10 Best Sindoor Available in India for Married Women

One of the most important accessories of a married woman in the Hindu culture happens to be the sindoor. The ritual of applying sindoor is a crucial part of marriage that has been followed for ages. However, in the modern age of globalisation, sindoor application has experienced a lot of changes and evolution. Earlier, it was just powdered sindoor available on the market that was offered by a few brands. But today, the list of options is long. To help you choose the right product and flaunt your marital status with pride and elegance, we have searched the market and picked the 10 best sindoor options available online. Have a look at our top picks and make a new addition to your vanity kit. 

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How Do We Choose the Best Sindoor for You?

Sindoor is a symbol of marital bliss and is worn by women on their foreheads on a daily basis. Its application brings a glow to the face and gives a traditional touch to the entire look. In the Indian market, there are a lot of sindoor options available to explore and experiment with. However, there are some factors that you need to consider to make the right purchase. Some of the prominent factors that we took into consideration and recommend you keep in mind are:


Traditionally, turmeric, alum, lime, or other herbal ingredients were used in making indoor. Such ingredients are not poisonous and safe for use. However, today, mercury sulphide or vermilion is the primary component of the sindoor that offers a signature reddish-orange colour to it. However, such ingredients are toxic and should be avoided while making a purchase. While we carefully listed the options that are free from harmful chemicals, you must also pay close attention to the composition before you make a choice.


While red is the most common shade of sindoor used by women in India, there are various other colour options available in the market. Maroon, blood red, orange,  magenta, reddish-orange, etc., are some other colours that you can try to change your look. The list has different colour sindoor options to help you make a better selection.

Different Types of Sindoors

There are three common types of sindoor available in the Indian market. Have a look at each of them and pick the one that suits your needs the best. 

Powdered Sindoor

This is the oldest and most common form of sindoor whose application dates back centuries. It comes packed in a small pot, commonly known as sindoor daani, and has to be applied directly from it using fingers or a thick applicator. Since it has a powdered texture, it can smudge or even fall on the face. This makes its application a bit messy.
Orange Sindoor vs Red Sindoor: Both the colours of sindoor are worn by married women and are quite popular. However, the usage of orange sindoor is more prominent in Bihar, Jharkhand, and some areas of Uttar Pradesh. The orange colour is holy and is said to bring good luck. Most Hindu weddings start late at night, and by the time the sindoor is applied, it is almost morning. The orange colour is said to denote the rising sun, bringing happiness and glory to the married couple.

Liquid Sindoor

This is the latest addition to the beauty industry and a popular choice among modern-age women. This type of sindoor comes in a tube packaging with a sponge tip applicator that replicates liquid lipstick. It has a thick, liquid texture that dries out quickly and does not smudge. Also, it is easy to apply and lasts much longer.

Stick Sindoor

If you are a newbie and are unsure how to apply sindoor with your fingers, then the stick sindoor is a perfect pick for you. It is a pointed-tip sindoor that has a creamy texture and looks like bullet lipstick. Being a mess-free option, it facilitates easy, smooth, and smudge-free application.

List of the 10 Best Sindoors in India

Lotus Herbals Divine Dew Herbal Sindoor

Lotus Herbals Divine Dew Herbal Sindoor
Lotus Herbals Divine Dew Herbal Sindoor

Lotus Herbals is a renowned natural beauty products provider that has been serving the market since 1993. This brand markets herbal cosmetic products that are skin-friendly and safe to use. Its Divine Dew Herbal Sindoor is one such product that can be used by all skin types without worrying about side effects, making it the best sindoor in India.

Prominent Features of the Lotus Herbals Divine Dew Herbal Sindoor: 

  • It is a highly pigmented sindoor that delivers a rich colour pay-off
  • Smudge-proof and fade-proof sindoor, it lasts much longer
  • Comes with a sponge-tip applicator for precise and mess-free use
  • Made with potent natural ingredients, it is 100% vegan and cruelty-free


  • Non-drip formula
  • Itch-free sindoor
  • Sweat-resistant
  • Smooth texture
  • Natural finish

Why We Picked the Lotus Herbals Divine Dew Herbal Sindoor?

Divine Dew Herbal Sindoor from Lotus is one of the best sindoor options on the list. It is a toxin and preservative-free formula that does not contain mercury and lead. This sindoor is safe to use and comes in different colours. 

Organic Netra Kumkum Paste

Organic Netra Kumkum Paste
Organic Netra Kumkum Paste

If you are looking for an Ayurvedic sindoor, Organic Netra kumkum paste is the one for you. This brand is a well-known manufacturer of non-toxic, chemical-free products that contain no harmful synthetic ingredients. All the products by this brand are crafted with precision and prevent any kind of irritation and reaction on the skin.

