Best Tinted Lip Balm Brands

Lip balms are a standard item in any woman’s bag and not just during the winter. Lip balms helps in keeping the lips highly moisturized throughout the day and a tinted balm also sorts of double ups as a lipstick, because it imparts a healthy glow to the lips, without seeming like putting a lot of effort. They are indeed a versatile product and having them in the bag can help you give a much needed facelift even after a most tiring day. Some of the best tinted lip balms are listed below with the prices and there is something for every pocket.

The Best Brands for Tinted Lip Balm

1. Best Nivea lip balm

Nivea is one of the best brands out there which is known for its moisturizing products and the tinted lip balm is no different. Available in strawberry, cherry and blackberry flavors, alongside the classic option, the lip balms instantly smoothens dry lips with a hint of color. Priced at Rs 185, they are a must for winters.

2. Best Maybelline lip balm

Maybelline Baby Lips has captured the imagination of the young women and from exciting shades like Watermelon shock to classic strawberry, there is something for everyone. The lip balms also have their own fruity flavors and they are in instant mood lifters. They are priced around Rs 200 and are extremely affordable.

3. Best Avon lip balm

Avon lip balms have a very light and creamy texture and they are very effective, turning chapped lips smooth and soft almost instantly. The flavors are very classic and they come in both tub and stick options. Priced around Rs 350, they are must in the handbag.

4. Best The Body Shop lip balm

The lip balms can act as great replacement to lipsticks, they are so well pigmented. The Body Shop has some choice flavors and fragrances in the balms, derived from orchids and exotic fruits and they are great for a day look one might not want to put on a lipstick. The products are priced around Rs 550 and are slightly expensive compared to others.

5. Best VLCC Lovable lip balm

VLCC Lovable lip balms are made in a chemical free manner and they are very much favored by those who want to have fun with lip colors but are also extremely mindful about the health of their lips. The balms have natural oils and moisturizers that instantly smoothens the lips and takes care of any cracks that might plague you. They are priced around Rs 130.

6. Best Biotique lip balm

Biotique Bio Lip balms have no chemicals or paraben and their products are completely cruelty free. The lip balms are soft and light and can give instant relief to cracked and chapped lips. They are not just a cosmetic product and with repeated use can heal those who are prone to getting chapped lips. They are priced around Rs 130 and are quite affordable.

7. Best Himalaya Herbal lip balm

Himalaya Herbals are known for their rich and soft formula and are absolutely chemical free. The lip balms leave the lips supple after every application and the tint imparts a healthy glow that leaves the wearer looking fresh. Priced around Rs 140, they are must- have during winters especially.

8. Best Forest Essentials lip balm

Forest Essential lip balms are very effective and are one of the best of the lot. They are mild and herbal and the tint stays on for hours, making the wearer glow. The hydrating formula is a long lasting one as well and can instantly nourish the lips. Priced around Rs 350 and above, they are a great tool in the beauty kit.

9. Best Vaadi Herbals lip balm

Vaadi Herbal lip balms are enriched with natural oils and prevent the lips from chapping long after use. The fragrance is light and mild and the formula is suitable for use both by youngsters as well as by the elderly. The healthy tint from the balm is an added plus. One can buy them around a price of Rs 190.

10. Best Palladio Beauty lip balm

Available in a variety of shades ranging from peach, pinks and red, the Palladio lip balms acts a lip moisturizer and also as a stain for a lipstick base. The balms have a high level of pigment and the moisturizing formula is also one of a kind. They can be availed around a price point of Rs 375.

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