11 Best Swing Chairs in India

Comparable to a hammock in many ways, a swing chair has additional support and a unique bottom construction that allows it to remain upright. Whether you want to read comfortably in your living room or bedroom, enjoy the weather by sitting on your balcony or garden, or simply hang outside and enjoy the outdoors, swing chairs are the ideal accessory or tool for these tasks. They are the perfect housewarming present since they not only offer comfort but also add elegance to any home or office. Swing chairs can easily be purchased online, thanks to websites such as Amazon and Flipkart, which have a broad variety of such chairs. If you are looking for the best swing chairs, for yourself or your loved ones, you should surely browse through this list.

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How Do We Choose the Best Swing Chairs for You?

The 11 best swing chairs available online are included in this list; the prices are varied, so it would be easy to find one within your price range. The two most important characteristics of a quality swing chair are mentioned below:

Comfort and Support

Because inadequate back support is not only uncomfortable but can also lead to a number of back issues over time, swing chairs should always offer the best possible back support.

Suitable for Any Place

Always strive to get a swing chair that will look good in any setting, whether it be your room, balcony, or garden. The swing chair should also not be too heavy so that it’s not a hardship for you to handle them.

List of the Top 11 Swing Chairs in India

Curio Home Swing & Hammock Chair

Curio Centre Round Cotton Home Swing & Hammock Chair (135 Cm X 57 Cm X 43 Cm, White)
Curio Centre Round Cotton Home Swing & Hammock Chair

Since 1983, the name Curio Centre has stood for reliability and excellence. What started as a tiny rental store has grown into a trusted brand that many Indians cherish. The brand sells a variety of infant cradles and different types of swings.

Notable Features of Curio Home Swing & Hammock Chair:

  • High-quality cotton is used in the production of this swing from Curio Centre, and it can accommodate one person at a time.
  • Up to 100 kg of weight may be supported by the swing, which weighs around 350 g.
  • It may be employed as a crib, a hammock to hang outdoors, or a place to unwind poolside or on the balcony as the sun sets.
  • It may also be placed in the living room, bedroom, porch, kids’ room, backyard, terrace, and backyard.
  • Given that it is compact and transportable, it can be set up in almost any place in a short amount of time.
  • You may hang it effortlessly from a branch, a ceiling, or any other solid canopy that can hold your weight.


  • Easy to hang
  • Portable
  • Can be placed anywhere
  • Not expensive

Why We Picked Curio Home Swing & Hammock Chair?

It is one of the best swing chairs online, it comes in two distinct colour and style options and makes a wonderful addition to any household. This swing chair is customisable enough to serve as a chair, room decoration, or one-of-a-kind masterpiece. It can add extra allure to any lawn, backyard, balcony, porch, or garden.

Halder Jute Regular Indoor Outdoor Swing Chair

Halder Jute Regular Indoor Outdoor D Shape Hanging Swing Chair (Cotton, White, 150 * 65 * 72 cm)
Halder Jute Regular Indoor Outdoor D Shape Hanging Swing Chair

Halder Jute, an Indian company with headquarters in West Bengal, specialises in producing beautiful jute bags of different categories. It also provides a great selection of swings.

Notable Features of Halder Jute Regular Indoor Outdoor Swing Chair:

  • It’s a white-coloured one-seater swing made of cotton.
  • This product weighs 3.7 kg and has a maximum weight capacity of 120 kg.
  • It is effortless to hang and quite comfy to sit in. It is built solidly and contains smooth cotton strings.
  • It may be used indoors and outdoors and can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from toddlers to adults.
  • It can be washed in soft water and is simple to clean.


  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Easy to hang
  • Value for money

Why We Picked Halder Jute Regular Indoor Outdoor Swing Chair?

This swing is simple to move from one location to another. The traditional ethnic style makes it a good addition to the decor as well.

Swingzy Cotton Hanging Swing Chair

Swingzy Cotton Netted Rope Hanging Swing Chair for Adults
Swingzy Cotton Netted Rope Hanging Swing Chair for Adults

With the help of its handcrafted collection, Swingzy, an Indian company, enables you to explore extraordinary beauty in your households and surroundings. Its collection of swings, which includes hammocks, and swings made of wood, iron, and cloth is remarkable.

Notable Features of Swingzy Cotton Hanging Swing Chair:

  • Handmade from 100% cotton, this all-in-one round swing chair adds a luxurious touch to any home.
  • This swing’s standard woven-net construction is incredibly cosy and supportive, and the handmade details provide a classic touch.
  • The one-seater chair weighs 2 kg and can support up to 120 kg when sitting.
  • With this swing, complete stainless steel installation equipment is provided.
  • It may be hung in the conventional swing fashion from trees, hammock supports, or interior ceilings.


