CashKaro Mannequin Challenge

First, there was an Ice Bucket Challenge in which even Barack Obama caught on with fellow netizens. Then came in the Dubsmash videos, which was a fun video posting spree by Bollywood biggies and fans alike. And now, the #MannequinChallenge has arrived and has taken over the entire World Wide Web.

From randomly gorging food to posing for selfies at workplaces, many organisations have become a part of this trend to showcase their work-culture and the latent talents of their employees. One of the first organisations to post their videos was Virgin Atlantic who gave an insider view of their premium in-plane services. Then, Singapore Airlines followed suit with showcasing their hospitality in a Madame Tussauds Museum inspired theme with a dignified portrayal of legends from Hollywood. Soon, came up with their office-setup mannequin video with their employees indulging in the off-work mode – some chaps eating, some dedicated employees busy with meetings and fixing issues while some others spoofing common movie scenes.

Now, the question is who started the trend in India? Well, our quirky big bang boom Befikre king Ranveer Singh was the first Indian to attempt the Mannequin Challenge. His video shows him in stills, which is quite unlike his persona. Then BCCI commenters took the challenge up during one of the India-England matches.

This triggered Indian start-up companies to join the game and give out a look and feel of their young work-culture and spontaneous talents of hardworking employees. CashKaro proudly presents their #MannequinChallenge video wherein you can have a quick breeze of our office and its occupants. This video, taken spontaneously in just a few minutes, captures our uber cool stars frozen to perfection while doing what they love most.

Some CK employees are into a slapstick mode annoying a balding man and then there are others indulging in teasing a foodie for not sharing yummilicious food she ordered online. Someone was caught almost passing out at their seat while some others can be seen keeping their eyes wide open as if they were working, when they’re busy doing something entirely different!

Some boring people are seen brainstorming in a meeting room while someone’s seated on a bean bag working without a stop. Truth is there are more stories this video carries, like the naivety and nervousness of interviewees and the always on-the-phone HR. To see what our entire team does on a regular day of work, watch the video below and be part of the joyride yourself. 🙂

#ManequinChallenge #LifeAtCashKaro #StopDropFreeze

We Are Good When We Freeze. We Are Better When In Action!

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