10 Best Volleyball Brands in India

It is simple to see why volleyball is quickly rising to the top of the global sports popularity list. Volleyball is tremendously thrilling to watch because of the high-speed spikes, powerful blocks, and players diving all over the court. Having said that, it’s crucial to keep in mind what makes it all possible.

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A ball and a net are used to play the team sport of volleyball. On each side of the net, there are teams. The opposite team must hit the ball back over the net and, in three attempts, without allowing the ball to touch the floor. There are two primary competitive volleyball styles performed worldwide: beach volleyball and indoor court volleyball. Both of these sports have competitive leagues and are included in the Olympic games.

Volleyball is a fun game to play when you visit the beach during summer. The ball is carefully crafted to have the ideal velocity and bounce while being sufficiently cushioned to keep players safe. Both amateur players and professionals want to have the ideal volleyball so that they can perform to the best of their abilities. To help you make the best choice, here is our curated list of the best volleyball brands in India.

How Do We Choose the Best Volleyball Brands for You?

Although the ball is often discussed when talking about volleyball, it is not always clear how to choose one for yourself. There is a ball out there for everyone, regardless of experience level or profession. Finding the perfect one will be easier if you take your time and consider a few factors. We recommend that you go through these factors to get the finest volleyball for your practice sessions.


In contrast to other team sports, volleyball uses relatively uniform-sized balls. Thus, the volleyball you should utilise will depend on your skill level. Volleyballs are almost the same size, but there is a variation between size 4 and size 5 balls. 

Size 4 balls have a diameter of 18 to 20 centimetres and they are mostly used for practice. On the other hand, size 5 balls are the official volleyballs used in competitions. They have a diameter of 20 to 22 centimetres.


Foam, polyurethane, synthetic leather—volleyball uses a lot of different materials. We will discuss here the various materials that are ideal for various players based on their skills.

Beginner: Soft foam-coated volleyballs are the best for new players. You have to become accustomed to hitting the ball with your forearms when you first start the game. A ball covered in soft foam won’t injure your arms, which makes it safe to use for beginners. 

Intermediate: For more seasoned players, synthetic leather is the best covering. These balls are harder to the touch and aid in improving your game. Additionally, the ball trajectory will be far better.

Advanced: A microfiber covering is appropriate for advanced and professional players. This ball has a dimpled surface and produces an outstanding trajectory and accuracy.

Volleyball Outer Shell and Bladder

A volleyball’s outer shell is crucial. In addition to having an effect on grip and cushion, it may also change the volleyball’s flight path. A volleyball’s bladder is its inside, which enables the ball to be inflated with air. The bounce will be erratic and difficult to manage without the correct bladder. Therefore, it is necessary that you buy a volleyball with a strong and firm bladder, which will maintain the ball’s form.

List of 10 Best Volleyball Brands in India

1. Mikasa


Mikasa volleyballs are used in both the Olympics and the FIVB. Although it is a little more costly than some of the other balls on the list, it is recognised as the ball that is used most commonly in professional volleyball. Maintaining the course of the ball is made easier by using a surface with dimples. If you are a professional player who wants the feel of a premium ball, this is the one for you.

Prominent Features of the Mikasa Volleyball:

  • Players can make more contact with the volleyball thanks to the 8-panel construction, which enhances control and accuracy
  • The dimples improve the ball’s aerodynamics and give it a straighter, more precise path
  • A soft microfiber cover and a nylon core provide the volleyball with both durability and comfort in handling


  • More interaction and control are possible
  • A surface with dimples creates a straighter route
  • Microfiber cover improves traction
  • Nylon-wrapped centre increases tensile strength

Why We Picked the Mikasa Volleyball?

The engineering staff at Mikasa does extensive research for each of their volleyballs, which makes it durable. You may also use this ball if you are just an amateur volleyball player. Even though you probably won’t be participating in any professional matches very soon, warming up with the volleyball will make you sound and look the part.