  • Comfy
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Available in multiple colours
  • Handmade
  • Inexpensive

Why We Picked Swingzy Cotton Hanging Swing Chair?

This swing can be placed anywhere in your favourite spots and makes a lovely addition to your home’s decoration. It is lightweight and simple to move anywhere fast, whether inside or outside. In public and commercial settings, it can help individuals feel more at ease and at home.

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Kkriya Home Decor ®Swing Chair

Kkriya Home Decor ®Swing | Swing for Adult for Balcony
Kkriya Home Decor Swing | Swing for Adult for Balcony

The prominent swing manufacturer Kkriya Marketing was founded in India in 2015. Its goods are all highly praised by its large customer base for their distinctive aesthetics, excellent quality, and dependability.

Notable Features of Kkriya Home Decor Swing Chair:

  • Firm and durable, this hanging cotton swing features a metal ring and poly rope connected for a good grasp.
  • It has a tall backrest for supportive seating, relaxation, and book reading.
  • For maximum comfort, this swing chair features a poly fibre cushion.
  • Upon removing the cushion, this swing can be thoroughly washed.
  • It is a one-seater chair that weighs 4.5 kg and can support 150 kg of weight.


  • Value for money
  • Available in many colours
  • High back for comfort
  • Handcrafted
  • Washable

Why We Picked Kkriya Home Decor Swing Chair?

It is created in India by rural Indian weavers from premium cotton fabric and is connected with poly ropes on both sides to offer a sturdy and firm grip. This lightweight swing is ideal for use indoors or outdoors because it is portable and washable.

Patiofy Made in India Premium Swing Chair

Patiofy Made in India Premium Square Shape Hammock Hanging Cotton Swing Chair
Patiofy Made in India Premium Square Shape Hammock Hanging Cotton Swing Chair 

A famous brand among Amazon customers, Patiofy has been selling items on Amazon for some years and provides both adults’ and kids’ swings.

Notable Features of Patiofy Made in India Premium Swing Chair:

  • Built with super-thick cotton rope for optimal security and convenience, this swing is sturdy and long-lasting.
  • It weighs 450 grams and is strong enough to handle 150 kg of weight.
  • It has a square form and a soft, plushy red cushion, allowing you to adopt a relaxed position as you spend your free time.
  • The soft and durable quality swing chair is composed of soft cotton to prevent tearing or damage, making it suitable for both children and animals.
  • This swing chair offers the most comfortable reading spot, or you can take it outside to enjoy the scenery and weather.


  • Value for money
  • Comfortable back support
  • High-quality woven net
  • Affordable

Why We Picked Patiofy Made in India Premium Swing Chair?

This boho swing is spacious enough to allow you to spread out and relax and is made of cotton rope that has been expertly braided by Indian craftspeople. It exhibits superb craftsmanship and gives any setting a touch of splendour and refinement.

Carry Bird Swing Chair

Carry Bird Swing Chair With Stand,Cushion & Hook
Carry Bird Swing Chair With Stand, Cushion & Hook

Carry Bird, which was established in 2014, is a significant brand for home and outdoor accessories and furniture. This brand’s offerings are influenced by advanced modern art, urban handcrafted creativity, and classic rural themes.

Notable Features of Carry Bird Swing Chair:

  • This one of the best swing chairs with a stand in India is sturdy.
  • It has a vintage bronze surface and can support up to 110-130 kg of weight.
  • It can easily transform the appearance of your living room or yard.
  • The chair’s sturdy frame is covered with a powder coating made of durable resin and designed to withstand adverse weather conditions.
  • The stand and pillow that comes with this single-seater swing add to its appeal.


  • Available in many colours
  • Comes with stand
  • Extremely durable


  • expensive

FABdon Garden Hammock Cotton Swing

FABdon Garden Hammock Cotton Swing For Adult & Kids Hammock
FABdon Garden Hammock Cotton Swing For Adult & Kids Hammock

The Indian company called FABdon is most renowned for its premium low-cut cotton loafer socks for both men and women. In addition, it offers a variety of reasonably priced swings for kids and adults.

Notable Features of FABdon Garden Hammock Cotton Swing:

  • For added stability, this swing incorporates steel rings, heavy-duty ropes, and a solid spreader rod on top.
  • Its appropriateness for grownups has been evaluated for quality.
  • The premium cotton material used to create these adult swings is produced in India.
  • It is really comfy and may be hung both indoors and outside.
  • This adult swing, unlike other small-sized swings, has a back height of 32 inches, making it comfortable for even big and heavy people to sit on.
  • It is a one-seater swing and can carry up to 200 kg weight at once.


