Screen Your Visitors with the Best Smart Doorbells

With advanced technology penetrating every sphere of life, smart doorbells are the new security personnel.  A smart doorbell allows you to monitor the visitors on the other side of your door using the inbuilt pinhole camera. Some even allow you to view everything on your smartphone or tablet. Many smart doorbells come with motion sensors that detect any movement outside your door and alert you on your smartphones, and are equipped with several alarms for all-round security.

These nifty devices let you screen all your visitors and notify you of any unsolicited activities at your doorstep. Moreover, you will find some smart doorbells that call you on your connected phones whenever someone rings the bell, and have Wi-fi connectivity, video recording among others. With such impressive features, smart doorbells are a must-have for a safe and secure home. To that end, we bring you a reckoner of the best smart doorbells to help you keep an eye on the other side of your door.

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Best Smart Doorbells

1. Arlo Video Smart Doorbell

Arlo Video Doorbell

This full-view doorbell by Arlo, unlike traditional doorbells, allows you to view the person from head to toe, thanks to its 180-degree viewing angle. The video doorbell allows you to view the visitor in HDR quality, even in low light. With this video doorbell as your security partner, you can hear and speak to the visitors in real-time or reply with a pre-recorded quick message. Not just this, the doorbell will also notify you in case any movements are detected in front of your main door.

The doorbell is built with sturdy material that can withstand extreme temperatures, including heat, cold, or rain. This video doorbell also alerts you on your smartphone every time a package is delivered to your doorstep.

What’s Good

  • Package detection
  • No hub required

2. AmiciSmart Wireless Doorbell

AmiciSmart Wireless Doorbell

The AmiciSmart doorbell features a reliable wireless range of 300 m and a signal penetration so strong that you will never miss it when someone shows up at the door. It is equipped with robust transmitters that can withstand heavy rain, dust, and even high temperatures. Additionally, this smart doorbell has a huge selection of 32 musical tunes and three-volume levels.

 To top it all, its smart memory system keeps the chime and volume setting intact even after a power outage. With its simple pairing system, you can easily expand your existing AmiciSmart Wireless Doorbell System with multiple transmitters and receivers for your specific usage scenario in seconds.

What’s Good

  • Operates in an ultralong wireless range
  • Super easy to install

What’s Bad

  • Button Design

3. Toucan Smart Doorbell

Toucan Smart Doorbell

With a field view of 180 degrees super-wide-angle and full-HD view, this doorbell from Toucan is the security your house needs. Equipped with day and night time vision, the Toucan doorbell has 2-way audio with a built in mic and speaker that lets you hear and speak on your mobile phone with this wireless video doorbell. It features a weatherproof body. This doorbell can be easily paired with your smartphones and compatible with Alexa and Google voice assistants. Moreover, it comes with an easy setup and up to 2.4Ghz of cloud record video storage that’s free for up to 24 hours.

What’s Good

  • Superb 180-degree angle view with 1080p quality
  • Compatible with voice assistants

What’s Bad

  • Requires to subscribe paid plans after the trial period gets over

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4. Arlo Audio Smart Doorbell

Arlo Smart Doorbell

This weather-resistant doorbell from Arlo Technologies is an audio-only device that is compatible with Alexa. It doesn’t feature any camera but can be combined with Arlo Wire-Free HD camera to communicate with your visitors through your smartphone. It lets the visitors leave a message for you to listen to remotely at your convenience. This smart doorbell is an audio-only device and calls you on your smartphone whenever someone presses the doorbell.

What’s Good

  • Wirefree design
  • HD Camera

What’s Bad

  • Requires additional purchase of Arlo base station for installation

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5. Godrej Security Solutions Video Door Phone

Godrej Smart Doorbell

The Godrej video door phone includes a smart doorbell with a high-resolution pinhole camera and a 4.3-inch colour indoor monitor that ensures you get a clear view of the visitor standing outside the door. The outdoor unit also features an LED for night vision that dispels darkness and allows you to see it at night. This smart video doorbell features a do not disturb function as well. It lets you talk to visitors from indoors.

The outdoor unit of this smart doorbell is vandal-resistant and weatherproof to ensure protection under any circumstances. You can also adjust the volume, brightness, contrast as per choice.

What’s Good

  • LED Light for night vision
  • Robust construction

6. Hikvision Video Door Phone

Hikvision Video Door Phone

Hikvision video door phone is a hands-free video intercom system that lets you get a view of your visitors. Its outdoor unit acts as a doorbell that also houses a pinhole camera and infrared LEDs to give you a clear vision even at night. The indoor unit features a few buttons, including a remote unlocking button that lets you unlock your door if you have an electronic door lock installed.

This video door phone supports picture storage so you can view whatever has been recorded on the device while you were away.

What’s Good

  • Picture storage system
  • Remote unlocking button

What’s Bad

  • No Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity

7. Qubo Wireless Smart Doorbell

Qubo Wireless Smart Doorbell

The Qubo wireless smart doorbell gives a large field view of 140 degrees of your door in 1080p HD. With this smart doorbell, you can have 2-way conversations sitting indoors or respond with pre-recorded messages. This advanced artificial intelligence-enabled doorbell sends incoming visitor notifications even before they ring the bell by its person detection feature. This weatherproof doorbell lets you customise tones from its 36 chimes with multiple modes, including the do not disturb mode. Its bundle of features also includes tamper alerts, intruder alarms, and visitor video calls.

This doorbell can be directly be operated on any existing smartphone, smart tablet or Smart TV and is compatible with Alexa and Google voice assistants.

What’s Good

  • Intruder alarm system
  • Works fine without subscription plans

What’s Bad

  • Requires purchase of an additional SD card for storage

Now that you know the best options in smart doorbells, get one for your home and answer the bell even before it rings!

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