2. Molten


If you’re a volleyball player who has been playing professionally for a long time, the Molten volleyball makes the most sense from a practical standpoint. The revolutionary ‘FLISTATEC’ volleyball from Molten stabilises the ball’s trajectory. Additionally, the ball is easy to clean and maintain. 

Prominent Features of the Molten Volleyball:

  • Reduces air disturbance by the application of raised hexagonal patterns to the ball’s surface
  • It is possible for the ball to fly on a straighter course thanks to FLISTATEC/Flight Stability Technology
  • Premium microfibre composite cover encourages sharper passes and boosts grip


  • Airflow around the ball is optimised by the hexagonal outer cover
  • Butyl bladder and laminated PU leather structure
  • FIVB Certified

Why We Picked the Molten Volleyball?

The grip of the Molten Volleyball is unquestionably its strongest quality. It is extremely simple to handle and set, thanks to the microfibre composite cover. As a result, regardless of the court conditions, the FLISTATEC maintains its hold during the whole match. 

3. Tachikara


Tachikara has been making volleyball balls since 1915 and is well-known in the industry. Tachikara volleyball is excellent for both beginner and advanced players. It has the endorsement of both the FIVB and the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), making it a fantastic option for athletes in high school.

Prominent Features of the Tachikara Volleyball:

  • A pleasant and constant touch is produced by panels of specially woven cotton reinforcing
  • Digs, passes, and spikes’ initial force is uniformly distributed and buffered by an impact-reducing air layer
  • Supportive twin bladder enhances flying maneuverability and truer form recall


  • Very reliable
  • Strong grip
  • NFHS certified


  • Not very durable

Why We Picked the Tachikara Volleyball?

The Tachikara Volleyball is unquestionably a fantastic option if you’re seeking a volleyball for practice. In terms of ideal fit, we think this is a fantastic option for both boys and girls. Although it is built in a manner that allows it to perform effectively at the highest level, this Tachikara volleyball is fantastic for learning. 

4. Wilson


The Wilson Volleyball is made from durable material and is quite affordable. To non-competitive players who are only wanting to purchase a ball for leisure usage, we suggest using this basketball. Additionally, if you have a family and like to play volleyball with them from time to time, the Wilson Volleyball is for you.

Prominent Features of the Wilson Volleyball:

  • A synthetic leather coating provides strength and excellent traction to the Wilson Volleyball
  • Durability and long-lasting performance are provided by the 18-panel, machine-stitched structure
  • The bladder is made of butyl rubber to retain air for longer, which helps maintain the ball’s form


  • High-quality synthetic leather for the cover
  • 18 panels are machine stitched for durability
  • Rubber bladder made with butyl for durability

Why We Picked the Wilson Volleyball?

This volleyball from Wilson features a simple machine-sewn structure and a modern design. It gives the volleyball resilience to withstand a grueling season of beach volleyball or backyard play.

5. Cosco

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Cosco is one of India’s most well-known sports clothing companies. The company has established a solid reputation as a reliable worldwide brand that offers loyal customers high-quality items. The Cosco Shot Volleyball is made of supple and resilient cost-flex material and has a sturdy backing to keep its form. 

Prominent Features of the Cosco Volleyball:

  • The Cosco Volleyball is manufactured from genuine leather and is, therefore, very durable
  • Features soft microfibre construction for the best quality and precision
  • The ball is officially used in many major competitions and is an ideal choice


  • Very durable
  • Has the perfect bounce
  • High-quality construction

Why We Picked the Cosco Volleyball?

The Volleyball Federation of India (VFI) has approved volleyballs from Cosco as the official ball for several major competitions in India. Some of the volleyball’s leading characteristics include being very durable, excellent shape retention, and true flight.

6. Vector X

Vector X
Vector X

In response to the rising demand for exercise and excellent health, Vector X develops new ideas every day. They are here for you whether you want to work on your core strength or try out your favourite sport. The volleyballs from Vector X is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use and will undoubtedly add plenty of excitement to any game.

