bulky else performance is good”

HP is a well-known laptop brand that is trusted by users worldwide. Check out our curated list of the best HP laptops in India, handpicked just for you!

Apple 2024 MacBook Air

Best for Creative Professionals

With its sleek design and impressive features, this laptop offers exceptional performance and is suitable for heavy graphic design tasks.


Powerful processor ensures smooth content creation
Large, vibrant display perfect for creative and professional work
Exceptional battery life supports extended use
Premium build quality


Limited upgradeability and repairability, as common with Apple products

The Apple MacBook Air Laptop stands as an unparalleled choice for creative professionals in the field of graphic design. It offers a blend of power, portability, and exceptional performance. Its Retina display showcases vivid visuals, providing graphic designers with stunning clarity, sharp text, and vibrant colours essential for their work.

Product Specifications:

Display15.3 inches
Resolution2880 x 1864 pixels
Product Dimensions‎42.9 x 32.1 x 9.2 cm; 1.51 kg
ProcessorM3 chip
Memory                      –
8.5Expert Score
CashKaro Review

The Apple 2024 MacBook Air receives high praise for its exceptional performance, courtesy of the M3 chip and its stunning display. The device is celebrated for its seamless integration with other Apple products, making it a favourite among Apple users. Additionally, it has received a rating of 8.5 from us. However, its premium price may be considered steep for those on a tighter budget.

Key Features of the Apple 2024 MacBook Air Laptop:

  • Performance: Enhanced by the Apple M3 chip, delivering seamless performance for both work and creativity.
  • Design: Weighing just over 1 cm thin, the MacBook Air is incredibly lightweight, allowing you to carry it with ease wherever you go.
  • Battery Life: Enjoy an impressive battery life of up to 18 hours, providing you with uninterrupted usage throughout the day without the need for frequent recharging.
  • Visual Experience: Immerse yourself in stunning visuals with the expansive Liquid Retina display, supporting a vibrant spectrum of 1 billion colours.
  • Audio and Video Quality: Enjoy crystal-clear visuals and immersive sound with the 1080p FaceTime HD camera, three built-in microphones, and six speakers featuring Spatial Audio technology.
  • Seamless Integration: Seamlessly connect and collaborate across your Apple devices with MacBook Air, enabling you to effortlessly transition tasks between your devices.
  • User-Friendly: macOS designed for seamless usability, packed with useful apps and intuitive features.

Amazon Rating: 5 out of 5 stars from 2 reviews.

Why Did We Pick the Apple 2024 MacBook Air? 

The Apple 2024 MacBook Air was chosen for its advanced technology and superior design. It embodies the perfect blend of portability, power, and beauty, making it highly desirable for users who require a top-tier laptop for mobile computing. Its impressive battery life and stunning display set it apart in the marketplace.

Buy It If:

✔️You require a powerful, lightweight laptop for advanced tasks and multimedia.

✔️ You value long battery life for all-day computing without recharging.

✔️ You are deeply integrated into the Apple ecosystem and benefit from device continuity.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ You are budget-conscious and looking for a more affordable laptop.

User Testimonial:

Seema Anand wrote: “I like ❤️😍 it has best camera quality and display was best”

Acer Swift 5

Best All Rounder

69,990 ₹1,09,999
This ultraportable laptop combines cutting-edge performance with stylish, antimicrobial design. It delivers robust performance and stunning visuals, making it a great choice.


Exceptionally light and thin
High durability with antimicrobial protection
Strong battery life with fast charging
Vivid and colour-rich display


Limited hardware upgrade options
Audio performance could be improved

The Acer Swift emerges as a stellar choice for graphic design professionals. It offers a blend of power, portability, and affordability at a competitive price. Driven by the efficient Intel Core i5 processor, this laptop guarantees exceptional responsiveness and prolonged battery life. This makes it ideal for working on design projects even while on the move.

Product Specifications:

Display14 inches
Resolution‎1920 x 1080 pixels
Product Dimensions‎20.7 x 31.9 x 1.5 cm; 1.05 kg
ProcessorIntel Core i5
8Expert Score
CashKaro Review

The Acer Swift 5 scores high on performance, design, and durability, thanks to its 11th Gen Intel processor and all-metal chassis. The antimicrobial treatment and the lightweight design are particularly loved by users, garnering a rating of 8. However, some users may find the audio quality and upgrade limitations a drawback, considering its premium price point.

