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Smartphones are the need of the hour and for protecting the screen from scratches and cracks, tempered glasses are necessary. A tempered glass screen guard adds an extra layer of protection to the smartphone screen. Whether it’s a new smartphone or an old one; budget, midrange, or expensive, it’s important to keep it protected from accidental damage or scratches.

Many factors are taken into consideration to select the best-tempered glass. Some of the factors are hardness, thickness, oleophobic coating, glue layer, durability, etc. Hardness is necessary as it protects the smartphone screen from damage. The oleophobic coating makes tempered glass oil and fingerprint resistant. A good layer of glue helps the tempered glass to stick well to the screen. As a precautionary measure, excellent quality tempered glass is the solution for saving the smartphone from scratches and tears. Here are some of the best-tempered glass brands in India which provide high-quality protection glasses with an affordable price tag.

List of Best Tempered Glass Brands in India 

1. RhinoShield 

RhinoShield Tempered Glass
RhinoShield Tempered Glass

RhinoShield creates tempered glasses, mobile phone covers, and accessories while keeping durability and customisation in mind. Because of its exclusive ShockSpread technology, all RhinoShield cases provides ultra-drop protection. It is one of the best brands for tempered glass. The quality of these glasses is hammer-tested. Upbeat Retail is the approved re-seller of RhinoShield products in India. 

Top-Selling RhinoShield Products: 

  • Impact Screen Protector 
  • Tempered glass 
  • Smartphone case 
  • iPhone lens protector 
  • Air pod case 

2. Spigen 

Spigen Tempered Glass
Spigen Tempered Glass

Founded in 2004 as SGP Korea, Spigen is a U.S. based South Korean mobile phone accessories company. Spigen offers high quality tempered glasses, cases, and other accessories for all popular model smartphones. Spigen tempered glass comes with an oleophobic coating which is highly fingerprinted repulsive. The special privacy protection glass from Spigen comes with a private screen viewing design which lets the smartphone screen visible only from the front direction. Spigen is the leading and one of the top-selling tempered glass brands in India offering a variety of protection glasses and for smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches of popular brands. 

Top-Selling Spigen Products: 

  • Screen Protector 
  • Smartphone case 
  • Smartwatch stand/case/cover 
  • Air Pods case 
  • Mag Safe covers 

3. ESR

ESR Tempered Glass
ESR Tempered Glass

ESR Gear, founded in 2009, is a worldwide technology firm that integrates design, R&D, and manufacturing to produce solutions that make technology easy to use. ESR develops simple, effective, and technologically advanced items/solutions that improve people’s interactions with technology in daily life. ESR offers a range of industry-standard and best tempered glass screen protectors for Android smartphones, iPhones, and iPads. 

Top-Selling ESR Products: 

  • Tempered Glass-Screen Protector 
  • Armorite screen protector 
  • Air Tags Keychain 
  • Hybrid case 
  • Smartphone camera lens protector 

4. Stillersafe 

Stillersafe Tempered Glass
Stillersafe Tempered Glass

Stillersafe is one of the best smartphone tempered glass brands in India. After testing and certification from SGS labs, Stillersafe glasses are imported from Japan. StillerSafe is a globally recognized brand with its presence in 17 countries, mostly in Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Asia. Stillersafe uses ALCS (Advance Light Control Screens) technology which blocks harmful blue lights. Stillersafe offers magnetic and easy stick removable glass which users can remove and reuse according to their needs.

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Top-Selling Stillersafe Products: 

  • Phone screen guard 
  • Laptop screen guard 
  • Active Swift Stylus 

5. Popio 

Popio Tempered Glass
Popio Tempered Glass

Popio is an Indian company that sells and distributes refined and high-quality mobile accessories from both local and international markets. Popio is one of the tempered glass bestsellers on Amazon. Popio began as a modest family business in 2015, which offered small retail businesses a variety of quality products. Popio offers top-notch quality tempered glass screen protectors for smartphones and smartwatches.

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Top-Selling Popio Products: 

  • Tempered Glass/Screen Protector 
  • Watch Screen Guard 
  • Data Cable 
  • Back Cover 

6. CASE U 

CASE U Tempered Glass
CASE U Tempered Glass

CASE U is a New Delhi based established tempered glass brand in India offering some of the finest smartphone protective glasses. Their tempered glasses are created and handpicked by their design and marketing team according to the user’s needs and demands. Tempered glasses from CASE U consist of a shock-absorbent protective layer that prevents the pressure of fall or accident from hitting the display and provides excellent protection to smartphone screens. 

Top-Selling CASE U Products: 

  • Shield premium tempered glass 
  • Tough Armor Back Cover 
  • Green sand liquid case 
  • Laptop bag 

7. Supershieldz 

Supershieldz Tempered Glass
Supershieldz Tempered Glass

Supershieldz is a Philadelphia-based screen protector brand founded with the express goal of creating high-quality and affordable products. Supershieldz has become one of the premier screen protector brands throughout the years. It offers a range of screen protective products from smartphone tempered glass to smartwatch screen protectors. It also offers anti-fingerprint, anti-scratch, and bubble-free tempered glass screen protectors for tablets and Amazon Kindle. 

Top-Selling Supershieldz Products: 

  • Smartphone tempered glass 
  • Smart watch protective glass 
  • Tempered glass for tablets 
  • Amazon kindle screen protector 

8. IQ Shield 

IQ Shield Tempered Glass
IQ Shield Tempered Glass

IQ Shield is a California based premier manufacturer of tempered glasses for the most recent smartphones and gadgets, including Android devices, iPhones, GPS navigation gadgets, tablets, laptops, gaming systems, and mp3 players. The “IQ Shield” is a new spin on old “static cling” shields that incorporates the finest in mobile device safety technologies. IQ Shield is known for the lifetime replacement warranty of its products. The brand offers some of the best-tempered glasses for various models of almost every brand’s smartphone, eBooks, watches, cameras, tablets, etc.

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Top-Selling IQ Shield Products: 

  • Tempered glass for smartphones 
  • Protective films for laptop screen 
  • Protection glasses for smartwatches 
  • Tempered glass for tablets 
  • Protective glass for camera display 

Best Tempered Glass Brand in India With Price List 

Brand Price* 
RhinoShield Around Rs 1850 
Spigen Around Rs 1299 
ESR Around Rs 1044 
Stillersafe Around Rs 599 
Popio Around Rs 260 
CASE U Around 199 
Supershieldz Around 799 
IQ Shield Around 699 
*Prices are subject to change 


1. Which brand of tempered glass is best in India?

RhinoShield, Spigen, ESR Gear, Stillersafe, and Popio brand tempered glasses are some best screen protectors available in India. 

2. Which tempered glass is best?

RhinoShield brand tempered glass is best. It is one of the top-rated and best-selling tempered glass. 

3. Is 9H tempered glass good?

The hardness rating of 9H ensures great scratch-resistance of the tempered glass. It safeguards smartphones from low-level drops. 

4. Which screen protector is best in India?

There are various brands offering the best quality, scratch-resistant, spill, and crack proof screen protectors, some of the brands are Spigen, RhinoShield, ESR, etc. 

5. Which is better Gorilla glass or tempered glass?

Gorilla glass is a renowned product of Corning which is known for its durability and scratch resistance. Tempered glass is a universal name used for hard glass applied on smartphone screens. The major difference between Gorilla glass and tempered glass is that Gorilla glass comes pre-applied on your smartphone and tempered glass is the aftermarket product applied on the screen for extra protection. 

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