Prominent Features of the Organic Netra Kumkum Paste: 

  • This sindoor is a water-resistant formula that can withstand all seasons and weather conditions
  • It is a paste-textured sindoor that glides smoothly and gives an excellent colour payoff
  • The sindoor paste comes in 8 grams packaging in two different colours options: red and maroon
  • Being a natural formula, it is free from lead, sulphate, paraben, mineral oil, or alcohol


  • Nicely packed
  • Easy to apply 
  • Stays longer
  • Gentle on the skin


  • The smell might not be pleasant for some

Why We Picked the Organic Netra Kumkum Paste?

Organic Netra Kumkum Paste is a blend of natural ingredients that offers a beautiful refreshing look. This sindoor is enriched with the goodness of organic coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, cow ghee, turmeric powder and beeswax, making it safe to use.

Lakmé Jewel Sindoor

Lakmé Jewel Sindoor
Lakmé Jewel Sindoor

One of the most prominent names in the Indian market, Lakmé is the brand that you can trust for enjoying a comprehensive beauty experience. It is the first beauty brand that introduced makeup in the country. While it has an extensive range of products, from makeup to skincare, sindoors by this brand are great to use. They are a perfect choice to make you feel like a bride every day. 

Prominent Features of the Lakmé Jewel Sindoor: 

  • It is a liquid sindoor that comes with a sponge-tip applicator
  • This sindoor is a long-lasting, smudge-proof formula, offering excellent wearability
  • The sindoor dries up quickly and gives a beautiful shiny look
  • Available in two classic shades – red and maroon


  • Long-lasting
  • Smudge-proof
  • Precise application
  • Non-dripping
  • Easy to carry


  • Packaging could be more sturdy

Why We Picked the Lakmé Jewel Sindoor?

Lakmé Jewel Sindoor is a naturally formulated product that ensures complete scalp protection. This sindoor comes in bottle-shaped tube packaging that is easy to hold and can be carried everywhere. Also, it contains golden glitter which makes it a great option.

Colorbar Sindoor

Colorbar Sindoor
Colorbar Sindoor

If you are fond of makeup and skincare products, you might have heard of Colorbar. It is the third-largest brand in the Indian market that offers innovative products across multiple categories. The brand brings you the time-honoured traditional sindoor with a modern twist, which makes them perfect for the modern woman. 

Prominent Features of the Colorbar Sindoor: 

  • Containing highly pigmented enamel, this sindoor lasts much longer
  • It provides mess-free application with a long sponge tip applicator
  • Free from artificial fragrances and parabens, it is safe for everyday use
  • Suitable for all skin types, this sindoor does not smudge or crease


  • Highly blendable
  • Easy to use
  • Highly pigmented
  • The rich colour pays off
  • Allergen free


  • It is a little too thick

Why We Picked the Colorbar Sindoor?

Colorbar offers one of the best liquid sindoor that is easy to blend and does not smudge. This sindoor is a cruelty-free formula that provides a deep and generous colour. Available in red and maroon, this sindoor is a good choice for modern Indian women.

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Faces Canada Liquid Sindoor

Faces Canada Liquid Sindoor
Faces Canada Liquid Sindoor

Faces Canada is a globally recognised company that provides a wide variety of cosmetic and skincare products. This brand entered the Indian market in 2009 and quickly became customers’ favourite for offering top-quality, unique products that are safe to use.

Prominent Features of the Faces Canada Liquid Sindoor: 

  • It is crafted with all-natural ingredients like henna and lavender oil
  • This waterproof liquid sindoor does not smudge and lasts as long as 4–5 hours
  • The sindoor dries out quickly and completely without interfering with the makeup
  • Free from alcohol, mineral oils, and chemicals, it offers a velvet matte finish


  • Easy to carry
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Quality applicator
  • Does not crease
  • Affordable 

Why We Picked the Faces Canada Liquid Sindoor?

Completely safe and natural, this liquid sindoor by Faces Canada is a great buy if you are looking for a product with a long-lasting stay. It has a richly pigmented formula that is free from all nasties and suitable for all skin types. This sindoor comes in two colours and comes with an easy-to-use applicator. 

Keya Seth Aromatherapy Natural Dust Sindoor

Keya Seth Aromatherapy Natural Dust Sindoor
Keya Seth Aromatherapy Natural Dust Sindoor

Founded in 2004, Keya Seth Aromatherapy is a trusted name in the natural beauty and wellness sector. This brand was first launched with a portfolio of 9 products, today, it offers over 110 natural and organic products. If you are looking for the best powder sindoor in India, this one from Keya Seth is the best bet for you. 

