Mystery Rooms – Ticket Prices, Timings & More

Imagine being locked up with your squad in a room full of puzzles, dangers and adventures – that is the idea of Mystery Rooms. From dark, spooky excursions to suspicious ones, this place houses the most indelible quests for the attendees to experience.

Here’s all you need to do- challenge your senses, find hidden clues, investigate, and solve puzzles. And hey, spring yourself out of the theme-based room before time kicks you! Over 10,000,000 participants have already been a part of these exhilarating mysteries in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Europe and the United States. Thrilling adventures and Mystery Rooms experiences await you too. So, go give your best shot today!

Mystery Rooms Ticket Price

For Weekdays- Monday to Friday

Category Price
Mission for 2 Rs.900 per person
Mission for 3 Rs.800 per person
Mission for 4 Rs.700 per person
Mission for 5 and more Rs.600 per person


For Weekends- Saturday to Sunday & Public Holidays

Category Price
Mission for 2 Rs.1000 per person
Mission for 3 Rs.900 per person
Mission for 4 and more Rs.800 per person

Mystery Rooms entry fees do not apply for children below 5 years of age. However, children between 5-9 years will be charged Rs.300 on weekdays and Rs.400 on weekends and public holidays.

Mystery Rooms Activities & Experiences

1. The Hurt Locker- The Bomb Defuse Challenge

As a part of this challenge, you will be required to race against time to defuse the bombs placed by bandits and terrorists. Save lives as you work as an elite member of the bomb squad, but hey, don’t forget that the clock is ticking!

2. Lockout- A Prison Break Challenge

You have been wrongly accused of a crime and here’s an opportunity for you to break free. The clues to escape from imprisonment are right there. But, you do not have much time, to solve the mystery quickly and be ready to experience freedom.

3. Abduction- The Final Hour

Here, you have been kidnapped! Well, as you are a renowned personality of the country, the terrorist organization had been eyeing you and now you are caught. Held captive and locked in a mysterious room, it’s time for you to escape before the president makes a compromise in order to allow your release.

4. Cabin In The Woods- The Murder Mystery

Holding a 10% success rate, this challenge is one of the hardest to solve. It provokes your senses to find out who is behind the mysterious killings taking place in the woods. Play as a team of 4-8 players and detect the beast to save the villagers. Remember, you have been trapped and to survive, you must escape.

5. The Silent Legacy- A Story Untold

It’s time to explore an abandoned mansion that your forefathers left behind. And as your family awaits its heir, it’s time for you to prove your worth. Go ahead and show them that you are absolutely THE ONE.

6. Inferno- The Last Show

This challenge requires you to investigate an incident that took place years ago. An unknown fire broke out in a majestic theatre and took lives of many. And with its reconstruction, it’s time to understand if the place will overcome its gloomy past or instead require you to scrutinize it.

7. Lockout 2- The Death Sentence

Friends don’t let you do stupid things alone- You’ll see this getting justified as you choose to face this challenge. While you ponder about how to help your pal escape imprisonment and consequently death, what you didn’t see coming is that one day you’ll be locked up too and that day comes precisely before your friend’s last. Fight to free yourself and your friend!

8. The Kon Of Kohinoor- A Mission Impossible

Your love for luxurious treasures has knocked on the door of the London Museum. Eyeing on the exquisite Kohinoor diamond, you are looking to fool the high-tech security alarms and conduct a grand robbery to attain that precious gem. Don’t worry, this one has a success rate of 80%, so take a sigh of relief and go get them!

9. Hangover- Last Fling Before The Ring

Bachelors parties are fun, but not when you wake up hungover the next day, lacking any memory of what happened the night before. So, here’s the challenge, you remember nothing and to solve the mystery, you got to recall everything. There’s 1 hour to the wedding but hey, where’s the ring? Go find out and save the day for your friend and everyone!

10. The Conjuring- Into The Darkest Hour

It’s interview time! You are looking to join the ghostbuster team of Demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren. Interviews are challenging, and your challenge is a horrendous mystery. You need to spot the evil spirit that houses in a mansion and free it before things get worse. Creepy sounds, scary shadows, and paranormal activities define this haunted place. But don’t fret, you can fight them all and emerge victorious.

11. The Night In Bhangarh- The Mystery Of A Cursed Fort

You decide to visit the Bhangarh Fort despite crucial warning signals given by the ASI. Will your decision to visit this supernatural fort and encounter with the paranormal be termed wrong? Take this challenge and hurry for you got to live!

12. The Institution- An Insane Experiment

Electro shock? Brain surgery? Chemical exposure? You are not ready for anything, are you? You are stuck to be used as a subject for an experiment that might ask you to sign up for any of these things. So, breakout before the inhuman scientists break you!

Mystery Rooms Facilities

  • Lockers

Mystery Rooms Entry Timings

11AM – 11PM

Where To Buy Mystery Rooms Tickets?

You can buy tickets for Mystery Rooms by simply visiting Nearbuy, BookMyShow, or Little website or app. To avail of exciting discounts and cashback, visit these stores via CashKaro and save huge on your purchases every time.

Mystery Rooms: Locations

  • Delhi
  • Mumbai
  • Bangalore
  • Chennai
  • Hyderabad
  • Pune
  • Gurgaon
  • Kolkata
  • Chandigarh
  • Ludhiana
  • Goa
  • Surat
  • Indore
  • Guwahati
  • Jalandhar
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