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A good shower is the key to feeling fresh and hygienic every day. A shower scrub makes showering easier as it helps to exfoliate and get rid of dead skin cells. Shower scrubs usually have handles that allow you to clean places where your hands wouldn’t usually reach. The brush either has bristles or a mesh, and you can choose one according to your requirement. Wet brushing and dry brushing, both are equally important to remove dead skin. Dry brushing helps in eliminating and gives you clean and smooth skin. With an array of shower brushes flooding the market, here is a list of our hand-picked favourites to help you bring home the right one.

5 Best Shower Brushes

1. Vega Wooden Handle Bath Brush

This wooden handle bath brush by Vega comes with a soft mesh that is gentle on the skin. It provides smoother and fresher skin by helping you exfoliate and remove the layer of dead cells. The long handle makes it easier to clean otherwise hard-to-reach places like the back. Available in colours like pink, blue, and more, it adds a pop to your bathroom. It also comes with a small rope which makes it easy to hang after use.

Soft Mesh

The soft mesh ensures gentle skin exfoliation without any unnecessary scratching, eliminating the uneasy raw feeling caused by scrubbing.

Editor’s Choice

2. Electromania Back Brush, Massager & Spa Scrubber

Electromania’s massager cum spa scrubber is a high-quality shower brush. The convex massage-side of the brush helps in improving blood circulation and relax strained muscles. The soft, moderate, and hard massage nubs allow you to use the brush according to your comfort. The long handle of the brush helps you clean hard to reach places with minimal effort. The fine and soft bristles exfoliate the skin well but do not hurt or bruise.

Easy Storage

This shower brush comes with a tail lanyard which makes it easy to hang. This also helps the bristles to dry up and stay moisture-free for the next use.

Next Best

3. Ivaan Silicone Body Scrubber

This body scrubber has a contoured design that perfectly fits your palm. The soft silicone bristles are gentle and safe on the skin and maintain their shape after many uses. This scrubber also has a container where you can store the shower gel and press the scrub gently to dispense the liquid. After using, it can be rinsed easily and hung up for drying.

Shower Gel Dispenser

This body scrubber has an in-built shower gel dispenser which makes it convenient to use. It helps in deep cleaning your skin for better absorption of other skin products.

Leading Contender

4. Metene Body Brush Set

Metene Natural Wooden Bath Brush Set is ideal for a complete cleansing and exfoliation regime. With 100% natural bristles, the brushes remove dead skin cells by deep exfoliation to reveal fresher and silkier skin. Meant to improve blood circulation, the brushes come with an easy-use strap, so they do not constantly slip during bathing. Ideal for both dry and wet use, the soft bristle brush helps in gentle cleansing and the stiff one can be used for deep-skin exfoliation.


This body brush set is made of 100% natural wood and bristles, making it a sustainable product ideal for long term use.

Best Budget Buy

5. YOVSO Silicone Bath Brush Belt

Enjoy the dual benefits of massaging and cleansing with the double-sided YOVSO Silicon Bath Brush Meant. Highly durable, this belt can be washed and stored easily for long term use. With raised bumps on one side that boost lymphatic circulation, and fine bristles on the other that rid your skin of dirt and oil buildup, this shower brush belt is perfect for regular use. Use it during a shower, or just with a few essential oils and get a spa-like experience at home.


Made from food-grade silicon, this brush belt does not cause bruising or rashes and is ideal for use on sensitive skin as well.

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