Key Features of the Acer Swift 5:

  • Processor & Graphics: Comes with 11th Gen Intel Core i5 processor along with Intel Iris Xe Graphics for a smooth and efficient performance.
  • Display: Features a 14-inch Full HD IPS touchscreen with 340 nits and 100% sRGB for the best visual experience.
  • Design: Ultra-thin at 14.95 mm and weighs about 1.05 kg, making it ideal for thos who want to design on the go.
  • Antimicrobial: Features a silver-ion antimicrobial agent compliant with BPR & EPA standards and exhibits a consistent microbial reduction rate of over 99.9%.

Amazon Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars from 23 reviews.

Why Did We Pick the Acer Swift 5? 

We chose the Acer Swift 5 for its impressive balance of performance, portability, and pioneering features. Its use of antimicrobial materials and the latest Intel technologies make it a forward-thinking choice for tech enthusiasts and professionals seeking a reliable, powerful, and stylish laptop.

Buy It If:

✔️ You need a high-performance laptop for work and creativity on the go.

✔️ You prioritise a lightweight, ultra-thin design with robust build quality.

✔️ You value added health-conscious features like antimicrobial protection.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ You are looking for a budget-friendly option with comparable features.

User Testimonial:

Sumit Kumar wrote: “actually laptop is very light weight its look easy to carry.sound quality is just ok and performance is excellent fingerprint work well.”

HP Pavilion 15

Best Mid-Range

HP Pavilion 15
55,999 ₹69,000
The HP Pavilion 15 with its AMD Ryzen 5 processor stands as an attractive choice for users seeking a mid-range laptop suitable for everyday tasks and graphic design work.


Solid performance with the AMD Ryzen processor 
Crisp and clear FHD display 
Enhanced audio quality 
Long battery life and fast charging capability


Limited RAM might restrict heavy multitasking 

The HP Pavilion 15 earns its spot as the best mid-range laptop, providing a compelling mix of performance and features. Driven by the efficient AMD Ryzen 5 5500U processor, this laptop ensures smooth rendering of your design. The 15.6-inch FHD IPS micro-edge anti-glare BrightView display delivers vibrant visuals crucial for graphic design tasks.

Product Specifications:

Display15.6 inches
Resolution‎1920 x 1080 pixels
Product Dimensions‎36 x 23.4 x 1.8 cm; 1.7 kg
ProcessorAMD Ryzen 5 5500U
Graphics‎AMD Radeon Graphics
8Expert Score
CashKaro Review

The HP Pavilion 15 is lauded for its solid performance and great value in the mid-range category. It delivers efficient processing power for various tasks, making it a favourite among students and professionals alike. However, its limited RAM may not suit heavy multitaskers or those involved in more demanding computing tasks.

Key Features of the HP Pavilion 15:

  • Processor: Comes with AMD Ryzen processor for enhanced productivity and smooth multitasking.
  • Display: Includes a 15.6-inch FHD IPS micro-edge display so that you get good visual clarity. Also, the screen features an anti-glare BrightView display for clear and immersive visuals.
  • Enriched Audio: Features B&O Audio, Dual HP Speakers, and HP Audio Boost for an enriched audio experience.
  • Good for Meetings: Includes HP TrueVision HD Webcam with built-in dual array digital microphones for clear video conferencing.
  • Built-In Alexa: Includes voice-controlled access to entertainment, information, and more with built-in Alexa.

Amazon Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars from 418 reviews.

Why Did We Pick the HP Pavilion 15? 

We selected the HP Pavilion 15 as the best mid-range laptop because it offers an excellent mix of features and performance at a competitive price. It is capable of handling a variety of tasks, from casual computing to more complex activities like graphic design, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of users.

Buy It If:

✔️ You’re looking for a versatile laptop that balances cost and performance.

✔️ You need a device with a robust build and reliable performance for daily tasks.

✔️ Audio quality and display clarity are important to you for multimedia tasks.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ You prefer a laptop with a higher resolution or larger screen for advanced design work.

