10 Best Rooftop Artificial Grass in India to Bring a Natural Touch to Your Home

Would you like to have a roof that looks green with plants and grass but are too busy to take care of them? Well, rest easy because you’re not alone. Meet your new best friend – Artificial grass. It looks as good as real and requires minimal to virtually no maintenance.

Artificial grass is easy to maintain and rid you of the constant worry of not doing enough to keep the grass healthy. Artificial grass is one of the best options for pet owners, as your furry friend will always get the feeling of being outside. These panels are often really easy to clean, and you don’t have to do much for upkeep either. Check out our top picks for rooftop grass options to make your balcony, lawn, or terrace look lush.

Our Top Recommendations 

How Do We Choose the Right Rooftop Grass For You?

Artificial rooftop grass will be an amazing addition to your house. In India, good quality artificial grass costs anywhere between Rs 450 to Rs 2,700. Before you jump into our recommendations of the best artificial grass available in India, we suggest you go through the factors that helped us decide on the best products for you.


The first thing you should look into while buying artificial grass is its usage. Your investment may not last long if you choose grass that is not made to withstand frequent usage by humans or animals. Choose durable grass if your kids like playing outside and your dogs just must sunbathe sometimes. It has a natural appearance, a gentle feel, is non-abrasive, and is quite strong.


The next thing you should look into while buying artificial grass is its quality. Quality artificial grass will have uniform backingconsistent colour, and well-stitched tufts. Before setting up an installation, look at the product properly and check it.


Various infill options are available when selecting synthetic or artificial grass. Sand and gravel are most often utilised, although there are many forms of infill available. Determine what will work best for you.


The backing for artificial grass is made of polyurethane or latex. Latex expands and contracts. On the other hand, synthetic grass with a poly backing does not. We recommend that you choose a polyurethane-backed product if you are putting grass in a region with a history of excessive heat. This will prevent your grass from shrinking or growing, which might result in bubbles, ripples, and rips.


You should also look into length as a factor while buying artificial grass. This is the length of the blade from just above the backing to the tip. The ideal blade length of artificial grass for appearance and feel is 30-37mm. If you choose artificial grass with the recommended pile height, your lawn will seem natural and well-kept.


It may be tempting to choose a product that seems very green, but we recommend that you proceed with care. It will stand out noticeably once placed. The finest option for artificial grass is one that comes in a variety of green hues. A combination of olive, dark, and lime green will give the area a lusher, more natural appearance.

List of 10 Top Rooftop Grass in India

Yellow Weaves Artificial Grass

Yellow Weaves Artificial Grass
Yellow Weaves Artificial Grass

Measuring 6.5 x 2 feet, this artificial grass carpet is great for giving your balcony or rooftop a lush makeover. You can use it all year long as weather changes do not affect the carpet. You don’t have to worry about getting it wet since it has drainage holes on the bottom that help keep the water out without damaging the grass or changing its colour.

Prominent Features of the Yellow Weaves Artificial Grass:

  • You might use it as a carpet inside the home, to decorate a balcony, or to landscape a garden
  • The Yellow Weaves Artificial Grass resembles real grass and is environmentally beneficial
  • The artificial grass is an all-season carpet with a remarkable capacity to withstand heat, UV, and other harsh weather conditions


  • UV resistant
  • Can be washed
  • Has drainage holes at the bottom


  • Not very high density

Why We Picked the Yellow Weaves Artificial Grass?

The Yellow Weaves Artificial Grass is made from high-quality and durable material that makes it long-lasting. It is one of the best artificial grass as it can sustain all weather conditions. The artificial grass is environmentally friendly and has a grass-like appearance. The availability of grass carpets in a variety of sizes makes it simple to match the size with your area according to your needs.

Dream International Artificial Grass

Dream International Artificial Grass
Dream International Artificial Grass

This artificial grass rug from Dream International can be used for multiple purposes. It has a unique texture mimicking 3D leaves, different from that of generic artificial grass turfs. You can use this to decorate your walls. It’s perfect for indoor and outdoor usage since it is dust and water-resistant. The artificial grass stands strong against everyday wear and tears due to weather or other factors.

Prominent Features of the Dream International Artificial Grass:

  • The Dream International Artificial Grass is appropriate for internal walls, balconies, gardens, and patio walls
  • Every mat is tightly packed, and leaves fill up any gaps
  • The mat is thin, and hanging it from the top just takes two nails or hooks
  • The artificial grass may be washed and cleaned with a dry or damp towel


  • Has 3D leaves, which give a realistic look
  • Can be placed vertically or horizontally
  • Best turf that looks close to real


  • Can feel plasticy

Why We Picked the Dream International Artificial Grass?

For the Dream International Artificial Grass, you just need to secure the top of the mat with two iron nails positioned in its corners. Each mat has a sturdy frame built into the top that rests solely on two iron nails to keep it steady. It is made from a sturdy plastic material, so it will last you a long time.

Lita Realistic Deluxe Artificial Grass

Lita Realistic Deluxe Artificial Grass
Lita Realistic Deluxe Artificial Grass

Perfect for indoor and outdoor settings, this artificial grass rug from Lita will give your home the most realistic essence of nature. Made from durable UV-resistant materials, it can withstand all seasons and perform at its best capacity all year round.

