Eye makeup is not just about enhancing one’s external beauty but it is also a way to ensure that the eyes become truly expressive. Our eyes reflect who we are and at times, only a single swipe of eye liner is enough to achieve the desired look. Pencil eye liners provide great precision and control and they are perfect when one wants to do their makeup in a subtle manner, without opting for extremely bold eye makeup, though that is a look easily achieved by this as well. Here are some of the best pencil eye liners with their respective price range.

The Best Brands for Pencil Eye Liner

1. Best Lakme pencil eye liner

Lakme pencil eye liners like the Eyeconic, have been very well received by the users. Affordably priced around Rs 180, the eye liners stay on for about 22 hours. The earlier Lakme version of the pencil eye liner was equally popular, and they had to be sharpened to get the precise shape. The Eyeconic is priced around Rs 180 to Rs 220 and one of the most affordable ones.

2. Best Charlotte Tillbury pencil eye liner

The Eye Cheat from Charlotte Tillbury is a top product even among the celebrities. They eye liner glides on smoothly and produces the most dramatic effect with just a single swipe. The eye liner is sold in limited amounts in India but can be availed online for a price of Rs 1400 to Rs 1600. This is one of the most widely used products globally.

3. Best Revlon pencil eye liner

Revlon pencil eye liner is a great tool for first timers who are new to make up and have only just started experimenting with eye looks. The liners are very smooth and they produce jet black definition. There are also other colors available in blue and green. The eye liner is priced around Rs 350 and is quite affordable.

4. Best Maybelline pencil eye liner

The Colossal pencil eye liner from Maybelline is one of a kind and the smudge free formula ensures that it stays put for hours. The pencil eyeliner is a hit among the youngsters because of its pricing and the classic yellow packing also makes it a trendy make up tool to carry around. The eyeliner can be had around a price of Rs 180 to Rs 220.

5. Best Colorbar pencil eye liner

Colorbar pencil eye liner is easy to apply and it is good product in the mid- range segment. It is not exactly smudge- proof and might require some touch up from time to time, but nevertheless can be worn for quite a few hours with good effect. They are priced around Rs 200 and are a good buy.

6. Best Blue Heaven pencil eye liner

Blue Heaven eye liners are known for their jet black color and it is garnered positive reviews from the users. The eye liner helps in making bold definition and the eyes really stand out. The jet black color helps in achieving a dramatic look that also stays for quite a few hours. Priced around Rs 375, this is good product to try out.

7. Best Inklot pencil eye liner

Inklot is known for its superior products and the eye liners are really one of a kind. They are smudge proof and the pencil tip helps in precise application. It glides on smoothly and one can apply the liner right up to the water line. The eye liner is priced around Rs 399 and is a great product to have in the bag.

8. Best Faces long wear pencil eye liner

The long wear pencil eye liner is a unique product that helps with achieving the perfect look for your eyes, which ever shape you might want to achieve. The long wear formula ensures that the liner stays on for hours without any touchups required and it is also a great product to try out when partying through the night. It is available for a price of Rs 399.

9. Best Biotique Bio pencil eye liner

Those who have sensitive eyes and can only use herbal products are surely going to love the Biotique Bio pencil eye liner. The pencil liner has a smooth and calming effect and has no irritation at all. The color is dark and rich and one can achieve the desired effect instantly. It is also very affordably priced around Rs 100.

10. Best Miss Claire pencil eye liner

The pencil eye liner from Miss Claire stays on for quite a few hours and helps in easy and precise application. The eye liner is smooth and dark and one can get the best results by applying a primer. It is also affordably priced around Rs 300.

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