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Applying makeup is an art. And to ace your art, you must have the right tools. The prerequisite to creating gorgeous makeup looks is having good quality brushes along with skin-friendly products. Since you require different brushes for different looks, it is always better to buy a set of those to save on money and time. You can go for natural hair brushes or cruelty-free synthetic brushes that are as comfortable and convenient as their counterparts. But you must ensure that your brushes are dense and tightly packed with fine hair to attain a flawless look.

Since finding the right brush set can be a task for beginners and non-professional makeup enthusiasts, here is a list of our top recommendations, handpicked by our beauty experts.

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Top 7 Makeup Brush Sets for You

1. EmaxDesign Makeup Brushes

EmaxDesign Makeup Brushes
EmaxDesign Makeup Brushes

This set of makeup brushes by EmaxDesign is what you need if you want varied blending options to complete your look. It has a lovely rose gold appearance that adds to its premium design. Most makeup enthusiasts prefer these brushes with soft bristles that do not irritate the skin. The brushes glide on the skin smoothly, blend flawlessly, and provide an excellent grip. Besides, these brushes do not lose hair, thanks to their premium quality silky material.

The brushes are cruelty-free and offer impressive coverage to achieve a professional look.

2. Macplus Makeup Brush Set

Macplus Makeup Brush Set
Macplus Makeup Brush Set

Whether you’re a professional makeup artist or someone who likes to experiment with makeup every day, having a complete set of efficient tools is crucial for you. This 24-piece brush set from Macplus has unparalleled quality. Made from ultra-fine synthetic fibres, these remarkable brushes will make each step easier throughout your makeup routine. Moreover, their toxic-free glue makes them safe for the skin.

The brush set comes in a sturdy black leather case with individual pockets to keep your brushes organised, making them easy to carry while travelling.

3. Kylie Foundation Brush Make Up Brushes

Kylie Foundation Brush Make Up Brushes
Kylie Foundation Brush Make Up Brushes

If you’re a fan of high-end makeup products, this Kylie Brush Set is perfect for you. Made from non-porous synthetic fibres that give an airbrushed finish to your makeup, this set is ideal for both beginners and experienced professionals. The set has 11 specialised brushes for liquid, cream, and powder-based products to get a glam face.

It comes with an additional blender that can be used as an alternative to your foundation brush if you’re going for lighter coverage.

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4. Start Makers Makeup Brushes

Start Makers Makeup Brushes
Start Makers Makeup Brushes

This brush set by Start Makers has 12 pieces of brushes specifically made for eye makeup. It includes an eye shadow brush, eyeliner brush, eyebrow brush, etc., that help you create flawless makeup looks. The brushes are made of high-quality synthetic hair that is dense yet soft on the skin. The wooden stick handle further makes it lightweight and offers an easy grip. Their compact size further ensures ease of carrying them.

These makeup brushes do not accumulate dandruff or flaky residue when used continuously.

5. Foolzy Makeup Brush Set

Foolzy 11Pcs Makeup Brush Set
Foolzy 11Pcs Makeup Brush Set

The Foolzy makeup brush set can blend liquids, creams, and dry makeup well. It includes brushes for applying foundation, eye shadow, concealer, powder, etc. The signature quality brushes are made with synthetic fibres that feel soft on the skin. Their fine density also allows you to apply the makeup evenly all over the face. The handles are made with natural bamboo that is lightweight and comfortable to hold.

This assortment of 11 brushes can be used for buffing, highlighting, blending, etc. to achieve a complete face makeup look.

6. Start Makers Diamond Handle Makeup Brush Set

Start Makers Diamond Handle Makeup Brush Set
Start Makers Diamond Handle Makeup Brush Set

If you love to have unique beauty accessories, then this Mermaid Brush Set from Start Makers should be in your vanity. Made from synthetic fibres, these brushes are extremely soft and dense, making them ideal for regular use. Easy to wash, they do not shed hair and are extremely skin-friendly. The set contains 11 brushes with a unique design, one mermaid brush with a fishtail for applying foundation or powder, and one additional silicone blender for last-minute fixes.

These brushes come with a chrome finish and diamond-cut design on the handles for better grip and more precise application.

7. Swiss Beauty Professional Face & Eye Brush Set

Swiss Beauty Professional Face & Eye Brush Set
Swiss Beauty Professional Face & Eye Brush Set

If you want the best quality and innovative design, then getting these Swiss Beauty metallic brushes will be a no-brainer. Made with super-fine synthetic fibres that are softer than natural brushes, this set truly redefines luxury. The sturdy build ensures the brushes last you a long time and the high-tech materials used in them make them compatible with all sorts of products, including mineral-based powders.

The clustered brush-heads allow you to have a denser coverage while providing a neat and delicate finish.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab any of these makeup brush sets to kick start your glam journey.

Best Makeup Brushes Right Now – With Prices

Best Makeup Brushes*Price
EmaxDesign Makeup BrushesRs 2,320
Macplus Makeup Brush SetRs 399
Kylie Foundation Brush Make Up BrushesRs 330
Start Makers Makeup BrushesRs 399
Foolzy Makeup Brush SetRs 349
Start Makers Diamond Handle Makeup Brush SetRs 579
Swiss Beauty Professional Face & Eye Brush SetRs 699
Best Makeup Brushes

*Prices are subject to change.

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