Prominent Features of the Keya Seth Aromatherapy Natural Dust Sindoor: 

  • Packed with the goodness of herbal extracts and floral pigments, this is one of the best sindoor powder
  • It is a naturally soothing powdered sindoor that preserves healthy skin
  • This sindoor has a mild fragrance that does not irritate the nose
  • It is skin-friendly, comes packed in a glass jar, and in two colour choices


  • Intense colour-pay off
  • 100% Natural 
  • Free from mercury
  • Causes no allergy
  • Travel-friendly


  • Not a good choice for newbies

Jovees Herbal Sindoor

Jovees Herbal Sindoor
Jovees Herbal Sindoor

Jovees Herbal is another well-known brand of natural, non-toxic, and safe-to-use products. Established in September 2004, this brand crafts innovative and effective products that offer great value for money. It offers one of the best liquid sindoors, developed using herbs, organic colours, and skin-friendly ingredients. 

Prominent Features of the Jovees Herbal Sindoor: 

  • This water-resistant herbal sindoor is smudge resistant and lasts longer
  • Made without any mercury or lead, this sindoor does not irritate the skin
  • It is a dermatologically tested formula that cools down the body
  • Features a sponge-tip applicator that makes it easy to apply the sindoor


  • Nicely packed
  • Free from lead 
  • Nice fragrance 
  • Natural colour
  • No animal testing
  • Paraben free


  • Expensive

Milap Ganesh Statue Powder Sindoor

Milap Ganesh Statue Powder Sindoor
Milap Ganesh Statue Powder Sindoor

Milap is another brand in the Indian market that is committed to offering clean and safe-to-use products. This brand uses cutting-edge technology and makes all its products with international quality parameters in mind. It provides one of the best organic sindoor powders that are highly nourishing and great for Indian skin tones.

Prominent Features of the Milap Ganesh Statue Powder Sindoor: 

  • 100% natural, this sindoor by Milap is safe for the hair and scalp
  • Comes in attractive Ganesh packaging and two colour options
  • It is made with vegetarian ingredients and causes no irritation
  • This water-resistant formula offers the ultimate finish and stays on for a long time


  • Easy to use
  • For all skin types
  • Great colour pay-off
  • Multipurpose use
  • Matte finish


  • It is not so handy

Blue Heaven Forever Sparkle Sindoor

Blue Heaven Forever Sparkle Sindoor
Blue Heaven Forever Sparkle Sindoor

Renowned as an affordable cosmetic brand on the market, Blue Heaven is a perfect addition to the list. It was founded back in 1974 by Mr Charanjit Singh and Mr Gurnam Singh with an aim to offer products for Indian skin tones and tastes. If you are searching for a quality liquid sindoor that does not cost much, this one from Blue Heaven is perfect for you.

Prominent Features of the Blue Heaven Forever Sparkle Sindoor: 

  • It is a matte sindoor with a liquid texture and quick-drying formula
  • Made with exotic ingredients, this sindoor does not irritate the scalp
  • This sindoor has a non-drip formula with some sparkle in it
  • Comes with a sponge tip applicator, which ensures smooth and easy use


  • Waterproof
  • All skin type
  • Long-lasting
  • Budget-friendly
  • 2 colour options


  • Packaging could be better

Coloressence Aqua Sindoor

 Coloressence Aqua Sindoor
Coloressence Aqua Sindoor

Coloressence is a ‘Made in India’ brand that delivers premium quality products at a fair price. All its products are GMP certified and come in attractive packaging that lures customers to shop from this brand. For everyone who is looking for a sindoor that has a high colour payoff, this one from Coloressence is a must-have. 

Prominent Features of the Coloressence Aqua Sindoor: 

  • It is packed with the goodness of turmeric and cooling sandalwood
  • This waterproof formula does not smudge and dries out quickly
  • Rich anti-allergy properties of this sindoor prevent itching on the scalp
  • Available in 2 shades namely bright red and deep maroon


  • Highly pigmented
  • Does not smudge
  • Matte finish
  • Precise application
  • Sweatproof formula


  • The texture is a bit sticky

Final Word

A part of solah singaar, sindoor plays a crucial role in the lives of Hindu married women. It needs to be applied every day and hence, it should be picked very carefully. The above-mentioned are the 10 best sindoors that last longer, have a smooth texture, and are great value for money. While all these suggestions are good to add to your beauty cabinet, we love the ones from Organic Netra, Lakmé, and Keya Seth. Do let us know your top pick from the list.


Which is the best sindoor brand in India?

Faces Canada and Lotus are considered to be the best sindoor brands among Indian customers.

Which dry sindoor is best?

Keya Seth Aromatherapy Natural Dust Sindoor is the best dry sindoor you will find on the market.

How many types of sindoor are there?

Commonly there are three different types of sindoor – powdered, stick, and liquid.

How is herbal sindoor made?

Herbal sindoor is made of safe-to-use ingredients like turmeric, lime juice, rose petals, rose water, and ghee. They might also include red sandal powder, saffron etc. 

Which colour sindoor is the best?

All the colours of sindoor are the best to apply and can be considered according to preference.

Are kumkum and sindoor the same?

Kumkum and sindoor are similar to a great extent. While sindoor is popularly known as kumkum, the difference lies in the composition. Unlike sindoor, kumkum contains turmeric powder and limestone only.

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