10 Best Sooji Brands in India for a Wholesome Meal

Sooji could be the next excellent addition to your diet if you are concerned about healthy food. Sooji, which is made from rough, finely crushed whole wheat, is light and readily digested, making it one of the healthier cereals. Sooji has been a mainstay in Indian kitchens for centuries, and the greatest thing is that you may eat it in a variety of ways. You have the option of making upma, dosa, uttapam, and more.

Sooji is abundant in protein and fibre, it makes you feel fuller between meals. It also contains a lot of B vitamins including folate and thiamine. Suji is high in magnesium and iron, which assist red blood cell synthesis, blood sugar regulation, and heart health.

Sooji, which is abundant in nutrients, is highly suggested for individuals attempting to reduce weight. It is high in protein, and eating protein-rich foods is crucial while trying to lose weight. Increasing your protein intake will also help you maintain muscle mass while losing weight and losing fat. Here are some of the best sooji brands available in India.

List of 10 Best Sooji Brands in India

1. Fortune


Fortune is a food products brand owned by the consumer goods company Adani Wilmar. Fortune was designated one of India’s top 100 most trusted brands in the Economic Times Brand Equity 2020 report. Fortune sooji is your pleasure buddy, whether savoury or sweet. Its relative granules impart a natural flavour to your dishes. The sooji offered by Fortune is made by the hygienic and hand-free process to maintain its purity.

2. Rajdhani


Rajdhani is the flagship brand of the Rajdhani Group which was founded in 1966 by the late SL Jain. Rajdhani became a premium brand in the farm produce market and has established itself as one of India’s leading atta suppliers. Rajdhani’s sooji has no black particles and each grain is of proper size, resulting in a homogeneous texture in the end product. It is lightly roasted to remove moisture that makes it lighter and extends its shelf life. This drying procedure also results in a higher yield when producing the finished product.Here, you can also check Paneer Brands & best sooji offer

3. Natureland Organics

Natureland Organics
Natureland Organics
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Natureland Organics is a natural foods company located in Rajasthan that was formed in 2002 by two agriculturist brothers, Ajeet and Arvind Godara. Sooji has a low glycemic index, making it a diabetic-friendly meal. Natureland Organic foods sooji is a true cream of wheat; soft sooji manufactured from premium quality chosen wheat grains processed in such a way that just the core of the wheat is crushed to form rawa/sooji.

This sooji is high in critical minerals, fibre, and manganese, plus it has an unrivalled taste and flavour.

4. Organic Tattva

Organic Tattva
Organic Tattva

Organic Tattva is an Indian company that produces and sells a variety of organic food products that are both healthful and free of chemicals. Organic Tattva Sooji tastes great and has several health advantages. It is an ideal combination of health with flavour for both adults and children, and it is presented with exceptional delicacy and flavour to make ordinary cuisine healthier and tastier.

5. Pro Nature

Pro Nature
Pro Nature

Pro Nature is a Bangalore-based organic foods brand founded in 2006 by Nidhi Gupta and Varun Gupta with the goal of providing healthier food choices to buyers while also nurturing the environment. The product line includes a wide variety of food items that are all certified organic by an internationally known Switzerland-based certifying authority, IMO Control.

Pro Nature’s Sooji is high in antioxidants and iron and can help with weight reduction, diabetes, and cholesterol regulation.

6. Vedaka


Vedaka is an Amazon India brand that sells milk, groceries, spices, pulses, lentils, teas, grains, flours, dried fruits, oils, and other everyday necessities. Vedaka goods are hygienically packaged and subjected to thorough and demanding testing to ensure that they fulfil the FSSAI criteria and standards. Vedaka Sooji is produced entirely of granulated wheat, which is then roasted to produce the delectable end result. Sooji may be used to make a variety of tasty dishes such as sooji cake, rava dhokla, and more.

7. Vijay Foods

Vijay Foods
Vijay Foods

Vijay Foods is an Indian food products brand owned by Saroj Agro Industries. The company originated as a rice milling enterprise in 1972 by selling high-quality rice grains and eventually expanded into the production of flours and sooji, and idli rava. Vijay Foods provides high-quality items like rice, millets, flour and sooji, spices, batter, and more.

The sooji is produced from carefully chosen dried durum wheat. It has a high concentration of carbs, fibre, vitamins and minerals. It also aids in weight loss, making it ideal for exercise aficionados.

8. Double Horse

Double Horse
Double Horse

Double horse is an Indian food products brand owned by the Manjilas. It began in 1959 as a rice milling firm selling high-grade rice grains and has grown over the subsequent six decades into a top-grade food brand offering a diverse variety of products.

The Double Roasted Rava Roasted sooji offered by Double Horse is prepared using advanced processing techniques to produce equally roasted Rava that is ideal for Laddoo, Kesari, Upma, Rava Idli, Rava Dosa, Cake, and other desserts.

9. Ahaar


Ahaar is an Indian food products brand owned by Ahaar Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd. The company was started in 1982, offering a diverse range of products for meals ranging from Breakfast to Dinner.  The company has strengthened its market position by introducing a comprehensive line of high-quality food goods that meet the demands of a kitchen on a regular basis.

Ahaar provides the highest quality Rava Suji in sanitary packaging to ensure nutritional value. It is produced from premium grade grains to offer optimal health benefits. It is ideal for Upma, Laddoo, Rava Idli, Rawa Dosa, Cake, and other similar dishes.

10. Master Cook

Master Cook
Master Cook

Master Cook is another food product brand from Saroj Agro Industries, which was founded in 1972. It offers a diverse selection of flours/sooji, grains, spices,  millets, and ready-to-eat goods. The processing takes place in four cutting-edge food processing plants in Tumkur and Gangavathi, Karnataka. The brand not only caters to food FMCG companies, but also to prominent corporate houses,  restaurants, and breweries.

List Of Best Suji Brands in India With Price Comparison

Sooji BrandsPrice*
FortuneStarting at Rs 36
RajdhaniStarting at Rs 76
Natureland organicsStarting at Rs 54
Organic TattvaStarting at Rs 55
Pro NatureStarting at Rs 56
VedakaStarting at Rs 32
Vijay FoodsStarting at Rs 55
Double HorseStarting at Rs 65
AhaarStarting at Rs 40
Master CookStarting at Rs 54
*Prices are according to packs and subject to change.


Is Rajdhani sooji roasted?

Yes, Rajdhani sooji is roasting processed to make it taste delicious.

Which is better Maida or Sooji?

Maida is finely ground, whereas sooji is made by coarse milling whole wheat, retaining all of the bran and germ characteristics. As a result, sooji is significantly more nutritious than maida.

Is sooji gluten-free?

No, sooji contains rich gluten properties. It is not gluten-free.

Is sooji healthier than Atta?

Sooji can be easily digested and it is light on the stomach which is good for health. So having sooji is preferable to having Atta.

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