10 Best Rechargeable Emergency Lights in India

Whether you love outdoor activities or are someone who frequently faces power cuts, emergency lights are a must-have for you. From solar-powered to LED-powered, there are all kinds of emergency lights to choose from. But if you are looking for something feasible and practical, here is our take on some of the best rechargeable emergency lights in India.

When you are in a place where electricity is not accessible or in the middle of a power outage, rechargeable emergency lights will be your saviour. Some camping sites do not have provisions for bonfires or are not compatible with regular electric LED lights, making navigating through the night outdoors tricky.

Power outages can also make working in your home a difficult task. Hence, emergency lights always ensure your safety. With the wide variety of emergency lights available in the market, it can become quite a task to pick just one. So, here is a list of our home expert guides on the best emergency lights to get this year.

Our Top Picks

How Do We Choose the Right Rechargeable Emergency Lights for You?

Power outages are common in India, and this is where an emergency light comes into the picture. In India, you can buy good quality rechargeable emergency lights ranging from Rs 250 to Rs 1,499 or more. Here are some important factors we considered before curating this list.

Light & Power

Here, we’ve added products with only LED lights as they are much more powerful and brighter than others. All the products emit bright light and have different brightness modes that you can easily control.


A backup light must have good enough battery life to last at least a couple of hours. Here, you will find lights with 4-12 hours of battery backup after one full charge.


We made sure that most products were portable, easy to use, and had an ergonomic design. They are also lightweight and mountable.

List of the Top 10 Rechargeable Emergency Lights in India

Wipro Amber Rechargeable Emergency LED Lantern

Wipro Amber Emergency Light
Wipro Amber Emergency Light

Founded in 1945 by Muhammed Hashim Premji, Wipro is one of the biggest multinational companies in India. It has several brands under its belt and offers services in IT, analytics, cloud services, etc. Its home electronics are quite premium, and you can give them a try!

Prominent Features of the Wipro Amber Rechargeable Emergency Light:

  •  Made from sturdy polycarbonate material, the Wipro emergency light is durable and bright
  • It has an uptime of 1.5 hours for intense light and 20 hours for dim light
  • This emergency light is ideal for harsh outdoor conditions, thanks to its solid build
  • It has a single-line LED, which optimizes efficiency and makes sure there is no power wastage
  • Has a 3000 mAh battery which charges up in 7-8 hours


  • Wall mountable light
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Solid build


  • Brightness might be a little less

Why We Picked the Wipro Amber Rechargeable Emergency Light?

This light by Wipro is rechargeable and uses a built-in battery of 3000mAh, which will last you through all your emergencies. One of the best emergency lights for power shortages, it also comes with a handle so it can become the perfect travel aid for you.

Philips Ojas Emergency Light

Philips Ojas Emergency Light
Philips Ojas Emergency Light

Philips is hands-down one of the most reliable electronics and home appliance brands in India. It was established in 1891 by Gerard and Anton Philips and has its headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The brand makes everything from emergency lights, grooming & style products to household products.

Prominent Features of the Philips Ojas Rechargeable LED Lantern:

  • This emergency light is portable, has an ergonomic handle for easy handling, and is rechargeable.
  • It has a high-quality 2000 mAh lithium-ion battery to function for longer hours than most lights this size
  • It automatically stops charging when charged to full capacity to prevent overload


  • Lightweight
  • Very durable
  • Has a bright light

Why We Picked the Philips Ojas Rechargeable Emergency Lantern?

If you’re looking for a compact and lightweight emergency light for your home, the Philips Ojas emergency light might be the one for you. Philips Ojas is probably the best emergency light for your home, with its auto-on feature that helps keep things bright when there’s no light around.

Looking for a smart bulb? Check out our list of the best smart bulbs in India, which can be directly controlled with Alexa devices and other assistant softwares.