It is one of the top artificial grass that is completely safe to be used around children and pets. This turf is customisable as the bottom layer is not too thick, so you can even cut it easily with a scissor.

Prominent Features of the Lita Realistic Deluxe Artificial Grass:

  • Very high-density fake grass is ensured by the use of UV resistant polyethene and poly polypropylene strands
  • Made of high-quality synthetic material with outstanding resilience and durability
  • The four-tone pattern is soft and lush, and the thatch resembles real grass, giving you the year-round pleasure of a green lawn
  • Lita Realistic Deluxe Artificial Grass is non-toxic and eco-friendly


  • High permeability
  • Superior resilience and durability
  • Fout-tone pattern
  • Simple installation


  • Edge-to-edge grassing can be missing at some spots

Why We Picked the Lita Realistic Deluxe Artificial Grass?

Enjoy years of fun with family, friends, and pets without having to mow, water, or spray the grass. With the Lita Realistic Deluxe Artificial Grass, you also wouldn’t have to worry about the grass withering off in the heat or the cold.

Additionally, installing the grass is quite easy. Just mark and dig out space, then spread out the foundation and roll out the turf before sealing the area. Moreover, looking for a bean bag? Here is our guide on the best bean bags in India, which you must try.

Yazlyn Collection High-Density Artificial Grass

Yazlyn Collection High Density Artificial Grass
Yazlyn Collection High Density Artificial Grass

This grass is available in different sizes, so you can choose the size as per your requirement. This can also save you the hassle of having to cut this artificial grass to your space size.

The fitted curly yarn with U-shaped monofilament and multicolour weaving imitate natural grass. This rooftop grass from Yazlyn is made up of high-quality synthetic material that ensures superior resilience and durability.

Prominent Features of the Yazlyn Collection High Density Artificial Grass:

  • The Yazlyn Collection High Density Artificial Grass resembles real grass and is capable of withstanding heat and hard use.
  • The artificial grass may be used as a carpet within the home, to decorate a balcony, landscape a garden, and more
  • Any space may be improved in terms of shape and functionality with the Yazlyn artificial grass, which is also pet and child friendly


  • High temperature resistance
  • Long-lasting and resilient
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Various sizing options


  • Not very dense

Why We Picked the Yazlyn Collection High Density Artificial Grass?

The Yazlyn Collection High Density Artificial Grass is a revolutionary product created especially for outdoor entertainment, playgrounds, backyard gardens, and commercial landscape designs. The artificial grass from Yazlyn is unrivalled in terms of beauty, durability, and affordability. Besides, the bottom has a rubber back that secures the grass in the place

Fresh From Loom Artificial Grass

Fresh From Loom Artificial Grass
Fresh From Loom Artificial Grass

This high-density artificial grass gives you that real feeling. The bristles are soft and make it seem like you’re walking on real grass. You can use this 6.5 x 4-foot carpet for landscaping your lawn, balcony, or rooftop or sprucing up a wall in your house to give it a touch of nature. This carpet does not change its shape, nor does it deteriorate with changes in the season. It is UV resistant, so it can be utilised in hot climates too.

Prominent Features of the Fresh From Loom Artificial Grass:

  • The Fresh From Loom Artificial Grass has been adapted using bionic principles to mimic real grass in appearance and feel
  • To make it skin-friendly, it has been specially treated with natural substances, so you don’t have to worry about allergies in yourself or your
  • Formulated with unique polymers to feel very supple under your bare feet children
  • Looks wonderful all year round and can withstand heavy traffic areas like playgrounds and pet areas


  • Minimum shedding
  • Easy to clean
  • Has water drainage holes to keep the grass carpet dry and fresh
  • Treated with nature-friendly solutions

Why We Picked the Fresh From Loom Artificial Grass?

Use the Fresh From Loom Artificial Grass throughout the year without being impacted by snow or rain. The grass has little shedding, is sturdy, and is able to withstand heat and severe use. It drains water readily and is simple to install.

Comfy Home Artificial Grass

Comfy Home Artificial Grass
Comfy Home Artificial Grass

Switch to an eco-friendly lifestyle with the Comfy Home artificial grass carpet. It reduces your water consumption, as well as the intake of harmful fumes from fertilisers and pesticides that would be used to maintain natural grass. You can use this turf for your pets to relax and play on, moreover for many other things, which makes it versatile. This carpet is long-lasting as it does not contain any elements that can decay.

Prominent Features of the Comfy Home Artificial Grass:

  • Made of premium non-toxic polyethylene pile that is safe for children and pets
  • The Comfy Home Artificial Grass is lead-free, UV-resistant, and non-staining
  • Drainage holes and a tough double rubber coating are present on the back


  • This artificial grass carpet does not shed
  • Budget-friendly
  • Heat and fire resistant
  • Thick and durable


  • Not very soft

F2L Artificial Grass Mats

F2L Artificial Grass Mats
F2L Artificial Grass Mats

If you are looking for artificial grass for a fairly small space, look no further. This artificial grass is made through principles of bionics to provide the exact look and feel of natural grass. It is coated with special polymers to give you an extra smooth feeling when you walk barefoot on. Additionally, it is great to lounge when the weather is in your favour. The permeability of this grass ensures that the water is easily drained out.

