7 Best Photo Frames to Capture Everlasting Memories

Photo frames are a must-have item in every house. If you’re in the market for the best photo frames available online, check these out.

Photo frames bring a lot of personality to your home. They help encapsulate special memories and moments that stay with you forever. You can use them to dress up walls with photos of your loved ones or motivational quotes. Whatever you may prefer, photo frames help you decorate, add a personal touch, or just a 3D element into the design of your home. Here’s a list of some of the best photo frames for your home, available in India right now.

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List Of 7 Best Photo Frames in India

AmazonBasics Photo Frame

AmazonBasics Matted Photo Frame
AmazonBasics Matted Photo Frame

This photo frame from Amazon Basics comes in a set of 2. They have a minimal design that allows them to fit seamlessly into any aesthetic, whether it’s traditional or modern. Having an easel back, you can easily hang these frames or display them on tabletops to personalise your desk space at work. here you can also check DSLR Cameras for Photography

The clear protective glass helps protect the posters or pictures placed inside from wear and tear.

Solimo Photo Frames

Solimo Collage Photo Frames
Solimo Collage Photo Frames

Display a wide variety of photos with the best photo frames cluster from Solimo. These frames come in a set of six with varied measurements. The dimensions for the images that can fit into these frames are 5 x 7 inches, 4 x 6 inches, and 6 x 4 inches. These frames can be mounted in two ways, horizontally and vertically, to give your collage cluster an extra edge.

WhatsYourPrint Personalised Photo Frames

WhatsYourPrint Personalised Photo Collage Frames
WhatsYourPrint Personalised Photo Collage Frames

This sturdy photo frame from WhatsYourPrint also gives you an option to get the frame installed and ready to go with the picture you want to place inside it. This 13 x 13 inches frame is made from engineered wood, so it is sturdy and durable. You have the option to choose from four colour options, brown, light brown, black, and white.

Painting Mantra Photo Frames

Painting Mantra Decorative Photo Frames
Painting Mantra Decorative Photo Frames

If you’re looking for the best photo frames in a whitewash, look no further. These frames from Painting Mantra will make for the perfect wall pieces to add to your minimal aesthetic. Made from plexiglass, high-quality MDF, and synthetic wood, these pieces make for the best photo frame gift for your friends too.

Measuring 6 x 8 inches, you can arrange them however you like and create a unique shape.

Moms’ Creation Photo Frames

Moms'creations Collage Individual Photo Frames
Moms’ Creations Collage Individual Photo Frames

Whether its a pyramid, triangle, or any other shape you desire, this set of nine photo frames from Moms’ Creations is going to unleash your inner craft nerd. The size of the frames is 4 x 6 inches. The frame itself is black in colour and is not too thick, giving it a classy and chic look. These frames are super lightweight to ensure your wall does not get damaged.

Ajanta Royal Photo Frame

AJANTA ROYAL Individual Synthetic Polymer Wood Photo Frames
AJANTA ROYAL Individual Synthetic Polymer Wood Photo Frames

Get creative with your collaging skills with the Ajanta Royal set of nine photo frames. These frames come in three sets of different sizes. Six pieces measure 5 x 7 inches, which is the standard photo size. Two pieces measure 5 x 5 inches, and one is slightly bigger measuring 8 x 10 inches that can remain as the focal point of your collage.

Constructed from synthetic polyester wood, these frames are built to last. The fibreboard at the back has convenient bendable metal hinges that allow you to place photos inside the frame easily.

Art Street Photo Frames

Art Street Shooting Star Photo Frame Set
Art Street Shooting Star Photo Frame Set

Give your wall a premium makeover with the Art Street photo frames. These frames come in a set of 16 and are made from the highest quality synthetic wood. You can be assured of their quality and longevity as the matte Korean foil coating on each frame won’t go dull, making them the best photo frames quality-wise.

You can hang them vertically and horizontally, so you can get creative with your collage. The plexiglass on top prevents the photos from dust and other elements that may cause them to fade or tear. Thanks to the flexible hinges, you can replace the pictures inside these frames anytime.


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