10 Best Peel-Off Masks In India: Keeping Your Face Clean And Healthy


While our eyes are the window to our souls, our faces are where these windows rest. Dust, pollution and bad dietary habits tend to deteriorate our facial skin. This is a perfect brewing ground for all kinds of bacteria that cause acne and similar diseases.

The best way to keep your face clean and skin healthy is to use a peel-off mask. They literally ‘peel-off’ all the dirt from your face and bring out your natural glow. Continue reading to see our detailed reviews of the 10 best peel off masks in India.

Best Peel-Off Masks In India With Reviews & Prices

1Himalaya Tan Removal Orange Peel-Off Mask 

Himalaya Tan Removal Orange Peel-Off Mask 

Buy Now: Himalaya Tan Removal Orange Peel-Off Mask

This Himalaya peel-off mask contains orange peel extracts that are beneficial for your skin. Regular application can help eliminate excess oil production and lighten your skin.

Recommended For

All skin types


  • Removes impurities from skin surface
  • Makes skin soft and smooth
  • Regular application can help remove skin tan
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Affordable and easily available


  • Results last only 2-3 hours
  • Has a strong alcoholic smell



Best Price

Rs. 111


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