User Testimonial:

Deepak wrote: “Good machine with moderate budget.. very nice look, sleek design, light weight..
Very less booting time and quick shut down.. powerful processor of AMD 5..
Overall very good laptop in this price.”

ASUS Vivobook S 14 Flip

Most Versatile

62,167 ₹92,990
The ASUS Vivobook S 14 Flip offers a versatile 2-in-1 design with an impressive 16:10 aspect ratio and 300 nits brightness, complemented by stylus support.


High-speed performance suitable for multitasking
Durable and responsive touchscreen with ASUS Pen 2.0 support
Excellent sound quality with Dolby Atmos
Lightweight and stylish with a robust metal lid


Some users may prefer a larger screen size for certain tasks

The best Asus laptop for graphic design, this model earns its place as the most versatile laptop due to its impressive 2-in-1 design and a set of features geared towards flexibility and usability. Its thin and lightweight profile at 1.5 kg makes it highly portable and ideal for graphic design professionals or students on the go. Also, the 16:10 aspect ratio display offers a spacious canvas for creative endeavours.

Product Specifications:

ColourQuiet Blue
Display14 inches
Resolution‎1920 x 1200 pixels
Product Dimensions‎22.8 x 31.3 x 1.9 cm; 1.5 kg
ProcessorAMD Ryzen 5 7530U
RAM Size16GB
8Expert Score
CashKaro Review

The ASUS Vivobook S 14 Flip is highly rated for its performance, flexibility, and build quality. The Ryzen 7000-U Series processor, coupled with fast SSD storage, offers speed and responsiveness that surpass expectations. It has received a rating of 8 and is a favourite among users who value multimedia experience and reliability. The only drawback noted might be the premium price, which is justified by its high-end features.

Key Features of the ASUS Vivobook S 14 Flip:

  • Processor: Features an AMD Ryzen 5 7530U processor, up to 4.3 GHz max boost for efficient performance.
  • Memory and Storage: Comes with 16GB DDR4 RAM and a spacious 512GB SSD for smooth multitasking and storage.
  • Graphics: Integrated AMD Radeon Graphics for decent visuals and multitasking.
  • Display: Comes with a 14-inch FHD+ touch screen with a 16:10 aspect ratio, 300 nits brightness, and stylus support.
  • Design: This laptop is very thin and lightweight at just 1.5 kg, making it very portable.
  • Battery: Features a 3-cell Li-ion battery with up to 8 hours of battery life.
  • Keyboard: Includes a backlit chiclet keyboard with Support NumberPad 2.0 for enhanced usability.

Amazon Rating: 5 out of 5 stars from 3 reviews.

Why Did We Pick the ASUS Vivobook S 14 Flip? 

We chose the ASUS Vivobook S 14 Flip for its excellent balance of performance, portability, and versatility. Its powerful specs, combined with a robust build and convertible design, make it ideal for users who need a reliable laptop that adapts to their lifestyle, whether at work or play.

Buy It If:

✔️ You are looking for laptops with a 2-in-1 design with touchscreen and stylus support.

✔️ You need a powerful, versatile laptop that can switch between modes for different needs. 

✔️ You value a laptop with premium build quality. 

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ You are looking for a more affordable laptop without the need for convertible features. 

User Testimonial:

Vikas Ladha wrote: “Bought it for a friend, he is using it for the last couple of months and is happy with the performance. Overall good laptop.”

Looking for some versatile choices for your everyday needs? Here are our top choices for the best 2-in-1 laptops in India. Check out to find the perfect laptop for your needs.

Dell 15 Laptop

Best for Beginners

48,490 ₹66,349
The Dell Vostro 3510 Laptop allows for efficient multitasking, seamless performance, and ample storage capacity, making it perfect for novice designers.


Decent processor and RAM for smooth multitasking 
Spacious SSD for fast data access and storage
TÜV Rheinland certified ComfortView to reduce blue light emissions
3 sided narrow border
Built-in HD webcam


Build quality is not very good
May face heating issues

The Dell Vostro 3510 Laptop emerges as an ideal choice for beginners venturing into graphic design due to its balanced features and affordability. The 15.6-inch FHD WVA AG narrow border display provides clear visuals, while the TÜV Rheinland certified Dell ComfortView lets you work on your designs for longer without hurting your eyes. Considered to be the best Dell laptop for graphic design, this model offers portability without compromising performance so that you can also design on the go.

