12 Best Toilet Paper Brands in India

Toilet paper is one of the most commonly used products in homes, offices, and other public locations with bathrooms, such as restaurants, hotels, or other venues. The right type of paper is required to guarantee cleanliness. Good quality toilet paper is long-lasting, eco-friendly, gentle on the skin, and disintegrates swiftly. There are a variety of brands offering the best quality toilet paper in India. When it comes to choosing the right toilet paper for your bathroom, there are various points that should be kept in mind, like its quality, comfort, clog-free and septic-safe nature, and more. Here we have sorted some of the best toilet paper brands in India to help you make the right choice.

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How Do We Choose the Best Toilet Paper Brands for You?

One of the most important household necessities is toilet paper. Consider the qualities that are most important to you in your toilet paper before purchasing it, as opposed to picking the first option you see at the store. In India, good quality toilet paper costs anywhere between Rs 180 and Rs 550. Before you go through our suggestions of the best toilet paper brands that are available in India, we would love it if you first go through the factors that we took into consideration while deciding on the best products for you.


The amount of plies has a significant impact on the quality of toilet paper. Toilet paper typically has one or two plies, although three plies are preferred. However, given that three-plies are more expensive than two, they are not very commonly used.

Different grades of tissue paper are available, and these grades are mostly influenced by the manufacturing methods and raw ingredients.
Low-quality toilet paper is often constructed from a single sheet and advertised as being affordable. These products are suited for usage in public toilets with modest budgets since they often contain thin two-ply rolls.

Because they are made to give softness and durability, mid-grade items are more costly than low-grade ones. As the name implies, premium-quality toilet paper is more costly and long-lasting.


Search for a toilet roll created with strength and durability in mind. As it is regarded to be the strongest, the 3-ply paper provides the best coverage and has the lowest likelihood of finger break-throughs. Therefore, it is a wise option. In order for it to be softer without sacrificing any of its strength, make sure it is produced from virgin pulp. The next time you use the restroom, you can combine these two for an extraordinarily soft and opulently comfy experience.


Your comfort level after using the restroom may be greatly influenced by the brand of toilet paper you use. You need toilet paper that is both strong enough not to crumble when wet and soft enough not to irritate the skin’s surface when you wipe it. Due to its thinness, one-ply toilet paper typically does not provide optimum comfort.

Free From Chlorine

The majority of toilet paper contains chlorine and other harsh chemicals, which is not eco-friendly. We recommend that you choose toilet paper that is sustainable, chemical-free, and good for the environment.

List of 12 Best Toilet Paper Brands in India



Solimo is an Amazon private label that mostly sells kitchen and household items. Every Solimo product is meticulously constructed to give great quality. From the materials used to the comprehensive quality checks and intentional enhancements, quality is at the heart of the Solimo brand. 

Solimo toilet tissues are composed entirely of natural raw paper. This toilet paper is soft and absorbs water rapidly, making it easy to flush. It is a safe and sanitary option for your family.

Prominent Features of the Solimo Toilet Paper:

  • These three-ply tissues are sturdy and clean, effectively
  • They are excellent for all skin types and devoid of optical brightening agents (OBAs), colors, and scents, which may irritate the skin
  • The tissues from Solimo are created from 100 percent natural virgin paper and feel soft


  • Quickly absorbs water and is simple to flush
  • Soft tissues that feel silky
  • Free from OBAs and scents

Why We Picked the Solimo Toilet Paper?

The Solimo Toilet Paper has three-ply tissues that are sturdy and effectively clean. It may be used with ordinary toilet paper holders in bathrooms without any additional hardware.



Softouch is an Indian tissue paper brand owned by Rachna Enterprises, a firm that has been manufacturing and supplying housekeeping items and tissue paper products since 1985. Mrs Rachna Sinha founded the company as a sole proprietorship to distribute tissue paper products and surgical dressing items to various corporate sector firms and hospitals. 

Softouch manufactures toilet paper rolls using virgin chlorine-free paper. They provide toilet paper that is gentle on the skin and disintegrates swiftly when flushed.

Prominent Features of the Softouch Toilet Paper:

  • To provide you with the greatest and most high-quality product, we create these rolls using virgin chlorine-free paper
  • The toilet paper is gentle on the skin and swiftly dissolves when flushed
  • A remarkable mix of softness, strength, and absorbency is found in Softouch toilet paper


  • Gentle on the skin
  • Free from chlorine
  • Amazing absorption


  • Tear marks are not prominent

Why We Picked the Softouch Toilet Paper?

The exceptional blend of softness, strength, and absorbency found in Softouch toilet paper is unmatched. It is made from virgin paper that is free of chlorine. The toilet paper is soft on the skin and rapidly dissolves when flushed.



Origami is an Indian brand owned by Origami Cellulo Private Limited, founded in 1995 and has since evolved to become India’s major manufacturer of paper disposables. The brand offers soft, absorbent, and cost-effective tissue rolls. This multifunctional product may be utilized at home, the office, at a party, or on a trip. 

The Origami toilet paper is made with your comfort and convenience in mind. They have been tested to guarantee that they do not clog and can be disposed of easily.

