Fed up with mosquitoes buzzing around while you’re putting yourself to sleep? Bring home one of the best mosquito nets that will keep insects like mosquitoes, flies, and others at bay. Mosquito nets are breathable, breezy, and easy to fit net or screen that acts as a barrier between people and mosquitoes. They provide excellent protection and prevent you from mosquito bites and diseases they carry. While they are a must-have, choosing the right one is no less than a struggle. Fret not! We are here at your service. We have curated a list of the 10 best mosquito nets in India that are a great investment. These are some of the best options to choose from. Here you can also check the best mosquito bat brands & list of top spin mops in India.

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How Do We Choose the Best Mosquito Nets for You?

Now keep the pesky bugs away with a mosquito net. These come in different sizes and designs to suit different kinds of beds. However, it is crucial to pick the best quality mosquito net that can provide excellent protection to you and your house from mosquitoes pouring in from all nooks and corners. In the Indian market, you can find a good quality net on a budget of Rs 400 to Rs 1,500.

Before moving ahead, let’s have a look at the factors that helped us in decision-making. The mentioned are some of the prominent considerations that helped us pick the best available options for you.

Net Type

There are different types of mosquito nets available on the market, like wedge & bell nets, self-supporting nets, and box nets. They also differ in terms of installation areas, such as doors, windows, and beds. We cover different types of nets on our list, making it easy for you to pick the one that matches your requirements.


Mosquito nets do available in various sizes according to different dimensions of the bed, doors, or windows. They are available both for queen-sized and king-sized beds along with single beds. You can make a selection as per your door, window, or bed size. We have listed different size options to help you find a perfect fitting option.

List of 10 Best Mosquito Nets in India for Bed

1. Classic Foldable Mosquito Net

Best Mosquito Nets
Classic Foldable Mosquito Net

Topping our list is one of the best quality mosquito nets in India by Classic. It is a net made up of polyester and has zip closures on two sides for convenient entry and exit. These closures seal your relaxing space protecting against mosquito and insect attacks. It has a sturdy frame that stands on PVC-coated rods and steel wires that are anti-corrosive and garner no rust when washed.

Ideal For:

  • Large beds
  • King-sized beds
  • Double beds

Prominent Features of the Classic Foldable Mosquito Net:

  • Made of quality material, it has a 30GSM strong net with PVC coated corrosion-resistant wire
  • It is a self-supported net that is easy to open, install, or fold and can be stored in a small bag
  • This net is washable and has the latest technology spring steel rod, which is corrosion resistant
  • Available in different colours and for both queen-sized beds and king-sized beds


  • Breathable martial
  • Highly durable net
  • Hassle-free usage
  • Strong mesh fabric


  • Little expensive

Why We Picked the Classic Foldable Mosquito Net?

One of the best mosquito nets for double beds, Classic Foldable Net, is foldable and does not require you to nail the wall for setting up. It is a superior-quality, see-through polyester net that fits perfectly and offers great protection. Also, it is lightweight and can be packed in a portable storage bag, which makes it easy to carry around.

2. Healthy Sleeping Polyester Mosquito Net

Healthy Sleeping Polyester Mosquito Net
Healthy Sleeping Polyester Mosquito Net

Healthy Sleeping Polyester Mosquito Net is another great option on the list that ensures a peaceful sleep with maximum protection from mosquitos. Made with polyester fabric, it is washable and fits comfortably on the bed, offering enough space for sleeping and good ventilation. The mosquito net has a fine mesh that offers excellent protection against mosquito and insect bites.

Ideal For:

  • Double beds
  • King-sized beds
  • Super king-sized beds
  • Queen-sized beds

Prominent Features of the Healthy Sleeping Polyester Mosquito Net:

  • This portable mosquito net comes with a storage bag and can easily be folded back for carrying
  • It is an easy-to-clean net that can be hand washed without the fear of shrinking and discolouration
  • With two way-zipper, it becomes extremely easy to get inside and outside of the net
  • Comes with some extra cloth on the bottom for better protection from mosquitos


  • Highly durable
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Waterproof net
  • Excellent protection


  • Some might find it uneasy to breathe inside

Why We Picked the Healthy Sleeping Polyester Mosquito Net?

The lightweight yet strong net, Healthy Sleeping polyester mosquito net, is made using spring steel technology that offers it great support and sturdiness. It is designed with a fabric that retains heat and keeps you warm while keeping mosquitos away. Also, this net comes in a beautiful floral print that looks fabulous and goes well with the aesthetics.

3. Good Knight Polyester Mosquito Net

Good Knight Mosquito Net for Double Bed
Good Knight Mosquito Net for Double Bed

This sleeping cover by Good Knight is a superior-grade mosquito net best used for bedrooms. It is made with corrosion-resistant fabric that is washable and has a metallic spring frame for easy installation. You even get small pockets to hold accessories like spectacles, mobiles and chargers while sleeping. It is a highly durable net that is indeed a great investment for protecting yourself.

