10 Best Multimeter Brands in India

Compared to wiring in automobiles from decades ago, the sophisticated electrical systems in current vehicles are more prone to malfunctions. The correct tools are necessary so that you can save a lot of time and effort. A multimeter is very helpful for determining the strength of a battery, the integrity of an electrical connection, and other comparable problems.

When working with electrical and power equipment where the supply of power must be consistently measured, a multimeter is an absolute need. The results from the multimeter show how your project is progressing, whether there is enough supply of electricity and everything is going according to plan or not. 

Electric current, voltage, and resistance are all measured by multimeters across a variety of value ranges. Digital versions include a screen that shows numerical readings and is more user-friendly. Analogue versions employ a needle and gauges to show measurements and need manual setting selection. To help you out in your search for a handy multimeter, we have compiled a list of the best multimeter brands in India just for you!

Our Top Picks :

How Do We Choose the Best Multimeter Brands for You?

In India, good quality multimeter costs anywhere between Rs 500 and Rs 4,000. Before you go through our suggestions of the best multimeter brands that are available in India, we would love it if you first go through the factors that we took into consideration while deciding on the best products for you.

Type of Multimeter

Analogue Multimeter: As you would expect, analogue multimeters employ conventional analogue dials to measure voltage, current, and resistance. Analogue metres are still favoured by many because they are more sensitive than their digital equivalents. An analogue multimeter’s needle may bend in response to even a little change in DC voltage. This may have an impact on measurement accuracy and might not be seen on a digital metre. An analogue multimeter can be the best option for you if you’re working with circuits that need very delicate readings.

Digital Multimeters: Digital multimeters feature an LCD display, a knob to choose ranges, an analogue to digital converter, and internal circuitry for signal conditioning. Today, it is considerably more often employed. Its primary purpose is to confirm one of the three components of Ohm’s Law: voltage, current, and resistance.

Multimeter Range

Choose a multimeter with a measurement range greater than the mains voltage necessary to operate the electrical apparatus being tested. It’s crucial to stay within the multimeter’s current working range. Significant dangers may result from higher current amperes. 


Next, check the accuracy of the digital multimeter you want to buy before you use it to measure the parameters. The maximum permitted error limit in a multimeter’s measured readings is what is referred to as accuracy. Select a multiplier with a smaller accuracy % variance at all times. 


Digital multimeters are connected to the parameter resolution. It is described as the maximum number of digits that may be used to accurately represent the parameter being measured. It measures how much a small change in the input signal affects the display’s output. Higher-resolution DMMs have the drawback of taking longer to stabilise the rightmost digit.

List of Top 10 Multimeter Brands in India


Mextech Multimeter
Mextech Multimeter

Mextech multimeters are an excellent option for customers since they are strong, portable, and constructed of quality materials. The Mextech multimeter is built of ABS-grade plastic, which makes it sturdy. Additionally, it is shockproof for usage even in challenging circumstances.

Prominent Features of the Mextech Multimeter:

  • The Mextech Multimeter can perform resistance, DC current, and AC/DC voltage with ease
  • The multimeter is designed to function flawlessly and with outstanding usability
  • The LCD’s vivid, bright display makes readings and range accuracy simple to see and use


  • Backlight display
  • Low battery indication
  • Easy to use

Why We Picked the Mextech Multimeter?

Users that seek performance and value for money can choose the Mextech multimeters, which have simple controls and a stunning display. Mextech is an excellent purchase since it has incredible build quality, high-efficiency performance, lightweight designs, and is affordable.


Mastech Multimeter
Mastech Multimeter

When shopping for multimeters, Mastech Multimeters are a wildly popular option. Mastech multimeters are excellent electrical gadgets that make reading data quick and simple, thanks to the colourful LCD display. The multimeter can measure voltage, current, resistance, and other things.

Prominent Features of the Mastech Multimeter:

  • The multimeter has a very dependable and sturdy handle which makes it easy to use
  • The Mastech multimeter features a backlighting function that enables users to view data even in the dark, which might make it a vital device to use during electrical surges or power outages
  • Additionally, the multimeters are affordable, making them an easy choice


  • Gives quick readings
  • Durable
  • Affordable

Why We Picked the Mastech Multimeter?

