How Does CashKaro Work? Business Model, Founders, and Investors

CashKaro is India’s largest Cashback and Coupons site with over 1500+ retailers on the platform. You can earn real Cashback on your purchases via CashKaro, and transfer it your bank account. This works on your transactions on Amazon, Ajio, Myntra, Mamaearth, and more, given you shop via CashKaro app or website. That’s right; you get real money back everytime you shop via your usual online platforms! What’s the catch here? In this blog, we discuss in detail the CashKaro business model that makes this magic possible. We also talk about CashKaro’s founders and investors who are working tirelessly to bring you the best value coupons and the highest cashback out there.

CashKaro Business Model: How does it work?

CashKaro Business Model

Essentially, you go to CashKaro, visit your favourite retailer on their app and website, shop as usual with the usual payment options, and get rewarded with real Cashback that you can transfer into your account. Right? Sounds almost magical. But it all works on the affiliate marketing business model.

Amazon, Myntra, Ajio, and Big Bazaar are all established online sellers with thousands of customers shopping each day, directly. However, like every company, they want more customers. CashKaro brings them these customers. And, for bringing these customers to the online platforms, the platforms offer them a commission from the sale. This commission is usually a percentage of the total purchase value of a specific order.

From that commission, CashKaro then passes on a majority amount to the customer, which is you, in the form of CashKaro Cashback, transferrable to your bank account after the return period gets over.

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Not just established players like Amazon and Myntra, newer brands actually need the most recognition and CashKaro is a great platform for them to show their products to customers while also offering crazy amounts of Cashback. This is evident with brands like Medibuddy and Magzter that are offering up to 100% cashback on orders.

CashKaro Founders

The journey of CashKaro began in the UK in 2011 when Swati and Rohan Bhargava thought of the idea of starting a Cashback-focused website in the country. After running it successfully, with several retailers, the couple brought the idea back to their homeland, India, and everyone loved the idea of giving extra money on online shopping. Because, in India, who doesn’t love getting rewarded with free money?!

Swati and Rohan Bhargava have been successfully running the company ever since, clocking a record Rs 105 crore in revenue in FY20, and looking to grow that exponentially in the years to come. CashKaro started off with a handful retailers in 2013 and within 8 years has amassed a catalogue that boasts of almost every big retailer in the country.

CashKaro Investors

CashKaro is famous for having onboarded visionary industrialist Ratan Tata on their investor list, but the journey of funding for the brand started way back in 2013 when London-based angel investors brought the first round of funds to help kickstart the journey. In 2015, major venture capital firm Kalaari Capital infused Rs 25 crores as part of CashKaro’s Series A funding. This was followed by onboarding Ratan Tata as an investor in 2016, and, recently, Series B funding by Kalaari Capital and Korea Investment Partners in 2020.

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How does CashKaro make money?

CashKaro makes money through the affiliate marketing model. CashKaro brings customers to online retailer like Amazon, Myntra. And, for bringing these customers to the online platforms, the platforms offer them a commission from the sale. This commission is usually a percentage of the total purchase value of a specific order.

What is CashKaro business model?

CashKaro brings customers to online retailers. The retailers pay a commission amount to CashKaro for every order. CashKaro passes on a majority of the commission in the form of Cashback to customers.

Can we trust CashKaro?

Yes, CashKaro has been India’s leading Cashback and Coupons site for several years now, with annual GMV of $ 1 billion in the last year. The company has over 15 million registered users who have received crores in Cashback till date.

Does CashKaro give cashback on cash on delivery?

Yes, CashKaro gives cashback when you pay using cash on delivery on your preferred retailer. Do remember to ship via CashKaro.

Is CashKaro an Indian app?

Yes, CashKaro is an Indian app founded by Swati and Rohan Bhargava, and funded by names like Mr. Ratan Tata and VC firm Kalaari Capital.

How much cashback do we get on CashKaro?

You can easily earn up to Rs 20-25,000 cashback every month on CashKaro on your regular spends on Amazon, Ajio, Big Bazaar, Medibuddy, and more.

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