Ideal For:

  • Double beds
  • King-sized beds

Prominent Features of the Good Knight Polyester Mosquito Net:

  • This highly durable polyester net has strong 50 denier and 30GSM net material
  • The net comes in a pop-open design and can be stored in a complimentary bag when not in use
  • It has a superior quality zipper that does not get rusted and makes entry and exits easy
  • Comes with extra fabric on the bottom to wrap beneath the mattress for better protection


  • Space-saving net
  • Easy to maintain
  • Convenient design
  • Quick setup


  • Requires two persons to install it for the first time

Why We Picked the Good Knight Polyester Mosquito Net?

Good Knight Net is a strong, durable, and lightweight net made of polyester that provides great protection against mosquitos. Made for a double bed, you can get this net in two colours- red and blue. This net prevents even the tiniest of mosquitoes from entering inside and ensures peaceful sleep. Also, it has a double-stitched lining with overlocked threads for long-term usage.

4. AmazingHind Mosquito Net

AmazingHind Mosquito Net for Single Beds
AmazingHind Mosquito Net for Single Beds

This canopy-shaped cover by AmazingHind is the best mosquito net for one person. Its base is made up of cloth to ensure comfort while sleeping and offers excellent protection against insects. Perfect for frequent travellers, this mosquito net can also be used over stationary and folding beds. Also, it is a space saver and can easily be carried in a bag.

Ideal for:

  • Single beds

Prominent Features of the AmazingHind Mosquito Net:

  • It has large gates for easy entry and exit, which can be sealed conveniently post entering inside
  • You can simply fold it into a compact size and keep it in the carry bag when not in use
  • It is lightweight and designed with quality material that is easily washable and does not rip easily
  • Made from spring steel technology frames coated with PVC, it is highly durable and long-lasting


  • Hassle-free usage
  • Unique design and colour
  • Easy to install net
  • Best quality zipper


  • Not an ideal choice for a tall person of 6 feet

Why We Picked the AmazingHind Mosquito Net?

AmazingHind Mosquito Net is good quality, durable product that keeps you away from mosquito bites and prevents dreadful diseases like malaria and dengue. This net is flexible and safe to use while being easy to install. Also, it is easy to fold and open, making it perfect for daily use. With its 360-degree protection and long-term usage, it has become one of the best quality mosquito nets for you.

5. Styles Closet Polyester Mosquito Net

Styles Closet Polyester Mosquito Net
Styles Closet Polyester Mosquito Net

Next on the list, we have Styles Closet Polyester Mosquito Net, which is a beautiful canopy-style net that looks incredibly beautiful and offers great protection. This polyester drape net is the best mosquito net for double beds and designer beds. It has a sturdy yet flexible steel ring that holds the net from above and offers hanging support.

Ideal for:

  • Round-shaped beds
  • Heart-shaped beds
  • Double beds

Prominent Features of the Styles Closet Polyester Mosquito Net:

  • Built with high-quality material, this net is sturdy, durable, and can be used for a long term
  • An up-to-the-mark thickness, it provides protection while being perfect for self-installation
  • Available in multiple colours, the net fits perfectly on the bed and provides perfect protection
  • Measuring 8 feet in height, this mosquito net can be used to cover the kid’s play area as well


  • Perfect size net
  • Easy to carry anywhere
  • Flexible ring
  • Looks classy


  • Quality could be better

Why We Picked the Styles Closet Polyester Mosquito Net?

Styles Closet Polyester Mosquito Net is a unique, stylish, and hassle-free net that keeps mosquitoes and insects away. Made of the finest net, it allows air to circulate and ensures comfortable sleep. Along with the net, the circular ring this net comes with is corrosion resistant and does not get rust even in the long term.

6. Divayanshi Polycotton Mosquito Net

Divayanshi Polycotton Mosquito Net for Bed
Divayanshi Polycotton Mosquito Net

This mosquito net by Divyanshi is big enough to cover your bed from all sides. The net is made with polycotton to ensure air ventilation while keeping mosquitoes and insects at bay. Also, it is light in weight and can be folded into a compact size when not in use. To enjoy the protection, simply hang it on top of your bed to cover it from all sides.

Ideal for:

  • Single beds
  • Double beds
  • Queen-sized beds

Prominent Features of the Divayanshi Polycotton Mosquito Net:

  • Made of high-quality polycotton fabric with a cotton border at the bottom, this net is durable
  • It is a stylish yet spacious net that offers a clean environment for a good, sound sleep
  • The rectangular shape of the net offers enough space and comes in different sizes
  • Available in 8 different colours making it easy to pick the one that suits your aesthetics


  • Comfortable material
  • Length is enough
  • Looks stylish
  • Lightweight material


  • Stitching could be better

7. Store 2508 Mosquito Mesh Net

Store 2508 Mosquito Mesh Net
Store 2508 Mosquito Mesh Net

Unlike other mosquito nets, this one comes with a fine fibreglass mesh sheet that prevents mosquitoes from entering your home. It is one of the best options to invest in that can be used in bedrooms, dining halls, kitchens, balconies, etc. This washable mesh net comes along with adhesive hook tape and regular loop tape that helps in installation and makes it easy to use.