Prominent Features of the F2L Artificial Grass Mats:

  • Provides traction for your children to run on and to pad to keep them safe when they fall
  • The F2L Artificial Grass is given unique treatments to endure severe weather, which maintains it supple for the duration of its life
  • Easily cleanable if you wish to use it as a littered place, this is a very common play and litter area for pets


  • Low maintenance
  • Soft polymer yarn
  • Pet-friendly


  • Not the softest

Eurotex Artificial Grass

Eurotex Artificial Grass
Eurotex Artificial Grass

Walking on Eurotex Artificial Grass is pleasant and soft. The grass is kind to animals and feels wonderful beneath paws. Eurotex Artificial Turf is maintenance-free, fire resistant, and has the appearance and feel of real grass. To meet your needs, the grass is offered in a variety of dimensions and sizes.

Prominent Features of the Eurotex Artificial Grass:

  • The Eurotex Artificial Grass is simple to clean up, and washing with a watering hose can eliminate any odours from urine
  • The artificial grass has a rubber backing with holes in it that can be cut with scissors to the appropriate size and shape for your location
  • Eurotex Grass is comprised of high-quality materials, is very durable, and comes with a 10-year warranty


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Easy to cut and install
  • Washable

Altered Lifestyle Artificial Grass

Altered Lifestyle Artificial Grass
Altered Lifestyle Artificial Grass

The Altered Lifestyle Artificial Grass Carpet is very durable and versatile. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor tasks since it is constructed of cutting-edge, premium polyethylene and polypropylene yarns. This synthetic grass carpet has a variety of applications. It may be used to create your own baseball field, balcony, wall decoration, floor, grass, dog run, and more.

Prominent Features of the Altered Lifestyle Artificial Grass:

  • Practically anyplace may be adorned with the Altered Lifestyle Artificial Grass Mat
  • The outside may be washed with water directly, and the inside can be cleaned with a brush.
  • Altered Lifestyle Artificial Grass is manufactured to resemble actual fescue grass and is safe for children and dogs


  • Easily to maintain and wash
  • Child and pet friendly
  • Durable

Carpet Planet Artificial Grass Carpet

Carpet Planet Artificial Grass Carpet
Carpet Planet Artificial Grass Carpet

Your garden will always feel like spring with the Carpet Planet Artificial Grass Planet. The rooftop carpet is fantastic for outdoor events, including parties, weddings, camping, and picnics. It is made using a blend of straight and curly monofilament yarn with polyethylene and polypropylene. The artificial grass can withstand heat and heavy use, making this an ideal investment.

Prominent Features of the Carpet Planet Artificial Grass Carpet:

  • Woven polypropylene with fiber-locked fleece and latex compound makes up the grass backing
  • The Carpet Planet Artificial Grass Carpet can be used in any season without being impacted by snow or rain
  • Quick and simple to lay, requires little care, is allergic-free, and stays green all year


  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Environment friendly
  • Requires little maintenance

In addition to this, we would also like you to check our latest blog, where we have mentioned some of the best acrylic paints in India. Do have a look and let us know if you find the paint of your choice.

Final Word

We hope that our curated list of recommendations has helped you choose the best artificial grass that meets all your requirements. Based on our research, the Yellow Weaves Artificial Grass, Dream International Artificial Grass, and Lita Realistic Deluxe Artificial Grass are our top picks.

While making our recommendations, we also took into consideration factors like usage, quality, infill, backing, length, and colour. Let us know which one worked out the best for you!


Which is the best brand of artificial grass?

According to us, Yellow Weaves, Dream International, and Lita Realistic are some of the best brands of artificial grass. However, we recommend that you go through our entire list and choose one that is best suited to your requirements.

What thickness of artificial grass is best?

Anything between 25 and 30mm is a fantastic and ideal option for individuals who like the appearance of freshly cut grass. We recommend selecting artificial grass between 30-38mm for a lawn that looks natural. If the grass is any longer than this, the fibers usually don’t stand erect under their own weight but instead lay flat.

How long will artificial grass last?

Synthetic artificial grass should last at least 20 years with normal usage and upkeep. This makes it a wise investment. The more care you give your artificial grass, the longer it will last.

What is the best material for artificial grass?

Nylon is one of the best materials for artificial grass. Because nylon is so durable, each grass fiber will spring back and retain its upright posture. Because of this, artificial grass made from nylon requires the least amount of care and upkeep.

Is artificial grass washable?

Yes, artificial grass is washable. As artificial grass is stain-resistant, spills and other mishaps are simple to clean up. The majority of spills may easily be cleaned up with water.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

Highly experienced and competent researchers at CashKaro work hard to provide you with the finest market suggestions available online. To create a list of products you can trust, we evaluate various products and compare them based on a variety of factors. We considered usage, quality, infill, backing, length, colour, and other aspects while making our recommendations for the best artificial grass in India. We really hope that this list will assist you in reaching an educated conclusion.

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