Product Specifications:

ColourCarbon Black
Display15.6 inches
Resolution‎1920 x 1080 pixel
Product Dimensions‎39.5 x 7.6 x 39.5 cm; 1.69 kg
ProcessorIntel Core i5-1135G7
RAM Size16GB
GraphicsIntel UHD Graphic
7.5Expert Score
CashKaro Review

One of the best laptops for graphic design on a budget, the Dell Vostro 3510 is celebrated for its robust build and efficient performance. Its processor and RAM handle daily tasks with ease, and the ComfortView technology is a standout feature for those who spend long hours in front of the screen. While it’s excellent for general use and light graphic tasks, the integrated graphics may not suffice for more intensive design work. Hence, it has received a rating of 7.5 from us.

Key Features of the Dell 15 Laptop:

  • Processing Power: Comes with Intel Core i5-1135G7 11th Generation processor for smooth and efficient performance.
  • Memory and Storage: Comes with 16 GB DDR4 RAM and a spacious 512GB SSD for fast data access and multitasking.
  • Graphics and Display: Integrated Graphics with a 15.6″ FHD WVA AG narrow border display for clear visuals.
  • Protects Eyes: Also, the laptop features TÜV Rheinland certified Dell ComfortView, so that you can work for extended hours without hurting your eyes.
  • Design: Just weighs around 1.69 kg and has a lightweight design for portability.
  • Keyboard: Features a full-sized spill-resistant keyboard with a large touchpad.

Amazon Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars from 533 reviews.

Why Did We Pick the Dell Vostro 3510 Laptop? 

We selected the Dell Vostro 3510 for its excellent balance of performance, comfort, and value, making it an ideal laptop for beginners. One of the best laptops for graphic design under 60000, Its specifications and features are well-suited for users who are just starting out with graphic design.

Buy It If:

✔️ You need a reliable laptop for everyday tasks, productivity, graphic designing, and casual entertainment.

✔️ You are looking for a lightweight laptop for easy portability.

✔️ You are looking for the best affordable laptops for graphic design.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ You want a laptop for graphic-intensive tasks.

❌ You are looking for a laptop that offers long-lasting battery life without frequent charging.

User Testimonial:

Chirag Patel wrote: “Awesome speed, appearance, value for money”

HP Laptop 15s

Most Budget-Friendly

35,888 ₹56,261
This laptop is an excellent option for users seeking a budget-friendly device tailored for everyday tasks, including graphic design work.


Efficient and fast processing capabilities
Enhanced multitasking with upgraded memory and storage
Reliable battery life with fast charging
Pre-installed Windows 11 and MS Office for immediate productivity


May face heating issues

The HP Laptop 15s secures its place as the most budget-friendly choice, presenting a compelling combination of features at an attractive price point. Driven by an 11th Gen Intel Core i3-1125G4 processor, this laptop ensures efficient day-to-day performance so that you can make your favourite designs. Its 15.6-inch FHD micro-edge display with anti-glare properties delivers a detailed viewing experience that is ideal for graphic design and photo editing.

Product Specifications:

ColourNatural Silver
Display15.6 inches
Resolution‎1920 x 1080 pixels
Product Dimensions‎35.9 x 24.2 x 1.8 cm; 1.69 kg
ProcessorIntel Core i3-1215U
Graphics‎Intel UHD Graphics
7Expert Score
CashKaro Review

The HP Laptop 15s has been positively reviewed for its solid performance and value for money. It is one of the best laptops for graphic design under 50000, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious users. The combination of upgraded memory and storage provides ample space and speed for multitasking. While it suits everyday tasks well, it may not handle intensive graphic applications, which led us to give it a rating of 7.