Prominent Features of the Vector X Volleyball:

  • This lightweight volleyball from Vector X was designed with a butyl rubber bladder
  • Because of its effortless flight, it is incredibly simple to play with and handle.
  • In addition to being water-resistant, the Vector X Rubber Volleyball also improves player grip


  • True flight
  • Water-resistant
  • Great for surfaces indoors and outdoors


  • Could be small in size for some
  • Not very durable

7. Nivia 


With this ball from Nivia, you can easily make strong strokes while improving your abilities. The volleyball offers the best performance, durability, and air retention. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this ball can be used by both professional players and beginners.

Prominent Features of the Nivia Volleyball:

  • The Nivia Spiral Volleyball is made of microfibre composite leather with 20-panel technology
  • The butyl bladder assures shape retention and longevity, leading to the ball staying in form for a long time
  • Additionally, the volleyball from Nivia has outstanding shape and stability


  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Durable
  • Strong grip

8. Aurion


The Aurion Volleyball is made from a high-quality PVC cover. This means that the ball is composed of sturdy, high-quality materials that will contain the air and prevent air leaks. The volleyballs from Aurion is easy to play with and is therefore, a fantastic option for school going-children and amateurs.

Prominent Features of the Aurion Volleyball:

  • High-grade PVC cover and high-quality, long-lasting materials were used to create the ball
  • The Aurion Volleyball keeps its air and does not leak, helping it to maintain its form for a long time
  • The soft-touch volleyball tackles every pass, serve, and hit thanks to its durable build and sensitive touch


  • Durable
  • High-quality grip
  • Retains form

9. Spartan


Spartan Sports is an Australian firm that sells a variety of sports items and equipment. They provide all of their customers with customised items by putting them in touch directly with their designers and producers. The ball is both VFI-certified and is water-proof, making an ideal choice.

Prominent Features of the Spartan Volleyball:

  • The ball is very lightweight and VFI-approved (Volleyball Federation of India)
  • Spartan Volleyball is made of premium leather, enhancing the ball’s resistance to repeated use
  • The Volleyball is water-proof and, therefore, suitable for outdoors as well


  • Made from ultra-soft leather
  • Hand-sewn
  • VFI-certified

10. Wasan


The sport of volleyball is excellent for cardiovascular health. People of all ages and skill levels can play this game. With the Wasan Volleyball, your family can do exactly that. This volleyball is suited for a casual game both indoors and outdoors.

Prominent Features of the Wasan Volleyball:

  • The Wasan Volleyball is made from durable material, which makes it long-lasting
  • The volleyball is suitable for both beginners and children, making it perfect if you have a family
  • Additionally, the ball provides a superior grip that makes it easy to play with


  • Durable
  • Suitable for beginners and children
  • Provides proper grip

Final Word

We hope that our list of the best volleyball brands in India will help you out during your next practice session. According to us, Mikasa, Molten, and Tachikara are our best picks for the best fishing rod brands in India. We also took into consideration factors like size, materials, volleyball outer shell, bladder, and more. Let us know which one turned out to be your favourite!


What are the best volleyball brands?

We think that Mikasa, Molten, and Tachikara are the best brands of volleyball available in India. However, we would suggest you go through our blog to get a deeper understanding and choose the perfect volleyball for yourself.

What is the official brand of volleyball?

The official volleyballs for the CEV – European Volleyball Confederation and the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball are produced by Mikasa. On the other hand, the official USA Volleyball ball is made by Molten.

What volleyball do professionals use?

The Men’s/NCAA Women’s Championships and USA Volleyball both use the Molten ball as their official ball.

Which size of volleyball is best?

Size 4 balls are the best volleyballs for practice. However, size 5 balls are the official volleyballs used in competitions. Therefore, they are perfect for professional players.

Which is the best volleyball in India?

Nivia produces one of the best volleyballs in India. Nivia Spikester (Encounter) Volleyball, Mikasa Squish Volleyball Volleyball, and Cosco Shot Volleyball are some of the best volleyballs in India.

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