Prominent Features of the Origami Toilet Paper:

  • The material is soft and very absorbent, allowing for effective wiping and cleaning
  • Made entirely of cellulose fibre, they are absolutely safe for the skin and devoid of any inks, dyes, or harsh chemicals
  • This toilet paper prevents clogging as it is simple to flush and can be easily disposed


  • Soft on skin
  • Free from harsh chemicals
  • Easily disposable

Why We Picked the Origami Toilet Paper?

The highly absorbent toilet paper from Origami soaks up more liquid, allowing for considerably speedier wiping and drying. Additionally, these toilet papers easily dissolve and do not clog toilets.



Presto is a private label from Amazon. The products offered by Presto range from paper napkins and floor disinfectants to dishwashing gels and other similar products. 

Presto washroom tissue rolls are made entirely of natural virgin paper. They are pleasant to touch and extremely absorbent. Each toilet paper roll contains 300 sheets. It is a safe and sanitary option for your family.

Prominent Features of the Presto Toilet Paper:

  • These toilet paper from Presto are soft tissues with a smooth feel that quickly absorb water and flush readily
  • The tissues are made from 100% virgin natural paper that does not include OBA agents
  • These tissues are three-ply and, therefore, work effectively


  • Devoid of optical brightening agent (OBA) chemicals
  • Can be easily flushed
  • Fully absorbent

Why We Picked the Presto Toilet Paper?

Presto is a popular brand that is a part of Amazon. They provide premium quality toilet paper at a very affordable price. Presto toilet papers are soft and absorb easily, making them an ideal choice for your family.



Selpak is a popular Turkish brand that manufactures paper towels, toilet paper, hankies, napkins, and paper cloths.

Selpak Toilet Paper is cushiony soft, and ideal for your hygiene and well-being. It is suitable for all hygienic needs, including the most sensitive ones. It’s absorbent and thick, and it doesn’t disintegrate in your palm when wet; it spoils only after you drain it.

Prominent Features of the Selpak Toilet Paper:

  • The unique texture of the 3-ply Selpak Deluxe Toilet Paper makes it very soft on the skin
  • The thickness and absorbency prevent it from dissolving in your hand when it becomes wet
  • The formula, which includes cotton, cleans your skin gently


  • Soft and smooth on the skin
  • Provides gentle cleaning
  • Enriched with cotton

Why We Picked the Selpak Toilet Paper?

Selpak produces extremely soft and durable toilet paper. The perforations on the paper are perfect and help you maintain hygiene. When flushed, the tissue paper completely disappears, thus making it easily disposable.



Beco is an Indian eco-friendly products company founded by the trio Anuj, Aditya, and Akshay. They started with the idea of assisting every individual in contributing to the preservation of the environment for a brighter tomorrow by supplying sustainable and eco-friendly products. Beco rolls are made entirely of organic bamboo, a fast-growing grass that provides a naturally sustainable alternative to typical tree-based toilet paper. 

Beco bamboo toilet paper rolls are free of parabens, chlorine, and BPA and are hypoallergenic, that don’t cause skin rashes. They are light brown since being constructed of pure bamboo and are not bleached.

Prominent Features of the Beco Toilet Paper:

  • The bamboo toilet paper is chemical-free, hypoallergenic, and free of chlorine, paraben, and BPA
  • The toilet rolls are ideal for all drainage systems because of their excellent absorption capacity and natural biodegradability
  • The toilet papers do not contain any hazardous substances and biodegrade in the soil after 2 to 6 months


  • Prevents skin rashes
  • Biodegradable
  • Free from paraben, BPA, and other harmful substances


  • Tear marks on the sheet are not aligned properly



Scott is a professional brand of restroom products by Kimberly Clark Hygiene Products Pvt. Ltd. It is a market leader in commercial restroom solutions that improve hygiene and minimize waste. 

Scott toilet tissue paper is designed to provide you with a sense of dryness and comfort. It is incredibly absorbent, which aids in wiping. The bathroom tissue disintegrates easily in the water. This results in clog-free operation. It is made of 100 percent virgin fiber and provides a rash-free and pleasant experience.

Prominent Features of the Scott Toilet Paper:

  • The Scott Toilet Paper provides more options for dispensers by fitting standard-size toilet roll holders
  • Made entirely of virgin fibers, giving you a smooth, pleasant feeling
  • This toilet paper is a three-ply tissue that promotes comfort, softness, and absorbency


  • Extremely absorbent
  • Prevents rashes
  • Does not clog


  • Finishing quality can be better

Moreover, if you are looking for a good quality toilet cleaner, then we have created an amazing blog where we have mentioned some of the top toilet cleaners available in India. Do give it a read.



Kleenex is a brand name for a wide range of paper-based items, including facial tissue, toilet tissue, paper towels, tampons, and diapers. Kleenex is a registered trademark of Kimberly-Clark and is frequently used informally as a genericized trademark for face tissue in the United States. 

Kleenex provides luxury toilet tissues that offer comfort and care while supporting user cleanliness and personal standards, with roll packaging intended to suit most surroundings. Kleenex toilet tissues are made to dissolve in water, being clog-free and septic-safe.