Key Features of the HP Laptop 15s:

  • Processor: Comes with an Intel Core i3-1215U processor for efficient processing and multitasking. 
  • Memory and Storage: Features 8GB DDR4 RAM and a generous 512GB SSD for improved multitasking and ample storage. 
  • Display: Comes with a 15.6-inch FHD micro-edge display with anti-glare properties for detailed viewing. 
  • Battery: Features HP Fast Charge to reach 50% in 45 mins and a 41Wh long-lasting battery. 
  • Meetings: Includes HP True Vision 720p HD camera, dual-array mics, and dual speakers for clear business conferencing.

Amazon Rating: 4 out of 5 stars from 793 reviews.

Why Did We Pick the HP Laptop 15s? 

We picked the HP Laptop 15s for its robust build, efficient performance, and excellent value. It is regarded as the best budget laptop for graphic design in India. It offers a great balance of features for students and professionals who need a reliable laptop for everyday tasks, presentations, and light multimedia use without breaking the bank.

Buy It If:

✔️ You’re looking for a cost-effective laptop with solid performance for everyday tasks.

✔️ You need a device with good battery life and fast charging.

✔️ You value having Windows 11 and MS Office pre-installed for immediate productivity.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ You want a laptop which can handle demanding applications and large files.

❌ You are looking for a laptop which can run heavy tasks smoothly without heating up.

User Testimonial:

Sachin Sharma wrote: “No doubt it’s the best laptop for students under 40,000. You can use it for study purposes as well as for coding in college you can do code on it. You can play GTA v on low setting but it’s not recommend as it’s not a gaming laptop.”

While we’ve focused on the best laptops for graphic designers here, those interested in video editing should not miss our comprehensive guide on the best laptops for video editing in India, which are also ideal for web developers.

Honourable Mentions

Lenovo Yoga Book 9i

The Lenovo Yoga Book 9i redefines versatility and productivity with its innovative dual-screen setup. This high-end laptop is designed for professionals and creatives who need a powerful machine that can keep up with dynamic work environments and demanding tasks. Its dual OLED screens not only enhance productivity but also provide an immersive viewing experience with exceptional colour accuracy. The built-in features like the Bluetooth keyboard, folio stand, and digital pen make it an all-in-one package for graphic design professionals. 

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14

The ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 is a top-tier gaming laptop designed for gamers and creators who demand high performance in a portable package. With its cutting-edge Nebula HDR Display and powerhouse combination of AMD Ryzen and NVIDIA technologies, the Zephyrus G14 provides an unmatched experience. It’s not just about power–it’s also about delivering content with stunning visual fidelity and keeping cool under pressure with advanced cooling technologies.

HP Envy x360

The HP Envy x360 stands as a versatile and powerful convertible laptop, ideal for professionals and students who require flexibility in their computing needs. It offers smooth multitasking capabilities and good storage, packaged in a sleek, convertible form factor. The 15.6″ FHD touchscreen enhances user interaction, making it perfect for presentations and creative endeavours.

How Do We Choose the Best Laptops for Graphic Design for You?

We know that wading through tech specs can be overwhelming, so we’re here to break it down for you in a friendly, easy-to-understand way. Let’s dive into how you can pick the best laptop that fits your design needs the best.

What’s Your Design Story?

First things first, let’s talk about you. Are you a budding designer, a seasoned pro, or somewhere in between? Your experience level and the kind of projects you work on (think big, detailed 3D models vs. basic logo design) will steer you towards the right laptop.


As a designer, you will definitely deal with applications like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. For that, we included models with an Intel Core i5 or i7 or an AMD Ryzen 7. These processors can do multiple tasks quickly and efficiently.


The bigger the RAM, the more projects you can handle at once without getting bogged down. For a smooth, frustration-free experience, we included models with 8GB of RAM as a good starting point. If you’re a pro working on more complex stuff, we included models with up to 32GB or more.


We recommend that you use an SSD over an HDD as a designer. SSDs (Solid State Drives) are like having a super-fast filing system, making everything from starting up your laptop to opening big files much quicker. We included models with at least 512GB SSD as they will sufficiently help you manage large files.


Your screen is where your designs come to life, so it’s super important. We included laptops with an IPS display for beautiful colours and clear images from any angle. Also, we opted for models with Full HD (1920 x 1080) display, as the screen will make your designs pop.