The Mextech Multimeter has vivid colours and is composed of strong plastic, which gives it a quality and long-lasting feel. Mastech Multimeters are a wonderful investment and are among the most widely used digital multimeters.


Sanwa Multimeter
Sanwa Multimeter

Sanwa multimeters are among the most frequently used multimeters. They are all-purpose measuring equipment in classrooms, laboratories, industries, and other settings. The Sanwa Multimeter is a high-capacity portable multimeter designed for measuring low-voltage circuits, Therefore, it is so popular for use in training and in classroom settings.

Prominent Features of the Sanwa Multimeter:

  • The multimeter has convenient features like auto power off and low battery notification
  • It also has a sturdy, protective body cover that keeps it secure
  • Additionally, the multimeter can be used as a tilt stand and chip holder because of the body cover
  • Sanwa makes drop- and shock-proof multimeters that are originally made in Japan 


  • Non-friction band construction
  • Gold plated test pins
  • Good conductivity
  • Shock-proof

Why We Picked the Mextech Multimeter?

The Sanwa multimeter is ideal for measuring different battery types, the voltage of lump lines, tiny communications devices as well as household electrical gadgets. This multimeter is made of high-quality materials and is compact overall.


HTC Multimeter
HTC Multimeter

HTC multimeters are a great option for anyone searching for compact multimeters that have all the necessary functions. The HTC multimeter is renowned for producing very accurate findings, and both its range and frequency are precise. The multimeter has a fantastic construction which is durable and recognised for having remarkable performance. 

Prominent Features of the HTC Multimeter:

  • The sturdy plastic components make the multimeter a product that feels luxurious and manageable to grasp
  • The display of the multimeter is brilliant and makes the readings simple to understand
  • Additionally, the compact size of the multimeter makes it easy to use


  • LCD display
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to read


  • Functions may not work at times
  • Build quality may be improved

Why We Picked the HTC Multimeter?

The HTC multimeter is a fantastic purchase for homeowners and those seeking multimeters that are affordable due to its simple usage, high performance, and small size. You can gauge the flow of electricity in residences, workplaces, or buildings.

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Metravi Multimeter
Metravi Multimeter

Made out of Polypropylene, Metravi multimeters are made out of premium and sturdy materials giving them a premium and durable look and feel. The display is LCD and bright enough for rapid readings and fast results. Coming in different colours and styles, there are a lot of variations and options that Metravi multimeters come in the market.

Prominent Features of the Metravi Multimeter:

  • Long pressing with one beep in power-saving mode allows you to turn on the backlight for 15 seconds before it automatically turns off
  • Very convenient for first-time users and even regular users who use it on a daily basis
  • The auto power-off feature and the low battery indication features make the usability of the product easy


  • Pocket-sized and easy to carry
  • Bright Backlit Screen
  • Stable performance with high precision

Why We Picked the Metravi Multimeter?

The Metravi Multimeter employs a large-screen LCD and a durable battery. The multimeter provides high backlight brightness that may be turned on for as long as necessary or automatically switched off after 15 seconds.


Meco Multimeter
Meco Multimeter

Meco multimeters give a sophisticated and premium feel. The multimeters are manufactured of polypropylene, which makes them feel wonderfully solid and luxurious in hand. Measuring current, voltage, resistance, capacitance, and temperature are the main areas of expertise for the Meco multimeter. The multimeter is one of our favourites because of its incredible build quality, precise readings, and wide range of capabilities.

Prominent Features of the Meco Multimeter:

  • Data may be viewed quite quickly on the digital LCD display because of its relatively bright appearance.
  • The multimeter is robust and durable so that you can get readings accurately
  • Additionally, the multimeter provides precise readings


  • Precise readings
  • Digital LCD display
  • Durable


  • Frequency measurements may not be accurate


Motwane Multimeter
Motwane Multimeter

Motwane multimeter is an affordable general-purpose digital multimeter. The big, colourful LCD display makes reading data simple and quick. Automatic polarity and a low battery indicator are two more features that make this device such a fantastic bargain. The product is durable and results in accurate and efficient readings.