Syska Rechargeable Emergency Bulb

Syska Rechargeable Emergency Light
Syska Rechargeable Emergency Light

Founded in 2012, Syska is a popular retailer of electronics, personal grooming products, and home appliances in India. Its LED lights, emergency lights, etc are quite a hit in the country and the brand has a huge customer base here today.

Prominent Features of the Syska Rechargeable Emergency Light Bulb:

  • Like a regular bulb, it fits into the ordinary bulb holder and switches on automatically in case of a power cut
  • When the electricity comes back on, you don’t need to switch it off either
  • Comes with an overcharge and overheat protector
  • Has a 2300 mAh battery which can last for up to 3.5 hours


  • Built-in lithium battery
  • Overcharging protection
  • Switches on automatically


  • Battery performance might not good

Why We Picked the Syska Rechargeable Emergency Light Bulb?

Tired of hustling around to find the emergency light when the electricity goes out? Just switch to the Syska Emergency Bulb and do away with the hassle of dealing with heavy lights. An eco-friendly product, it comes with overcharging protection to prevent heating up. Powered by a 2300 mAh lithium battery, it can operate for about 3.5 hours on recharge of 8 hours.

Pigeon Capella Emergency Light

Pigeon Capella Emergency Light
Pigeon Capella Emergency Light

Pigeon makes top-notch electronics and home appliances that are not affordable and very reliable. The brand has been quite prominent in India for decades and keeps widening its customer base with every new launch.

Prominent Features of the Pigeon Capella Emergency Light:

  • Featuring 42 LED pieces, it has a longer lifespan than other incandescent bulbs
  • It has a combined output of 3200mAh, giving it an 8hour long lifespan
  • It also has a rotary switch that enables you to adjust the brightness according to your requirements
  • The lights are replaceable and have a longer life


  • Adjustable brightness
  • Very lightweight light
  • Long-lasting battery

Why We Picked the Pigeon Capella Emergency Light?

The Pigeon by Stovekraft emergency light is tall, bright, and easy to carry. It has a convenient handle, which makes it convenient to take on a trek or while camping. The auto-on feature of the appliance automatically switches the light on in cases of emergencies.

Wipro Emerald Plus Emergency Light

Wipro Emerald Emergency Light
Wipro Emerald Emergency Light

Wipro is a game changer when it comes to the best rechargeable emergency lights to choose from. The brand has gained a lot of popularity for its top-grade electronics that are not only affordable but also offer true value for money.

Prominent Features of the Wipro Emerald Plus Rechargeable Emergency Light:

  • Crafted with a solid polycarbonate body which makes it durable
  • It boasts of a 5 W LED light that can run for 8-10 hours on a full charge
  • Powered by a 4000 mAh lithium-ion battery, it can be charged using the accompanying USB cable
  • Has a voltage protector to prevent the appliance from getting damaged


  • Long-lasting battery
  • Good brightness
  • Premium quality material

Why We Picked the Wipro Emerald Rechargeable Emergency Light?

One of the best emergency lights on the market, this one is a must-have! It has a lightweight make and handle on the body, making it the perfect choice for travelling or evening walks when it’s light out. The light also comes with a voltage surge protector to prevent potential damage caused by fluctuating electricity or overcharging.

iBELL Rechargeable Emergency Light

iBell Emergency Light
iBell Emergency Light

iBell is one of the most loved electronics and home appliance brands. It was founded in 2008 and offers home appliances and kitchen appliances. The company is headquartered in Kerela, and you can easily find its products on Amazon.

Prominent Features of the iBell Premium Rechargeable Emergency Light:

  • With a stable base, pick-up handle, LED-type tube, and a convenient on/off button
  • This emergency light from iBELL will keep you utterly safe during any emergency
  • The light comes in a white and red combination and emits a natural white light that is not harsh on the eyes
  • It can be mounted on walls and has an unbreakable transparent cover
  • It has an uptime of 10 hours on a single charge.