  • Value for money
  • Available in 5 colours
  • Comfortable materials
  • Easy to move

Furniture Kart Wrought Iron Swing Chair

Furniture Kart wrought iron Single Seater Swing Chair with Stand, Cushion ( Large , Black )
Furniture Kart wrought iron Single Seater Swing Chair with Stand, Cushion

Since 2009, Furniture Kart has contributed to the interior design of Indian homes, putting it among the nation’s favourite furniture brands. It is a popular name in household and workplace furniture and is on a quest to establish the quality element of its goods at the highest level.

Notable Features of Furniture Kart wrought iron Swing Chair:

  • It is a single-seater swing with a frame made of steel and weather-resistant material.
  • It is composed of wrought iron and can support up to 150 kg of weight.
  • It comes in a space-saving design and is easy to store or keep in any place. it’s appropriate for any house or area.


  • Easy to install
  • Very comfortable


  • Expensive

DMosaic Two-Seater Swing Chair

Two Seater Swing Chair with Stand and Cushion
Two Seater Swing Chair with Stand and Cushion

D Mosaic, a maker of cafe chairs, hanging swing chairs, and other items, was founded in 2017. It works to create a healthier and more visually pleasant environment with a team made up of architects, interior designers, and civil engineers.

Notable Features of DMosaic Two-Seater Swing Chair:

  • This supports up to 150 kg of weight and has a thick vintage bronze polish on an iron frame that has been powder-coated.
  • The material used is premium and durable which makes this chair super long-lasting.
  • It is a two-seater swing chair and comes with a stand and soft pillows for comfort.


  • Elegant look
  • 2 seater


  • Costly

Kaushalendra Swing Chair

Kaushalendra Swing Chair with Stand for Single Person Iron Cushion Swings
Kaushalendra Swing Chair with Stand for Single Person Iron Cushion Swings

The business Kaushalendra, which was founded in 1979, has achieved success in the market by producing a wonderful variety of hammock swings, wooden swings, swing equipment, and cast iron swings.

Notable Features of Kaushalendra Swing Chair:

  • High-quality metal is utilised to create this one-seater swing chair, which may be used indoors, outdoors, and in gardens.
  • Due to its small size and ease of fitting into a small space, the swing may be installed in any inside room or on a small patio.
  • It comes with a stand and cushions and has a unique design.


  • Comfortable
  • Strong frame
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easily cleaned


  • Expensive

ASBAB Single-Seater Swing Chair

ASBAB Single Seater Natual Cane Wood Swing Chair (Rattan)
ASBAB Single Seater Natual Cane Wood Swing Chair (Rattan)

For the bedroom, living room, and terrace, among other rooms in your house, ASBAB, an online furniture company, offers outstanding furniture selections. It has established a strong consumer base for itself on amazon.

Notable Features of ASBAB Single-Seater Swing Chair:

  • It is a single-seater swing chair made of rattan vines.
  • It is lightweight, portable, and cosy to sit on. It can also be conveniently hung anyplace.
  • Its design is quite distinctive and lends a classic feel to any home.


  • Beautiful design
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight


  • A bit expensive
  • Can’t handle much weight

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Final Word

The moment has come for you to make the final selection for yourself, and because we are aware that it is very typical to become confused by so many incredible options, we are here to help. The best options for swing chairs at reasonable prices are Halder Jute Regular Indoor Outdoor Swing Chair or Curio Home Swing & Hammock Chair. Alternatively, you may choose from Carry Bird, Furniture Kart, or Kaushalendra Swing Chairs, which, although pricey, are a great investment because they come with built-in supports.


Which swing chair is best for adults?

Swing Chairs from Halder, Curio, Carry Bird, Furniture Kart, or Kaushalendra, among others listed here, are the best for adults as they can support carrying heavier weights.

Are swing chairs good?

Yes, swing chairs not only add a fun furniture element to your home but also offer relaxation and make you want to sit outside if placed outdoors.

What is the price of a swing chair?

The starting price of swing chairs is around Rs 1,000-1,500 and can go higher depending on quality, type, brand, etc.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

At CashKaro, we work hard to provide our users with honest product analyses and suggestions. To assist you with your online or even offline shopping experiences, we only choose the top brands and goods on the marketplace. Our crew extensively assessed the craftsmanship, comfort, sturdiness, and patterns of each swing chair on the market before generating this list of the top swing chairs in India. Moreover, all of the products we chose for this list have earned positive reviews on Amazon and other websites.

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