Prominent Features of the Kleenex Toilet Paper:

  • Kleenex toilet paper is designed to dissolve in water, avoiding clogs and requiring less upkeep
  • These toilet paper rolls from Kleenex have been designed to fit into cord roll dispensers


  • Septic and clog safe
  • Provides comfort
  • Soft on the skin

Premier Tissue

Premier Tissue
Premier Tissue

Premier Tissue India Ltd is a Mysore, Karnataka-based Indian company which comprises a tissue paper mill as well as a conversion factory. Premier Tissues India Ltd., founded in 1998, is one of the country’s largest tissue makers and exporters. 

Premier toilet paper is manufactured so that it is readily disposable after urine or excrement. It dissolves and degrades faster than regular toilet paper.

Prominent Features of the Premier Toilet Paper:

  • The Premier Toilet Papers are softer and more absorbent, making hygiene simple
  • These toilet papers have a higher dry strength than regular toilet paper
  • Additionally, the toilet paper from Premier dissolves considerably more quickly and does not clog toilets


  • Soft and absorbs easily
  • Easily disposable
  • Dries quickly



Bella is a Poland-based sanitary women’s goods brand. It is the leading company for toilet paper in Eastern and Central Europe and is rapidly expanding into Asia and Western Europe. Bella India is one of the largest manufacturers and sellers of infant diapers, sanitary napkins, adult diapers, and cosmetic and hygienic items. 

Bella’s toilet paper delivers an excellent blend of extraordinary softness, firmness, and absorbency for optimum comfort and cleanliness. The Brand provides very soft toilet paper with great absorbency for maximum comfort.

Prominent Features of the Bella Toilet Paper:

  • Bella toilet paper offers a remarkable blend of softness, firmness, and absorbency for the utmost comfort and cleanliness
  • The sheets are embossed are feel extremely soft and gentle on the skin
  • The toilet paper rolls from Bella provide high absorption for the best comfort


  • Provides comfort
  • Soft on the skin
  • Made with cellulose

The Honest Home Company

The Honest Home Company
The Honest Home Company

The Honest Home Company has developed commonplace goods that utilize little to no plastic, lack hazardous chemicals, and are made from organic raw materials. Their main goal is to make sustainable decisions so simple that there is no obstacle to switching.

Toilet papers offered by The Honest Home are used to dry yourself effectively and hygienically while also helping to decrease expenses and waste. Their toilet papers are completely dissolvable and do not clog your toilet.

Prominent Features of The Honest Home Company Toilet Paper:

  • The 3-ply tissue sheets from The Honest Home Company are designed to provide exceptional softness and absorption
  • Made from virgin fibers that make the toilet paper more durable, softer, and more absorbent
  • This toilet paper does not cause rashes and is soft on the skin


  • Does not clog
  • Soft and sanitary
  • Provides soft cushioning
  • Made from organic raw material



Ezee tissue paper brand is owned by Alka Lifestyles Private Limited, a firm committed to producing high-quality and diverse products such as toilet tissue, foil paper, paper towels, cling wrap, and more. 

The Ezee tissue papers are created by specialists who are well-versed in their respective fields and are conscious of the customer’s unique needs. The raw materials utilized in the manufacturing of the whole selection are supplied by the industry’s trusted suppliers. Ezee tissue papers are environmentally friendly, biodegradable, recyclable, and made of strong quality and absorbent paper.

Prominent Features of the Ezee Toilet Paper:

  • The Ezee Toilet Paper is free from brightening agents and is safe to use on all types of skin
  • The toilet paper is soft and supple, which provides amazing absorbing qualities
  • This toilet paper from Ezee does not clog and can be flushed easily


  • Prevents rash and allergy
  • Soft and absorbent
  • It can be easily disposed

Final Word

The variety of uses for toilet paper should be considered before purchasing one, and you should choose a brand that will be suitable for your requirements. Based on our research, Solimo, Softouch, and Origami are the best toilet paper brands available in India. While making our recommendations, we also took into consideration factors like quality, durability, comfort, and harsh chemicals free. Let us know which one worked out the best for you!


Which toilet roll is best?

There are various types of toilet paper out there in the market. However, toilet rolls that are soft and degradable are the best.

What is the best-selling brand of toilet paper?

Solimo by Amazon Brand is the best-selling brand of toilet paper. However, it depends on personal preference too. So go through our list and choose one that meets your requirements.

Which brand of toilet paper is the softest?

There are various brands offering soft toilet paper, such as Solimo, Softouch, Presto, Beco, and more. If you want a wider choice, you can go through our recommendations of the best toilet paper brands in India.

Which toilet paper lasts the longest?

Good quality and thick toilet paper last the longest. They have good absorbing quality and can be easily flushed out without clogging.

Is there any bamboo toilet paper?

Yes, Beco offers eco-friendly toilet paper made of bamboo. Their toilet papers are hypoallergenic and prevent rashes. Since they are made entirely of bamboo and have not been bleached, they have a light brown colour.

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