Graphics Card

For 3D work or video editing, a dedicated graphics card is your best friend. So that you get the best experience, we included models with dedicated GPUs from NVIDIA GeForce GTX or RTX, or AMD Radeon RX series.


Do you design at a desk, in a café, or maybe a bit of both? For the ones that are always on the move, we included lighter, more compact laptops. Just remember, smaller sometimes means a trade-off in power or screen size.

Battery Life

If you’re a café-hopper or a travel-loving designer, battery life matters. Therefore, we included models that can keep up with you for at least 6-8 hours.


It can be tempting to go for the fanciest laptop, but it’s all about finding the right balance. We included a variety of options so that you can find great options at different price points. Now you can find something that’s both awesome for design and kind to your wallet.

Comparison Table

ProductProcessorGraphic CardRAMStorageScreen Size
Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro Intel Core i7-1360P‎Intel Iris Xe Graphics16GB1TB16″
HP Victus Gaming LaptopAMD Ryzen 5 5600HAMD Radeon RX16GB512GB15.6″
Apple 2024 MacBook AirM3 chipIntegrated8.5256GB15.3″
Acer Swift 3Intel Core i5Integrated8GB512GB14″
HP Pavilion 15AMD Ryzen 5 5500U‎AMD Radeon Graphics8GB512GB15.6″
ASUS Vivobook S 14 FlipAMD Ryzen 5 7530UIntegrated 16GB512GB14″
Dell 15 LaptopIntel Core i5-1135G7Intel UHD Graphic16GB512GB15.6″
HP Laptop 15sIntel Core i3-1215U‎Intel UHD Graphics8GB512GB15.6″

Final Word

Choosing the right laptop for graphic design is all about understanding your own needs and matching them with the right features. Our top choices for the best laptops for graphic design are Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro, HP Victus Gaming Laptop, and Apple 2024 MacBook Air. Let us know which one turned out to be your favourite. Happy laptop hunting, and here’s to bringing your incredible designs to life! 


What is the best laptop for designers?

The best laptop for designers typically combines high processing power, a superior display, and efficient multitasking capabilities. As of the latest models available, the Apple MacBook Pro stands out for designers. This is particularly true for those who value colour accuracy and smooth operation with design software like Adobe Creative Suite.

Are gaming laptops good for graphic design?

es, gaming laptops are often well-suited for graphic design. They typically come equipped with high-performance processors and GPUs (Graphics Processing Units), which are crucial for running graphic design software smoothly. Additionally, gaming laptops usually have high-quality displays with good colour accuracy and resolution. This is essential for design work. 

How important is the display quality in a graphic design laptop?

Display quality is crucial for graphic design. Look for laptops with high resolution (at least Full HD), excellent colour accuracy (Adobe RGB or DCI-P3 color gamut coverage), and an IPS panel for wide viewing angles.

Can I use a gaming laptop for graphic design?

Yes, gaming laptops are often suitable for graphic design as they have high-performance GPUs and CPUs. These are essential for graphic-intensive tasks. However, ensure the display quality meets graphic design standards.

Is a MacBook good for graphic design?

Yes, MacBooks are good for graphic design. The MacBook Pro models are especially popular among graphic designers. They offer high-quality retina displays, robust performance, and excellent colour accuracy. This makes them a great choice for professional design work.

Are 2-in-1 laptops good for graphic design?

2-in-1 laptops can be a good choice, especially if they come with a high-quality, high-resolution touch screen and a stylus. This setup can be beneficial for sketching and direct on-screen design work.

Can you use any laptop for graphic design? 

While you can use any laptop for graphic design, your experience and the quality of your work might be significantly affected by the performance of the laptop. Basic graphic design tasks can be managed on most modern laptops. However, for more complex projects involving high-resolution images, 3D design, and extensive multitasking, a laptop with a powerful CPU, a capable graphics card, sufficient RAM (at least 8GB, though 16GB is recommended), and a high-quality display is advisable.

Which laptop is best for graphic design at a low price? 

For those on a budget, look for laptops that offer a good balance between cost and performance. You can choose models that typically include AMD Ryzen 5 or Intel Core i5 processors paired with integrated graphics. These are capable enough for moderate graphic design tasks. Additionally, look for models which offer a decent display and good battery life.

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