Ideal For:

  • Balcony grills
  • Windows
  • Doors

Prominent Features of the Store 2508 Mosquito Mesh Net:

  • The mesh net can be cut and placed over windows and doors, shielding the house from mosquitoes
  • This net is strong, flexible, easy to use, durable, and effective to keep you protected
  • It is a high-quality 120 GSM PVC coated fibreglass net that can be used for a long term
  • Comes in a range of sizes, making it easy to choose according to your windows and doors


  • Fairly priced
  • Easy to cut
  • Great quality adhesive
  • Allows air to pass


  • Takes time to install than usual

8. Kuber Industries Mosquito Net

Kuber Industries Mosquito Net
Kuber Industries Mosquito Net

From one of the highly customer-loved brands, this mosquito net offers a peaceful and safe sleeping experience by protecting you from mosquito and insect bites. This net is foldable, light-weighted, and can be carried anywhere with ease. Also, it is created in different sizes to meet the need of every customer.

Ideal for:

  • King size bed
  • Queen size bed
  • Super king-size bed
  • Single bed

Prominent Features of the Kuber Industries Mosquito Net: 

  • It is made of strong terylene material with tiny holes to allow air circulation
  • This net is easy to fold, taking less than a minute, and can be stored in a small bag
  • Comes with a sturdy zipper on both sides; entry and exit to this net are hassle-free
  • The soft fabric of this net is highly comfortable and does not irritate the skin


  • Optimum air circulation
  • Self-supported net
  • Ensures peaceful sleep
  • Has lace for a beautiful look


  • It is not easy to wash this net

9. Verdioz Mosquito Net

Verdioz Mosquito Net
Verdioz Mosquito Net

Want a beautifully designed net for a peaceful sleep while staying protected from mosquitos and insects? Get yourself Verdioz Mosquito Net. It is a natural superior bug-resistant net with a double door premium design for added protection. This net is one of the best options with excellent stitching quality for long-term use.

Ideal for:

  • Double size bed

Prominent Features of the Verdioz Mosquito Net: 

  • It has approximately 40 net holes that create a good ventilation atmosphere
  • Comes with a 9-inch extra cloth to provide extra protection from all the sides
  • The net has built-in double elastic steel wire, which supports 720-degree free bending
  • This mosquito net has a frill design on the gate, making it look elegant and beautiful


  • Very easy to carry
  • Elastics on all sides
  • Very durable and portable
  • Lightweight fabric


  • Little expensive

10. Backbone Mosquito Net

Backbone Mosquito Net
Backbone Mosquito Net

Last on the list; we have Backbone Mosquito Net, which looks stylish and offers a luxurious feel. It is a uniquely designed net that is easy to fold and can be washed without much hassle. Also, this net has self-supporting features and allows air to pass through for comfortable sleep without fearing about mosquitos.

Ideal for:

  • King size bed
  • Double king size
  • Queen size bed

Prominent Features of the Backbone Mosquito Net: 

  • It is a thin net that is self-supporting and does not require nails for setup
  • This is a square door design net that ensures convenient in and out
  • With lace on both sides, this net looks stylish and adds to the beauty
  • Extra cloth on both sides, the net completely seals the bed for extra protection


  • Easy to setup
  • Fine sewing
  • Long service life
  • Fits perfectly


  • Rim is not so stable

Final Words

To avoid bug bites and enjoy a restful night’s sleep, invest in a good-quality mosquito net. From the plenty of available options in the market, the above-mentioned are the best options for a blissful sleep and ultimate protection. While all the options are worth considering, we really love nets from Good Knight and Classic because of their decent designs, multiple options, and great quality material. However, you can pick anyone that suits your requirements the most.


Which is the best mosquito net for the bed?

The Classic mosquito net is considered the best net in the Indian market. However, all the options mentioned on the list are a great buy.

Which mosquito net is good, polyester or nylon?

Polyester is always the best option for a mosquito net. The nets made of polyester have a fine gaze that does not allow dust particles, along with mosquitos, to enter inside. This makes such nets a safer option than the ones made up of nylon.

What are the disadvantages of mosquito nets?

While mosquito nets are a great investment, they have their own set of disadvantages. For instance, once the net becomes torn, it gets difficult to fix it. Also, it makes people vulnerable to mosquito bites, which might impact their health and sleep.

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