Prominent Features of the Motwane Multimeter:

  • The metre is generally applicable to residential, domestic-related, and other applications 
  • There is complete overload protection for all ranges and functions
  • This device is an excellent option since it is lightweight and well-designed for longevity and exceptional usage


  • Strong casing
  • Automatic shut-off feature
  • Lightweight


Fluke Multimeter
Fluke Multimeter

The Fluke multimeter is intended for experienced users. It has a low-impedance input that can detect AC or DC voltage without needing an additional device. The device correctly detects frequency and capacitance. Additionally, it includes a useful feature that guards against misleading readings brought on by ghost voltage.

Prominent Features of the Fluke Multimeter:

  • This handy device is tiny and portable, and it works on a single AAA battery
  • The multimeter fulfils your needs for measurements that are secure, precise, and simple to read
  • The multimeter features a High Efficiency Display (LCD) of 6000 counts that refreshes three times per second


  • Bright display
  • Efficient reading
  • Non-contact voltage detection
  • Refreshes three times per second 


  • No thermocouple is present for measuring temperature


Innova Multimeter
Innova Multimeter

Innova Multimeter is an auto-ranging tool with a straightforward colour-coded interface. It is an excellent tool for beginners to learn how to use since it has a single-setting resistance function for AC/DC. This UL-certified product may be used in both domestic and automobile settings. 

Prominent Features of the Innova Multimeter:

  • The multimeter can effectively and safely diagnose a number of automobile and home electrical issues
  • When performing electronic measurements, auto-ranging scales remove the need to dial in the appropriate range
  • For rapid battery checks, a large digital display and coloured LEDs are used


  • Protective rubber corner guards
  • Colour-coded LED battery lights
  • Compact size


  • No backlight


Aneng Multimeter
Aneng Multimeter

Aneng multimeters provide a very feature-rich selection of multimeters. They have an LCD display which is very accurate and produces quick results. Other fantastic characteristics that feature this Aneng multimeter include backlighting, relative measurement, polarity indication, and low voltage indication. This Aneng multimeter really offers all the functions that can be anticipated from the multimeter.

Prominent Features of the Aneng Multimeter:

  • The huge 4-digit display’s precise, readable results allow you to do your task fast and effectively
  • A protection circuit for high voltage is included in the voltage testing function, which can test both AC and DC voltage
  • The multimeter helps to diagnose a range of automobile and home electrical issues securely and correctly


  • Protection circuit for high voltage
  • Automatic power-off
  • Easy-to-use design


  • Expensive

Final Word

Based on our research, Mextech, Mastech, and Sanwa are our top picks for the best multimeter brands in India. We also considered factors like the type of multimeter, range, accuracy, and resolution while making our recommendations for the best multimeter brands in India. We would like to know which one worked out best for you.


How do I choose a good multimeter?

A multimeter has a few fundamental operations, including measuring voltage, current, and resistance. Make sure your multimeter can do at least these three tasks. Additionally, a good multimeter should have a few other features like a diode, continuity mode, and a backlight.

Which is the best digital multimeter?

Brands like Fluke, Innova, Klein, and Mastech make the best digital multimeters. Their readings are accurate, and the product is sturdy and durable.

What are the important things to remember in using multimeter?

While using a multimeter, you must make sure that the voltmeter should be connected in parallel to the light bulb. This implies that the voltmeter may always be connected last. To correctly add a voltmeter to a circuit, no components of the circuit need to be disconnected.

What are some things to consider when inspecting your multimeter?

There are a few fundamental safety checks that need to be made before utilising your metre. Check your metre visually for any damage, such as cracks on the screen or in the casing. Check the test leads for any cracks or excessive insulation wear. Verify that the probe connections are tidy and tightly fitting.

How do I choose the right multimeter?

A right multimeter should have a suitable measuring range for both voltage and current. The majority of cutting-edge digital multimeters can also measure frequency, capacitance, inductance, temperature, and others. 

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

Highly seasoned and qualified researchers at CashKaro work hard to supply you with the greatest market advice accessible online. To build a list of products you can trust, we examine numerous products and compare them based on a range of characteristics. We hope our recommendations of the best multimeter brands have helped you out. We genuinely hope that this list will aid you in making an informed judgement.

Mourbi Dutta
Mourbi Dutta

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