  • Lightweight light
  • Comes with overcharge protection
  • Value for money

Amazon Basics Blaze Emergency Light

Amazon Basics Emergency Light
Amazon Basics Emergency Light

AmazonBasics is a private label brand that was launched in India in 2009. It is one of the most successful ventures of Amazon and has garnered a lot of popularity in India for its affordable and unique product range.

Prominent Features of the Amazon Basics Blaze Emergency Light:

  • The Blaze emergency light is shaped like a lantern, which gives a 360-degree illumination
  • It has 84 red LED lights and a convenient switch for adjustable brightness
  • It offers a battery capacity of up to 2400mAh, which lasts up to 1.75 hours under intense light and 16.5 hours under weak light
  • One of the best rechargeable emergency lights for outdoor usage, it has undergone 50 rigorous tests for optimum quality assurance


  • It has a USB charging cable
  • The attached mountable ring handle makes it easy to hang or hold anywhere
  • Lightweight body


  • A little delicate

Eveready Portable Rechargeable Lantern

Eveready Portable Rechargeable Lantern
Eveready Portable Rechargeable Lantern

Eveready is one of the most reliable battery companies in the world and is quite popular in India for its batteries. The brand was founded in 1896 and has its headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.

Prominent Features of the Eveready Portable Rechargeable Lantern:

  • Made using solid plastic that’s durable and can withstand rough usage
  • Has two levels of brightness with 8 and 24 LEDs
  • The battery will last for up to 14 hours in one full charge
  • This will automatically light up in case of power failure
  • Can take upto 12 hours to get charged fully


  • Overcharge/overheat protection
  • Lightweight design
  • Has two modes of brightness


  • Overall quality might be average

Havells LED Inverter Bulb

Havells LED Inverter Bulb
Havells LED Inverter Bulb

Founded in 1958 by Qimat Rai Gupta, Havells is a prominent electronics company in India. The brand makes everything from lighting and home appliances to cables, wires, and kitchen appliances. With headquarters in Noida, Havells has managed to gather a huge clientele in India and will continue to expand in the coming years.

Prominent Features of the Havells LED Inverter Bulb:

  • Powerful 12 W bulb that’s bright enough to lighten your room
  • The LED bulb is rechargeable and lights up in case of power failures/outages
  • It helps save money and energy in an efficient way
  • Has a cool day light colour that works well in every room


  • Cost-effective
  • State-of-the-art design
  • Low-maintenance

Halonix Cool Day Light Inverter Rechargeable Bulb

Halonix Cool Day Light Inverter Rechargeable Bulb
Halonix Cool Day Light Inverter Rechargeable Bulb

Halonix is one of India’s most successful electrical companies with a diverse range of products. The brand is ISO-certified, and you can rely on it to buy your home’s lights, fans, or smart appliances.

Prominent Features of the Halonix Cool Day Light Inverter Rechargeable Bulb:

  • 9W rechargeable bulb which brightens up your rooms easily
  • Promises at least 4 hours of backup in case of power outages
  • The lithium-ion battery charges in around 10 hours
  • It lights up automatically in case of electric cuts
  • The bulb keeps getting charged whenever it’s turned on


  • Bright light
  • Good quality material


  • The emergency light might be a little dull

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Final Word

Having an emergency light at home is important, so here’s a list of India’s best rechargeable emergency lights. We curated it based on features such as brightness, ease of usage, material, and design. While we love the products from Syska, Wipro, and Philips, let us know which ones you find the best.


Which is a good brand of emergency light?

Brands like Syska, Philips, and Wipro make some of the best quality products in India.

Which emergency bulb is best in India?

You can try out Halonix LED Prime Inverter, Eveready LED Lantern, and Wipro Amber Rechargeable Emergency Light.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

We have a team of skilled researchers who take the time to analyse what makes a product better than the rest. For the rechargeable emergency light blog, we considered factors such as material, battery life, brightness, and durability to create a useful list for you. Since we aim to make online shopping hassle-free for our users, you will never find a shady product here.  

Sanskriti Mathur
Sanskriti Mathur

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